Terrorvision or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying About The Bombs

30 Oct

I've noticed over the years that the 'news' - or what passes for it in this realm - is cyclical, rather like the plots in a soap opera, which is very apt because that is all it is. I have explained briefly in previous blogs that the news is completely made up and I just want to make it perfectly clear that I mean this literally. The 'news' does not exist to keep you informed and up to date on current affairs to ensure we have a population of clued up, on the ball people with their fingers on pulses. That is the very last thing the people in control want. The 'news' exists for them to make you think about what they want you to think about in the way that they want you to think about it and to stir up whatever emotion the powers that be want to stir up in you - usually fear and/or anger. It's purpose is to divide, deceive and distract - just like the shill groups I mentioned before and just like everything else from the actors involved in politics, sport and entertainment. They want you talking about mindless TV shows and arguing over politics which is equally as staged. Thinktanks like The Tavistock Institute that create and manipulate our popular culture also manipulate us via the the media with a little help from the freemasons and Intel agencies that control it all. Islamic terrorists, deadly asteroids hurtling towards Earth, nuclear war, contagious pandemics and so on... all completely fake and all designed to keep you in fear and keep you thinking you need the government to protect you so you'll surrender even more of your rights. Endless wars waged on the people that need our help the most all because it lines the pockets and solidifies the power of a relatively tiny number of people who we allow to control us and enslave us via the fractional reserve banking system.Weapons of mass deception...


Back in June I said that the 'Islamic terrorism' and 'migrant/refugee crisis' scripts would be dusted off and the storylines recycled as the first sourceless, originated on some random Facebook post, bullshit migrant/refugee stories started rearing their heads after a long hibernation - rather like ISIS recently - have they been on holiday? Since then we have gradually seen more and more of these, more stories about 'migrants put up in hotels and ex-soldiers sleeping on the streets' and more stories about waves of migrants landing at Dover based on hearsay and fake stories in the media. We've even had a couple more fake terror attacks to add to the collection in the last week or so, both in France. I've seen so many people on Twitter falling for it all too. I've been really guilty of being impatient and judgemental lately and, as frustrating as it is to see people falling for these blatantly obvious psyops time and time again, I do get why they do it because I used to fall for them too, big time. My frustrations, just like my frustrations that people cannot see through obvious psyops like KBF and Stand Up X and through blatant freemasonic deceivers like Trump, Icke and Corbyn, stem from the fact that I have been where these people have been and, now that I know so much better than I did then, I am simply trying to stop them wasting their time and energy on the absolute rubbish that I did. These people simply do not have the luxury of the time I had to waste given everything that's going on at the moment and I still wish I hadn't bothered! They said the word 'crisis' and showed a picture of lots of men on a boat - must be true!

People are still being deceived by these obvious distraction pieces even during a 'globalist' takeover that threatens our entire existence - and it's kinda hard not to get frustrated with this because... well, it should be obvious, shouldn't it? If there are people on boats coming over they are the least of my worries right now, trust that. You think they are more of a threat to you than Agenda 21/30/Reset? Seriously? Are they trying to make you wear masks or telling you how many people you can have in your own house? Are they taxing your labour or ensuring you are nothing but a debt slave? No? Well someone is. Personally I wish those Hong Kong protesters had come over when it was mentioned a few months back as those people really are freedom fighters. They won't be following freemasons for a few tacky slogans and a singsong before being led to an empty building to show their 2 minutes of hate. These people have lived what we have coming and they'll be more use to any resistance than people who follow the government via their shills and proxy groups. People need to seriously wake up because - with all due respect and, as I say, I was the same years ago - that ain't awake at all. You should be able to see through this bullshit and I don't even know why you'd be reading or watching the MSM if you was awake anyway to be perfectly honest. When I say I do not watch TV I mean I literally do not watch TV and I haven't paid any attention to MSM for about four years or so - even when the Covid hoax started. What are they gonna tell me? I rejoined Twitter because I knew I would genuinely learn more from likeminded folk on there than from the media and that has proven to be correct. The media is not news. It is rubbish. Mindrot.Yeah... I can just see the 'elites' allowing that... ffs

I was duped into the anti-Islam thing after the Lee Rigby hoax in May 2013. I was working in Woolwich, just down the road from the scene of the pantomime, and I guess that made it resonate more. I remember seeing reports on Twitter of what was happening when I was at work and, after I'd finished, I remember seeing Tommy Robinson and his followers in the square. I didn't really know who he was to be honest as I didn't really have any opinion on Islam. I knew that 9/11 was an inside job (although not that it was a complete hoax at the time) but never doubted or questioned any of the other 'terrorist attacks'. Yet, from this point, I started watching lots of videos and many seemed to feature Tommy, who was saying things similar to how I was starting to feel and he seemed to be really knowledgeable on Islam. I read the Qu'ran, Sahih Bukhari, the Biography of Muhammad and many other books on Islam from the likes of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Robert Spencer, Majid Nawaz etc and my views slowly began to get more 'extreme' I suppose. What was that about "Whenever the people need a hero we shall supply him" again?I just can't think who funds him, can you?

There's not really a lot to say other than I became completely misguided and manipulated because I wasn't awake, my eyes were not open, I did not question things that should have been very, very obvious from the start and I did not think critically at all or even use common sense - just like the people falling for these psyops today. So I really do understand and it's pretty embarrassing to admit this as, in hindsight and with a good few years of researching and looking into many things, this Lee Rigby hoax and the whole Islamic terror thing in general is a complete load of bullshit and obviously so too. This psyop had exactly the desired effect on me - I had complete tunnel vision and anything outside the "Muslims want to kill us all and implement Shariah Law" bubble was lost on me. Hook, line and sinker. This is what these shill groups do and they are all the same - they all exist to divide, deceive and distract people. I used to follow so many of the same people I see people following now on Twitter - bluetick shills saying the exact same shit now they were 5 years ago - trust me you're wasting your time with them. They aren't gonna teach you anything worthwhile and I say that from experience. Take Tommy Robinson - we used to follow each other on Twitter and had a few convos. I genuinely thought he was legit, as crazy as that sounds to me now to say this, and thought he was a likeminded person. The truth is he is blatantly a state asset and funded by Zionists and it isn't even subtle. I was just like these people falling for this today - thinking with my heart and not with my head, not thinking clearly, critically and logically about every piece of information I was given and not thinking objectively. Anyone loudly proclaiming to be a Zionist or praising Israel is most definitely NOT on our side, I can assure you of that.Yes. Yes they are.

I first started having doubts about Tommy when I watched an Infowars (Time Warner) interview with him (which may have been with Zionist shill sellout Paul Joseph Watson) where he said that, at some point, the police would be arriving as he had set off his panic alarm by mistake. So this self proclaimed 'Enemy of the State', who is apparently left at the mercy of all these violent Muslims who want to kill him, has a panic alarm linked to his local police station? Not having that. I then began to question many other things such as how he can walk around Luton daily, as he claims, without being murdered by all these hateful and intolerant Muslims that want him dead and how he was always on mainstream media... because we know who MSM promotes don't we? Yes, their own - without exception. I keep saying this and it doesn't matter whether it is David Icke, Piers Corbyn, Simon Dolan, Tommy Robinson, Nigel Farage... any of the many vegan activists I was into when I first went vegan... if they are on mainstream TV - like all of these are - they are controlled opposition with an agenda, it is as simple as that. I also wondered why he kept saying he lived in Luton for when some lefty bloke on Twitter outed him as living in some village outside of Luton (with his panic alarm to the copshop, remember?) and why he would have so much money from running a sunbed shop... a sunbed shop in Luton.I dunno about you but this bloke don't look like a 'radical Muslim' to me...

But put on a costume, give him a script and a few props... there we go... pantomime villain 'hate preacher'

I also had my doubts about Anjem Choudary's authenticity as this evil hate preacher. He always came across as someone who seemed pretty pleasant and normal playing a role somehow - and maybe that was the point of him: to make it seem like your neighbour could be a suicide bomber - yet my cognitive dissonance still allowed me to ignore my misgivings and continue venting my spleen at this actor playing a role like they all are. There were so many around at the time, all these supposed hate preachers and their cartoonlike followers (remember the ginger one?) and also all the people in the so-called 'alternative' media 'telling the truth about Islam' who just so happened to be Zionists who praised Israel at every opportunity - I'd say "I can't think why" but at the time I really couldn't think why which shows that I clearly couldn't think! Every single clash between ideologies and these silly single interest groups that are ALWAYS either government created or infiltrated is designed 100% to cause division and to get all of us who are being fucked over by the 1% right now fighting amongst ourselves and they absolutely love it. They find it hilarious how easily we are all duped into doing this and, as I said many times, I was no different at all. I ain't claiming to be bulletproof or to have any superiority over anyone. I have learned a lot since then though, believe me, and people need to stop falling for this nonsense like I did because absolutely nothing of any worth came from it other than it leading me on the path I am today, which could have been done without wasting a few years on these distractions if I'd had more sense. .He was photoshopped... because he had to be

Karl Whittle - the real 'Lee Rigby' - killed in Afghanistan 8 months before the Rigby hoax...

Ironically, it was watching Chris Spivey's "The Enigma of Lee Rigby" that showed the Lee Rigby 'murder' to be nothing but a hoax and that Rigby didn't even exist. This started waking me up to how the media work and how they completely and utterly stage these fake events to keep the public in fear, to keep them dependant on the state for protection and, most importantly, to make them more willing to give up their rights and more willing to back government policy under the pretext of being 'anti-terror'. I'm going to use so-called 'Islamic terrorism' to show that these events are all hoaxes designed to keep people in fear and that the media are complicit in this hoax as both the perpetrators and those that report on it as though it is real are both controlled by the same organisations pushing the same agenda for the same people. I began getting into David Icke at around this time too and the whole Problem-Reaction-Solution thing really resonated with me regarding these 'false flags' (or so I thought they were at the time). It's pretty ironic really as I was reading David icke telling me that the government and the media were keeping things from me and giving me fake news when that sly old bugger was doing the same thing by not mentioning the fact that they are completely staged hoaxes!Don't say they didn't tell you...

They love to mock...

 I will give very brief outlines of a number of supposed terrorist attacks alleged to have been carried out by Muslims and show why they were hoaxes and I will put links to other sources of information so those who want to investigate further can do so. I will be using 9/11, 7/7, and the Manchester 'bombing' to show how the media, government, intelligence agencies and 'emergency services' all work together and are complicit in these psychological operations against their own citizens but I will start off with the Lee Rigby 'murder' as that is where it really began for me.... 

Where's the blood, blood?

As you do... and note the parked bus blocking traffic not at a bus stop - was one the other side too...

The official Lee Rigby story is, as I am sure everyone knows, that he was a British soldier who was brutally murdered whilst walking back to Woolwich barracks by two 'radical Muslims' who 'ran him over and then beheaded him' in the middle of a (usually) busy road (Artillery Place) on May 22nd 2013. The main image from this 'attack' is the image of one of the 'killers', Michael Adebolajo, being filmed on a phone by a passer by/witness explaing his motives for the 'crime', whilst holding a cleaver and with his hands supposedly being covered in blood (unlike the cleaver). This image is designed to strike terror into the hearts of the nation and for them to believe that this could happen anywhere at any time. Pure fear porn ramped up to 11. It didn't, however, seem to terrify the person filming him or the old lady passing by with her shopping trolley without a care in the world...

Cutting heads off usually results in blood being spilled... just saying...

How does one 'comfort' a man with no head? Like this, apparently... and why's his hood always up if he has no head?

Each of these staged 'events' are a blog on their own so I will only briefly be touching on some of the points to illustrate why they are hoaxes and how the media were complicit in all of these events because the media are all controlled by the intelligence agencies and freemasons just like the government are. The first real anomaly in this case is the initial 'running over' of 'Lee Rigby'. The only evidence we have is some footage of a car driving behind him and some photos and videos of a car that has supposedly mounted a six inch kerb at speed (with no burst tyres) and crashed into the world's strongest lamp post which stands firm while the car collapses in on itself. Rigby himself was thrown about 2 feet, would you believe, and many of the shots taken from the scene show no blood after the supposed 'beheading'- yet some do (indicating that several of these scenes were filmed as they were in the London Bridge 'attacks' and many other of these hoaxes). So now there's 'blood'?!

Gone again... and that's a very neatly positioned rucksack

There are many discrepancies in witness accounts, many anomalies and a lot of 'coincidences' regarding the army cadets, Rigby's alleged fiancée (even though he was supposedly married) and the 'family liaison officer'. Please do watch the Chris Spivey talk for this information and much more as I am going to be focusing on the staged crime scene and media participation in this psyop (ignore the crying baby, it stops after a few minutes). As I mentioned earlier, I worked down the road from where this took place so I know the area very well. Artillery Place is a very busy road so how could such a drawn out pantomime be acted out in such a location and why would such a location be picked? There were buses parked on both sides of the road, neither at bus stops, to block the traffic so these scenes could be carried out undisturbed. I suspect they chose the location as it is right next to the army barracks where the fictional 'Lee Rigby' was said to reside.They don't pick these names out of thin air.

So... after they allegedly ran Rigby over, the two 'murderers' supposedly began hacking at his neck until he was all but decapitated. Two witnesses, Amanda Bailey and, don't laugh, Tom Seymour (see more) claim that they witnessed this attack and Rigby being struck 'at least nine times' even though Bailey's car was only in shot on CCTV for eight seconds. Do you think you could hack someone's head almost clean off in eight seconds? And where was all the blood on the pavement and in the road? Even the fake blood added later for some of the shots wasn't anywhere near enough for a beheading and there was no blood near the actual body. How could the three 'Angels of Woolwich' comfort a man with no head and who was allegedly identified by his dental records, such was the apparent state of his head? These were acting as crowd control for the various shots required and there is also footage of some kids on one of the buses blocking the road saying they "have one more scene to film first". These kids are supposed to have witnessed a brutal murder and they are talking about buying sweets and McDonalds after they finish filming their 'scene'. There were also two white lorries parked too and later on (after they replaced the car with a wreck from the other lorry) there was only one (seen in some of the pictures above). 'Headless corpse' with no blood around it whatsoever?

Just chatting with a crazy knifeman as you do...

Just like the joke 'Seymour' name given to the one of the witnesses, the two 'killers' were both called Michael - which just so happens to be 33 in gematria - so you have your double 33 for freemasonry and your 33 for hoax. We are supposed to believe (and I did at the time, embarrassingly!) that these two men carried out this attack on a busy road, that just so happens to be dead at this time, on someone they knew was a soldier just because he was wearing a Help For Heroes hoody and then afterwards waited around chatting to witnesses. These witnesses weren't scared though, oh no. They'd just seen a man beheaded by these blokes but they stay for a chinwag and Adebolajo gives an interview to someone filming on his phone. While he is giving this interview, waving the murder weapon around, people are walking past without a care in the world. I know Woolwich is rough but not that rough!Adebolajo and Adebowale... Two Michael's, Two 33's... just like on the Master Mason's gown...

This was a professional film set

One of those people walking past is alleged to be Adebolajo's mother, although it hasn't been confirmed. What is confirmed though is that she, and many of the other alleged witnesses and participants have links to the army cadets as mentioned earlier. At the time of this incident, Woolwich police station was still open and it was literally a two minute walk away so why would the police take so long to arrive for? I was reading about it on Twitter down the road and the police station was nearer than I was! It also happened right outside the army barracks so why were the army not sent to deal with them if the police were too busy? Then we have the ridiculous climax after Adebolajo had given his little monologue to the camera to be used on all the major news networks and newspapers to really ramp up that fear factor - something that would just never happen if he wasn't an actor following a script that they were in on. The police turned up, finally, and the two 'suicide stabbers' charged the police only to be shot with blanks as they fell down next to their set markers and the show was over. It seems funny now saying this as I fell for it big time but it really is absolutely pathetic and such an obvious hoax. I feel truly embarrassed to have fallen for it but I will tell you why I did and I will tell you why many people are still falling for these silly psyops.In seven years he never progressed beyond private... would he really get this treatment if he was real?

'Hero'? Really? He played drums, he wasn't Rambo... but like Rambo he was a fictional character

Scandalous propagandaThese people play on your heartstrings. Look at this story as presented in the media without questioning it - a truly heartbreaking story - which is why you have to question it because it is pure deception, pure manipulation of your emotions and pure lies which is what the media, and politicians, do. It is a job requirement. A 26 year old father brutally beheaded in the street because of his job, leaving behind a devastated widow, son and family... and fiancée... how could this not stir up emotion in people who don't think and question things like I didn't? All the photos of his 'poor mum' and 'grieving widow', his poor little 'son' left without a 'father'... who wouldn't be moved by this? These people were just crisis actors though. He didn't exist. The 'real Lee Rigby' was Karl Whittle, a Guardsman who died on 7th September 2012 in Afghanistan while on duty. His 'wife', Rebecca Rigby is believed to also play the part of 'Black Widow' Samantha Lewthwaite, another cartoonish Islamic boogeywoman and there is definitely more than a passing resemblance."And one man in his time plays many parts..." 

When you step back and look at things from a completely neutral perspective, as with all of these hoax events... it is fucking hilarious! Think of all the people talking about Rigby as though he is real, all the people that have told me that they know him personally (even though none were from London or Manchester), all the people jumping on the bandwagon and using this fake image to push their agendas... absolutely funny as fuck! All those flowers left at his unofficial 'memorial' in Woolwich on the anniversary of his fake murder... but on the flipside... think how fucking scummy all those actors are playing his family, his wife, fiancée, the 'murderers', the witnesses etc... pure lowlives with no integrity or decency at all. Just like the people in the media who know this was fake and they push lies down people's throats to manipulate them just as they do with every single story.

How's your luck?

The media are absolutely complicit in all of these events and they work alongside the freemasons and 'security' services to ensure that the public are duped, lied to and kept in fear. The interview with Adebolajo was shown on all the major news channels and images shown in newspapers worldwide in a coordinated fear campaign designed to get the masses to give up their rights for more security against a non-existent threat - in this case, radical Islam - and to give consent for bigger defence budgets that are a literal waste of money and to give consent for more phoney wars for Israel who all of these hoaxes and the consequences of them seem to benefit more than anyone else. If this had been a real murder the police would have been there in two minutes, there would have been actual blood on the scene, people wouldn't be standing around watching, Adebolajo would certainly not have been able to give a monologue to a passer by and it would certainly not have been aired on TV or used in the newspapers. They also, as they did here with Adebolajo, seem to 'discover' some MI5 background or link and I believe he was also linked with Hope Not Hate or Antifa - one of those soppy leftard groups anyway. This is pretty standard for the terrorist characters in this pantomime we call 'current affairs. The media play a huge role in selling the drama to the masses as being real and there is no better way to do this, to play on the heartstrings and dupe people into believing make believe than the deaths on innocent children so we are going to fast forward four years, to the day, to May 22nd 2017 and take a look at the Manchester Arena Bombing Hoax.  Terror! Terror I tells ya!

The 22 fake victims of a bomb that never was

The official story here is that, just after the climax of an Ariana Grande concert at the MEN Arena, Manchester, a 'radical Muslim suicide bomber' detonated a bomb in the foyer, supposedly killing 22 people and injuring 116 others. Given the fact that it was an Ariana Grande concert it is no surprise that many of the fake victims are kids and therefore the emotional response from the public was enormous and the likelihood of many people analysing the many holes in this story is minimal. A 22 year old killed 22 people on the 22nd. 22 is a master mason number (which is why so many of these hoaxes occur on the 22nd - more on this later) and the 3 22s make 66 which is your double 33 for freemasonry. They are always coded and it is always freemasonry. A photo of the 'aftermath' ... only it was taken 15 hours 20 minutes before the 'bombing'...

As is customary in these events, no CCTV was ever released, and there are also no photos showing any injuries in or outside the arena after the bang which seems odd given the number of people with camera phones that would have been there. There was a photo released in the media purporting to be of the 'aftermath' which showed nowhere near the 116 reported injured, was clearly taken in the day time going by the daylight and there were no shattered doors or terrified people trying to escape. A Mancunian YouTuber called UK Critical Thinker, who has an excellent channel full of great information about this hoax that I'd thoroughly recommend, tested the photo to find out from the EXIF data when it was taken. This data cannot be changed and shows the time the photograph was taken. The EXIF data from this photograph shows that it was taken at 7:11am (Yes, I know) on the morning of 22nd May 2017, 15 hours and 20 minutes (Yes, I know) before the alleged bomb went off. So already, just with the information given so far we can see that there are freemasonic codes all over it, that the evidence doesn't match the description of events in the media and that there was prior knowledge of this 'attack'. It is also apparent at this point that there was either some sort of drill performed that morning or a little photo session to provide 'evidence' for the media later that day.Someone with the leg of their jeans cut off and a bandage on... probably limping too

Another interesting piece of evidence that suggests prior knowledge is the fact that two different witnesses state that, upon leaving the gig a few minutes early to avoid the rush, they were told by security at the door leading to the foyer (the site of the blast) to turn around and go another way right before the explosion. This is interesting because it contradicts what is said in the official Kerslake Report that states the security told the fans to go another way after the explosion. There were also witness reports of two blasts which would be some feat for a supposed suicide bomber! The alleged 'bomber' in question was a Salman Abedi, son of MI5 asset Ramadan Abedi. He is alleged to have blown himself up in the stereotypical way we are led to believe that people randomly decide to blow themselves up just to kill a few Ariana Grande fans at a concert, as you do. There are radio comms available from GMP, shown on Richard D Hall's 'Manchester: The Night of the Bang' documentary, which state that they had received reports of an Asian male planting a rucksack down against the wall in the foyer of the MEN Arena and running out. There are also comms of the car he was seen getting into being pursued and there is also mobile phone camera footage from a Twitter account showing men being arrested by armed police in the area the car was being pursued so is pretty likely to be them. This would destroy the suicide bomber story as there was clearly no suicide. But was there a bomb?Oooh they've made the background all black... scary...

In a word, no. That's the short answer. The official story is that it was a TATP device (known as the Mother of Satan - maybe a little clue as to who was behind this) that killed people via the shrapnel of screws etc - the only problem is that TATP devices emit no flashes and many witnesses recall seeing a bright flash. There were also scorch marks up against the wall (yet no blood) according to one witness which would fit in with the report to the police about the rucksack being left against the wall. It was more than likely a pyrotechnic device, a large firework basically, something to cause panic and alarm but not put anyone in danger. I'd imagine the crowd was a mix of the crisis actors who were involved in the plot as victims and witnesses and unsuspecting concert goers none the wiser to what was going on. I'd tend to agree with Hall's hypothesis that the 'dead' were sent abroad for new lives with new identities and most likely went straight after they'd filmed their drill scenes in the morning. As well as the photograph from the drill that morning there was a video circulating showing the same scene with the doors that had apparently been 'blown through' still intact. So we can also now conclude that there was no bomb either. So no bomb, no bomber, no victims... just another staged hoax. I know it sounds horrible but when you consider that it WAS a hoax and nobody died... this is pretty funny!

Don't Look Back In Anger when you realise your musical heroes are all souled out phonies working for the enemy... enjoy your bread and circuses, plebs!

I can't do a blog regarding the Manchester hoax without mentioning my favourite crisis actor, Nick Bickerstaff , who filmed himself supposedly looking for his 'missing daughter, Ellen'. It really is hilarious and I don't want to spoil it by mentioning it so just have a watch. This is how ridiculous these hoaxes are and, after a while, when you become used to them and know what to look for and you have zero emotional response because your default reaction is 'hoax', they are just funny and you wonder how you ever fell for them at all. I remember laughing about this video on Twitter once and thinking "Imagine how bad this would look to someone watching who didn't know it was a hoax - laughing at a man looking for his dead daughter" and it made me laugh even more. People react to their emotions because they get sucked in and don't see what is right in front of them - just like me and Rigby - and just like so many are doing today. The 'atrocity' led to a frenzied media campaign, as always, and money was raised, as always, and a tribute concert for the fake dead was arranged featuring performances from Ariana and several other illuminati puppets deceiving the masses as they are paid to do.They're hoaxes but yeah, pretty accurate...

The Manchester 'bombing' was the biggest 'loss of life' in a terrorist attack in the UK since the hoax bombings of July 7th 2005, known as 7/7, in which four Muslim - you guessed it - 'suicide bombers' supposedly detonated bombs on three tubes and a bus 'killing' 52 and 'injuring 700+' (5+2=7 plus the other 7 for your 77). I won't really go into more detail of exactly what the official story is, as I am sure anyone reading this blog would have a pretty good idea, and I will be focusing on why the supposed bombers could not have carried out this 'attack', considering what happened to them afterwards as they clearly were not suicide bombers and taking a look at the aspect of live drills that are often used in these events. Customary mockery

That's a very clean cut... almost like a beheading...

On 16th May 2004, over a year before the 'attacks', BBC1 aired an episode of Panorama that was a mock exercise about a hypothetical terrorist attack involving three tube trains and a road vehicle - the exact same scenario as 7/7 just over a year later. It involved a panel of 'experts' (as always) giving us a glimpse of how the state want us to think they carry out their supposed 'emergency meetings' when the terrorist attacks we are supposed to believe are real are carried out. They adopt a 'good cop/bad cop' strategy that shows us, in terms of the media, that the BBC can either play ball and air what the government tell them to (which is just usual policy anyway) or be shut down. This normalises the idea that most people seem to have of the government knowing best and we must obey their every word which is obviously a complete joke - you only have to look around the supermarket to see how mental government advice is these days! The media wield much of their power via the use of repetition, which has a hypnotic effect on people. This is why the 24 hour news channels repeat the same headlines and keywords and stories (literally) over and over again so that they become lodged into your subconscious mind and manipulate your thoughts. It is also why they use the same key images, such as Adebolajo with the cleaver in the Rigby farce, to play upon your heartstrings so you don't think with logic and see with clarity. Again, you only have to look at how words such as 'social distancing', 'lockdown' and 'track and trace' have become the norm so quickly amongst so many brainwashed idiots who are literally programmed by their televisions.What an amazing coincidence

Nice little 911 destruction code there on the time... these are never by accident

This documentary served as both predictive programming for 7/7 and as revelation of the method, rather like Event 201 did in the Covid hoax (see how they always use the same methods?), but the most 'coincidental' link of all is the fact that 'government advisor' Peter Power, who appeared on the Panorama episode, just so happened to be staging a 'live drill' (at exactly the same time as four Muslims apparently decided to do it for real) using the exact same method as both the mock exercise on Panorama and the supposedly 'live' bombing carried out by the Muslims. That's a bit of a stretch, no? It gets worse... He initially refused to name the 'client' that he claims picked the scenario - the one that just so happens to be the one used on Panorama AND by the supposed bombers remember - and then claimed it was for a publishing company that would have no realistic, urgent need to engage in a drill for such a scenario. However, their office was next to an Israeli 'security' company who 'coincidentally' just so happened to have an office right where the bus is said to have exploded in Tavistock Square. How's that for a set of coincidences?! Power also lied about the number of people involved, citing 6 people and then 1,000 people - a massive discrepancy. CCTV from the 'dummy run'... it was working then, conveniently. Note the freemasonic floor in the bottom left photo and the 12:09 (666) on the bottom right clock


On the day there was no CCTV working apparently... so why was this photoshopped still image released? Where are the moving images showing all four of them together?

Before we move on to the 'bombers', why they could not have carried these 'attacks' out even if they were real and speculate on what happened to them afterwards, given that they didn't commit suicide, let us address the CCTV issue mentioned earlier. I said that the CCTV was not available because the official story is, like on 9/11 (from the same company, Verint, another Israeli company funnily enough...), it 'stopped working'. This is literally unbelievable by itself but when you consider that there was one very clearly photoshopped image released it raises two immediate questions: Firstly, how was this footage available if the CCTV was not working and, secondly, why can we not see moving footage of the four men together who were accused of committing mass murder in the locations we are told they were in? The photoshopping is very clearly explained in Muad'Dib's documentary 7/7 Ripple Effect, a very good documentary in which he asserts that the event was a false flag and that the government set up and murdered the four Muslims to cover it up. I disagree that anyone died, as I have already stated, and I disagree that the Muslims were killed and I will go into this more later. However, it is well worth watching for a lot of very good information but, as I say, use your own discernment. I don't think he is deliberately giving false information out, I simply think he believes the people died. How we know none of the Muslims were on the tubes... so how did they blow up?

So many lies on one front page. That amount of coverage always = hoax

The reason we know the Muslims were not on the tubes when they exploded is because they missed their trains from Luton to London. We know they missed them because they were cancelled, as you can see above, so if they were cancelled how could they have been on the tubes at the times we are told they exploded? It would be literally impossible. So how did they explode? I would suggest that empty carriages were blown up via bombs underneath, judging by the photos of the damaged carriages. A bomb from a suicide bomber in the carriage would cause the metal in the floor to bend downwards with the force of the blast but the footage we were shown all shows the metal pushing upwards as though bombs had been placed underneath the carriages. I'd also suggest that a large number of crisis actors were employed for all the press photographs. There was one woman who was supposedly burned in the face who just looked like she'd had a chemical peel! Note the time - 666 coding

MI5 agent playing his role... and telling us it's freemasonry

Before we investigate what happened to the 'bombers' we need to check out their backgrounds and how they came to be involved in this operation. The four alleged bombers were Mohammed Sidique Khan (MSK), Shehzad Tanweer (ST), Jermaine Lindsay (JL) and Hasib Hussain (HH). I will refer to them by their initials because, honestly, I cannot be bothered to keep typing their names out - and that is the truth. MSK, ST and HH were all from Leeds and JL was from Aylesbury. MSK was reported to be the 'ringleader' and, along with his 'righthand man' ST, they were involved in a 2004 MI5 operation involving alleged 'terrorist' Omar Kyam - Operation Crevice - which involved alleged bombmaking. All of the people involved were arrested, charged and sentenced - except for MSK and ST. MSK was even recorded asking questions to others to entrap them which you can hear on the 7/7 Ripple Effect video linked previously. The actors (false flag believers call them patsies but they are in on it and literally just play the role of fictional murderers) used in these stunts are always 'revealed' to have 'MI5 links' and it is often inferred that they made mistakes that never get questioned by the sleeping masses. The reality is that they are all MI5 assets and they are all doing the exact job they are paid to do, with the knowledge and aid from the security services, namely pretending to be suicide bombers or whatever fictional killers the powers that be invent for the particular pantomime. CCTV footage that worked on the morning of the bombings - at Luton station, the handler's car

A handy bomb map that, were I to see it on a postcard, I would not be shocked at all

They are all given their fictional backstories and given various co-stars to play the family and friends and neighbours with "He seemed so normal", "Yeah he always seemed a bit dodgy" and "He fell in with the wrong crowd... and got radicalised" stories. This also highlights the connection between the three events I have mentioned which is the crisis actress who played Rebecca Rigby, Lee's 'wife', also played Samantha Lewthwaite, alleged ISIS (who were laughably said to have claimed responsibility for the Manchester Bombing) 'Black Widow' who was the 'wife' of JL in this case. A nice tight knit little family. They usually have their fake social media pages these days too. The opening episode of the revived Doctor Who, 'Rose', aired on 26th March 2005 and had a car with 77 on the plate...

And a blown up bus (and a scene more realistic than 7/7)

So we know that at least two of the alleged bombers, MSK and TS, were MI5 agents and we know that they all took part in the dummy run on 28th June 2005 where they were seen getting into the same dark Jaguar at Luton station that they did on the day of the event.There is an ICTS office a mile from the station where it is believed that they received their final instructions on the morning of 7/7 and remember that, not only were they the company next door to who Peter Power claims was his clients (and the far more likely clients), they also had an office in Tavistock Square right where the number 30 bus exploded. It is almost like their gift was delivered to their door. So the roof is blown off the bus but people are just standing on the top deck chilling. Looks like a sight seeing tour!

Don't be a dummy... how would someone genuinely end up in that position because a bus blew up? And where is the blood?!

One of the Muslims, HH, supposedly did make it to London on time and is said to have carried out his part in the attack on the 7/7 Ripple Effect video. The video asserts that he got on the bus thinking he was playing the part in a drill but an intelligence agent left a bomb on the bus and it blew up after being rerouted towards Tavistock Square. They also said his driving licence and credit cards were found at the scene... don't laugh... I don't believe the documentary was made as disinfo, I just disagree that this was a false flag - it was a hoax .like all the others were before and have been since. This theory though is what happens with so many of these 'conspiracy theories' - usually created by the intelligence agencies - it becomes the standard 'conspiracy' like JFK being killed by the illuminati or Princess Diana being killed by the Royal family - just smoke and mirrors. DA77 on the car - really? DA=41=14=2*7=77 Really? Also, plenty of orange (33) for freemasonry. These are all coded hoaxes

One very interesting aspect of this event is the theory, based on a news story that was hastily put out and then quickly retracted, that the three Muslims whose trains to London were cancelled realised upon arrival that they'd been set up and tried to escape the intelligence agents they believed were after them. The story that appeared in the media suggested that they had been shot dead in Canary Wharf and there is actually an official file on this that is sealed for 100 years. This may appear to give this validity but changing and conflicting stories are as much a part of these events as the discovery of a passport or driving licence at the scene and the file could contain nothing for all we know and we'll all be dead by the time it's released anyway. I don't believe this story at all, I think all four Muslims were supposed to show up in London to get on the CCTV but, because of the cancelled trains, they had to use the photoshopped still and say the CCTV wasn't working because they got away with that excuse on 9/11 after all. I believe they simply moved on to their next assignments, most likely involving the ISIS psyop. I think their entire backstories are fake, including the alleged miscarriage by MSK's wife that was supposed to have happened on 7/7. This is supported by the fact that JL's wife is clearly the same actress that played Rebecca Rigby.Real or red herring?

So, if we quickly recap these events we can clearly see that they are staged by intelligence agencies and that the media are complicit in both the planning and the coverage of these events. We saw from the Woolwich 'murder' that intelligence assets are used to play 'radical Muslim terrorists' in order to strike fear into the hearts of the general public. We saw this in the Manchester 'bombing' and 7/7 too because that is what these events ALWAYS are - just fake scenes to sell fear to the public via the media and they all - governments, media, intelligence agencies, police etc - are controlled by the freemasons controlling the agenda for the higher ups. They concoct fake backgrounds and bios for these players and there are usually discrepancies such as the confusion involving where Adebolajo went to school (apparently round the corner from the Rigby event stage even though he supposedly grew up in Romford???). They even go to the trouble of making up stories about miscarriages and interviewing people pretending to have lost loved ones in a fake murder - it really is a truly sickening business that these lowlives partake in. Almost like a Panini album... they'll be selling stickers next...

Keeping the myth alive...

We also saw that the media are directly involved in the deception because we can see from this footage from Channel 5 News that, not only  has the Adebolajo footage changed from a phone camera to a professional TV camera, the scene we are told was Lee Rigby being attacked off camera is clearly not that at all. The media do not just say what they are told unknowingly because they are innocent victims - they are 100% complicit in these attacks and this was no more evident than on the events of 9/11 which I will briefly go into before taking a look at the wars in the Middle East that play such a prominent role in these psychological operations. 52 monoliths...

9/11 really needs no introduction so I will just cut to the chase here - there were no planes and no victims. There, I said it. Nobody died on 9/11 because all that happened is that three empty buildings were destroyed via controlled demolition and a hole was allegedly made in the Pentagon with something that certainly wasn't an airliner. The plane that you see in all the TV footage is CGI. Raw footage taken from the ground on a camcorder clearly shows the building explode with no plane in sight. Anyone saying they witnessed planes hitting the building 'in the flesh' is lying. Just disinfo agents as the camcorder footage proves beyond doubt. What your TV told you happened

What these people think you are dumb enough to believe

It is also pretty clear, even from the footage that the planes are not real. The way the wings disappear when it 'hits the building' and the way it is supposed to plough through solid steel and concrete tell us this did not happen as we are told it did. There were no David Icke drones switched for planes and there were no Judy Wood DEWs, just a good old fashioned hoax. Obvious distraction is obvious - as if that doughnut planned anything in his life

Just some of the many, many 'coincidences'

Predictive programming is exactly what it is. This is but a fraction

We have seen that CNN were directly involved with the operation because the CGI footage was aired on their channel. This is not surprising because the intelligence agencies control the TV corporations. The CIA control those in America just like the BBC are controlled by MI5 in the UK, hence the BBC reporters Phil Hayton and Jane Standley saying that WT7, the Saloman brothers' building, had collapsed even though it could be seen behind Standley who was in NYC reporting. The fact that this building did indeed collapse 20 minutes later suggests very strongly that the BBC had prior knowledge and had just jumped the gun with their reporting. It's behind you! It really is a pantomime isn't it?

A tall 'storey', a hollow tale, or both?

When I tell people about the no plane, no victims theory that I believe to be 100% correct, the no planes part is pretty much universally accepted. However, a lot of people have a hard time accepting that so many deaths were faked - but they were. The images of the 'victims' were, like Lee Rigby, photoshopped from photographs of other people and actors and actresses hired to play their 'relatives'. There are no death certificates for any of these make believe people and when Brian Staveley challenged all of the people trolling him who claimed to be relatives of victims to come on his show and explain why they never ever have any memorials on the 11th September on Facebook and why they have no evidence that they are related or that the people existed he got no response. This clearly indicates that there were no victims because there is absolutely no evidence anywhere to suggest that there were. For obvious reasons...

Pre-made obituary photograph... I think that suggests no victims, don't you?

Just like we saw with the Manchester hoax, we can see the pure deception involved in taking photographs before the event - there were pre-made obituary photographs. People always mention the 'jumpers' too - the people supposedly jumping from the burning buildings to maximise the horror of those watching the fear porn on their TVs, completely sold on the story such was it's magnitude and grandeur. These were just CGI insertions like the planes and also dummies were used to show the 'victims' on the ground. One of the most notable, yet unsurprising given how these people work, things about this is the fact that 'the falling man' falls in exactly the same pose as the 'hanged man'. This seems a remarkable coincidence given the people behind these hoaxes. Good luck with that journey

Well wouldn't you know...

How does a 747 fit into that hole?

The main point I try to make when I discuss this with people is that, if you were the people behind this, and your major goal was to get support for perpetual wars in the Middle East for Israel and it's owners and to bring in authoritarian rules, why would you bother killing almost 3,000 people to do it when you can just fake the whole thing and people will believe it? And they knew people would because I would say at least 95% of the world's population are completely programmed by the media in some way or another, most by the television. You could show the vast majority of people practically anything on TV or have some celebrity puppet tell them anything and they would swallow it whole. Think about it, why would you want all the grief from genuinely angry and suspicious friends and family exposing mass murder - there's a lot of risk there. Also, consider how much harder it would be to get all of the people on board you'd need to pull this off if they knew they'd be taking part in mass murder. I don't think many people would sign up for that... but a live drill for the sake of national security? Oh you bet your life there'll be plenty of order followers signing up for that - just look at all the people in on this covid hoax at the moment. When are they ever not?!

Literally a controlled demolition... after standing for 33 years...

Remember that the people who did this also did the hoax and started wars

Every bit of evidence points towards it being a total hoax and there is no evidence of any deaths at all - no death certificates and, remember, there were obituaries faked well in advance. These selected events are but a handful of the many, many fake, staged, coded and hoaxed events that are carried out by these so-called 'elite' parasites to control and manipulate people via their most powerful weapon - the media. I keep telling people they really need to switch their TVs off permanently and they need to break their programming and realise that watching the news, reading any newspaper, engaging with politics at all does the exact opposite of what they think it does. It does not educate them, it does not inform them and all it does is keep them in bondage, fast asleep and completely unaware of what is really going on around them. I could have picked any number of Islamic terrorist 'attacks' and the same points could have all been illustrated with very, very similar examples. The whole point of these exercises, as I have said, is to keep people in fear and thinking they need government for safety and security when the exact opposite is true - notice how I keep saying this? We live in an inverted world and many people are waking up to this but, understand, the rule is universal. So if the government are telling you that some Muslim has just cut someone's head off do you reckon they are telling you the truth? So many people say the government can't be trusted and that the media lie (both of which are 100% true 100% of the time) and yet they believe them when they tell them these stupid fake stories about Muslims killing people.

Do you reckon they like the number 22?

ISIS filming their bullshit scenes in their studio

A year before the 9/11 hoax, a Zionist Neo-Con 'think tank', Project for the New American Century (PNAC), released a report called Rebuilding America's Defenses that called for a more aggressive foreign policy and the use of biological warfare. They also pushed for regime change in seven countries (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran) that, funnily enough, would benefit both Israel and the Rothschild banking empire immensely. After the September 11th 'attacks', one particular passage of the report drew particular attention:"Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor." And, wouldn't you know it... a new Pearl Harbour is exactly what they got one year later! In plain sight

We are meant to think all these secret societies are different but they're just freemasonry

And our labour funded it. This is not a system or a world we should want to go back to. We should aspire to more

Patriotism can be lethal

Afghanistan was invaded virtually before the twin towers had finished falling and it wasn't long before talk of another war in Iraq was looking to be a very realistic possibility. In the UK, over a million people took to the streets in protest at the prospect of war and, because protests are absolutely 100% pointless (which is why they are allowed) we invaded anyway, largely down to the ridiculous claims that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. I'd imagine they never would have ended the previous Iraq war if they hadn't decided to focus on ending communism in Europe (at least officially), breaking up the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia and experimenting with NATO operations in Eastern Europe instead. 

A peaceful protest is not a protest and your voice will not get heard - see 2003 Iraq protests for proof. One million people ignored.

Questions worth asking...

Iraq was invaded on 20th March 2003 despite not having public support and they didn't even have anything to do with the fake 9/11 narrative. Afghanistan was invaded because the US government claimed the Taliban that they funded were hiding Osama Bin Laden who was a CIA agent but there were no links at all to Iraq. Although the war officially ended in 2011, the bombs keep falling and the staggering death count gets higher. Rothschild Zionism under the pretext of aggressive US foreign policy under the pretext of the 'War on Terror' has been responsible for millions of deaths worldwide since those fabricated 9/11 'attacks' and profited immensely via their arms companies, construction companies (who you think rebuilds these nations after the damage?), media companies, banks - definitely the banks, you name it. War is big business for these trillionaire parasites who we allow to control us because we fall for stupid nonsense like this. We fall for the psyops that enable enough people to support these wars without anarchy. We fall for the psyops that make us give up our freedoms and rights for the security of a non-existent threat perpetuated by the very same people we expect to keep us safe. Or we do until we wake up and stop feeding this beast and it is very easy to do. You only need to remember two things and chances are that you say these things daily - but you clearly don't mean it because you keep falling for very obvious psyops - just like I did before I woke up to them.

1) The government lie. 100% of the time about EVERYTHING. They are not on your side, they do not serve or represent you, you have been lied to I am afraid. They are freemasons serving freemasonry and that does NOT include you (unless Piers or Dave are reading this). 

2) The media lie. 100% of the time about 99% of everything they print or broadcast. Wars, for example are real but the reasons never are. We know this because the reason for any war has never been "To benefit the Rothschilds interests".

You say these things every day I'd wager yet you keep feeding that beast. You can't stop watching the news or reading your favourite 'news'paper or following their Twitter feeds... you just can't do it. You can, it is so very easy, you just don't want it enough and that is the problem. People cannot let go of their old way of thinking which is why they talk about voting even after you'd think they'd seen how governments are controlled worldwide by the same people - could not be a better time to learn this - and they don't. Still engaging, still writing to MPs, still signing those petitions and still believing the courts will save them against freemasons. It really is quite crazy.I would genuinely not be surprised if thousands of people thought this picture was real

Get ready for some freedom motherfuckers, and lots of it... fuck yeah!

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Iran and, of course, Palestine have all been brutalised in the 'War On Terror' (which in our inverted world means a war of terror) as have many other nations to varying degrees. In typical Mossad fashion, the blame is passed on to the victims and Muslims have taken a lot of flack for a long time by deceivers from the synagogue of Satan - the fake Jews mentioned in The Bible (Revelation 2:9; 3:9). These freemasons control every special interest group going and are pitting Muslims against followers of other religions all over the world to cause conflict and gain support for their endless wars. These people have no empathy and they have no compassion or regard for human life. I doubt very much that not wanting to kill people is the motivation for the hoaxes - it is more likely that there is less chance of being caught killing people that we have been programmed to care about at the expense of others because I don't see the same outrage for the real victims of Israel or the US or UK military against civilians and against people defending their nation and people from incredibly foreign aggressors which these 'patriotic nationalist' idiots who defend the very ideologies, people and symbols that oppress them claim they would do in a heartbeat. It is just hypocrisy. They literally care more about a pretend person like Lee Rigby than millions of dead Iraqis, Palestinians, Yemenis etc. That is one sad state of affairs and all because they are controlled by the media 100%.

Hebrews were black

You could pick any 'Islamic terrorist attack' in the West and it will be a hoax - Boston, Madrid, Nairobi, London Bridge, Bataclan, Charlie Hebdo, Berlin, those two recent ones in France... all hoaxes, all coded, all fake. Anyone in any doubt can do a quick search of any of them and see. The same applies to school shootings, including Dunblane, Oklahoma City bombing, WACO etc etc. Any huge event like that is guaranteed to be staged because the reality is that people really don't do things like that. We are meant to think that we are so that we all hate and fear each other but the reality is that, although there are some very nasty people around, they don't fly planes into skyscrapers or chop people's heads off in the street. That stuff only happens on screen... literally.I have seen shootings in The A-Team that looked more realistic than this

Triple crown and corona, see the 'terrorist' changing out of his police uniform here

And never has it happened on the screen like it happened on the screen with ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service)... the superstar, celebrity terrorists for the young hip Muslims into jihad and sex slavery... so we are led to believe. Some were even named after Tavistock freemason puppets of Lucifer, The Beatles so they're right on the cutting edge of pop culture as you can see. Their videos were so hi-tech it was almost like they were filmed in a Hollywood studio using green screens rather than in a boiling hot desert where the magic sun casts shadows in different directions. The video of the burning Jordanian pilot was particularly impressive and the videos of prisoners in their orange (33) for freemasonry jumpsuits held captive in cages and some being held in water were fantastic showmanship. These vicious, heartless terrorists even cater for the politically correct and the easily offended by fading to black before you see any gore - they're terrorists but they're not animals ffs...I believe this was nominated for best special effects at the Academy Awards

Michael Cimino is preparing his lawsuit as we speak...

Obviously I was taking the piss... just making sure... so yeah, these bunch of fake terrorists were portrayed as being active everywhere with hundreds of Muslims supposedly emigrating to Syria and Iraq to live in caves and deserts and literally live like 7th Century Arabs. Only we aren't in the 7th century and who the fuck wants to go and do that shit? You honestly think westernised Muslims got 'radicalised' and gave up all their privileged shit to go and live in a cave and go around raping kids like the media sai they did? Really? You honestly think hundreds of people are gonna go and do that? Why do you think so many thousands try to make the opposite journey? Muslims too. They would clearly rather live in the west than where they are from and I do not blame them one bit, especially given all the wars, violence and suffering heaped upon them by these warmongering parasites. Of course Muslims from London or Paris weren't emigrating to Syria and Iraq in droves, that's crazy!We are meant to believe this is a thing. How impractical can you get?

Yeah I left my flat in Hackney to go and live like Ewoks with a bunch of psycopathic paedos, honest!

The CIA, Mossad, MI6 and DGSE (the Rothschild controlled intelligence agencies) are always involved in these psyops and they have been going on in the Middle East since forever, way before ISIS, way before 'Al Qaeda' and way before the Iranian revolution. The Rothschilds are so interested in it because of the Greater Israel project which intends to extend their land from the Nile to the Euphrates, as represented by the stripes on the Israeli flag which also features the Satanic seal of Solomon. The supposed 'leader' of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi - who has 'been killed' multiple times and the majority don't seem to notice - is actually a Mossad agent, Simon Elliot, who has been pictured with John McCain. It's always Mossad. Always

All the world's a stage and all that...

They have claimed responsibility for many a fake terrorist attack and were supposedly bowling around iraq and Syria raping, robbing and killing as they went, with US/Israeli hi-tech weaponry that 'they must have found left after the war', as you do. This is just a completely laughable story from start to finish. Some gang of spotty teenagers from Europe are gonna be defeating armies? The world would stand by and let that happen if it was the world we are told we live in? The whole thing is a fake just like all the terror attacks. People are so brainwashed by their televisions that these Satanic parasites don't even have to do these things - just getting someone to say they did on TV is enough and you can laugh but it is true - and it definitely ain't funny. We have grown adults believing in fairytales because they are controlled by the media as in brainwashed, mind controlled 100%. These people who call themselves awake and are falling for this dumb shit really need to get a grip and take a reality check. If you are believing the mainstream media (why even watch it ffs?!) and engaging in politics then you're comatose.

I said these people have the same template and I am gonna finish on that note. what do all of these things have in common with this Agenda 21/30/reset push? I'll tell you

1) They both (fake Islamic terror/Covid hoax) had plenty of predictive programming in the mainstream media, predominantly through popular culture but also via political literature in the public sphere.

2) They both operate under false pretexts - the Islamic terror hoaxes under 'war on terror' and 'national security' and Covid hoax under a mythical virus.

3) They both involve the state creating a problem, manipulating the reaction and offering the solution that was planned all along.

4) They both involve a loss of rights and freedoms under the pretence of it being for our enhanced security and safety from the people who created it in the first place.

5) They both involve the 'elite' parasites getting very rich and innocent people suffering.

How the few control the many

If you can recognise these patterns with 'covid 19' then you should be able to recognise the exact same patterns with these terrorist hoaxes (or school shootings for that matter). These are done to distract you from what is important. This reset is a very real threat and Islamic terrorism is not even a 1% threat because they are just silly pantomimes for the easily distracted so people need to keep their focus where it should be. These people staging these events are laughing at you when you are saying 'ban Islam' or some other silly shit. Be smarter than that because it really does make you look stupid and I've done it myself plenty as I have said.

This ain't the time to be distracted and I said this Islam stuff would come back months ago. Now it has, predictably, and ask yourself where all these terrorists and axe nutters have been for the last 3 years or whatever it is. Have they been on holiday? On strike? Hibernating? Where did they go? Now they suddenly all came out again at the same time?

The media and the government are one and the same - nothing whatsoever gets printed without the say so of the freemasons controlling both. Every 'scandal', every 'exclusive' - all pre-planned in advance and all done to continue the soap opera and that is exactly what it is - literally. Scripted, performed by actors, nothing is realistic and it drags on and on forever because idiots keep watching it.

Please do yourselves a favour and stop feeding the beast. I did and things have never been so clear.

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