An Open Letter To Stand Up X

26 Nov

I am writing this to directly ask you, publicly - after you've ignored many, many tweets asking you many, many things - to explain quite a few things that, in my opinion, make you controlled opposition. I have no doubts at all - you are obvious.


It's clear from the e-mails I received from someone claiming to be part of your group that all you are interested in is making a few quid and by having lots of followers who are so blind, asleep and clueless that they cannot even see through your logo! Your followers all think things are going back to 'normal' - and the worst part is they want them to!

Apparently, it was 'knocked up quickly by a tattooist friend'? This one by any chance?

And on the subject of Baphomet why are there so many Baphomet trannies involved in your groups? The Icke girls, HEmirani... not to mention the others involved in this so-called 'movement'. Even Corbyn knows 'Kate' is a man...

Before we move on, why do you not say that no viruses exist? That is the truth and I thought you was all meant to be about the truth, no? All you say on your website is the same government 'disproportionate response' script as all the other shill groups who chat shit and lead people round in circles. So, are you just stupid and haven't bothered researching viruses in the last 9 months when you are supposedly leading a resistance (LOL) group against a 'global' agenda based on the fake virus story or are you working for the government? See, I heard that recording of you saying that you think 'Covid-19' is an 'influenza strain of flu'... and after I picked my jaw back up off the floor I thought: "Probably a bit of both". 

If you were serious about this, you'd be telling the truth so that people would know that viruses do not exist at all, there are no contagions and that vaccines and Big Pharma pills are the cause of toxicity - which is what diseases are - reactions to toxicity.

Why do you only oppose "forced, coerced and mandated needling" when, as I have just explained, all vaccines cause toxicity and there are no 'viruses' to be immunised against? Again, have you not bothered to research vaccines in the past 9 months? Or are you working for the government?

Why do you get your divvy sheepy followers to join in your pathetic "shouting at people wearing masks" shit? Rhetorical question as, unlike your followers, I ain't stupid. You do it so the papers (usually The Daily Mail who you lot seem to have a contract with) report it (as planned) and the 'movement' looks like a bunch of retards - which they are for following you and doing it. What the fuck do you care about people wearing masks in shops for? That seriously your main agenda? Just a joke.

Why did you appear on the BBC for when anyone awake knows the MSM only promotes their own? The same reason Corbyn, Icke, Shemirani etc do too - because you're all controlled opposition and I know that you know that I know.

Why do you say "There are no opposition in government" for when anyone with any sense knows that all the parties are controlled by freemasons - and we know you know about them - and that there is no democracy? You don't have to dig very far to see that you are just shilling and deceiving - and I have just started!

You "do not consent to lockdowns" how? What are you doing to prevent lockdowns? You can't even tell all the many followers - and they are most definitely that - the truth about viruses so what use are you to the so-called 'movement'? What do you actually do apart from sell wristbands to idiots, sponge money for cars and the crisis actors we'll address shortly and read the scripts you are so passionate about from your phone when speaking? It's almost like you didn't write them...

You talk about 'police brutality' yet every video I have seen has been staged - by your freemason and special branch mates, as you know. What's the going rate for a crisis actor? Asking for a friend...

Your 'Pandemic Resources' section is just a fucking mess. How can you claim to be about fighting back when you don't even tell the truth on your own websiteHow can anyone seriously wanting to learn anything do so from you? You just chat absolute shit and it ain't on. 

A lot of people have started to wake up during this hoax and they are being manipulated by you in many ways. Financially via donations, which I notice is the first thing on your website, and also emotionally and mentally because, like all shills - and you ARE shills - you divide, deceive and distract. You're not telling them the truth and you offer no solutions other than to keep on donating to your shill outfit and to turn up and bang pots and pans...? WTF? Are you serious? Is this Belfast 1981? Is someone on Hunger Strike? WTF?

You have an organiser who works for an A.I. firm yet you never explain why (or why he has Bill Gates as an 'interest' on his LinkedIn). Don't you think it's a bit strange that someone who works for an A.I. company would want to organise demos for Stand Up X? I do. I think it's very strange. Just like it's strange that Mark Steele worked for the EU and has interests in SMART homes.

You encourage people to sign petitions and write to MPs which is just backwards, sorry, and encourage people to donate to the stupid court cases that nobody with any sense would even consider donating to - just an embarrassment imvho. Not as embarrassing as asking for donations for a car though... and that's not as embarrassing as actually donating... kinell

Protests are a waste of time, they are organised by the government - as you know - and they would not be allowed if they were effective. One million on the streets prior to the Iraq War and the fact that there was an Iraq War tells us how effective it was. You just deceive people and distract them from the truth. You don't have any endgame and are just bitch boys for freemasons. Look at the state of that logo ffs! Couldn't be more freemasonic if it had a square and compass on it! How do you explain all the symbolism on it? How is that a coincidence? There are no coincidences - just like there are no coincidences with all your freemason mate Corbyn's gematria in his tweets and his staged arrests that conveniently get quashed after he's pocketed the loot. 

Like I said, you don't tell the truth because you are not allowed to and are controlled opposition. I say whatever the fuck I like because nobody tells me what to say. I can say, and have said, and do say, that viruses do not exist at all and all vaccines are toxic poison and Big Pharma should be banned. We know why you can't say it.

See, my personal opinion is that the puppets who are portrayed as leaders were in trouble with old bill, became informants and then got this shill gig for the government as part of the deal. This is purely speculation on my part and I ain't accusing anyone of this, just my personal opinion - but I am accusing you of all the rest of it.

I think that about covers it. I look forward to you explaining yourselves - not to me (although you are most welcome to respond and have your say) - but to all the people you've mugged off from day one. Cheers,


UPDATE - An Open Letter To Stand Up X Supporters

Since I wrote this I have had a few conversations with one of the original members of Stand Up, Ali Dogan, before they added the 'X' for the 6 and created their very obviously freemasonic logo, and I have learned a great deal more.

He has verified what I have said, as have several others who have contacted me regarding this, and it has also been verified by several people - including someone 'high profile' in the organisation - that Piers Corbyn has a direct line to Scotland Yard and is, indeed, a freemason - like I said he was. I wasn't making those numbers up for a laugh and if you really think I am saying all this as some kind of wind-up you need to check yourselves.

Apparently, Nacho - or Miguel - turned up at the second ever Stand Up demo after the first one had 25 people attending. Yet he knew about it and turned up with a megaphone the week after - which nobody else in Stand Up had - and the week after he'd brought in Corbyn - you know, the freemason with the direct line to Scotland Yard.

In my personal opinion, Miguel is either an undercover police officer or an informant - a snitch, a rat. Because I don't believe in coincidences and and within 2 weeks of Stand Up forming they've got some newbie bringing in freemasons and making that freemasonic logo.

Not only that, he never gets arrested, apparently, which is very suspicious. Not as suspicious as why he still has a job working for the council in I.T. (you'd think he'd update that website) nearly seven months after he has been running Stand Up X. He says he under 'investigation' - what for six months? You having this? You say you're awake and you're having all this? Really?

ALL the money you donate goes straight into Kelly Ann's personal PayPal account and when Ali saw it there was £10k in there. Now let's put this into perspective: All they need to put on a demo is a P.A., a website and Social Media which they already have. They have a printer doing their leaflets for £200 a week for unlimited. 

It gets worse... Ali suggested to Nacho that he get all 10 admins to pay £20 a week for the printing costs and then you wouldn't need any donations. Nacho's response? "Why should we pay out of our own pocket?" And he has a point - why should he when he has a load of gullible people to pay for him?

So what are they donating and selling merchandise for? Why is it going into Kelly Ann's personal account for? Why are there no accounts? Where is the transparency? What is the money going on? YOUR money - not mine, I've never donated a penny or supported them ever - so why aren't all you 'awake' people questioning the clowns running YOUR group that YOU pay for into the ground?

You are the ones that contribute, they don't. They just make a killing off of your gullibility and that is what it is. I am not being nasty I just want you to see the truth and wake up to it. You can't be trusting mugs like these without asking questions. Why am I asking instead of their followers? It was the same with KBF. 

And speaking of your money, I am sure a lot of northerners have donated to Stand Up X - or rather Kelly Ann's PayPal account - and I am sure some of you wonder why there are no big demos up north and why Nacho and the other snitches don't travel up to you. Wanna know why? Two reasons: One, Nacho can't be arsed. Two, it costs too much. That's right spending a third of the money they have stolen from you - and if it was under false pretences then it has been stolen, unless it was advertised as 'donate to Kelly's PayPal account' - on travelling up to thank you for all your support (and donations) was never on their radar as they have no interest in this movement at all. 

In fact, after Ali left - he stepped down as admin when Corbyn got involved and left after Nacho and Kelly started scamming - another ex-admin asked Nacho if they could jump on a train and support Ali who was doing street activism for anti-paedophile groups and Nacho's response was - "Why should we?" - that's just a lowlife piece of shit right there. Can't be arsed to get on a train for 45 minutes to support someone who started the group you infiltrated when he is trying to help abused children? Maybe he had to get back on duty... or had a briefing to attend.

They are know nothing fakers who exploit people who are just waking up to literally the worst horror many of them will have faced to make a few quid and distract them for the police and government. Just traitors really. 

Let's step onto Corbyn for a moment - freemason like I said. Why do you think he never took me to court like he threatened - I told him why. Because the first question I'd ask in court is 'Are you a freemason?' and he don't want that does he?

Direct line to Scotland Yard. He got 'arrested' in August in Trafalgar Square because he admitted to organising - in other words he wanted to be seen to be getting arrested. To seem legitimate - and he does to people sleeping. 

The money he supposedly uses to pay legal aid for protesters arrested who need it goes into his pocket - over 100k in his account when he started being questioned about it and what did he do? Pocketed it and left £3300 to be returned - like I said, he is a freemason. 

Why do they always stage their demos in Trafalgar Square, a freemasonic ritual site for energy harvesting. Look at all the symbolism around! And look at the dates of the demos. And why are they always in the areas with the most CCTV and near police stations? And in locations where you are easily boxed in?

Why do they never march to The Houses of Parliament or Downing Street and stay there. Base yourselves there. Just plot up and refuse to move. 

They also pay money for private security which is interesting for a few reasons. A lot of people on Twitter recently have been talking about the police that they encountered in the London demos being from private security firms. It's also worth noting that all of the many crisis actors they employ have to get paid from somewhere.

If you are marching with people, surely they are your security? Surely they have your backs when you are in trouble? Private security aren't going to fight the police for you so what use are they?

How can these organisers say they do not consent when they literally ask permission when and where they can protest? Because they are the government controlling it, that's why. If these organisers were legit they wouldn't ask for permission they'd rock up wherever, having arranged when and where in private telegram groups, and it wouldn't be to shout 'Stand Up'. You're meant to be fighting for freedom, not asking for permission. Just tragic to see.

From our conversations I have to say that Ali is completely on the same page as me as far as I am concerned and he is exactly the sort of person who should be leading and organising this movement in my opinion. 

He told me that if he ever did return it would be on the condition that the scammers are removed, that all the shill 'celeb' speakers are fucked off and members would be doing the speaking, the freemasonic logo is changed, the name is changed as we are already standing so how can we stand up? He also said he would ban all merchandise and donations as they are unnecessary.

Basically, he listed every issue I have with Stand Up X. They literally cannot even change their website to say that no viruses exist and that all vaccines are harmful, toxic poison - if you have to ask why they cannot do this then you haven't been paying attention. Let's just say I say it on mine because I am not told what I can say by a handler...

Let me just say that I bear no grudges to all the many, many people that have branded me an agent while they were following literal agents because they are so fast asleep and incapable of sussing anyone out. I never doubted I was wrong because I saw what I saw and I trust my judgement. Simple as that.

The worrying thing, for me, is why you supporters literally never question anything and your standards are so low that you accept any old mug to lead you as long as you don't have to do any thinking yourselves. Why aren't you asking these questions?

Like I said, they haven't mugged me off - it's you that is getting mugged off - I am asking the questions that you should be asking. 

Just remember, you get the leaders you deserve so are you gonna settle for snitches and scammers or demand more for your money? And it IS your money - right into their bank account.

Just one more thing... how comes Nacho is clued up and talking about no contagions, no viruses and all vaccines containing aluminium here when he first infiltrated but now he's not allowed to say so on his own website...? That seems a little fishy to me...

And why is his accent "Middle class undercover copper doing Peck'nam"? You all seem to sound like you're from RADA.

On this one someone's dubbed over Nacho's speech with music - most probably because he's reading it from his phone which shows how personal it must be.

How comes you've updated your website and literally all you have done is change the word 'needlings' to 'injections' pmsl. You still say the exact same message - that you believe Covid-19 exists and is just a bad flu - even though flu doesn't exist either - and that the only vaccines you oppose are mandatory or DNA changing ones - is this really what you think? Because, as I said above, Nacho seemed pretty clued up about all this on that video I linked when he first infiltrated so why ain't he allowed to say it now on his own website? How can people be so blind as to not see this and call themselves awake? Just embarrassing tbh

Interesting... "Covid 'Protest' Social Engineers"

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