Chasin' Masons Part One - Piers Corbyn

22 Sep

Piers Corbyn is a freemason. I know this because of the gematria he uses to code his tweets. I also know this because of the dates he chooses to stage those government approved 'protests' against the government - slight conflict of interests there, no? We'll see a lot more conflicts of interests involving Mr. Corbyn and in later blogs about some of the other shady characters subverting this 'freedom movement'. Another clue as to Corbyn being a freemason is the fact that three separate incidents were conveniently captured on film that all contained very clear and blatant freemasonic references.

In this first video, we see within 5 seconds that the police officer approaching has his hand hidden in his vest for no apparent reason. He is doing this freemasonic 'hidden hand' signal to indicate that this is freemasonic deception. Corbyn was not arrested, he is a freemason, and freemasons do not get arrested. The police were created by a freemason to protect freemasons and that is why freemasonic 'chessboard' imagery is found on police uniforms. More on these fake arrests later. 

No officer, I am not smoking a joint, honestWe know whose side they are onLovely people...

In this video we see the front two officers doing the freemasonic 'code of silence' pose and we will definitely be looking at plenty of examples of freemasons being very, very silent later on and, again, in later blogs. There seems little point in both of them doing the exact same pose unless it is to tell us they are freemasons staging a hoax event. And it just so happens they were. What are they hiding?Shhhh

In the final of the three (what else?) videos, we see former Drum and Bass artist Omni Trio, who is now making a living as a crisis actor by the looks of things, 'going unconscious' on the very clear command of his handler who whispers in his ear just before he does the most unconvincing acting since that fake Manc bombing 'dad'. Listen out for someone saying "Someone call 911" even though she lives in the UK. Did she forget? Or was she using the 911 freemasonic code?

Prior to this little stunt in Sheffield, Corbyn had already faked several arrests in order to set up crowdfunding appeals for fines that were never issued because freemasons do not get charged and, as I keep saying - Piers Corbyn is a freemason. Note the fact that these hearings are conveniently kept away from the public - because there was no hearing. That's convenient, innit?

Very convenient, eh?  So... after Piers faked another arrest in Trafalgar Square (a hotbed of freemasonic imagery and ritual that I will write about later), and inevitably set up another crowdfund, the account was allegedly shut down after raising - yes, you guessed it, - £3300. People need to learn the codes they use because these people communicate via numbers, signs and symbols and this is why their followers do not see them for what they are. They cannot see.

33 is the freemasonic code for order out of chaos, their motto. 33 not only symbolises the 33 degrees in Scottish Rites freemasonry but also the third (33%) of fallen angels that fell to Earth in The Bible, the age Jesus was when he died, the number of vertebrae in the spinal column that is linked to the kundalini and sacred secretion - the path to communication with the creator. It is a very significant number in freemasonry and they use it to code the many hoaxes and completely fabricated news stories they are behind. There are many examples of 33 being used in this 'Covid' hoax and many others before that, such as the 33 miners supposedly trapped, the 33 years the World Trade Centre stood for and Walt Disney's 33 Club.

Hidden in plain sightOrder Out Of Chaos

So, not only does Piers Corbyn fake arrests to con people out of money, he also uses gematria (Jewish numerology) to code his tweets and mock his supporters for doing it! There was also a news report about his poncing when it reached £18k (18=3 6s =666). 

You should know this is fake by the amount3 what make 18?

You will start to notice a lot of these 33s and 666s when I show you just how much this freemason uses them in his coded tweets. It is no coincidence. The 33's indicate that it is the work of freemasonry and that it is a hoax (his 'arrest' for example) and the 666s seem to be a code that is used for this so-called 'second wave', presumably to be referring to the 'mark of the beast' that many believe to be the vaccine. 

Yeah... 23 hrs 53 mins is normal innit...Another amazing coincidence for wide awake coincidence theorists

Note how he is incredibly, unnaturally specific regarding the amount of time he claimed to be in custody for. Would you not just say 24 hours? The reason is very clear - he had to code his tweets with gematria because he is a freemason. The time the tweet was sent was also very deliberate. As you can see, the time he sent the tweet is a 666 in gematria like he has on virtually every tweet. His 'hearing' is also set for 3 November or 3/11 or 33 ffs, hoax code. Another coincidence? Seriously? want some more?Oh another one

And another

Note how the random 11:30 was added for his gematria. These are not coincidences. These people communicate differently to us and you have to be on the ball and learn their language if you don't want to be taken in by them. 

Best advice you'll ever get if you wanna wake up

So did the coppers give his phone to a friend?

Or did they just let him tweet?

These two tweets were sent from Piers' phone while he was allegedly in custody. Other shills including Gareth Icke retweeted them, saying they had heard from 'a source close to Piers' - yet from his account on his phone. If he was in police custody do you know who would have his phone? Yeah, that's right, the police. So either the police let him give his phone to a friend, they let him post on Twitter or the whole thing is bullshit and he never was arrested. I know what my money is on. Especially given the time his release statement was made and the amount of time he said he was held for. Many of you are into David Icke (another freemason - for another time) so do what he says and connect those dots.

So, let's catch up. We've established that there are many, many tweets sent by Piers that contain 33 and 666 freemasonic codes in gematria. A lot more than the examples I've posted - take a look. We have established that there were 3 filmed, staged, hoax events in Sheffield that day, all containing very blatant freemasonic signs and codes. We also very clearly witnessed a handler prompting someone to pretend to pass out (also a later video of him laughing about it) - look for it on Twitter. These people are mocking you. It's what they do. The original wolves in sheep clothing - and I warned about that a while ago - wasn't Piers in the Fabian Society like his brother? They will be all nice to your face and laugh about you behind your back - a trait that seems to rub off on some of you...Warned you about this

Speaking of his brother, he is not only a freemason but was also leader of the opposition and therefore part of 'the club', just like Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and everybody else who has a prominent role in world affairs. You think Piers is not part of the club himself? You think he is not part of the establishment? You think he grew up in a different house to Jezza? This is where they grew up:A working class hero is something to be...

I get this feeling he might not be on our side...

But yeah he's not part of the establishment is he? Just one of us? How naive do you have to be to think that some establishment freemason whose brother was Labour leader is legit? Seriously, please think critically and stop taking obvious shills at their word. Do a bit of due diligence because, with all due respect, a lot of you are very quick to judge me and call me agent etc, as mental as that is, yet you fall for the most obvious ones going like Icke and Corbyn - both freemasons too I might add. Just like Jezza That's a pair of masons right there

And you fall for it every time

Piers is also a Marxist - do you think it is wise to align with a Marxist against a 'global' communist takeover which is exactly what Agenda 21/30 is. He even uses the symbolism (he would - he's a freemason) with Stand Up X logo and his fist pumping. The man is a Marxist and he claims to oppose a communist takeover. Why would he? Because he told you he's your mate? Wise up. It's embarrassing, seriously.Not great...Hmm where have I heard that before?Ah yes, that's right. The Communist Manifesto

Nice company to be in...I don't really like these ideas. Do you? Piers does.Power to the people!These look very familiar too...Yeah, that's it. The old commie fists

Talk about hidden in plain sight, just like freemasonry. There is a reason they do not tell you about these codes and about these signs and symbols. People will say David Icke blah blah but that's glossing over it. No depth, no detail and no mention of hoaxes but that's for another blog. Right here we are concentrating on the Marxist freemason Piers Corbyn who is supposedly 'anti-establishment' (Ha, his background says otherwise - I grew up on a council estate, just saying...) yet look at these absolutely laughable suggestions from this class A clown. Or he would be if he wasn't an agent duping you. You are the clowns because you have let him take/keep you chained to the state, chained to the system that CANNOT be changed from within, chained to MSM and bluetick shills giving you half truths and your low standards accepts that, chained to engaging with MPs and signing petitions, voting and mental fake court cases - in other words, back where you started. Is this really leadership? Sign some petitions, write to some MPs for a template response saying "sorry but..." if you are lucky and - most important of all - give him money for...???

This man is some sort of leader? With advice like that?!?!Constantly poncing. The man has no shame. But he fucking should have, and lots of it. A disgrace.

And if you wanna see some real mockery, some real pisstaking, check this out. Piers Corbyn (a freemasonic agent of the state taking part in a psyop against us) is only doing talks about psyops! 

Psyop talks about psyop. Ha

He has some balls - except not when confronted about being a freemason he doesn't. I have asked him at least 20 times on Twitter if he is a freemason, have texted him and e-mailed him and all I got back was an e-mail saying 'this is utterly insane' - that old copout. He could have said "No I am not a freemason" but he'd have to not be a freemason to do that and he is a freemason.   

Even an ex-Stand Up X member has called them out for being run by freemasons - and they are - but strangely he doesn't mention Corbyn when he is the most obvious one. The split was deliberate, to divide you further which is what these agents do (divide, distract, deceive as I keep saying on Twitter) and both sides are controlled by freemasons and state agents. More on that in a later blog.

So to recap we have an establishment Marxist from Imperial College London (ring any bells?) who just so happens to be the brother of freemason and ex-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who started a Marxist group in the 1970s and happens to use freemasonic codes all over his tweets and take part in freemasonic staged arrests leading some 'freedom' movement, appearing on MSM (who ONLY ever promote their own WITHOUT EXCEPTION) in a live interview because he is part of the same team and will say what they want him to say to give whatever headline they want. Do you honestly think they would interview someone like me on live TV where I could say anything I wanted? About these codes they don't want me mentioning (hence my sudden twitter bans...). 

Piers Corbyn ticks every box going to be a government controlled, freemasonic agent of the state subverting a supposed resistance group so that it doesn't resist anything. Demos mean you are where the government want you when they want you hearing the information they allow you to have. You ask for their permission to allow you to speak and listen, literally. They even police the event for you in their mason chess board uniforms. 

Now this is really important: Understand that the reason I get pissed off at this situaton and with you followers is not because I have some hatred or grudge for you - it is because it pisses me off that you allow yourselves to be totally mugged off by these people. They are pissing themselves laughing at you when they tell you to block me and you do. They do it because they don't want me telling you things they don't want you knowing. It makes no odds to me if you block me or not, it ain't me being duped and ain't gonna be. Think about it.

I'll leave some very good videos about those codes for you because I am nice like that and remember, the message is important, not the messenger. You don't have to like me to see that what I say is truth. Please consider this information, think about it all very carefully and logically and trust your gut. I am not telling you or anyone else to do anything but consider what I am saying and why. Go ahead and try me

Oh, and Piers... I am publicly asking you whether you are a freemason and whether you are a Marxist and I am sure your 'fans' would love to hear your response. This is the home of free speech and all comments are welcome, good and bad, and Piers, yours would be the most welcome of all. I look forward to your response.Man needs answers



Piers has threatened legal action because I called him a freemason. Aren't you wondering why he didn't answer the question? You should be. However, if he does take me to court he will most definitely be asked that question - by me - under oath and you think that question won't be allowed given the nature of the complaint? I guess we'll find out won't we because I don't respond to threats. But then you'll be asked under oath - derp

Piers, you have the right to reply here but you won't answer because you are a freemason. It is as simple as that. You know it, I know it and anyone with a functioning brain reading this knows it so do what you're gonna do. Also is your alleged hearing on 3/11 (Ha) open to the public? I'd love to come along and support you after that awful ordeal you suffered for - what was it again? - 23 hrs 53 mins? You know I know. I know I know.

It only got quashed... who could have foreseen that?

Another one quashed today - who could have seen that coming either? As I mentioned on the Stand Up X letter, I have spoken to an original Stand Up X member who knows Piers and confirmed he is a freemason as have several others and several have also mentioned that he has a direct line to Scotland Yard. But yeah you keep following the pied piper as you are so clued up...

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