Chasin' Masons Part Two - David Icke

21 Oct

David Icke is, without a doubt for my money, the biggest 'name' in the 'truth/conspiracy theorist' game - and, naturally, that will lead to investigations and accusations of being a gatekeeper or controlled opposition or an agent. It is my very strong belief, and it is far from an original or lone belief, that David Icke is not only a controlled opposition gatekeeper and disinfo agent and not only an intelligence agent working for the state but he is also a very high ranking freemason who is a major part of this so-called 'elite' cabal's plans to usher in the New World Order via the Great Reset using this 'Covid-19' hoax as a trojan horse. I believe that, by the end of this blog, readers will be as certain as I am that David Icke is a long serving agent of the state and a freemason.

THAT Wogan interview that set the stage for the current incarnation of David Icke - "Mr. Conspiracy Nut Nut who believes in space lizards"

I first became aware of David Icke when he appeared on the BBC chat show 'Wogan' in 1991 when I was 13. I was vaguely aware of him before as he was a BBC presenter and a politician for the Green Party but this was the first time I'd really taken any notice of him. I have just re-watched it and, as well as all the "I am the son of God" crap that I remember, he also claims that Lucifer is not evil and just 'in balance'... interesting. It's also interesting to see him flashing a few freemasonic handsigns and, for someone who claims to have severe arthritis, he sure can move his hands and fingers into some very odd looking positions even today. Very, very mild arthritis perhaps?

In hindsight, it is very clear that the whole Wogan interview was a staged event to ensure that, right from the very start, the character of 'David Icke - conspiracy theorist' was a figure of ridicule and someone that the masses would never take seriously. Throughout the next decade I remember him popping up occasionally in the mainstream media always as a figure of ridicule, as intended, so that by the time he started to gain some 'credibility' amongst truthseekers in the late 90s/early 2000s the die was already cast in the minds of most people. The BBC simply would never, ever bring an ex-employee onto a national chat show on prime time BBC1 and ridicule him for what they were implying was a mental illness. It just would not happen. He was also always portrayed in the media as 'mad', as intended, which they would never do if they genuinely thought he was mentally ill. The whole thing is an act and the "Nutcase who thinks he is Jesus" thing is as cliché as it gets! He was planted long, long ago as an agent with an agenda that I have very recently begun to think is far more important to this 'global' agenda than I had previously believed.

Icke in popular culture

The official biography of David Icke tells us that Icke had a fairly normal working class childhood in Leicester. Words like 'slum' and 'terraced houses' and 'council estate' are driven home to maximise this image of Icke as your typical working class provincial lad done good... but we know the world doesn't work like that don't we? So when we take a look  at Miles Mathis' 'FYI:David Icke' essay, we see a very different story being told, a story far more in line from what we have come to expect from Mathis' genealogies and what we have come to expect from people in the public eye - and David Icke is very much in the public eye and has been for over 40 years. It is the usual story of aristocratic lineage so typical of those we are expected to call 'celebrities' that is usually masked by a fake bio and that seems to be the case here too. It is worth checking out Mathis' website for a number of very interesting articles about fake bios, hoaxes and faked deaths. His research is very thorough and you will find that a lot of what you were led to believe about celebrity bios and deaths are far from being true. Agent Icke when he was one of the politicians he tells us can't be trusted... who are all freemasons...

So we have a man from aristocratic stock being given a fake working class biography (including, bizarrely, an apparent argument with his dad about his arthritis ruining his football career - does that sound remotely likely?!) which includes a random trip to Saudi Arabia to 'coach their national team' despite having no coaching experience (he played professional football for a few years before allegedly having to retire due to arthritis). That is exactly the sort of trip one would expect a budding MI5/MI6 agent to be making and, sure enough, on his return he started working for the BBC which is literally the state broadcaster or government propaganda wing. When you consider that he was also a politician, for the Green Party, you have to say he does have the perfect background for a government agent: Of aristocratic stock, worked for the BBC and was involved in politics - no question he is very much part of the establishment. He certainly doesn't have a working class accent does he? Icke has even said himself that all politicians are freemasons so what does that tell us? I believe he was always groomed to be an agent but I believe the idea of this 'David Icke conspiracy nutter' character would have originated in the late 1980s/early 1990s - not long before his Wogan interview of the bullshit 'awakening story' that preceded it. As Mathis notes also, it seems very odd that he would be given a mainstream publishing deal as an inexperienced author writing new age books and, much like his high profile career in the media and politics, it very much points to being 'connected' as that is how it works in those circles. It is also worth noting that this was the same time period that George Bush began talking about the New World Order and Agenda 21 was conceived (at least publicly).The green man...

The story of Icke's 'awakening' is absolutely unbelievable - literally - and this is no accident. They couldn't just have him reading about, I don't know, ancient Egypt, and that then leading him on a path of research that took him to ancient aliens and secret societies and so on. No, it had to be something so absolutely crazy that it would, along with the ridiculously staged Wogan 'interview', ensure that nobody talking about so-called 'conspiracy theories' would ever be taken seriously because of the association with David Icke and space lizards. In David's book 'Tales from the Time Loop', we are told that David flew to Peru 'purely on intuition' (p.19) and then spoke to a talking mound who called to him while he was on a passing bus. Yes, I know, stay with me... so he walks over to this mound and then his feet are 'pulled like magnets into the ground' (p.21) and his 'arms reached up above my head without any conscious decision from me' (p.21) as you'd expect. He then claims to have been held there for over an hour while lots of 'information' was passed to him. Yes, this is the story of how David Icke was 'awoken' - some straight up bullshit right out of a sci-fi/fantasy show which was quite apt given the influence of films on his 'research' which I will get into later. Prior to this he tells of a story about being drawn to a second hand book about faith healing in a newsagents and a guide in Peru asking him if his father or grandfather had died. David told the guide his father was still alive but, wouldn't you know it, he rang his father and it only turns out he has died - what are the chances? David back in Peru, the scene of his fake awakening... & doing another weird hand sign

So David had been given the background story for his bizarre, completely and utterly staged 'nutcase who thinks he is God' interview on Wogan and these were crucial in planting the idea of him as a nutcase into the minds of the general public where there would be constant reminders every time he was mentioned in the mainstream media. Icke has even participated in this himself as his books are littered with references to him being perceived as mad, as intended, and he also often plants the idea of him being mad before certain chapters in his books (the mad ones, funnily enough) so as to pre-empt his readers' perceptions. I believe he does this to alienate some people and also to forge the bond between himself and his cult-like followers, who are more like disciples, based on perceived mutual alienation and ridicule for their beliefs. This ridicule which, again, stems from the Wogan interview initially, is often used by the many, many David Icke fans I have chatted to about him being a phoney as a defence against the accusations - a very weak defence in my honest opinion as it was very clearly intended for Icke to be an object of ridicule to ensure that the masses would never take him seriously - and they don't. These people are just babytruthers who let their heartstrings get pulled and don't think with their brain using logic - his intended audience. A typical photograph accompanying the many David Icke stories in MSM - this one from the February 20 2018 edition of The Daily Express

I was a fan of David Icke myself years ago. I don't subscribe to the theory that he 'woke me up' - as I believe everyone wakes themselves up when they are ready - but it would certainly be fair to say that the vast majority of information that I gained to wake up came from David. I began by watching some of his interviews and videocasts on YouTube and then, as it began to make more sense to me I started watching his very, very long live shows on YouTube too, and I was fascinated. So much that had never made sense to me about this world and the way everything is controlled suddenly resonated and I then began to buy his books and couldn't read them fast enough. I was totally sold and that is even taking into account that I was sceptical about him because of his 'nutter' reputation and the whole space lizard thing. I have always been a bit of a black sheep myself so it didn't take long at all to get totally on board - I was even into the reptilian thing for a while too - and before long I had read eight of his books, and watched virtually his entire YouTube library, including the weekly videocast. I even watched his 2006 Channel Five documentary "David Icke: Was He Right?" when it was repeated and I was surprised, at the time, how balanced it seemed with no ridicule at all.One of David's many MSM appearances.

Hey, I was a fan once too!

Most truthers will tell you that, when they first started waking up, they either looked to Icke or Alex Jones (another freemason and agent) for information. Jones appeals to the angry truthers and Icke appeals to those seeking truth from a spiritual perspective and this is strange as I often get told I come across as angry on Twitter yet Jones never had any appeal to me really - I preferred him when he was Bill Hicks. I was into Icke for a good few years and even then there were always articles and videos popping up about him being a disinfo agent and a shill. Like I said, what I am saying is not new information and the vast majority of the information I will share in this blog, particularly on the freemason/pagan/Luciferian aspects comes from the excellent research of Chris Constantine aka gorilla199 on YouTube. I started to have my doubts about Icke when I saw that we live on a flat plane and not the silly spinning ball that Icke promotes in his work and also when I started to question the official narrative of the 'holocaust'. The most David has ever said regarding the 'holocaust' was in his 1995 book "...And The Truth Shall Set You Free" where he rightly said that there are many aspects of the 'holocaust' narrative that needs questioning - so, in the 25 years since he wrote this book why has he never investigated it? He has investigated space lizards living in the moon spaceship controlling us with brainwaves  but he can't investigate the 'holocaust'? Or flat Earth - the freemasonic lie that all others spring from? It's actually not...

The refusal to investigate the 'holocaust' raised red flags for me for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Icke doesn't shy away from criticising Israel and has mentioned numerous times that the Ashkenazi Jews, who are the predominant European squatters in Palestine, originated from Georgia when it was part of the Khazar Empire who converted to Judaism in the 8thC BC. It seems very odd to me that he would get that deep into the subject yet refuse to touch 'the big one'. Secondly, he cites the 1992 "David Cole in Auschwitz" documentary, a controversial video that shows a Jewish American, David Cole, going to Auschwitz and showing that there were no gas chambers at all and that the stories of Jews being gassed to death were completely fabricated. Again, I find it very odd that Icke would watch something so compelling and informative and not research further, especially given some of the absolute nonsense he has written about in the following 25 years. The funny thing is, I have seen him referred to as a 'holocaust denier' many, many times but the most he has ever said is that it needs further investigation - so why didn't he do it? I think Icke plays the 'being persecuted by Zionists' card a lot and, although they really, really do persecute anyone that questions the 'holocaust' industry, he really hasn't beyond a passing few lines in a 1995 book. I don't believe his live shows were cancelled because of pressure from the Jewish lobby, I believe it was a coordinated effort to give him some credibility amongst seasoned truthers which are definitely not his core audience and this attempt at credibility is something he still does today with his fake YouTube and Twitter bans that I mentioned in my previous blogTo make him seem credible to babytruthers and to drive traffic to his own website and London Real... kerching!

Flat Earth and the 'holocaust' are, for me, the two greatest lies ever told that we know of. Flat Earth is the lie that all others stem from and the impact of the 'holocaust' myth cannot be overstated. David himself touches on how it is used to drum up accusations of 'anti-semitism' (even though Ashkenazi Jews are not semitic) but he still doesn't come out and say outright that there were definitely no gas chambers in Auschwitz and that nowhere near six million Jews died in that period. I will eventually get around to writing about this and why this myth was perpetuated in the first place which is something David Icke hasn't done in the last 25 years. Considering denying the 'holocaust' is a criminal offence in sixteen European countries and, of course, Israel maybe David Icke didn't want to have to explain why he can give talks in these countries without being arrested - might blow his cover a bit. I remember several years ago that he claimed to have had shows banned in Germany, as well as other nations, due to his 'anti-semitism' and, again, this is just to make him seem legitimate and when you have the amount of evidence and people suggesting you are a government plant to spread disinfo you need every trick you can pull!Questions David would be asking if he was genuine

David has spread disinformation about a LOT of subjects: He goes along with the CIA planted conspiracy theory that JFK was assassinated by 'the illuminati' when the reality is that the assassination was faked, just like his brother's was. He peddles the MI5 planted conspiracy that Princess Diana was murdered by the royal family, a view so 'radical' that it was the basis of Keith Allen's 2011 documentary film 'Unlawful Killing' which has been shown numerous times on terrestrial TV. If this was the truth do you honestly think it would have even reached pre-production? David, of course, had to put his own spin on it so he came up with a very clever story about it being a Satanic ritual that, I must confess, I fell for until I read Miles Mathis' 'Yes, Diana Faked Her Own Death' essay. Icke's book 'Alice In Wonderland & the World Trade Centre Disaster' is complete disinfo from start to finish and, to illustrate this, Mossad is mentioned only once in the entire book and that is just to clarify that someone was a Mossad agent! Mossad are mentioned so many times in his books yet the one book you'd think they'd be mentioned more than any other they are nowhere to be seen! Icke claims that the planes that were alleged to have flown into the WTC were switched for remote control planes which is an absolute nonsense and he spends an awful lot of time referring to alleged communications between ATC and the alleged pilot which, if these transcripts are real, are certainly completely made up. He also claims that people actually died when it was a completely controlled and staged hoax where nothing happened other than a missile fired at the Pentagon, three empty buildings demolished and CGI planes and 'jumpers' added to the footage (who just so happen to be falling in the freemasonic 'hanged man' pose). There are also no death certificates on record for ANY of the alleged victims and their press photographs were all photoshopped from other people's photos - a common trick when these hoaxes are pulled off. No planes, no victims. He also claimed that the cliffs of Dover would be underwater by 1991 and that the world would end in 1997 - I think even the most deluded of Icke cultists would acknowledge he got those wrong. When you make bold predictions like that and they are proven to be false you lose credibility in my opinion and he's done that a fair few times.  Yep. They always are

Icke's supposed 'research' is also questionable as, if we take him at his word and consider him a legitimate truther, his research seems to consist of watching films and thinking they are real (V: The Final Battle, The Terminator, They Live, The Matrix, The Hunger Games), random people writing to him telling him they saw someone (usually famous) turning into a reptile or lifting ideas from mainstream writers (Carl Sagan, Christopher Knight, Alan Butler etc). I don't really want to waste time going into his nonsense but he talks of shapeshifting lizards controlled from other dimensions possessing world leaders, aliens living inside the moon which is a spaceship, the rings of Saturn sending out frequencies that somehow interact with the moon to create our illusory reality and many other deliberately crazy examples. They really are not even worth discussing given the ridiculousness of the claims. There is no outer space for starters and the moon is just a luminary. Icke also spreads disinformation about Jesus Christ - most notably when he claims that the story of Jesus' birth from immaculate conception is recycled from older stories which is easily debunked here. He has claimed that he is God, the son of God and that Jesus and Apollyon the destroyer (the Antichrist) are the same person (Masonic duality) which is complete nonsense as Jesus names Apollyon as the Antichrist in Revelation 9:11. As Chris Constantine says, that would be like robbing a bank and then putting the video of you doing it up on YouTube. He also notes that if Icke claims Jesus and Apollyon are the same person and he is Jesus, the Son of God, as he claims then he must also be the Antichrist. More on that later... He also never mentions that Hollyweird puppets and these so-called 'elites' are Baphomet trannies and there may be a very good reason for that...

David's Illustrator Neil Hague isn't doing the one eye symbolism, honest...Neither is Dave, must just be his arthritis or something... 

Like most disinfo agents and shills, it is what David doesn't tell you that is the most telling - as I mentioned earlier regarding flat Earth and the 'holocaust' - and it might be wise to ask yourself why he doesn't and it might also be wise to research these topics before you carry on reading his space lizard moon base fantasies designed to keep you asleep. One of the most crucial other things that he never mentions is the fact that ALL of these big televised news events are completely, 100% staged and fake. Nobody dies, nobody gets hurt, it is all just a big act to keep everybody in fear and under control and looking to the government for safety and protection. It is classic David Icke 'Problem - Reaction - Solution' - only he doesn't tell you that it's fake and nobody dies. Why? Simply put, David Icke is a fear monger. He has you believing the governments are mass murdering their own people in events like 9/11 and 7/7 when that simply is not the case. I am not saying the government are not controlled by higher ups - they are - and I am certainly not saying that these people care about us or our lives - they don't - I am simply saying that these events are staged. He also never goes into any great depth about freemasonry or the signs, symbols and codes they use to communicate with each other and to deceive us. I have shown examples of these in previous blogs and I will be going into these in more detail in my next one which will be about staged terrorism, and the anti-Islam agenda which has suddenly come back, as I said it would back in June, that these fake awakes are still falling for. What an honest 'news'paper would look like

In fact, despite writing these books for over 30 years, David has never offered any solutions beyond 'love everyone and it will all be sweet' - the new age shite he has been brainwashing people with since he started. There was never meant to be a solution because he has been distracting his cult following from the things he has been warning them about with silly new age and sci-fi nonsense. He mocks Jesus Christ persistently, spreads disinformation about him and even has the audacity to claim to be his equal - yet he says he didn't exist? All of these freemasons and Satanists seem to go to an awful lot of trouble trying to hide and mock someone that supposedly never existed... It is very clear that Icke is leading followers down a new age, pagan path towards Luciferianism and, given he is blatantly a freemason and pagan himself, this comes as no surprise. People see him as some sort of visionary but, as I said earlier, he's made many bold predictions that have been proved to be completely laughable and false. The reason he 'predicts the future' is the same way he tells us Huxley and Orwell did - they're all part of the club. Sadly, as a lot of the truths he has revealed are coming to pass, a lot of people are still being taken in by this deceiver. Given that many supposedly 'awake' people believe Orwell was trying to warn society when 1984 was clearly predictive programming, just as Huxley's Brave New World was, it shouldn't be surprising that the Icke cult is still going strong. I think it is pretty clear from the evidence so far that the official David Icke story is full of plot holes and that he is a disinformation agent and now we are going to take a look at the vast evidence compiled by Chris Constantine aka gorilla199 that, in my very strong and honest opinion, confirms that Icke is both a freemason and, obviously, a pagan who practices Luciferianism."Oh look... there's David Icke..."

As you may have noticed, there is a link above to a playlist made by gorilla199 on his YouTube channel containing 42 videos (plus 4 private ones that, sadly, we cannot view) that critically examine many aspects of Icke's career and beliefs and I would thoroughly recommend that anyone who is still doubting that Icke has sinister motives watches it. I will give a brief overview of the information in the videos but you'll definitely need to watch them all if you want all of the information because there is far too much to put everything here. I will simply be giving a very brief overview of the evidence. Icke is very good at what he does, no question. Like Donald Trump - who he has bizarrely started backing after telling us four years ago, rightly, that he is just another puppet of the 'elite' - Icke is a fantastic performer and plays his role to perfection. To people who are asleep or just waking up it easy to fall for both of them and I can attest to that myself. I've found through talking to many truthers that it is very common to get into truth via David Icke and then when you get a certain amount of knowledge, or you come across information from other sources that contradict Icke and makes more sense to you, his influence on your own ideology wanes significantly. This happened to me when I started watching, reading and listening to many other sources who made more sense to me than what Icke was telling me. It also became very obvious that he was spreading disinformation after a while too.I just can't think why Icke, Corbyn, Jones, Coleman et al don't tell us that purple is the colour of deception!

As well as the many David Icke videos, Constantine also has done a lot of very extensive research into freemasonry, paganism, Luciferianism and, as a committed Christian, has extensive knowledge of The Bible. He has also gone across the world to research ancient artefacts and monuments and shows how many of these depict pagan Gods worshipped by Luciferians and freemasons. He has decoded the meanings of 666, the masonic square and compass, the masonic one eye symbol, and many other symbols and also has a very interesting video about David Icke's initials spelling out Ios, another name for Apollyon the Destroyer (the Antichrist named in The Bible in Revelation 9:11 - where the 911 freemasonic code for destruction comes from). There are many references to Apollyon, the Sun God, in Icke's work and I will briefly mention a couple of them later but, again, I really would recommend watching these videos yourselves for the full evidence as this is only an overview. Constantine calls out David Icke many times in these videos and challenges him to a live debate where they can pull each others work apart in front of an audience. Constantine asserts that, compared to his work, Icke's is 'crap' and, in my opinion, he is absolutely spot on. Constantine correctly points out that nothing at all in Icke's extensive bibliography is in any way original whereas he has a lot of original ideas and theories that seem to be pretty solid. Constantine also has videos of him meeting Icke several times and it seems very clear to me that, as well as being very rude and arrogant, Icke looks terrified at the prospect of being questioned by him. In one of them he really can't get away fast enough and in the other he just resorts to name calling and being rude. It is no wonder he didn't want that debate.Symbolism much?

In the first video on the playlist, Constantine points out Icke's many uses of pagan and freemasonic symbolism and imagery including the cover of "I Am Me, I Am Free", pictured above. On it we can clearly see three sixes and the light of the sun illuminating him as Apollyon the Sun God (the Antichrist). Osiris can be seen to the left of the cover as he stands with his fingers in the same pose as depictions of Zeus (Satan). There also appears to be serpents and the 'Censored!' sign keeping his modesty intact is an anagram of 'Encoders' and that is exactly what he is. He secretly uses codes to tell us exactly what he is - the revelation of the method - similar to what Corbyn has been doing with his tweets, the dates he stages the 'major' demos and on his many, many crowdfunded begging bowls. Revelation of the Method is what freemasons use to gain consent for their actions and what David is doing here is telling you exactly what he is. He has revealed himself to you and it is up to you to see it for yourself. This is the reason freemasonic shills mix truths in with their deception - they reveal what their secret club is going to do and then distract and deceive you with disinfo, very similar to the predictive programming they also use, particularly in popular culture. That's a lot of coincidences... and there are no coincidences...

This is one of the aspects that the Icke fans that I chat with find very difficult to grasp so I will explain it very clearly here: The reason David Icke, being a high ranking freemason and an intelligence agent, would reveal to us the plans of the secret societies that he is part of is because that is part of their code as I mentioned above. They have to tell us what they are going to do in order to gain our consent. In their way of thinking this is perfectly justified in carrying out what they are planning to do if they have told us either by way of signs, codes and symbols or by this revelation of the method. This is why I keep stressing the importance of the Manly P. Hall quote "When the human race learns to read the language of symbolism, a great veil will fall from the eyes of men". I really cannot stress enough how vital it is to change the way you think and how you read and perceive things if you want to find truth. David is the rule, not the exception. There are no heroes.

Another quote that perfectly sums up how people like David Icke are pushed into the public eye is from another freemason, Albert Pike, who said: "Whenever the people need a hero we shall supply him" and that is the very basis of how these freemasons control both sides of every conflict that arises from the chaos they create. People find it very hard to grasp why these people would say things about the 'elite' or the state if they were controlled opposition but they miss the point that they are called 'opposition'. They have to oppose, or appear to oppose, their paymasters. That is their job. It is just acting and, to throw in another important quote: "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players". You really cannot afford to take anyone at face value, sadly, and critical thinking is crucial, as is questioning everything.I don't believe in coincidences... do you?

The video also shows David's ex-wife, Pamela Leigh Richards, performing magick during a thunderstorm and making the same handsigns and symbols as David (there are also lots of pictures of his son, Gareth, doing the very same). There are several other videos that show them both to be into Aleister Crowley and the Occult and, as I keep reiterating, please give these videos a watch if you are in any doubt as to Icke being a pagan, a Luciferian and a freemason because, for me, the evidence on these videos is overwhelming and, when you add this information to everything else it is very clear that David Icke is not on the level at all. Not a chance. There are also multiple references to the green man, more sun symbolism and lions - something that I will go into in far greater detail in my blog about the Trafalgar Square ritual in August led by David Icke, disguised as a demonstration against the New World Order that he duped the unsuspecting crowd into consenting to. The most interesting freemasonic evidence is one that I was aware of when I was a fan. In one of his stage shows I watched on YouTube, Icke tells the story of him and a friend asking for a tour of a masonic lodge somewhere in the US and being told to go to the office. Icke claims they sneaked off and took a picture of Icke in the Grand Master Mason's chair doing the freemasonic Zeus pose. You buying this? I didn't even buy it at the time and my suspicions were raised. It sounds much more likely to me, especially given the weight of other evidence against him, that he is a high ranking freemason who was invited to the lodge and the freemasons there probably asked him to have his picture taken in the chair for them. The mention of this story on the stage show was most likely, as Constantine says, because he feared the picture had been leaked and the bugged phonecall on one of the other videos would appear to confirm this.   Don't tell me... she has arthritis too?

Once a politician...

The phone call also relates to a story about his links to Combat 18 which would seem a very strange organisation for the person David portrays himself as to be involved in - but exactly the sort of thing you'd expect an agent of the state to be involved in. He also got involved with the Brexit psyop despite claiming, correctly, that voting is a waste of time as we are all ruled by the same people behind the scenes anyway. So why would he involve himself in a psyop like Brexit unless he was working for the state? Think about it... David has quite a large audience, we are led to believe, and that would mean a lot more people dumbing down and taking part in this nonsense (and I say this as someone duped into doing so myself) which is the only logical explanation for Icke endorsing Brexit and fellow freemason Farage. There are more intelligence agency links that I will go into later but first I am going to address his time at The People's Voice.The 'alternative to MSM'... allegedly

TPV was a 'free' internet TV station launched by icke in November 2013 and it lasted for around six months before allegations of financial skulduggery made by TPV presenter (and freemason FYI) Sonia Poulton led Icke to leave his role as director of the station to 'concentrate on other work', although he stayed on as a shareholder. Before I get on to the financials, let me just say that the 10 year old picture used on their website for their article about the finances was a winged disc with a 666 on it - yet another connection to Apollyon/Halios... Apollyon the Destroyer - the Beast from the Pit

The People's Voice was described as a 'non-profit organisation' and, like many 'non-profit organisations', they actually make profit - legally. Constantine uncovers a lot of details about seeming financial irregularities or, at least, inconsistencies including the fact that the 'transparency' Icke had promised turned out to be a 'financial overview'  because it was 'difficult to balance transparency between cost and regulation'. Icke rented an office space at Wembley Point that usually costs £100k p.a. and paid just £1200 for seven months. And he isn't connected to very high places? The ex-BBC politician who has an obsession with Apollyon the Destroyer (the Antichrist) including his forms of sun and lion? In the itinerary given there was nothing for feeding staff, many of whom were volunteers (it was funded by crowdfunding even though Icke is, despite his claims, a millionaire - rather like his fellow freemason fake truthers today involved in the Unite For Freemasonry movement) and yet there was supposedly £75k paid to staff (including his son Gareth who, unsurprisingly, was given his own presenting roles and shows). Constantine also revealed that Icke's own company was making, on average, £250k p.a. yet he was asking people to fund his own production costs for the company he was profiting from as one of only two shareholders after he resigned as director. His 'transparency' statement declared he was entitled to no dividends but that doesn't include wages or bonuses.Who said nepotism was dead?

There was no transparency at all and it easy to see why Sonia Poulton had concerns. It was full of 'estimates' and, as Constantine says, if you went to a bank manager without a business plan and just a load of 'estimates' you'd be told to get lost! TPV was supposed to be this alternative voice from the mainstream yet just had a lot of mainstream people on it, including Icke, but it only lasted around six months because millionaire Icke couldn't put his hand in his pocket - even though he likes to portray himself as a spendthrift with no money - and blamed 'financial difficulties' for it's failure. I can only go by what I've seen on these videos but it does look to me like he got caught with his fingers in the till and when it was exposed he took his ball home with him. I can't see any other explanation for how things went down there. David Icke is also a member of the Groucho Club and has been pictured there with Russell Brand, another freemason and Baphomet tranny (who also uses the mark of Apollyon as part of his Brand X). To be a member of the Groucho Club you have to be a prominent member of the MSM and David is most certainly that, despite how he likes to portray himself. Ladies what lunch...

Over the years since he was supposedly rejected by the mainstream media - the one he correctly tells us is full of lies (100% lies in fact) and who never have anyone on that tells the truth (also 100% correct) - David has appeared on, amongst others, Have I Got News For You, History's Mysteries, The Secret Rulers of the World, Na rubu znanosti, Penn and Teller: Bullshit!, The World's Strangest UFO Stories, Wogan: Now and Then, David Icke: Was He Right?, Comedy Lab, Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura, Brand X With Russell Brand, This Morning, Ancient Aliens, The Late Night Alternative, Deep Space, Studio 10, This Week and many, many other mainstream movies, TV shows, radio shows and podcasts as well as many, many in the 'alternative' media that are mostly controlled by the mainstream studios (such as Infowars being owned by Time Warner). He has also interviewed Hollyweird A-Lister Jim Carrey and been interviewed by housewives favourite, Eamon Holmes, recently too. He is mainstream media in every way, despite his protestations and his IMDb page proves it. He was also involved in Project Camelot with a couple of fellow freemasons, Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan and, as well as having very 'interesting' one eye symbolism on their logo, they were also named after a US military psyop designed to stop insurgents and dissidents - rather like the group David Icke is involved with now behind this freemasonic psyop 'Unite For Freedom' which I will get into more in my blog on the Trafalgar Square ritual.Interesting symbolism...

That's all it takes to know...

Another interesting point Constantine makes is that he (Constantine) exposed the BBC paedophile rings yet David Icke has never taken any of this supposed information he claims to have about elite paedophile rings to the police, the government or the mainstream media... don't you find this very strange? This was the thing that made me seriously doubt his character back when I was a fan - it just didn't make sense to me. Anyone who had this information, especially somebody writing books about it and profiting from it, would surely be doing everything they could to bring those responsible to justice? It's also worth noting that Icke worked for the BBC during the 1980s, when I remember myself that Jimmy Savile was always on BBC TV, and he claims he didn't know what was going on? John Lydon knew in 1978 after one TOTP appearance so how could a prominent BBC presenter, in and around the studio and mingling with BBC employees every day (none gossiped?) not know what Savile was up to? Especially both being high ranking freemasons...I'm saying nothing...

It's also very interesting that he can tell us that he saw Ted Heath's eyes go black in a BBC dressing room and that he knew all about him noncing and killing young boys yet he doesn't tell the police?!?! Really?!?! He has also boasted that Lord McAlpine sued various media organisations and individuals for defamation but never touched Icke because he supposedly has all this 'evidence'? Why has he not done anything with it then? This seems highly suspicious to me and former pop star Brian Harvey of East 17 fame has some very damning evidence regarding Icke and those in his circles. Now, I know what you are thinking: "You said everyone in MSM is in the club and part of the deception!". Yes... and no... You see, Brian Harvey has zero chance of going on This Morning or This Week and discussing the things he talks about. He hasn't been part of that industry for a long time and he never will be again after the truths he has told about people in that industry.A couple of the shady shills and agents in Icke's wide circle of shills and agents

Brian has footage of Andrew Ash claiming that David Icke hypnotises and abuses young disabled boys, including those with Down's Syndrome, on boats and at 'BBC parties'. Bill Maloney was also present and it is interesting that Brian accuses Maloney of being a freemason as he 'shook Andrew's hand like you were both part of the craft' because I had noted their hand positions while they were talking, Ash in particular, and had come to the same conclusion. It is inferred that the whole thing was made up by Maloney (which he has form for) and that he was just feeding Ash names and that Icke didn't do any of this. I would be inclined to agree, personally, although with Icke's Luciferian connections you really cannot rule it out. What I will say though, and make of this what you will, is that a lot of these supposed paedophile and sexual harassment cases in the political and entertainment world is to make people think the Baphomet trannies in those industries have the genitalia you think they have... Another couple of the circle...

'Interesting' fashion sense, Shaun...

Brian Harvey also claims that all the people involved in these cases who are supposedly journalists are actually counter intel agents and, given the people he mentions, several of whom are confirmed freemasons, I'd be inclined to agree pretty strongly. So, even if the accusations against Icke are false, as we are led to believe (and I would tend to agree based on the evidence on offer), it still shows the incredibly dodgy circles he is involved with including Special Branch and MI5 intel agents and, of course, fellow freemasons like Jon Wedger. If David Icke was legit he's be seeing through these people no bother as he supposedly knows that 'ex'-police officers like Wedger are freemasons for a start. Told ya...

And so did he...

Before I wrap this up, I have to say that I didn't mention the photoshopped picture of 'David Icke' dressed in freemasonic garb as it was a hoax and really wasn't worth mentioning. The video is worth watching though just for Icke's pathetic reaction. I do wonder though whether that phonecall about the leaked freemason photo was this one rather than the one Icke admitted was him in the chair. Just a thought... Jokes, fam...

So, we have seen that David Icke:

 Has a fake biography and actually comes from 'bloodline' stock.

Took a trip to Saudi Arabia 'coaching their football team' even though he had no coaching experience and played for Hereford United for two years.

Worked for the BBC, the government propaganda wing and Ministry of (Dis)Information.

Was a politician and Icke himself says politicians are freemasons and can't be trusted. I agree, Dave.

Staged the ridiculous "Son of God" Wogan interview to make people think he was mad. It worked.

Revealed his even more ridiculous 'awakening' story that wouldn't look out of place on Tales of the Unexpected (written by Roald Dahl, another agent).

Had a mainstream publishing deal as an unknown author of spiritual healing books... in the 1980s and 1990s.

Has been shown multiple times giving freemasonic handshakes, performing freemasonic hand signs and even been photographed on a master mason's chair!

Was married to a witch.

Has used pagan symbolism on much of his work including book covers and on his own website.

Has an overwhelming number of links to Apollyon the Destroyer (the Antichrist).

His initials can be decoded to be Ios (another name for Helios or Apollyon, the pagan Sun God).

Surrounds himself with very shady characters such as witch doctor Credo Mutwa, freemason Neil Hague and agents and masons Maloney, Wedger, Puddick, Corbyn etc.

Made a video about Trump and Corbyn both being puppets who are there to dupe you into thinking they are different - now backs Trump and hangs with Jezza's bro!

Says he is not political yet backed the Brexit psyop and fellow freemason Nigel Farage. He says voting is a waste of time because the same forces control us so why?

Was linked in the press with far right group Combat 18 despite saying he is all peace and love and, again, not political.

Is linked with the group behind KBF and is a friend of Simon Dolan, an intel asset.

Faced allegations of non-transparency regarding the financials at The People's Voice and, from what Chris Constantine shows, they seem to be well founded.

Faked bans on Twitter and YouTube in a bid to gain credibility.

Has a blue tick on Twitter that only MSM get. His son has one too.

Has links to Aleister Crowley and Satanism via his ex-wife.

Says crazy things like the Queen is a lizard, the moon is a spaceship and Saturn bounces frequencies off the moon to create our illusory reality so as to discredit truthers.

Gives out frequent disinfo, tells outright lies and omits many important issues for a supposed 'truther'. Has also made many false predictions which discredits him.

Keeps many intel agent conspiracy theories going such as JFK, Diana, 9/11 etc.

Never mentions the fact that false flags are in fact hoaxes where nobody even gets hurt, let alone dies. He is there to scaremonger. His work is fear porn.

Offers no solutions at all. He just says we are all infinite love and that alone will set you free. Just a lot of meaningless distractions and nonsense.

Appears on MSM all the time - that ONLY happens if you are in the club - as does belonging to the Groucho Club, which he does.

Supposedly sells out huge arenas all around the world 'waking people up' - do you think the 'elite' would allow this if it was true?

Would have been killed in about 1998 if he was legitimate and what he was saying was true. The same applies for Assange, Snowden etc. All blatant agents.

Takes a lot of his 'ideas' directly from films (V: The Final Battle, The Terminator, They Live, The Matrix, The Hunger Games etc).

Recycles the work of other writers such as Carl Sagan.

Never researches flat Earth or the 'Holocaust'.

Never mentions Baphomet trannies... again, there may be a very good reason for that...

Claims arthritis is why his hands take up funny positions but that would mean they'd stay in one position - not whizz about at 1000 mph, fingers too!

Never mentions gematria or freemasonic hoax codes and never mentions the signs, symbols and hand signs in great detail. Just gives an overview.

Makes blasphemous claims such as he is God, he is the Son of God and that Jesus Christ and Apollyon (the Antichrist) are the same entity (masonic dualism).

Spreads disinformation about Jesus Christ, saying that his story has been recycled from older stories when that is the Nimrod/Semiramis/Tammuz story.

Never alerted the authorities to all of the royal, political and celebrity paedophiles that he claims to have information on. Isn't that a bit strange?

Ran away from debating Chris Constantine.

Has been dismissed as a shill publicly by many, many respected truthers. Type "David Icke shill/agent/freemason" into a search engine and see what comes up...

Doesn't really have much credibility amongst people who are awake - his target audience are those just waking up and the newly awake. They soon jog on...

Uses anecdotal evidence such as: "Some woman wrote to me saying she saw the Queen Mum turn into a lizard and eat a baby" (genuinely true example).

I could probably go on for a long while yet but I think you get the point. 

In my mind, there can be no doubt after reading all of this evidence and watching all of the videos that David Icke is from aristocratic stock (and I didn't even mention the Rockefeller video - wait til you see that one!), is an intelligence agent, a very high ranking freemason, a pagan and a witch. If you have eyes to see and ears to hear then everything is there right in front of you. All you have to do is open your eyes and see him for what he is.

I have a few more examples of his symbolism from a little video he made pretending that he is just a regular bloke living a normal life but I will save them for a forthcoming blog about the Lion of Judah ritual he led people through in Trafalgar Square back in August but you can have a watch of it here in the meantime if you'd like.

If anyone still has doubts after all this please do let me know as I'd be very intrigued as to why.

Until next time...

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