Dial M For Masons

04 May

I have mentioned the link between freemasonry and the androgyne several times before and it brings about the predictable responses: Dismissed by gatekeepers, mocked by those too lazy to research the topic (or even watch/read the many links I have provided in previous blogs) and ignored by the sleepwalkers who follow these EGI (Elite Gender Inversion) freemasons around. It's a topic that is never, ever pushed by the 'truthers' in the 'alternative' media with their donate buttons and merch and PayPals and subscriptions and purples and freemasonic symbolism and this is because many of them are EGI freemasons themselves - just like the EGI freemasons controlling the ridiculous controlled opposition groups that the David Icke Cult and Qtards follow around like lost puppies. The truthers who mention this topic are often banned from various platforms for sharing this information - and I mean proper bans - not fake bans like we see orchestrated all the time from this freemasonic 'truth' community that is absolutely controlled from top to bottom.

Many supposedly 'awake' people seemingly cannot get their heads around basic human anatomy and the very distinct biological differences between males and females. A lot of this is because they are programmed very deeply still into worshipping false idols, and they are completely drawn to those in the public eye as they don't comprehend what this means. Now, I get that it is not obvious to see all this stuff - I had no clue whatsoever until I followed @Bevvie112 on Twitter last year - but when you choose to dismiss the evidence rather than to research it in order to understand whether it is true or not, to understand the reasons for it and to understand how they do it then you're literally just an ignorant idiot who isn't worth engaging with. These fake awake group followers get annoyed with me for saying this, but it is objective truth - if you dismiss something without researching it first then that is the very epitome of ignorant.

I have left many, many links to many, many videos and websites that explain this and you can find them at the bottom of this blog here - instead of embarrassing yourselves, please try watching them and you'll learn something far more valuable than the fact that PCR tests that tell people they have a virus, when viruses don't even exist, are faulty - no shit, Sherlock.
This blog will be more pictorial than usual, but I want to start off by explaining the origins of this 'phenomenon'.

As I have already explained previously - in a blog specifically about freemasonic, EGI transgenders in the entertainment industry - the reason that these freemasons do this is because they are Luciferians and Lucifer is depicted as androgyne. These are pagans who worship many pagan androgyne gods and we know that freemasonry is all about duality and inversion - their 'god' is androgyne and, therefore, as we are made in God's image, so must they transform themselves into the image of their 'god' - order out of chaos; the phoenix rising from the ashes, reborn - it doesn't take much dot connecting to be honest... and the freemasonic eagle/phoenix has two heads for a reason.

We also know that freemasons practice Kabbalah and Kabbalah is all about duality and androgyne gods. The Midrash Rabbah says:

"When the Holy One created Adam (Ha-Rishon) it was androgynous. God created Adam Ha-Rishon double-faced and split him/her so that there were two backs, one on this side and one on the other."

You can read more about Lucifer as an androgyne here, androgyny and alchemy here the androgyne in Kabbalah here.

This will be part of an ongoing series that I will continue as and when, as there are so many EGI freemasons involved in this so-called 'movement' that exists to keep the fast asleep 'awake' people in their comas - and they do. In this first part, we will be looking at a couple of the establishment families who have somehow duped supposedly awake people into thinking they are fighting the system, a couple of shill doctors, a couple of shill organisers and a few of the grunts at the bottom just to show how far down the pyramid this goes.

First off, let us take a look at the Icke family who have built up a nice little family disinformation/shill business - well, David has - in which they charge their incredibly naive cult following to receive disinformation, MSM nonsense and absolutely no solutions to anything whatsoever. I've already shown why David is a freemason and an agent of the state here and it absolutely baffles me how his cult refuses to apply the David Icke 'connect the dots' advice when it comes to their literal false idol. The freemasonry aspect is well and truly covered in that previous blog but I will just illustrate a few points.

We can clearly see from the frame above that David is pictured at least four times giving freemasonic handshakes. I have people trying to tell me that this is not evidence of him being a freemason because that is how far gone they are down the cult path. This is pure denial and cognitive dissonance. It is embarrassing.

We can also see from the above collage that David has been pictured many times using freemasonic handsigns and was even pictured sat on the Grand Master Mason's chair and recorded talking about it by an undercover journalist and still these brainwashed followers refuse to see it.

They also fail to connect the dots between David's agenda and the agendas of Alice Bailey and Madame Blavatsky and they don't spot the symbolism that litters his work, not least because his collaborator and illustrator, Neil Hague, is also a freemason - as is his ex-wife, Pamela Leigh-Richards.

And, speaking of connections, why would David appear multiple times on Time-Warner owned Infowars, discussing disinfo topics with freemasonic agent, Alex Jones (33) unless he was an agent himself?

People make excuses for him working for the BBC but the simple fact is that if he wasn't a freemason and an agent of the state he would never have got those roles in the first place. Freemasons don't leave. He has even appeared on Have I Got News For You - how is he anti-establishment? The BBC would never have him on if he didn't follow their script and he is still all over the mainstream today.

The same people also excuse his involvement in politics, where he was one of the four principal speakers for The Green Party - again, unless you are a freemason you do not get that role. He has also involved himself in politics many times since his transformation into the 'conspiracy nutter' character, including even standing in a by-election!

The media wouldn't promote David's work if he wasn't part of the same machine. This should be obvious to anyone mildly awake.

There is also the very important matter of the sheer amount of disinformation that David spreads which becomes the sort of 'default' babytruther position on many topics and this is why people refuse to wake up to real truth - they think they've found David and hit the goldmine - trust me, you haven't.

David is very clearly an agent and a freemason and this has been exposed many, many times before by many, many people. How would a lower league footballer who played 2 seasons for Hereford United get a coaching job in Saudia Arabia? How would they know who he is? That is an MI6 job. Then ends up at the BBC and The Green Party and then selling out world tours 'exposing the illuminati'. If you understand how the system works then you know exactly what David is and why - if you don't, you've been reading too much David Icke...

We're going to take a look now at how the androgyne and the freemason are linked in real terms in the world today and the first example we'll be looking at is David and his 'sons' who seem to have joined the franchise full-time since the 'Covid' hoax started - nothing like taking advantage of an opportunity, eh?

David has been a well-known transgender in the truth community for a long time - not to me (I only found out about EGIs last year) - and we can clearly see why. The picture above shows David and his sons with very narrow, sloping shoulders and narrow female skulls. If we look at the illustration and compare it to the Ickes' skulls, then we can clearly identify them as being female.

We can see again that David has the skull and shoulders of a female and we can also see the female shoulder to hips ratio. Of all the many markers that identify gender, the most accurate is that of the pelvis which is 100%. This is how they identify the gender of human remains, such is its accuracy.

We can also see that David has a female gait and Q Angle, something I have identified on these blogs before with Ian Brown. If you watch videos of him walking you will see him moving around like an old lady because, biologically, that is exactly what he is.

We can also see that David's first wife, Linda, is a male and so is his ex-mistress and 'daughter'. They all have very distinct Adam's apples. David is part of an EGI family, as are all of these people in the public eye, including the ones controlling these freemasonic 'protest' groups.

Before we look at his 'son' Gareth's EGI credentials, let's first look at a series of photos that he has posed for that contain very, very overt freemasonic and Luciferian symbolism. Firstly, we can see above that Gareth is showing us that he is an initiated freemason by putting the noose around his neck which is part of freemasonic initiation ritual.

Gareth is pictured making the freemasonic 'shh' sign that tells us that he won't reveal their secrets - just the sort of person you want leading the fight against a freemasonic 'global' coup.

Gareth is pictured with the freemasonic black and white squares behind him for duality - they represent the enlightened (him) and the uninitiated (us). He is also seen covering his mouth to signify his silence.

Gareth is seen doing the eye of Horus symbolism which he claims was him scratching his eye - I don't think so. It doesn't look a very natural way to scratch your eye to me. Just more freemasonic mockery.

Here Gareth is mocking Christ on the cross, another freemasonic pose. Another 'band shot'.

Here we can see Gareth with clear 'Black Eye Club' symbolism. Gareth wants us to believe that David Icke's son, if David was legit and not a freemason, would be able to do all of this without any attention at all and David wouldn't be having words? You don't think he'd say "Gareth, can you stop doing all that freemasonic shit please because it's reflecting badly on me and my work?"

We can see above that there are multiple skeletal markers that tell us Gareth is a biological female, most notably the pelvis. If you understand the link between freemasonry and the androgyne and you understand the differences between a male and female skeleton, then this is very apparent. It is especially evident from Bev's transvestigation that clearly states why Gareth and 'his wife' are an EGI couple and I have added a few more just to illustrate the point further.

We can clearly see that Gemma has a male sloping skull and hips that simply could not give birth to 'their child'. Remember, the pelvis is 100% accurate. The child, incidentally, also looks EGI and is pictured on Gareth's IG making several freemasonic poses - obviously, I won't be posting them here but if you take a look, you'll see for yourself.

I have confronted Gareth about this and other topics on numerous occasions but, barring a Twitter row in September when he got cocky until I mentioned the EGI stuff, nothing. Then his tone changed from cocky, trustfund baby 'Daddy's 'Boy' to angry transgender freemason who has been found out. Since then, he has refused to engage with me on Twitter or Gab - he can't even answer what is his opinion on whether viruses or contagions exist and whether he opposes all vaccines because he is a controlled agent, 100% Even has a blue tick on Twitter and for what? Being David's 'son'? Twitter only verify those who are part of the game and he is part of the game like his 'dad'.

David's other 'son', Jaymie', has also joined the shill firm, Ickonic, and has appeared on Infowars like his 'dad'. We can also see the obligatory hand signs to show us what he is. It's also apparent that Jaymie and 'his wife' are an EGI couple.

This becomes further evident when we look at these pictures and the wedding picture is telling because these families stick together - "Where there is one, there are many", to quote Bev. If you read about why these androgynes exist and why they are linked to freemasonry, and if you carefully read and watch the sources about why this is real then you will know exactly what the Ickes are and why. If you choose to take the blue pill and stay in ignorance, then that is your choice but don't mock what you refuse to understand.

The second establishment family I'd like to mention are the Corbyns, Piers in particular. I've written about Piers before here and he was recently interviewed by Sean Argyle regarding my allegations of him being a freemason which we'll get onto shortly but, firstly, how is Piers Corbyn anti-establishment? He grew up in an estate that is most definitely not a council estate and he went to ICL. He is pictured above meeting Liz Windsor and we are supposed to believe that he is opposing her agenda? On that note, Piers claimed in said interview that he has been watched by the police since 1968 so why is he meeting the monarch a year later? His brother was leader of the opposition and a freemason and you think Piers isn't a freemason too? You think they grew up in different circles?

We can also see that, like his brother, Piers is fond of the Marxism so, again, why would a self-confessed Marxist be opposing Agenda 2030? They're on the exact same page. He even quotes The Communist Manifesto in his tweets. We've also seen the link between freemasonry and Communism in a previous blog so it's no surprise that freemason Piers Corbyn is also a Marxist, completely on board ideologically with Agenda 2030. He is also running for London Mayor and people should know that this means he is 100% controlled and backed by the establishment.

After one of his many fake arrests, Piers made an announcement about his alleged '23 hours and 53 minutes' detention at his old friend's pleasure. He did this at 17:37 and he was that specific in describing the duration of his supposed time in a cell in order to use gematria to code his tweets with 33s and 666s - because he is a freemason. There is no other reason he would do this. He also tweeted twice whilst supposedly in custody and there was a staged video of a police officer approaching him earlier that day showing hidden hand symbolism which I highlighted on the day. Piers also lied in his interview with Sean Argyle - he stated that someone else tweeted the gematria when the tweet clearly says "I'm out..."

There is also the freemasonic handsigns and the fact that he left £3,300 of donations in the kitty to be returned to donors - freemasonic as you can get - after, according to a founder member of Stand Up, stealing £100,000 of donations that were meant to be used for people who got arrested at demos. The person in question has stated that Corbyn did not use this money for arrests and that after being challenged several times, he pulled this stunt and left to form his own group, Stop New Normal. He has made a career out of asking for money to deceive people with false hope - the wolf in sheep's clothing of The Fabian Society isn't ironic.

I was mocked on some shill podcast by Mark Windows, a friend of Piers and, judging by his obsession with purple on his website and all the freemasonic imagery he uses, a fellow widow's son. Windows claimed that I offer no evidence of people being freemasons and being transgender when I have provided plenty. I also provided Mark with these pictures of Piers below via his website and twice via Twitter and he didn't respond because he knows exactly what 'he' is.

Piers was also involved with the freemasonic fakery that was the Starmer 'viral' (staged) video that supposedly saw Starmer thrown out of a pub. He was there for the photo op straight afterwards as they are all connected through freemasonry.

It is very clear from the evidence provided above that Piers Corbyn is a FTM EGI transgender. The pelvis is 100% on its own, which is why he always wears that big dirty coat in all weathers, something that Windows was trying to use to mock me on his gatekeeping podcast. He wears it because it hides his female hips and because it has padded shoulders. Piers has a female shoulder-hip ratio, a female digit ratio, a tiny neck, a female skull (forehead/jaw etc) and a female q angle. If you are not getting this then, as I said, please do study anatomy and the difference between male and female skeletons.

I have spoken about Coleman's freemasonry before here and also about how he wouldn't be published in the MSM if he were not controlled before, and we can also see above that he has a female skull with the flat forehead and sloped jaw. We can also see his sloped shoulders when he isn't holding his props in his chair to make them seem masculine. The same is true of Kary Mullis who, like Coleman, is controlled opposition and a freemason. They simply would not have the profiles they have if they were not. People need to start waking up to this because they are being duped by obvious opposition. How would Kary Mullis win a Nobel Prize if not controlled? People say they know how this system works but are blinded by the need for heroes - there are none.

We can see Kate Shemirani showing us where her loyalty lies in multiple ways. We see the 666s and the Baphomet sign and we can see her mentioning using the 'devil's tools'. This is a very common theme among these deceivers because they are freemasons and therefore Luciferians.

We can also see that 'she' is an EGI, one of the most obvious ones, and that she has the MSM coverage that only controlled opposition gets. After Bevvie outed Kate on Twitter, a week or so later a supposed 'son' rocks up in the MSM to slag her off and to make the idea of her being transgender laughable - but what's laughable is how people cannot see through these obvious deceptions.

Fiona Rose-Diamond is someone I've mentioned before and has fingers in many pies and I won't name them to give them the publicity. She organises events and controls groups to manipulate the narrative and control the people who follow them. We can see from the above pictures that she is a freemason.

We can also see that Fiona is a biological male and has various markers. Freemasonry and the androgyne go hand in hand.

Her dad would also appear to be a freemason and also has various markers that suggest he may be EGI too - which he would be because Fiona is.

These are the sort of thing that Fiona posts on her Facebook page and people don't cotton on to what she is about. She even tells you with that Devil card. The gematria in her fake names is just laughable too.

Laurence Fox is another one who has been getting involved a lot lately, running for London mayor and jumping on the fake protest bandwagon. Just another deceiver.

Aron has a curved back, a narrow skull, wide hips in line with the shoulders and has a page on Facebook with his tattoos that is like an A-Z of occult symbolism. The front of his shop is also full of freemasonic symbolism, and he even wears coded clothes for photo ops. Freemasonry is all about deceit.

Then we have Wes Garner, a ground level grunt who infiltrates groups for Stand Up X and who has a number of scams in play as they all do. You really won't find a more obvious FTM and this just shows how deeply the EGI cult is embedded in our society.

To summarise, the reason that those who practice real freemasonry are transgender is because they worship androgyne gods and they believe that, by transitioning, they are becoming godlike and transcending humanity. If we understand that freemasons control everything and we understand the link between freemasonry and the androgyne then we must surely understand that these freemasons are androgynes, particularly when we can see the skeletal markers too.

These signs and symbols are not coincidences - they are not saying 'peace' or 'OK' or any of the other really stupid excuses that people make for them because they cannot accept that their false idols are freemasonic deceivers and transgender.

You can learn all of the signs, symbols and their meanings here 

These people literally tell you what they are and how they operate and most people don't listen - or see.

I have explained this subject several times now and provided many links to support my claims. I would like to thank Bevvie and Jei for their transvestigations.

I don't know when I will be doing the next blog or what it will be about, although I have a couple of ideas. 

There will probably more of these types of blogs at various points in the future, such is the sheer number of these abominations working to deceive us.

Until then... 

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