Solutions: Revelations or Revolutions?

08 Apr


One thing that should be apparent from all of the blogs I have written is the extent that freemasonry influences the world but, sadly, many who have been taken in by androgyne freemasons don't seem to think that learning about it is important. They think that learning about PCR tests - supposedly 'created' by an androgyne freemason, no less - for a 'virus' that they should know doesn't even exist, is better use of their time even though it would prevent them from following the government like the collaborators they are and even though it would stop them from worrying about all the stupid fear porn they fall for, daily. They will never wake up until they humble themselves and swallow their pride (like I did before I woke up), accept that they've swapped one set of government deceivers for another and learn to judge their 'heroes' (these people are MSM addicted, false idol worshipping celeb junkies) with the same scrutiny that they, and their false idols, scrutinise others. It's interesting to note that these people have no problem with David Icke accusing people of being paedophiles or space lizards with zero evidence whatsoever, yet when I present very clear evidence of obvious freemasons doing freemasonic handshakes, handsigns and littering their work, logos and tweets with freemasonic symbolism and gematria - and males with female skeletons (and vice versa) - they claim they can't see it. 

They even believe that Icke never gets sued because he has all this dirt on people when it's because it's all an act on the world stage and the 'accused' are in on it. You think they care what you think about them? If people who they think are less than worthless believe that they molest kids? Some people need to seriously get over themselves and understand who these people are and what their beliefs are. The reason these people don't believe that all celebrities are trans is because that would mean accepting that their 'heroes' aren't heroes - and they are clearly not ready for that yet - just as they are blind to freemasonic handsigns and symbolism when it's from the shills they worship but they notice in a flash if it's from one of the dumb comic book villains that they think are taking over the world. These people believe in Icke's 'they kill anyone that speaks out' narrative yet they don't question why he never gets killed for 'speaking out'...

The herd are stuck in the David Icke sheep mindset where they know absolutely nothing, fall hook line and sinker for the bog-standard CIA fake conspiracies (just like I did) and who now think that, because they know more than someone who wears a mask to go shopping, they are 'awake'. These people cannot help it, they were caught by the people who were sent out to do just that. These people are professional, they are convincing (I guess...) and they hooked a lot of minnows who now seem to think they are sharks. These are people that are not interested in truth at all, which is why they scoff at the most obvious and easily debunkable psyop in history - flat Earth - as they are just 'normies' who jumped on a bandwagon because they were stupid enough to think that multimillionaires and ex-BBC journalists/Green Party politicians and the brother of the ex-leader of the opposition are their saviours. Ironically, it is their belief in the ball Earth and big bang idiocy that makes them the coincidence theorists they are. There is no excuse for wilful ignorance.

I have no time for people who follow Luciferians, it is as simple as that for me. It tells me a lot about who these people really are and what their ethics and morals are. These people can't help it, they are just deeply ignorant and possess a very unjustified arrogance that will prevent them from waking up and this, along with their inability to humble themselves is why they haven't woken up. I am done trying to do them the best favour anyone could ever do them. I have planted the seeds and there's no point trying to harvest crops that aren't ready. Some people were never meant to wake up and there is little point in wasting time on terminal zombies. These people literally believe in someone who said that the world would end in 1997 and they clearly think that their knowledge of PCR testing and mask safety make them well equipped to ignore my advice. I respectfully disagree, but each to their own. I'll give them one more tip before we part ways - If they have a Wikipedia page, they are controlled opposition... all the best.

This blog is not for these people, this blog is for people who are genuinely concerned about how things are going to pan out, who are adult enough to accept that their old lives are never coming back - and they're not coming back - no matter how hard they try to 'manifest' it or whatever they do. It is for people who understand that the government are just puppets of the permanent government that use freemasonry to control the world. It is for people who understand that the media literally create fake stories and 'events' to control the population and coerce them into giving up their rights. It is for people that grasp the fact that to be in the public eye you have to be a freemason - which means being androgynous - and that absolutely nobody outside of this cult is in any position of power. It is the most closed of closed shops. We can clearly see from the previous blogs which I have written that freemasonry has been directly involved in every psyop going, including:

The creation of the globe Earth, 'outer space', 'big bang', evolution and dinosaur theories (which is all they are) that are all very easily debunked using actual science and by applying some critical thinking and common sense, something sadly discouraged at school, in the media and society in general.

The creation and manipulation of religions to divide and conquer people, to deceive people into following Kabbalistic and pagan rituals from the mystery religions of Babylon and also to slander, ridicule and destroy true Christianity in the west.

The creation of the legal, political and banking systems that enslave humanity from birth and ensure that we can never be truly free and also the secret societies, NGOs, intelligence agencies, the armed forces and the police/security services that are used to impose it via disinformation, hoax 'events' and the criminalisation of basic human rights and freedoms.

Complete control of all media, 'entertainment' industries and think tanks that shape our culture - including alternative media and the alternative music scenes. These are used to influence impressionable people and to spread fear and anger to create and cause division and fragment society.

Complete control of all education systems, which means they control the curriculum for all students for all subjects and, therefore, shape the future of those industries.

The reason that flat Earth is so important is because it is the lie that all others spring from. The group herd do not grasp the importance of understanding freemasonry because they are ball Earthers who believe in 'big bangs', monkey men, dinosaurs and coincidences - who cannot see patterns and connections between things - they are just coincidence theorists. There is only one conspiracy - freemasonry - and it affects everything. We've seen throughout these blogs and from the summary above that freemasonry absolutely infests, manipulates and shapes our society and it is absolutely crucial to understand this, as I keep saying. It is the glue that binds all of these other groups that are given different names in order to make us think that they are separate, unconnected entities - a classic freemasonic trick - such as Zionists, Communists, Illuminati, Jesuits, 'the cabal'. Then we have all of the different orders within freemasonry that are all just the same thing with the same beliefs and the same Kabbalistic rituals to further divide, confuse and conquer. This is what happens time and time again, such as when a political party pretends to split and a new one is formed or when controlled opposition groups like Stand Up X pretend to split in order to further divide and conquer the so-called 'movement'. All of those groups are the same group - freemasonry - and they split into many different groups in order to cater for every possible target audience: Some groups will focus primarily on health and follow government scripts, others will be more 'anti-establishment' such as the controlled op 'anti-vax' groups; some will be more based on MSM type news (because that's what they are) and others will cater more to the 'conspiracy' (as opposed to 'truther') crowd. They are all the same thing, just as all political parties are the same thing and all media are the same thing pushing the same agenda. It is nothing more than a game of 'good cop, bad cop' where they play the good cop and the government play the bad cop. The state has all bases covered, don't worry about that.

This is why this little group have put four London Mayoral candidates up rather than just put the one up like they would do if politics was real, they weren't freemasonic shills and votes won elections. They do it to split the votes and this is the same reason that Scotland has a Nationalist government even though the majority of the country are unionists. You have one big nationalist party and, because people are taken in by politics and don't grasp that it is all controlled and scripted, you also have lots of other parties to split the votes of people who are so easily divided and conquered. This is just one of the political tricks they use to ensure things go their way. Another example is how Northern Ireland was partitioned and gerrymandered to ensure that there would always be a Unionist (Protestant) majority in a Nationalist (Catholic) country. They simply moved people around to ensure that there would always be more constituencies with a Unionist majority even though there are more Nationalists. You cannot beat the Beast System using the Beast System - this should be obvious. There are no political solutions because the political system works exactly as it is supposed to. The false hope addicts following the pied pipers are, unfortunately for them, going to find this out the hard way.

Freemasonry infests all aspects of society from the very top levels right down to the grunts on the ground and they are in every town and city across the world. What is important to distinguish, though, is the difference between what people think freemasons are and what freemasons are. People think that freemasons are men who own local businesses and attend lodges and roll their trouser legs up and pinch each other's nipples - an eccentric boys club. These are the blue degree masons who are literally useful idiots and know less about freemasonry than anyone on Earth because they are deliberately fed disinformation. They even tell us this. Real freemasons are people from transgender Luciferian families from all classes and all backgrounds in all towns and cities. These are the people you see on your television screens - the ONLY people you see on your television screens - and every one of them is paid to deceive and influence you - as I have mentioned one or two times before...

All of the local councillors, MPs, law enforcement, media etc that people have been talking to out of desperation are freemasons - in all key decision-making positions - and that is the key point to remember because this 'top down', 'need-to-know basis' pyramid system that is the basis for every corporation and organisation is the basis for one reason only - they were created and are controlled by freemasons. If the editor of the local newspaper is a freemason, then it doesn't matter if his 'journalists' are or not, or whether they are 'in on it' or not - the final say on what gets printed lies with the editor - and that is all that matters because that is the key decision-making position. I've showed previously how even people like Tim Martin and Charlie Mullins are freemasons and they currently play good cop/bad cop roles at the moment - although in reality they are both bad cops - like all freemasons are...

We are currently a year into this 'Covid-19' psyop - which we know is a psyop because 'viruses'/'contagions' don't exist, vaccines are harmful toxic poison, freemasonry controls the world via deception and the government/media are 100% controlled and the very last people we should be trusting - and the herd are still sleeping. These so-called 'protest groups' haven't woken anyone up with their coordinated government scripts and they were never meant to. When these groups were first formed, the narrative was 'anti-lockdown' and 'anti-mask' - we have spent virtually the entire time locked down and with mask mandates that the vast majority of people still wear without thinking - it is part of their ritual to enter a shop or get on public transport masked up. So, what exactly was the point? The point was to distract these very naive people who need to be part of the herd into doing absolutely no research into anything that would wake them, or anyone else, up and it was 100% successful. They created an echo chamber full of people who all 'woke up' (in the loosest possible sense) together, were all fed the same disinfo from the same group of shills on the alt media and demo circuits and all repeat this disinfo to others whilst believing that they are national heroes. They've been snared by the very people sent out to snare them - the "wolves in sheep's clothing" I warned them about in June. They even allow themselves to be manipulated into supporting freemason and pal of 'BoJo', Tim Martin of Wetherspoon's, who has been profiting from this hoax and buying up smaller pubs that were stupid enough not to stay open. Some people just need 'heroes' no matter what their 'ethics' are... and how unheroic they are.

An entire year has passed and the narrative has remained the same except for the addition of this bizarre obsession with PCR tests when we know that 'viruses' and 'contagions' don't even exist - so what are they testing for in the first place? It's distraction. We are also still seeing parents of young children being manipulated by controlled opposition groups posing as organisations concerned about the welfare of children but, if they were truly concerned, they'd tell the truth about 'viruses' and 'contagions' rather than opposing masks in schools which should be standard anyway. This absolutely horrific notion has been passed on to the followers for them to repeat by their freemasonic leaders which deems them to be the deciders of who is capable of handling what truths in order to wake them up. Who are these people, who can't even clock onto David Icke, to decide who should be entitled to what information? If anyone needs to check their egos it is people who think this deluded nonsense, as this is not far off of the thought police - and I bet that they wear 'Covid-1984' T-shirts too! The truth is the truth and everyone has the right to know - deciding who is 'enlightened' enough to understand it or not is exactly what the freemasons controlling the groups - and controlling this entire operation - do. This is literally how they control the world and they have brainwashed their 'awake' followers into doing the very same thing to others. If you cannot see the hypocrisy and double-standards there, then I am at a loss as of what to tell you - other than to learn about freemasonry because it's the most important thing you need to know. If anything, you have a duty to spread the knowledge that you know to be true to others - like I do - whether they will believe you or not is not for you to decide at all and it's up to them whether they believe you or not. If they choose to ignore facts then that's their own choice and it will be them (and possibly their children too, sadly) that suffers, not you.

I will briefly address, again, this point about me "making 'the movement' look bad" - I never was part of your freemasonic 'movement' so I don't get how I am being 'divisive'. I am telling the truth about subjects that I deem to be important and when they resonate with people and they see sense and stop following government agents and freemasons then, yes, I am delighted - for them. Not my ego. You see, Coleman's attention whoring video was all about turning people against me but my 'tribe', as it were, aren't people who listen to freemasons like Vernon Coleman. They are people like me, who are honest, have integrity, tell the truth without hiding behind "I am not anti-vax, but..." or "I am not a covid denier, I just...". Like me, they will tell you that there are no 'viruses' or 'contagions' and that vaccines are all harmful because they bothered to research - like I did. So if Ms. Coleman is under the impression that I care in any way, shape or form what people who watch TV, read newspapers, idolise celebrities and can't even tell that someone who gives freemasonic handshakes is a freemason think of me then she is VERY much mistaken. And to the followers who make excuses for their Luciferian idols because they are telly addicts, I could not have less respect for you - I sincerely have more respect for people in masks. I couldn't care less what your opinions are about anything, least of all me - you literally idolise someone who said the world would end in 1997 and you talk about who can handle the truth? Kinell... believe me, if anyone associates me with you or your freemasonic groups you'll have a race on your hands to deny all association...

For most of us, 2020 was just a year of self-imposed lockdowns, social control and a mass mind control campaign from the freemasonic 'cabal'. There was a higher than usual amount of fear porn being spread in all media from MSM and the 'Alt Media' to social media platforms - by myself too, initially as I fell for some of it - and it all came to nothing. It's all just part of the production because all the world really is a stage - and they all read the same script. We've seen psyops within psyops within psyops, as is often the case with freemasons, and a multitude of false narratives and disinformation spread by shills to divide, deceive and distract. For some though, it has been a time of being separated from loved ones, suicides, people not being treated by the NHS (which would be a good thing if they knew of alternative treatments), people losing their homes, businesses and jobs. It has been a time when we've seen vulnerable groups exposed to conditions that needlessly exacerbate their physical and mental wellbeing. We've seen children, in particular, have their lives and so-called 'education' disrupted and a lack of socialisation that can have a profound impact on their young, developing minds and personalities. There is no point dwelling on what's happened or what we could have done sooner because that's gone and it won't be coming back. Now we need to look forward and if we look at the current climate, we just see more and more recycled psyops and the same simpletons falling for the same old simple things. Even today I've seen several people on my timeline talking about George Floyd as though he was a real person - incredible...


We are seeing more and more psyops being played out (and duping the group sheep every time because they think learning about how to not get duped is stupid), more and more distractions and a constant flood of fear porn (which, again, the group sheep seem to enjoy as they don't want to learn how to literally never stress out over this nonsense - I get more stressed by their ignorance and idiocy than by this fear porn and vaccine crap). The general consensus among people I chat with seems to be that they are getting ready for stage two of this operation after the boring psychological brainwashing and IQ testing phase, as the old guard of shills are slowly being replaced by equally obvious nomarks spreading the same brand of shilly nonsense (that the group sheep will fall for because they have goldfish brains). This is exactly what happens in politics because, as I keep saying, they never divert from their system - the shills/politicians come in and when they start getting found out and there's a bit of unrest, they are replaced with more freemasons for more of the same but they must be different because they're different people, right? And they say they're on our side - what could go wrong?

The big talking points right now are the vaccines and the digital passports and these are supposedly the first steps to this 'trans-human' dystopia where we will all be cyborgs hooked up to the grid. Personally, I don't buy this at all. It is just science fiction to me, distractions from the real 'transhumanism' - the Luciferian, androgynous one world religion. These are all just my opinions and how I see things going at the moment. I am certainly not claiming to be a prophet by any means. My views could well change and, if you'd asked me about this six months ago, my views would have been very different. It is important not to make bold predictions because, when you do, you are setting yourself up as a false prophet - and when your bold predictions fail to manifest, you are left looking silly and nobody will take you seriously (unless you are a David Icke cult member - 1997). Please take a look at this excellent thread by James Paul on Twitter that is very much along the lines to what I'd been contemplating myself and it tied up a few loose ends. I think he is right to identify 2025 as a key year for this operation because we have seen that the 'Covid' funding has been approved until March of that year. We are starting to see this gradual acceptance among the herd of 'Covid passports' and vaccines for something that they would see does not exist if they did any sort of research - they could literally have just read my blog on the topic to know - and now I think they will slowly test how far their 12 months of psychological programming will allow them to push things.


It looks like they are having another stab at their tiresome race war attempts (in fact, a young 'missing' black boy was 'found dead' only today...) and their predictable attempts to disarm US citizens. Whenever anything is being pushed in the media - MSM or so-called 'alternative' - red flags should be raised and they certainly were with me when the supposed vaccine injuries started being pushed. A lot of effort has gone into pushing this 'mRNA' vaccine that is 'not a vaccine it is gene therapy' (allegedly) and I am not convinced, as many others seem to be, that this is the 'mark of the beast' and I certainly do not think that it will enable us to be controlled by computers - we already are! We are also already tracked and traced by our mobiles, our purchasing and our use of social media and this emphasises the important point that I want to make - I do not believe that the controllers want to depopulate the Earth to the extent that they have us believe they do. Personally, I think the Georgia Guidestones are a hoax, just as I do Denver Airport 'secret underground base' and Bohemian Grove - not every 'conspiracy theory' is true - especially ones that are shown on National Geographic...


People like David Icke specialise in spreading fear porn - this is all he does - and he offers no solutions at all. None of them do, because they are ALL paid deceivers. They do nothing for free because they are motivated by greed, by money, the root of all evil - and there is a very good reason for that which I've told you many times before. If it isn't weaponised 5G it's forced vaccines, if it isn't forced vaccines it's FEMA camps and so on - a non-stop conveyor belt of fear porn designed to make many of you feel exactly as you do right now - deflated, frustrated, overwhelmed, worried - some maybe on the edge - but you need to know that this world is a stage and the media all work together, it really IS a conspiracy, a HUGE one, and freemasons are the biggest gang in the world - and the most powerful. This is why David Icke wants you to believe in the JFK hoax, because he wants you to think that those who speak out against secret societies and corruption will get assassinated. This is why celebrities fake their deaths, to create a false narrative of a world where 'good guys' have a voice and when they speak out the 'bad guys' have them killed. Neither are true. They provide your heroes for you so they control your voice and your narrative. I reject them and speak for myself because I am a man, not a little boy. In the media, only freemasons have a voice and the world's a stage where they play the good and the bad - and it's ALL ugly...

I believe that the groups will keep the herd docile, controlled and pacified - as they have from day one - and we will see endless lockdowns, fake pandemics, vaccine programs as control tools simply because people are too stupid and too cowardly to understand the very, very basic facts that if we do not tell the truth about 'viruses' and 'contagions' not existing and vaccines all being toxic poison then we are literally consenting to this continuing for as long as they deem fit. Now, you might consent to this but I REALLY don't which is why I tell the truth and why I don't worry about what anyone else thinks of me. Again, truth is more important than your feelings - and mine. I also believe that they may experiment with little scenarios such as food shortages and blackouts but not to the extent that many scaremongers say they will - they will just be little psychological exercises for them to test us - very slowly increasing in their extremities - as always. When I say that the world is a stage I mean it literally. It is all one huge production and until you fully grasp what this means, you will struggle I am afraid. Just don't be worrying about things you can't change - that literally is pointless.

I believe that the reset and Agenda 2030 are huge smokescreens for the true agenda - the One World Luciferian religion - which is already well underway to anyone paying attention. This is not to say that I don't believe that these will come into play overtly - I just think they hide the bigger agenda. I am also not saying that the covid vaccines aren't dangerous - ALL vaccines, without exception, are unnecessary and dangerous - or that 5G is safe (I've already stated how harmful it is) - I just don't think that the narrative being spread by some of the fearmongering gatekeepers is one that needs much worrying about. The major issue with 5G, for me, is the strength of the frequencies and the beam forming technology - and also the sterilisation agenda that I've mentioned previously. These are both subjects that need to be kept an eye on but I am never going to be vaccinated against anything and there isn't much I can do about 5G so, for me, they are subjects on the backburner - very, very much on the backburner in the case of this 'untested, experimental gene therapy' (I am getting good at remembering this script!). The reset will be used to crash the economy and bring in a new system - which may or may not be digital currency - that could well be a smokescreen too. Remember, the MSM promoting something means they want us to be thinking about it and why would they want us thinking about it if it was going to be part of their plan? It is crucial to understand freemasonry because it is crucial to understand how freemasonry operates. It operates using deception, by creating chaos and restoring order in it's own image - the template that has been used time and time again. This will be no different.

I do not believe that there will be a mass culling of billions of people - this is pure fantasy and fear porn in my opinion - just like the Terminator stuff and the CGI drones and robots they show us... on screens, at least. I believe that they will continue to murder the elderly with prescription pills, chemotherapy and, of course, vaccines as they have been doing for a long time and I believe that there may be a slight rise in deaths as 5G becomes more powerful but if they wanted to wipe out the population there are far more effective ways to do it - like poisoning the water supply like Vermin Conman wants us to believe they have done in his fear porn videos. Parasites need a host - why would they want us all dead? They kill us slowly via toxins (including in the water supply) so that when we stop being useful to them we die. This is not new. The conspiracy industry is exactly that - it's an industry, no different to Hollywood or WWE (WWF in my day) or the Premier League (Division One in my day) - and fear porn sells. People have been conditioned to be scared - think how popular horror films and Hallowe'en have become over the last 25 years; nobody used to celebrate it when I was a kid - and people enjoy reading about apocalypses and impending doom, just as people enjoy reading about serial killers and gangsters and why Stephen King is so popular. Just as they cater for the dribblers with their MSM fear porn, we get all the 'conspiracy' shite like asteroids and nuclear wars and floods and solar plasma whatever's - oh, and black goo!

I believe that the New World Order will be brought about through deceit - I am sure many of us can see this - as this is their modus operandi: Order Out of Chaos! They will make the people think that the New World Order is their idea, only it won't be called that and the media narrative will be "corrupt governments and so-called deep state operatives who engineered a global crisis to take over the world have been arrested and executed" - you can see it coming a mile off. Trump will make a comeback and 'win' the 2024 election and then he will undo all the hardships that people have endured for five years and prove all those silly truthers wrong who thought he was a Jesuit, Zionist, freemasonic, kabbalah practicing woman in a suit and all the daft Q-anonsense will come true, causing us 'apostates' to feel so stupid for doubting the Don. In the UK I am sure the David Icke cult will play a huge part in bringing about the Luciferian religion because he has been pushing his theosophic gnosticism and pagan beliefs for 30 odd years - all for this moment. He has a very key role in all of this, I don't doubt that for a second. Here, it will be the freemason led 'protest' groups that will be 'proved right' (can you imagine how insufferable they'll be when they wrongly think they were proved right?) and Hancock WILL get 'arrested' so keep your eyes open for people pushing that narrative...

This is exactly why the government, the groups and the many shills in the medical profession and the media WILL NOT say that 'viruses' do not exist and that vaccines are what makes us sick and causes so-called 'pandemics' - they need big pharma in place for their new system - they just have to pretend it was a particular company (one of the vaccine makers) and blame it all on them, boogiemen like Gates and Schwab, and corrupt governments who were 'bought off by Bill Gates' - and these sad saps will fall for it hook, line and sinker. They do not even do the David Icke basics: Problem-Reaction-Solution, who benefits and connect the dots - if you insist on following the Icke cult at least apply the few bits of useful advice he gives you. They will continue playing both sides hard until then, pitting us against each other because they cannot touch us without our consent - hence the constant fear porn and the constant attempts to divide and conquer. Before we look further, we need to look at things that we can do regardless of the solutions you choose, if any, because there are some universal things that have to happen before we can even think about moving forward and this has to happen today - and I am not kidding:

You need to completely switch off from the MSM propaganda machine: this means all television, all 'news' media - mainstream and 'alternative'. With no audience they have no voice. I haven't watched the news for 5 years. I know what it is. Stop letting the media control your emotional state - it's illogical.

You need to stop idolising - and it IS idolising - these devil puppets that pretend to be entertainers. Starve these industries if you are serious about fighting the system - because Hollyweird and the music industry ARE the system. Don't go saying you think Disney are all paedos and then buy their merchandise for your kids or take them to watch their shite at the cinema - that's a hypocrite and that's someone that's weak - that's not a freedom fighter or a dissident.

Starve the beast, don't feed it. This also applies to gigs, which are nothing more than rituals, performed by freemasonic agents like Ian Brown - get some self respect and bin these fakers and charlatans (oh, wrong band...) off. If you want films or music just download it all for free. All of their backstories are fake, not one of them you've ever heard of was 'against the system' - again, they ARE the system.

You need to stop voting and stop engaging with any political organisation on any level. If you don't consent, then prove it. Voting is consenting to be ruled and consenting to be part of a system that allows people like our government to work for their freemasonic masters and commit tyranny against the idiots that voted for them - and those that didn't. Thanks for that...

You need to stop listening to the government. They are lying to you and they are committing tyranny. They are saying that there is a pandemic when 'viruses' and 'contagions' have NEVER been proven to exist. Stop obeying man-made laws and simply do no harm. You have no obligation to anyone other than that.

You need to start opening your businesses NOW - you should never have closed them in the first place and all you have to do is do whatever you did before March 2020. Open up your business and start trading - that is it. Do not let the threat of monetary punishment become stronger than your pride or your self-esteem. When I say you were cowardly to close I don't say it to be nasty, I say it objectively. Of course I get why you all did, especially those that believed in the hoax at first, but you need to get back open before you lose it all for nothing - and it WILL be your own fault.

Do not support any businesses that close when they are told to and open when they are told to - these people consent to tyranny and people who consent to tyranny cannot be trusted. Boycott the hospitality industries who these people think you can't live without - to be fair, many of these shallow little mugs can't - and don't be a slave to tyranny for the sake of a pint or a bite to eat you can have at home or round a friend's or for a night out you've had a thousand times before...

You need to keep a very, very close eye on your kids, especially when they are in the hands of the state in schools and medical facilities - not only because of the medical aspect, but also keep a close eye on what they are being propagandised with - and not just about Covid. If you are able to homeschool I would strongly recommend taking this course of action for your childrens' sakes.

Doing all of these things is crucial if you want to endure what is coming - and it IS coming - and if you genuinely oppose the tyrannical system. You cannot change what is coming but you can change your mindset - and if you are indulging in all of that rubbish I mentioned above then you definitely need a change of mindset. As I said, this is very much a spiritual war and the wheat is definitely being separated from the tares. I believe that people need to harden their approach to so-called 'non-compliance' and this is literally all you have to do - starve the beast and stop complying. Stop consuming the lies and engaging in the pantomime - don't be part of the act - or the audience. Withdraw from society, make likeminded connections, form local communities and set up support networks across the country - whether as part of 'off-grid' communities or not. We are not going to be culled or sent to concentration camps in the foreseeable future but life is going to get difficult and it is very important for genuine like-minded people to stick together. For me, this does not include people who willingly collaborate with the enemy because their wilful ignorance is entirely their own responsibility and they do not not care enough about truth or what is right to see it. I could never trust their judgement and there would always be doubts as to their sincerity.


Quite a few people have asked me about groups and my personal stance is that I have no interest in forming or joining any groups because they are all either controlled opposition or they get infiltrated by controlled opposition - and my almost a whole week in that 'Resistance' discord group was enough to put me off for life - I saw the sort of people they attract! I will give you an example:

When I was in that discord group, while some of the others were planning the infiltration by KBF and Save Our Rights UK, I invited Free Nation to join. He had already made his website by then and had a load of flyers - this was in June 2020 - way further ahead than we were. We stayed in touch on Twitter occasionally after I left the group and I really admired what he had built. I had a lot of respect for him. By August, he had a great little local, growing community and EXACTLY the sort of thing I would advocate people doing if they feel they need to do the group thing - which is cool: the groups aren't the problem, it's the fact that they are created and controlled by the government. He used to post videos of his meet ups and there were always local people addressing the effects of lockdowns speaking out to ever growing crowds. It was great.

Then... all of a sudden, Mark Steele, Piers Corbyn and Gareth Icke suddenly 'mysteriously' rocked up at these events last August. He had completely sold out his excellent local group for... well, I don't really know. Why would people who have been attending these groups want to listen to Gareth Icke speak rather than someone local who doesn't spread disinformation like the shill 'he' is? That would put me off. If I had been attending these meetings and those freemasons turned up, I would be off - permanently. People just don't seem to have any integrity anymore and they all seem to sell out eventually. At first, I just thought he was a bit naive, taken in by someone very manipulative and dishonest who I'd warned him about - but when I saw someone from his group poncing money to buy a car under the pretence of delivering legal nonsense and petitions to court officers it became very clear what the motivations were. The same as all the other sellouts and grifters and that's why they are not interested in spreading truth and why they are more than happy to spread disinformation.

I have only chatted to him briefly once on Twitter since August - when I unfollowed him for selling out and told him to stop tagging me in with the shills he sold out to - and that was around six weeks ago when I responded to one of his tweets that was RTed onto my timeline. I said that his 'northern demo' was a freemason-fest because he DID sell out to freemasons - he invited them to speak at his meetings. Sadly, he tried to defend his actions by saying that Free Nation was a group of people and that other people wanted them to speak - not good enough, I am afraid. A group needs a leader to make tough decisions and the clear decision that needed making when someone asked for freemasons to speak would be to eject that person and stop the poison from spreading. What kind of excuse is that? What if someone asked for Bill Gates to speak? Is that OK too? He is on organiser John Carlton's 'interests' on LinkedIn and met up with Piers Corbyn's brother so it's not the most unlikeliest of scenarios is it? What about Matt Hancock? Where do you draw the line? If people are only turning up to your meetings because they want Gareth Icke's autograph then those people shouldn't be welcome at your meetings. It was supposed to be a local community, not a Z-List meet and greet.

If you look at his website now, it mysteriously has orange all over it like Stand Up X... and freemasonry - which wasn't there before (I hadn't looked on it since I stopped following him). The reason I use this example is to highlight that it can be done but if you let outsiders take over the narrative because you think only in terms of quantity rather than quality then you will just end up as another two-bob Stand Up X satellite shill group like they are now. It's a real shame as, like I said, I had a lot of respect for the fella and what he'd built - and he pissed it all away to become another online grifter exploiting the hoax with a horde of fake awake followers - just like the person he listened to. If you want to form groups then keep them local and ONLY have trusted people on the admin team because the moment you let in outsiders is when you get infiltrated. Never hand any power over to anyone who is not on point with their message either - otherwise you end up like Free Nation who can't even come up with a definitive position on whether viruses exist or not over a year after this hoax started. Form a very clear statement of your position and never lower the bar. Learn from their mistakes - keep it local, keep the infiltrators, 'celebs' and shills out and keep your message on point.

There are many other ways that people can make a difference, if they really want to. People still can show their dissent in various ways such as posting the #antiganda stickers over their towns and cities - it's actually very therapeutic! - or posting leaflets (which I have both done, and later criticised as it was the ONLY thing being done) or writing a blog or starting a podcast or making videos or writing songs/making music or making documentaries or going out exposing the shills... there are many things we can do to make a difference and every little really does help - the key point to remember is to make sure it is kept away from these groups and the people running them because they ARE the government and nothing gets changed when you are being controlled by government agents pushing government narratives - something you'd THINK would be obvious...

I have seen quite a few people from Twitter all starting their own things and I am very happy to see this. I hope many more do the same and I will happily promote anything that is truthful and that doesn't involve freemasons or shills, as indeed I already do. The people who are genuine don't see this as an industry or competition - let alone make money from the back of tyranny - and I would love to see more people starting their own websites, spreading truth and writing blogs. I'd happily promote them on here. People need to swallow their egos seriously and what makes me laugh is I don't think many people know what ego is. I've been told that I have an ego because I tell people who are fast asleep that they are fast asleep - but it is THEIR egos that keeps them asleep. These people aren't humble enough to swallow their pride like I and many others did and face their cognitive dissonance that prevents them from accepting that they've been duped a second time, only months after they supposedly 'woke up' (chortle). I am not motivated by ego, I am definitely not motivated by money and I am sure as hell not interested in becoming some 'Alt Media' type knobhead. I am happy to just spread truth that attracts likeminded people - I do not want hordes of people following me for the sake of it. It's not like I benefit from it as I don't make money from this and never will.


In fact, you can screenshot this if you want: This website or anything I do in the future will always be free and there will never be a donation button or merchandise to flog or paid subscriptions - this will never change. As I've said before, I lost my job in October because I wouldn't wear a mask or show proof of exemption, even though I could have downloaded a lanyard like they told me to - I shouldn't have to. Despite this, and despite many very kind offers from very nice, very kind people to subscribe to the blogs as they enjoyed them - I could never do this. This is not out of disrespect to them - I really do appreciate their kindness - but, as I have mentioned before, the truth belongs to nobody and it is nobody's to sell - but everybody's duty to share. A lot of people need to seriously question the motivation of people who are literally trust fund babies of millionaires and charge people £79 a year to watch MSM disinformation. How do people not question this? How can an unemployed person share truth for free on his own website that he paid for himself (people seem to think it costs the Earth for some reason - was less than £200 for two years and there are cheaper packages available too) and yet these establishment, MSM shills who supposedly are fighting for 'our freedom' charge £79 for absolutely shit content? A lot of people are profiting very nicely from 'Covid-19'...

While we are on this subject, one of my Twitter followers DMed me yesterday to ask me questions kind of along these lines and the reason I bring it up is that this lad is only 18 years of age - and to be aware of this stuff at that age is pretty amazing as it is  - and he had the balls to DM me and ask me questions that were concerning him rather than repeat the silly nonsense that some of his associates, who are more than twice his age, were spouting behind my back. Why can they not do the same? He asked me how I paid for my website and he asked a few other questions and I answered them - and that is what you should all be doing to people who you have concerns about. For the last nine months I have been asking questions of these groups and shills that I don't even follow or donate to or subscribe to which their followers should have been asking. Now, I get that Wes (little plug for you, dude) knows me so it isn't as intimidating as if he asked someone who is a 'big name' that he doesn't know, but the point is he still did. Now he and everybody else need to start asking questions of these other people because they seem to have a lot to hide from my experience - especially when I ask... If I can start a website for £200 and spread truth on it for free when I am out of work why can't these millionaires and ponces give their 'content' away if they are genuine? And also, why is it that my website tells the truth about viruses, contagions and vaccines and theirs doesn't? It's a real mystery...


The people protesting are doomed to failure because they are controlled by the government - ALL protest groups and demonstrations are - if they weren't they wouldn't be allowed. The state loves protests because it shows them that you consent to their rule - you acknowledge their authority simply by appealing to it. These people have allowed themselves to be divided, deceived, and distracted and they have the victim mentality that divide and conquer psychological operations fosters in people and groups. Let's just sink to the David Icke fake awake level for a moment and pretend that these protests are not controlled: You are still literally acknowledging that you consent to their position of authority by asking for permission to protest, consenting to being policed by the state simply for gathering in a crowd and voicing your opinions publicly and by acknowledging that you consent to their power to do whatever it is you are protesting against - in this instance, so-called 'lockdowns'. Nobody locked you down - you all locked yourselves down (those that complied, that is). 

This is the problem and this is one of the MANY things that make these protest groups so obviously controlled: why are these groups telling you that you need the government's permission to stop obeying tyrannical guidelines (not laws) when any genuine dissident group who genuinely opposed tyranny would be encouraging you all to open your businesses - because 'viruses' and 'contagions' do not exist and therefore you are all perfectly safe? Why are they asking permission to protest when they should be sending the message to the government that they do not recognise their authority due to the tyranny being committed and they could do this by simply arranging protests in their Telegram groups and just turning up in the tens of thousands unannounced in locations that aren't freemasonic ritual sites or right next to three police stations or full of CCTV cameras or perfect for the police to kettle you - like these groups do. They also split groups up to make them easier to police. Sadly the followers aren't too smart - that's why they're followers.


Groups create followers and we need a community of critical thinking leaders. I have come to the conclusion that the people following the protest shills will never wake up because they don't want to which I've already discussed. My advice to them would be to create your own groups without the shills and masons but I won't say any more than this as they are telly addicted media junkies who defer to freemasons and they won't listen to someone who hasn't been on GMTV or This Morning - because they can't reach rung one, it seems. If protests worked they'd be made illegal and the only reason they pretend that they are clamping down on the 'right' to protest is so that you believe they are effective - and, sadly, you do. There were over a million people on the streets protesting the Iraq war - and all of those groups would have been exactly the same as Stand Up X, Save Our Rights UK and KBF - controlled opposition. The numbers made no difference to what happened in Iraq because the government knew that every single person who went absolutely consented to the government's authority over them - why do you think Stand Up X always only ever talk about how many numbers they have on the street? The more numbers on the streets the more the government are visibly given authority, even by those supposedly 'dissenting'. They even mock them, freemason style, by having them chant "We do not consent" as they are consenting and "We are the 99%" when 99% are fast asleep - including them. Why do you think MSM cover protests against the government when they ARE the government? Why would they show you something they don't want you to see? If they didn't want people causing 'mayhem' in London then why would they televise it while it was taking place to enable those who wanted to join in the 'mayhem' to do so? It was the same with the 2011 'riots'. If they didn't want people rioting why would they tell people that there were riots? Think about it...

So rioting? What about that? What about a bit of civil unrest? Well, it would certainly be more effective than following the government to protest against the government but they want you to riot. This is apparent for several reasons. Firstly, there are the absolutely ridiculous 'Derek Chauvin' trial for that farcical 'George Floyd' psyop which is very clearly designed to create racial division when he gets acquitted of the fictional 'murder' of another fictional character. This is why spreading truth and having the courage of your convictions is so important. The George Floyd farce is easily provable - a few of us on Twitter were laughing totting up all the masonic symbolism on that first video when it was released - so showing this is doing something to prevent people being controlled and manipulated to riot over fake events and fake people like many others will. We have also seen snidey shill tax exiles like Simon Dolan trying to stir up riots from Monaco even though 'he' is an absolute wet lettuce who can't even defend 'himself' on Twitter, let alone take part in any riots. We've seen Stand Up X use crisis actors at multiple events - often the same ones because who'd notice, right? - and we've seen them set protesters up to be attacked by the police while they run and hide behind trees...

Rioting is not an option for me but if you really want to do it then make it worth it because it will see martial law implemented, curfews and then you really will be able to whine about living in 'Nazi Germany'. Mindlessly rioting will be very effective short-term in the sense that you could destroy all of the freemasonic architecture in London - which they REALLY wouldn't like - and you could cause financial damage to their businesses and their buildings and their lodges and their banks and their courts but the long-term consequences wouldn't be worth it in my opinion. You would be better off forming guerilla groups and operating within your own local towns and cities and maybe uniting for big events in London, Birmingham and the other larger cities. If this were to be effective then you would have to do more than mindlessly riot. You would need to do a lot of planning for each 'event' - not too unlike the IRA - only, more like the 1920s version than their 1970s counterparts. You don't want to be bombing, you want to disrupt the beast system. If you are going to fight back via direct action then I would suggest something very much like what I suggested back in August when nobody wanted to know.

I suggested, back in August, that the best way to fight back against this beast system would be to occupy their tools of oppression - the banks, the courts, the lodges, the government and council offices and, most importantly, the media. I suggested that the admittedly massively overexaggerated crowds that attend these demos should, instead, all unite and occupy these buildings to stretch the police and make the state panic - and they WOULD panic. They would panic because they are control freaks whose authority is NEVER genuinely tested. Whenever you see these 'terrorists' or 'school shooters' - and even most of the notorious 'serial killers' - they are actors with fictional, scripted stories - the police are literally not used to handling insurrection or resistance on any level. They have the same experience of dealing with people occupying the control systems as you have of occupying them - zilch. If we had done this at the time they wouldn't have been expecting it and would have struck a huge blow, inspiring others to do the same.


I was criticised for this from government followers because they think following the government to protest against the government is clever. They didn't offer any alternatives and I didn't expect any because they are government followers who follow the government to protest against the government. If there were many people in each building then it discourages resistance and it makes it hard for the police to arrest everyone. They WILL be bothered when you fuck with their system and their symbols, believe me. The most important aspect is the taking control of the media because that would enable you to broadcast real truth into people's homes for the first time in history and show them the truth... only, people don't want to be shown the truth. Even the people who follow the government groups don't want to be shown the truth because they have been shown - many, many times - and they ignore it. I wouldn't recommend this now either, for that reason. If you really think that direct action is the only answer - like I used to - then yes this is the route I would take and if any of you decide to go down that route I sincerely wish you the best of luck but, I repeat, this not a good idea. It will be a waste of time and effort and you could potentially get yourselves into very serious trouble for something that will have no effect on the sleeping masses. I do not condone any of the direct responses above - although they are ALL better and more effective solutions than following the government to protest against the government.

So what is the solution then? Well, we know that this is a spiritual war and we know that the vast majority of what we are told will happen never does because it is just fear porn and scaremongering. So what exactly does 'spiritual war' mean and what will it entail? We know that, in order to bring about a new system, the old one must first be destroyed and this is exactly what will happen. It's been slowly happening for a while now and they've been telling us for decades. We know that when it comes it will come disguised as our saviour and we know this because we know how freemasonry works and we know that freemasonry controls the world. We also know that freemasonry is just a term that ties all of these Luciferian, pagan cults together and that it heavily influenced by the Kabbalah. We also know that freemasonry, Luciferianism, all of these Kabbalist cults seek to place Satan on a par with The Most High because they invert everything. Everything that is promoted in this world directly contradicts the laws of TMH, the 10 Commandments, and the teachings of Yahshua Ha Maschiach - it is literally the devil's playground.

This is very, very clear to me, as The Bible very clearly states that Satan rules this world. I have touched on this many times in the blogs and I have also explained the reasons why I believe in the Biblical scriptures and in The Most High, and why I also believe in Yahshua HaMashiach. I am not going to explain why I believe this again but, if you really want to know, you can read why at the end of these blogs here and here.  I would seriously advise anyone to read the Gospel of John and see if it resonates, or to watch the History of Religion series from the Truth Unedited channel because, trust me, your perceptions of what The Bible is, who Yahshua is and what He taught are very different to what they actually are. Watch the series (start with this, watch up to the resurrection, then start over) and read the gospels and you'll see why. It absolutely makes sense of everything if you open your mind and your heart and humble yourself. If you don't have an open mind and heart then there's not much point reading on to be honest...

Whether you believe in the scriptures or not, it is very clear that this world is either ruled by Satan or, at least, by people who very overtly worship him, and I believe there is much evidence of this dark force. You only have to look at how brainwashed people are into following these satanic rituals of mask wearing, 6 feet apart and hand washing and the horrific influence of Satanism on television and in pop culture. Only last week we had that nomark rapper attention whoring his Satanic trainers and showing us 'he's a sodomite devil puppet. I'll just reiterate, though, that these Luciferians go to an awful lot of trouble to mock Yahshua - would they really do this if He didn't exist? And they also seem to use Bible verses an awful lot in their coding and imagery - including on those awful trainers by a brand named after a pagan goddess. Yahshua literally reset time and if you read the scriptures and learn about why He was sent to us then you will understand why.


We've looked before at how paganism infiltrated the teachings of Yahshua with the formation of the Catholic Church and the mixing of Kabbalistic, mystery religions with Christianity. We've seen how pagan festivals celebrating Tammuz and Ishtar became Christmas and Easter - despite scripture forbidding these rituals - and we've seen how Mary has been deified and proclaimed as the 'Queen of Heaven', another name for Semiramis/Ishtar from the scriptures. They changed the day of the Sabbath from Saturday to 'Sunday' (wonder why...) and they falsely claim that the Pope is God's representative on Earth when The Bible gives no man such a role.

People fall for the same recycled propaganda time and time again and this is because they are bewitched. The people are engaging in Satanic rituals and, when even close family members try to reason with them, they turn as though possessed - the 'Mr. Smith' thing - with dead and soulless eyes. These people are lost and, in my opinion, most are never coming back. People don't think that Satan is real yet the people who worship his false idols who openly show their allegiance to him  are bewitched by him - even the group herd, to an extent - if they weren't they wouldn't be idolising his minions. We are all tempted into the seven deadly sins by Satan and these represent our fundamental human failings that we must overcome in order to reject this world and live by the laws of God and the example of His Son. I spoke about this at the bottom of this blog if you'd like to read more regarding the seven deadly sins. This is what resonates with me: the idea that we have to earn eternal life through abiding by the laws of The Most High, believing in and emulating Yahshua HaMaschiach and by avoiding the temptations of the flesh that are put in our paths daily by this Satanic society. This is not about stripping you of your Earthly freedoms - they did that a long time ago. This is about stripping you of your souls and they are doing it right now via a number of deceptions all designed to deceive you into abandoning the life your creator intended for you in favour of the decadent, meaningless lifestyles promoted by the Beast System that controls us.

When we read the scriptures, we understand the importance of them and we understand why this is a spiritual war. I don't really want to get too deep into Revelation as there are many interpretations but you can see the literal Biblical narrative here. I also had a very interesting interpretation saved to my bookmarks on Twitter but the account has been suspended but I will show the basis of what it says here. The Bible tells us that we will not know when Yahshua will be returning and to be ready for him so I guess we aren't really meant to know what is coming specifically, as I believe that The Book of Revelation is allegorical. I just thought this was a theory worth sharing as it makes a lot of sense and suggests that we are already well into the End Times, and when you consider the rise of the 'cabal' over the last 150 years, we may very well be.


I want to address the vaccines again because I have seen reports in the media (which means they want us to believe this) of them being able to 'kill the God gene' and a very firm pushing of the 'transhumanism' narrative of being linked to computers via NeuraLink etc. I believe that the trans-human agenda is not about combining man with machine, it is about combining the masculine with the feminine - the trans-human agenda is the transgender agenda, as I have mentioned before. This is what I believe they mean by 'destroying the God gene' - destroying humanity forever by changing the DNA permanently, creating an androgyne race of sterile serfs, created in Satan's androgynous image. My reasons for this are:

Those with open eyes and minds can see, when shown, that these so-called 'elites' and 'celebrities' are transgender. They mutilate their bodies for their religion in the same way that Jewish and Muslim boys' bodies are mutilated for their religion - people just can't accept the link between Luciferianism (what freemasonry really is) and transgenderism due to the extremity, even though it makes perfectly logical sense, from their perspective - and the fact that they are Luciferians...

The trans-agenda has been pushed hard for decades and we are now at the stage where infant school children are being taught that mutilating the body that God gave them because - as a result of all the vaccines and all the prescription pills and all the toxins in our food and water - more and more people believe they were 'born in the wrong body' and that this is perfectly natural. Rather than be encouraged to seek counselling for this mental illness they are, instead, encouraged to mutilate themselves irreparably. Why?

There have been calls to make criticism of transgenderism 'Hate Speech!' or, to give it it's proper name, 'Censorship'. No subject on Earth is beyond criticism or exempt from investigation and people need to understand this because I write this today, 'holocaust' memorial day, which is a reminder that it CAN be a criminal offence in many supposedly 'enlightened' nations to question a very easily provable lie.

Noahide Laws are already in place, covertly, in many nations that would enable Christians to be persecuted and sentenced to death for our beliefs. These laws were brought in by 'leaders' posing as Christians - transgender 'leaders' posing as Christians - and this is a very real threat as many followers of Yahshua are well aware of.

I believe that the future we are being led towards is very different to what we are being shown in the media. I DO think that there will be microchips that will serve as our proof of identity, our medical records, our social credit scores etc and this will be accepted by the population because, in case you hadn't noticed, people are absolutely mental these days. Things may get hard for the rest of us but we will endure all that they throw at us because we are not the weak sheep that blindly follow. We are not subservient and we do not take orders from anybody on Earth, let alone tyrants who worship evil. The media never gives us the whole story and they'll feed us the truth in dribs and drabs - like the 'Covid-19' scam - where they give one bit of truth in one story, another in a TV show, another in a film etc. This is why the Rockefeller Lockstep scenario isn't 100% to the letter what has since happened - they need the coincidence theorists to cling on to that 1% doubt that they love so much. I believe that they have shown us the trans-agenda in the ways mentioned above and we face a 'Brave New World' while they distracted us with 1984.


They sent out the protest groups to foster a collective victim mentality. They encouraged the mindset of despair at losing friends and loved ones over their beliefs and they created an environment of neediness. These people have been fed a non-stop diet of fear porn by these predators and encouraged to watch nothing but their little network of supposedly 'alternative' media shills making money from the fear they peddle to others. They also spend a lot of time talking about how people 'are feeling' and how they've 'been affected' but they offer no realistic solutions. All they do is keep them chained to the Beast System. They want these people to believe that they need a big group and that numbers make a difference - they don't. The brutal truth is that I, alone, have enabled more people to wake themselves up by providing information that resonates with them, than all of those groups combined in the same time and the simple reason for this is that they don't tell the truth so what exactly have they woken anyone up to? Because, if you think that someone believing 'Covid-19' is a 'bad flu' constitutes 'awake' then you're still in dreamland with your hot water bottle and your teddy bear, sucking your thumb. This is why they don't tell people what I tell them - because if it resonates they'll wake up.

Any one of you telling the truth is doing more good than these groups have ever done. Any one of you who helps one person to wake up has woken more people than these groups. They are paid to keep their followers asleep and they've done a grand job, to be fair. ALL that matters is the information, the truth - where it comes from doesn't matter. The reason it is important to understand the basics that I keep banging on about is because if you don't you will get duped into accepting the New World Order - as it stands, many of you already are. They are using 'New Age spirituality', popular culture, the media (as ever) and even established religions that were long ago injected with paganism to steal your souls, they don't need an 'untested, experimental gene therapy' - or vaccine - to do it. They've been doing this for centuries via a number of means. The one way to truly destroy man's relationship with God is to destroy man - by making him in the image of Satan rather than TMH - and this, I believe, is the real transhuman agenda.

I don't really want to say too much more about Revelation or End Times or make predictions based on conjecture. I've just stated the general direction that I see this playing out over the next four or five years and I have no other reason for thinking this other than what I have stated here and in other blogs on the same subject. I think we are at a stage, from people that I speak to regularly about this stuff, where people need to step back from the circus and start making solid plans for the future - not out of fear, but out of confidence. The Daily Express has just released an article with the headline: "European court rules compulsory vaccinations for children as legal and 'necessary'". First, note how the 'legal' is not in quotation marks (because it is legal) and 'necessary' is (because it isn't). This is the way that these freemasons use language to deceive us and I keep saying to people that they need to learn theirs. This means learning the Black's Law that they use to make you think that you obligated to do things that you aren't and to give up freedoms and finances that you are under no obligation to. This will enable you to defend yourself - legally - against the police, against lawyers and against fines imposed upon you by tyrants posing as honourable men. It means learning their signs, their symbols, their codes and their numbers that they use to communicate because when you don't see them, you fall for fear porn, you fall for deceiver channels and you follow deceivers feeding you false hope and keeping you distracted at demos.

Following the points I mentioned earlier about starving the beast is absolutely essential if you want to survive and endure what is coming. I would also very seriously consider at least checking out the Gospels on the channel I linked to earlier because if it resonates, it will change your life, and if it doesn't, you've lost nothing but time you'd only have spent wasting on PCR tests or mask safety anyway. In addition to this, I would recommend taking the time to learn about natural health and healthy eating - which I know many of you have - and many of you are also growing your own food, distilling your water and making sure you have supplies and essentials for any blackouts or food shortages that may happen in the future. It is important to be prepared for what may come but it is also important to stay calm, stay focused and not let your emotions be played by the fear porn on the 'news' - hence the need to disconnect from it entirely.


Off-grid living is something that is often talked about among truthers and, from my experience of trying to set something up, it isn't easy. My advice for anyone who wants to pursue this avenue would be to make sure that the people you are looking to hook up with really ARE likeminded and people that you can trust. Nobody needs the headache with everything else that is going on. This is something I would very much like to do, ideally, but this needs a lot of thought and planning. Even if not in an off-grid setup I think many of us are going to have to relocate and unite with the people we trust at some point. This may not be for a long while yet but it's important to keep these things in mind and, perhaps, something for people to start talking about amongst their circles. Communal living will become a requirement for survival for us in the future, I believe, and that can mean any number of things. I don't want to go to deeply into this as it's something I have only just begun considering again and may go into in more detail in the future but please check out this website, Diggers & Dreamers, that you may find useful if you have been considering this option.

I have been a little harsh at times on these group followers and I apologise for this (again) but I stand by every single word I said - I just could have put my point across more patiently and shown more understanding to the fact that they are confused and most definitely brainwashed. I should also have realised that, despite my good intentions in wanting to help these people wake up without going down the same pointless rabbit holes that I did, they cannot wake up before they are ready. They are already too deep into these rabbit holes now and hopefully they will wake up sooner rather than later - the ones that actually do. If and when they do, if they decide they have anything to ask me I won't turn my back on them because I respect people that are smart enough to see for themselves and change their situation. I won't be giving it the 'I told you so's just like I haven't done to the many people who I know who used to follow the groups and are now among my most trusted and respected people.

I have just reached a point with them where it is a case of: "You know where my blogs are if you want an alternative view to the government script you currently follow" - until they wake up then I don't think we really have much to say to each other, to be honest. We are not on the same side, clearly, and we have absolutely nothing in common beyond the fact that we both know 'Covid-19' isn't a 'pandemic' and that we disagree with the 'Covid' guidelines - that is literally it - and this is why, as I keep saying, 'like attracts like' and 'birds of a feather flock together'. This is the reason that whenever I have to make yet another Twitter account after yet another permaban I follow the same core people I have for a long time and they find me for the same reason. We are the same spiritual 'tribe' - regardless of whether we have the same spiritual beliefs - and even when we lose touch for a while we always re-find each other eventually. I like to think that people follow me because they recognise my honesty, my integrity and my authenticity as these are absolutely the traits that draws me to them. There are many likeminded people on Twitter but you won't find them by sticking with the herd - if you listened to these people, you wouldn't be part of the herd. I am far from a lone voice and these people give me the strength and the commitment to carry on speaking out for what is right. There are more layers to an onion just as there are more layers to the 'conspiracy theory' before you get to the truth at the centre. Don't stop digging until you find the truth and don't stop digging until you find truthers - half truths and gatekeepers are not your friends.

I have seen many people say that sometimes they wish they had never woke up but being awake is a blessing - it is never a curse. It is about your mindset. Personally, I thought 2020 was a great year. I really enjoyed it. I learned a LOT about a LOT and have found some very likeminded, lovely people. I have been withdrawing from the world emotionally for a long time now and the lockdown restrictions are really no bother to me, if truth be told. I have accepted that things have changed and will never go back to how they were and the truth is that I wouldn't want them to, even if given the choice. If I had a button to press that could make all this go back to 2019 I'd throw the button in the sea. Who wants to go back to slavery? Only people who don't realise they are slaves - and that's the people following the groups. The people who woke up last year are the ones who realised that they were already slaves - the ones that fear incoming slavery are still asleep. It's the difference between those who walk in the flesh and those who walk in the spirit - those who covet material things and those who demand sovereignty.

People have discovered, myself included, just how little we REALLY have in common with friends and family beyond the unimportant stuff like having the same taste in music or liking the same films of having the same sense of humour or supporting the same football team - ultimately, none of that matters when one of you does what the government tells them without question and one of you doesn't; when one of you is capable of applying common sense and thinking critically and one of you isn't. Similarly, we form bonds with people that we may have thought we had nothing in common with before, because the goalposts have changed and priorities are different now. - whether people realise this or not. Life as we knew it is over and it is never coming back even if we wanted it to, which I most certainly do not. People need to accept this, grieve if necessary, and face the future with sharp eyes and a keen mind. You won't wake up until you accept this. You were always a slave, from day one, literally. We learned this. All we are seeing is them taking down the dressing and the scenery so you can see what you always were - their property - but only because you let them, and so did I, but this is an opportunity to create our own reset and live by our own morality rather than one that imposed on us and which has it's basis in Luciferianism.


I am not suggesting that we can band together and take these people out, as much as I'd love to - and I REALLY WOULD love to - but the point is that we don't have to. These people are not the all powerful people they want us to think they are which is why they manufacture stories about the assassinations of dissenters and why they fake terrorist attacks rather than just blow people up. Do you not find it a bit strange that people who supposedly want to cull us can't even kill a few people in a staged shooting? These people have a code, as I keep telling you, and they will not do anything without your consent - but understand this - you consent when you vote, you consent when you write to MPs, you consent when sign petitions, you consent when you attend demonstrations and protests, you consent when you agree to speak to the police, you consent when you choose to ignore all of the freemasonic signs and symbols that they give you to show you what they are. These people in the groups show you with symbols what they are and then lie to you with words - because you do not know that they operate using symbols, you are deceived. This, as they see it - and I would tend to agree with them - is all on you because they told you but you didn't listen (or, rather, see).

I am going to wrap this up now but the main point to remember is 'starve the beast'. The groups and shills have sensationalised this hoax to the point when people are expecting armageddon every day. YOU are the ones choosing to engage in this hoax. I do not watch any news. I do not read any news (I saw that Express article retweeted). I do not engage in celebrity gossip or worship false idols. I do not pay for music or films or TV. I will not be supporting any hospitality establishment that closed because they were told to - if they don't care about their business then I sure don't. I will not be giving money to other shops that closed for lockdown - these are all enablers and cowards. Principles are important - that's why I went vegan. If you don't live your life in alignment with your moral compass you won't be very happy.


I live my life without fear and without worry. I devote myself to The Most High and to Yahshua HaMaschiach and since I have done, I have never had to worry about a thing - even though I am far from perfect. I know that He knows my heart is in the right place and that I am trying hard - but not hard enough. We can always be better. I don't worry about the future and I don't fear what it may bring because I know I am protected and others who are on The Walk know exactly what I am talking about because I have seen them describe things that I have felt. I would invite you all to join us on that walk but that has to be your decision and it has to sincerely resonate with you.


This really is a battle between good and evil and it really is a spiritual battle. If you are living in the flesh you will lose your souls. It's never been clearer that this world IS Satan's world  and you need to reject the ways of the world, the ways of the Beast System and start living the lives we were always meant to lead. Reject man made laws and abide by Elohim's Laws and by the example of Yashua Hamaschiach. Reject man made systems and societies and build your own based on these ways. Stop consuming, stop chasing paper and stop dehumanising yourselves by taking part in what passes for society these days.


To those that have no interest in the spiritual side, I gave you options - certainly better options than the shills who offer none. Go and riot or protest or set up guerilla groups (the smartest of the three options) if that is your wish. If you are spiritual then you most probably already had an idea of how to beat this. We beat this by genuine non-compliance, by starving the state/media/Hollyweird/cabal machine, by showing that we have no fear whatsoever of anything that they throw at us and that we will NEVER give in to tyranny. We need to show them that we KNOW what they are and that we will not back down in exposing these criminals and cowards for what they are. We need to expose big pharma for the murder machine that it is and that means telling the truth about 'viruses' and 'contagions' not existing and it means telling the truth about how we really get sick. It means exposing ALL of big pharma because, I don't know about you, but I want to live in a world where it doesn't exist - where medicine means food not poison.


Until the narrative being pushed by so-called resistance groups is that "There are no viruses or contagions and all big pharma products are poison, especially vaccines" then we face endless pandemics and vaccination programs and it is scary how many so-called 'awake' people simply cannot grasp this very self-evident fact.

Complying with tyranny never leads to freedom. Starve the beast or be prepared to face the consequences...

Please join me next time when we will be taking a VERY CLOSE LOOK at the freemasons and transgenders involved in the controlled opposition groups and in the so-called 'alternative media' - and there are a LOT!

Until then, in the words of former Police Five host, Shaw Taylor: "Keep 'em peeled!"

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