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28 Sep

But only because you let 'em...

I first became aware of Keep Britain Free (KBF) when they tried to infiltrate our 'Resistance' group back in June. We had both only formed less than a week prior to this yet they had somehow heard of us, even though we hadn't even set up properly... doesn't that sound strange to you? It gets stranger when you consider that they are fronted by a multimillionaire, Simon Dolan, who only a few months previously was being paid to fly masks into the country on his private airline, Jota Aviation (remember that name) and posted on his Instagram account that masks 'save lives'. "The goods that save lives" - remember this...

I think they're trying to tell you something...

The only thing we ever agreed on...

So I leave our group and straight away KBF are basically invited in to take over the whole narrative of the movement. This group were only as old as us, we were not even properly formed and were only known amongst a few hundred Twitter peeps and they are fronted by a millionaire so 1) how would they even know about us? and 2) why would they need us for? They used the group to gain a following as we already had about 500 members by the time I left within a week. I'd say maybe about 300 max were from the UK so that is already a 300 strong membership right there plus all the others from their friends list (I am talking Twitter, where the whole thing started from) needing a bandwagon to jump on and something to feel part of. 

So quite a few numbers to be gained from that move, although nowhere near the 'millions' they claim to speak for on their website. They also had the opportunity to harvest everyone on our group's personal info and that is what I suspect they did. So now KBF have a following, 'someone' setting up a crowdfunding for them to pay for the barrister's fees (more on that shady fucker later) for Simon Dolan's £2.4m private compensation claim against the government for loss of earnings for his PR Firm. Only he makes out that he is doing this great deed for the public out of the kindness of his heart and, just like the Emperor's new clothes, nobody seems to mention the fact that this man is a multi millionaire yet has the very people he claims he is standing up for because they face economic hardship paying for his own court costs to make himself £2.4m richer on top of his £200m fortune! Cheers, Dan (another story...)

 There in black & white - literally.

I must admit I hadn't really been paying much attention to any of the groups or any attention to the discord group in this time as I had a lot going on as mentioned in previous blogs. I do remember saying though that the court case was destined to fail (I didn't know about the real reason for it then), that believing the freemasonic judge appointed by freemasons in the government would side against them was mental - and it is - and that it was a bit of a coincidence that as soon as a movement started and people were getting motivated that 'someone' suddenly wants to start a discord group, KBF are formed at exactly the same time and also Parler suddenly starts trending on Twitter. Why would Twitter allow a rival platform to trend? Because they wanted truth off of Twitter and onto echo chambers like Parler, our discord group and the KBF forums. I did say this numerous times on Twitter. Just today someone had one of their hashtags wiped from the trends despite being number three in the rankings yet Twitter are gonna allow a supposed rival to trend for a week? And David Icke to trend if he didn't have a bluetick and wasn't part of the establishment? Come on! All these companies are fronts for the same people belonging to the same secret societies pushing the same agenda. Their agenda was to force people telling the truth off of Twitter and into echo chambers and, ultimately, into the net of the government controlled psyop sent to snare them - KBF.I really don't think so

So, like I say, I hadn't paid much attention to what was going on for a month or so but when they staged a demo at Hyde Park - within 6 weeks of forming I might add (who is funding them?) - I took interest for a few reasons. Firstly, it seemed very strange to me that they would be staging a demo against masks because you can simply not wear one. I have been told I cannot come to work without a mask so I didn't go in today, simple. Secondly, the vaccine was announced in the press that evening so it seemed like the demo was a distraction, which of course it was. Finally, the very fact that they had a couple of pre-arranged interviews with Sky News made it crystal clear that I was right about them being controlled opposition working for government agencies. They also had an interview in none other than The Daily Mail the next day and later that week I turned on the TV at work while I ate and who do I see on This Morning? Leah Butler-Smith! On This Morning! And she ain't controlled ops? Good luck with that

So by now I am convinced they are government agency and start to look into them more. I start to wonder what all the fuss is about when I go on their website and all I see is some right of centre, UKIP-esque, middle England centred, political party website for disaffected Tories which, of course, is what Simon Dolan and his backers are. I see nothing on there that I could possibly relate to or that represents me at all in any way. It's just a half arsed attempt to look legit by somebody who, with all due respect, knows that their followers aren't the most critical of thinkers shall we say? And he was right because everybody had been lapping it up. Even when the bogus, mental court case inevitably 'failed' (or did it - it served as a distraction and you paid for it, what they lose?) the groupies were still deluded into thinking Saint Simon would save them and everything was rosy. 

Only it wasn't rosy. It wasn't rosy at all. People had stopped being active and had instead pinned their hopes - and  their hard earned cash - on the back of a charlatan and a conman. The man - and I use the term in it's loosest possible sense - is worth £200m plus, boasts of spending £1.5m on a Ferrari and, even if it is true what a few deluded minions have said about Dolan supposedly wanting to pay it but they insisted they all chip in - and that definitely sounds like an incredibly interfering busybody I know - it doesn't change the fact that he could have declined. I would have. I'd have said "Lovely gesture but I am minted so don't be silly" - or at least I would have done if I was the type of person to pretend my own personal compensation claim was for some noble cause.

I started calling them out on Twitter after this demo and then began messaging Simon via the KBF forums where, yes you guessed it, the Yellow Pages of Shills herself was admin. I had typed a message on my phone to post and then noticed she was admin so I screenshotted it and put it on Twitter saying 'so, so tempting' and was gonna leave the site as I really didn't want any conflict or grief but then someone said 'go on I dare you' so I thought 'fuck it, why not'. Why do their followers not ask these questions?

 I asked Simon what his and KBF's position was on a number of topics including Agenda 21/30, 5G, Big Pharma and what their stance on vaccines are as I am very strongly anti-vaccine. He told me that he didn't know what Agenda 21 was until I just mentioned it... wait, sorry what?! You are telling me that someone who is supposedly leading some 'freedom movement' has no idea what Agenda 21 is? The very thing we are being subjugated by right now? And he doesn't know what it is? When his friend is David Icke? When he was quoting the WEF every day on Twitter? But he doesn't know what Agenda 21 is? Oh no, he di'int?... (no.3 is 5g btw) 

So why would he lie? And he clearly did lie... the only reason would be because he is a disinfo agent and he isn't used to questions that go off script. He wasn't expecting my questions but he thought I was just some div off the internet he could swat away but he bit off a lot more than he could chew. Not only did he fuck this question up, he also said that 5G is of no concern to KBF, despite many of his supporters thinking otherwise and he also said that vaccines generally do more good than harm which is an outright lie - vaccines offer NO benefit to us at all and cause diseases, severe conditions and death.

And speaking of going offscript, a quick point about their MSM interviews - they are only allowed on mainstream media because they are controlled opposition. If they were not controlled they would certainly never be given live TV interviews on major broadcasters like Sky and ITV. Do you think they would interview me? Of course not, they couldn't control what I would talk about. I would go offscript. They are not allowed to. Ever. Because they are government agency assets.

I kept having my accounts banned by Simon and the 'Mystery KBF Admin' every time I went on and asked questions. These people really do not like having their supposed ideology questioned or being asked to explain their views and intentions going forward. It's almost like he hasn't really got any interest in any of it at all and has just been planted as some sort of 'figurehead' for a controlled fake awake movement...Everybody has a Columbo moment at least once...Ah that's good to know...Free speech you say?

So after a few days of this there was a bit of a backlash on Twitter. People were removing their #KBF hashtags from their profiles and usernames after people began listening to what I was saying and joining dots. They still have a lot of followers because sheep tend to flock towards the lowest common denominator - and KBF are most definitely that - but there were a lot of people ditching their tags and starting to follow me. I referred to their hashtag as a 'trampstamp' as that is what it was really. It just basically shows people that you aren't really awake or clued up about things at all. It was also clear to me that Simon Dolan suggested people put that hashtag on their profiles so they could be identified either as dissenters or as the easily manipulated fake awakes and I'd have to guess probably the latter. The meeting after the fuckup...

After I had been tweeting about KBF being controlled opposition for around a week or so, I was messaged by someone who I now know is an 'NHS whistleblower', allegedly and a freemason - Dan Stevens - telling me he had information on Simon Dolan. I won't put too much about it here as that is for another very short blog but let's just say among the things he told me were that Simon's court case was actually for his own personal £2.4m compensation claim, as mentioned earlier, and also that his private airline, Jota Aviation, forced staff, passengers and children to wear masks - EVEN THOUGH Simon Dolan was constantly telling business owners onTwitter and Facebook to ignore the guidelines and refuse to enforce masks on staff and customers. He even came up with that No Mask Selfie nonsense and all the time he was making people - EVEN CHILDREN - wear masks. Unbelievable hypocrisy."including children...""mandatory with no exceptions...""Burn the..." but doesn't he...?

Quite a few more people ditched the trampstamp and started following me and Agent Dolan 77 Licence to Shill ignored all questions regarding this or anything else... as though his handlers had told him to stop letting some Wetherspoon's cook embarrass him time and time again on t'interwebz. He had also faced a barrage of questions on Twitter from many supporters and doubters alike regarding his stance on vaccines as the vaccine plans had been announced on the day of their distraction demo as I mentioned earlier and many people were understandably concerned. He refused to answer anyone's questions, no doubt under instruction from his handlers (who freemason and fake whistleblower Dan '33' Stevens alleges is supposed 'independent journalist Anna Brees - neither in my book, just a very obvious shill) after that awful showing on his forum with me which left him licking his wounds and going AWOL for a bit. Fair points I am sure you'll agreeBut generally beneficial according to 'the leader'...

Things got worse when Ann Marie Carey outed Dolan's barrister as being the son of someone with a very shady record indeed (see pics below). Fortunately for Agent Dolan, there are not too many people in the KBF sheep pen who have any sort of ethics or morality that would prevent them following a man who cons and lies to people, makes kids wear masks, is a proven serial hypocrite, says he doesn't know what Agenda 21 is which makes him either massively unqualified to (at least publicly) lead this movement or a complete liar and disinfo agent (bit of both tbh). They also don't have too many followers who question anything or are capable of critical thinking in any way. They just accept any old shit, no matter how low the standards or even what it is half the time and just shuffle along in circles with the herd.That's nonce sense...Humble PIE

KBF have taken a bit of a back seat since then and, after their fake spat with Stand Up X (their own puppet group run by freemasons like Piers Corbyn and their opportunist shill faker organisers) they've not done much but start some supposedly non-MSM online media channel that I've paid no attention to apart from being sent some screenshots of Leah and some other woman doing some interesting hand signs and the other woman was wearing a chessboard freemasonic dress... I will say more about this spat in my Stand Up X blog and I will address the appalling state of the KBF 'mission statement' and what they supposedly stand for on their website in a future blog about how all these groups are coordinated and have the same narrative as each other - namely that the virus is real and that there has just been a 'disproportionate response' from the government even though the issue is Agenda 21/30 which is a worldwide operation.Keep asking questions

Just one of many polls I created about KBF and they never did well... this was as good as it got for them in this one -think it was 98% in the end


Yesterday, Simon Dolan revealed that his 'mystery' announcement was that he was to put in another legal claim. Who saw that coming? Seeing the KBF shill clique Leah Butler-Smith and Anna Brees waxing lyrical about this massive phoney ponce and what he has supposedly done for anyone but himself made me realise just how blind and completely lost his supporters are when he has literally done nothing for the people these silly shilly women claim he has helped.Been in the club a while... nice masonic background too... and why's he importing masks for?All he has done is get people to pay the costs of his very shady barrister for a court case that is his own personal compensation claim of £2.4m for alleged loss of earnings. What else has he done? Oh yeah, imported masks into the UK on his airline full of masked passengers and said they save lives and that is about it - so cheers for that! Yet he can't pay his own court costs? And the mugs paying it are thanking him? Stockholm Syndrome This is a man who was already in the public eye, even if he is Z list, a long time before he decided to cash in on this Covid hoax, so we know straight away that he is already part of the club because they only promote their own without exception. Only those who are controlled by the powers behind the media get favourable write ups in A list 'news'papers like The Daily Mail and KBF (and Stand Up X, Piers Corbyn and Kate Shemirani funnily enough) have been in it and other MSM quite a lot. A genuine grassroots group simply would not have a hope of getting this sort of publicity. If you can't see this you might need to try opening your eyes. He's also said he'd put you all on 18-20% tax rate if he was Chancellor of the Exchequer - from his tax haven in Monaco. The man is shameless and you let him mug you off time and time again like you do with Corbyn, the Ickes, all those paid agents of the state sent to dupe you. 

He really does... tax exile. He thinks it is OK to tax your labour.

So we have a group - who suddenly knew about a newly formed group that hadn't even formed properly yet - who are fronted by a multimillionaire who was paid to import masks in because they 'save lives' and now conveniently had access to all of the members info but also had a 'fanbase' to pay for his dodgy barrister working on his personal £2.4m compensation claim for loss of earnings. On top of that he was already in the public eye and therefore 100% 'in the club' and, lo and behold, he just so happens to be all over the MSM again and getting live TV interviews and spreads in The Daily Mail despite supposedly leading a 'resistance group' (who claims he doesn't know what Agenda 21 is ffs). Their website is nothing but a centre right political party abomination and, given his heroes are Thatcher and ChurchShill we should perhaps be grateful that they are only centre right... at least for now. 

Oh... and Trump of course pmslThey have absolutely nothing relevant to say as a group and all Simple Simon ever does is chat absolute cringeworthy MSM shit about sacking MPs and arresting them and just idiotic shit like that. He never responds to any searching questions since he fucked that Agenda 21 question up and he is responsible for that cringeworthy 'bedwetter' shit that seems to have come straight from his boarding school where he lost his Essex accent.But he wants you paying 18-20%

How about using your wealth and status to promote and fund natural cures with no side effects? Just a thought...In my experiences engaging with him he has absolutely nothing to say, is no challenge or threat whatsoever and he had the sense to realise this when he backed off and stopped engaging. He is incapable of debate and just tweets his scripted MSM shit for his idiot followers to lap up without question. He has zero integrity, no substance at all and clearly has no genuine interest in KBF or any movement. He is an asset of the state assigned to dupe you and, despite being completely transparent from day one, he has managed to do that because his audience is very forgiving. They turn a blind eye to his fraud and the fact that he makes people, even kids, wear masks which shows they are incapable of objective thought which is a fundamental part of being 'awake'.

I will say more about their abysmal 'mission statement' in my blog about the Fake Awake Rebellion.

Short arms, long pockets


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Kate Shemirani pretending she has heard of a literally made up condition - when are you lot gonna wake up?

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