A blog about Maritime Admiralty Law and the Fractional Reserve Banking scam that enslaves us and commits us to a life of servitude as livestock.

A blog about how we have allowed our society to be completely manipulated , shaped and controlled by a minority who do not have our best interests at heart.

A blog about the Satanic deceivers of the 'entertainment' industry and their EGI secrets...

A blog examining the fakery of science and the manipulation of religion.

A blog about the Luciferian ritual David Icke performed in front of an unsuspecting crowd to gain their consent for the New World Order

The conclusion of the 'Covid-19' hoax series - Club of Rome, Agenda 2030, The Great Reset etc

A letter to the freemason controlled shill group Stand Up X asking them to explain their utter fucking bullshit

A blog that proves viruses do not exist, vaccines do not prevent disease and 5G causes radiation poisoning.

A blog about the predictive programming used to subliminally convince the weak minded that this fake Covid-19 virus is real.

A blog about how 'Islamic terrorism' is just another hoax, just another state controlled media psyop - fear porn.

A blog about David Icke being a Grand Master Freemason and agent of the state, as well as being a disinformation agent and gatekeeper.

A blog about the freemasons and intel agents that have hijacked the 'freedom' movement