The Great Covid 33 Reset Agenda Part One: Predictive Programming

09 Nov

I think they were telling us something...

I wasn't going to write about this Covid 19 hoax because I'd had enough of it months ago but I really think it has to be addressed due to the sheer scale of the deception involved, the number of people whose lives it affects and the fact that it is happening right now. I posted a poll on my Twitter account (now banned - again) giving my followers the choice of choosing the subject for my next blog (this one) out of two options: The Covid-19 hoax or the Trafalgar Square demo of August 29th. The Covid hoax won but only with about 51% of the vote. I am going to break this down into three parts, each focusing on particular aspects of this hoax. This first part will be focused on the plans to bring this into fruition that go back some time, the many uses of predictive programming in various mediums of popular culture and the uses of codes that tell us the virus is a hoax without having to go through fake statistics, pie charts and graphs. The second part will be focusing on virology and 5G and the third part will be about Agenda 21/30 and the Great Reset. Before we continue, we need to make one thing perfectly clear - There is no Covid 19. It didn't originate from a Chinaman eating a bat and didn't originate in a lab in China, Russia or the USA either - it didn't originate full stop. Let's clear this up first. The 'virus' has never been isolated and therefore there is no proof that it exists whatsoever. In fact, every bit of credible evidence points to the contrary - because it does not exist.Oh, the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London seem to have 'predicted' BJ 'contracting covid 19' - isn't that freaky?

It seems the very basis for us accepting that this virus exists is because the governments of the world and their 'experts' and 'scientists' say that it does. These people are the very last people I would trust - look at their track records! When has your government ever done anything for your benefit in your lifetime? They haven't because that is not what they exist for. I shouldn't have to keep repeating this but, as people still do not seem to be grasping this, I feel I have to reiterate: Your government are just the managers of your local Tesco. Other governments are just managers of other branches and above those managers of those Tesco branches are area managers, regional managers etc right up to the owner/CEOs. The same applies with the structure of world governments. Above what we are supposed to believe are the top dogs are many, many more levels of power and control organised by secret society networks of Jesuits, Zionists and freemasons working for the so-called 'bloodline' families. I will go into all of this in a future blog, for sure but, for now, just understand that these governments across the world all pushing the same agenda is not a coincidence - there are no coincidences. Everything, from the very start, has been coordinated and meticulously planned for a long time before this started at the beginning of the year. The whole scam is a cover for bringing in the 'New World Order', a one world government system of total control and enslavement of mankind by the psychopaths who control this world. The front being used for this has evolved over time but this current scam is being brought about by the UN's Agenda 21/30 and, most recently, the Great Reset - all of which will be investigated in part three. It's just important to remember the nature of how the world is really governed before we continue.The truth always hides in plain sight

I am going to start with the Kobe Bryant faked death and show how it links to the coronavirus hoax and I will also be looking at the 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony, Event 201, The Rockefeller Lockstep scenario and various TV shows and films that all contain predictive programming that serves as further evidence that this 'pandemic' is nothing but a plandemic. 

So it is...

And in the Nike commercial with the helicopter on fire...

This one...

Kobe's Wikipedia page begins the first paragraph about his death as follows: "At 9:06 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on January 26, 2020, a Sikorsky S-76 helicopter departed from John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, with nine people aboard: Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, six family friends, and the pilot." This alone is riddled with freemasonic numbers and codes and suggests that it is the usual faked celebrity 'death' when they have paid their dues and exit the stage, sometimes for another role. Russianvids did some great work on this and how it ties in to the Covid-19 hoax and is definitely worth a watch but I'll summarise some of the key points he makes.
Just another Satanic puppet - they all are.

He was very proud of his chopper

The helicopter was purchased in 2015 by Island Express Holding Co., Van Nuys CA. and the tail number was changer from N76ILL (33 in gematria) to N72RX (24, Kobe's last shirt number).

The paintwork was also changed from blue and white to a military looking design with the Nike swoosh and his sheath logo on.

A video went viral claiming to be of the crash but it actually turned out to be from a crash in the United Arab Emirates.

The photos from the 'crash site' showed the wreckage of a blue and white helicopter, the old colours, and lots of white smoke. This is not representative of a genuine helicopter crash which contains lots of thick, black smoke due to all the fuel, wiring and plastic/foam on board.

In November 2016 an episode of the cartoon series Legends of Chamberlain Heights, 'End of Days', contained a scene where Kobe Bryant dies in a helicopter crash.

In 2011 he starred in a Nike commercial alongside fellow puppet of Satan Kanye West where he throws a basketball at Kanye's helicopter and causes it to crash onto a basketball court and burst into flames.

He is allegedly buried at Corona Del Mar.

Kobe is Hebrew for Covid. This faked death was a ritual to signify the start of the Covid 19 (Certificate Of Vaccination I.D. - Artificial Intelligence; A=1, I=9) psyop.

The Covid connection

So this fake ritual of deception was carried out to see in the start of the hoax but we can go back even further to see that another ritual took place to gain consent for this via revelation of the method at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games held in London. Is that a 'coronavirus'?

Dancers dressed up as nurses... that rings a bell - 5G Tower too.

In this ceremony we can see so many visual clues that this is a freemasonic ritual being carried out and, with the benefit of hindsight, we can also see that it was not only a revelation of the method but also predictive programming for the Covid-19 psyop. Firstly, we see what looks like a coronavirus forming and then dancing nurses coming out to the sound of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells, which was used as the theme tune to The Exorcist. We also see a fully formed coronavirus, pyramids, bells, one eye symbolism, masonic code of silence poses, some demonic looking entities representing the coronavirus coming out of a 5G mast, a long close up shot of a Chinese woman (Wuhan) and Boris Johnson in hospital before we see the huge figure of 'death' coming for the children. One Eye symbolism.

A coronavirus forming

You'll notice a lot of purples and pinks in this ceremony and you may remember me referring to them in previous blogs as being the colours of deception and concealment. I would thoroughly recommend reading Human's Vibration's Twitter Page as it contains a lot of very interesting observations regarding these colours, along with red, being on the edge of visible light. There are also many examples on there of these colours being worn by people delivering false information to the masses and I'll show a few examples of those later. It's pretty clear that when this ceremony was planned the plans for the Covid-19 hoax were already well underway. There is too much symbolism from the predictive programming for it to be a coincidence (Boris in hospital, coronavirus symbol, coronavirus shapes, dancing nurses) and that isn't even mentioning the standard 'illuminati' symbolism that accompanies these rituals (bells, pyramids, all seeing eye, freemasonic code of silence) and they are all rituals, from Superbowl to the Grammys to Eurovision. Look for old footage of these events, particularly the  performance of 2014 Eurovision winner and Baphomet tranny, Conchita Wurst, and you'll see all the usual Luciferian symbolism - the phoenix rising (order out of chaos), the Baphomet being illuminated, the morning star etc. They're all just rituals hiding in plain sight and I'll speak about those more when I write about the August demo in Trafalgar Square.There are no coincidences and they hide their mockery in plain sight. Always.

The root of all evil.

So we have seen two rituals predicting the Covid hoax and, before we take a look at the many, many examples of predictive programming in films, TV shows etc, let's take a look at two 'official' events, in public domain, that both predict the hoax and also make it very clear to anyone with eyes that see that this was planned a long time ago by the laughably named 'philanthropist' billionaires who created, fund and control the World Health Organisation, World Economic Forum and all the other groups that were set up to control the masses for the benefit of the 1%. The first of these is the Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development document released by The Rockefeller Foundation in 2010 and the second is the Event 201: A Global Pandemic Exercise, a "pandemic tabletop exercise hosted by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY".Right there in black and white and note the all seeing eye on the cover

The Rockefeller Foundation is a front organisation founded by the Rockefeller family of criminals and frauds posing as philanthropists in 1913 to avoid paying tax. Since then, they have used their ill gotten wealth to fund and influence many prestigious organisations within the fields of health, science, social sciences, education and others that I will go into more detail in a future blog. Here we are going to focus on their influence in the world of health and world affairs in general but first we need to establish that they funded the Nazi eugenics program, even after it became clear that the program was being used to persecute Jews. I'd imagine they were also key in recruiting the Nazi scientists, technicians and engineers to work for the United States government on mind control programs and pretending they sent rockets into space given their contacts and influence on the US government. Now, I don't really feel comfortable knowing that the leading health 'experts' are being funded by a family that believes in and practices eugenics - something about it just doesn't quite sit right with me... 

Do you want him to draw you a picture?

The family's control and influence, both in the States and worldwide, has grown to the extent that they one of the most powerful families in this 'cabal' and they are heavily involved in the Round Table groups and any group of major influence in world affairs, including the World Health Organisation, founded on 7th April (for your 11) 1948. They have been highly influential in the organisation's vaccine program, which began before the WHO even formed, which has caused untold deaths and diseases and inflicted misery upon thousands of people. Like anything owned and controlled by the 'elite', it is an inversion - so here health means disease. The world disease foundation creating diseases and spreading them to the population it wants to control and then profit from, not only the vaccines, but also the pills the doctors will push on those suffering side effects from the vaccines. Drug dealers need customers but I will go into Big Pharma in part two. Let's focus on this 2010 document.Yeah this guy likes his Chinese communism

So now we've seen the kind of people behind this document, let's see what it actually says. We're going to focus on the Lockstep scenario that starts on page 18 that describes itself as "A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback". We can see that it tells of a hypothetical future where "the pandemic that the world had been anticipating for years finally hit". It then goes on to mention some other fake pandemics that never existed and talks of a frankly laughable scenario where 8m people die in 2 months - "the majority of them healthy young adults" - pure fantasy, pure fear porn. The next part is where it starts getting interesting. It tells of the effect on the economy, of international mobility of people and goods "screeching to a halt" and says that industries such as the tourism industry would suffer 'debilitating' repercussions. It tells of empty office buildings and of shops being deserted due to the supply chain being broken, all things we have seen happen and appear in the MSM during this Covid hoax. It is, you do and you shouldn't be

It then tells of the virus spreading in the US due to them being 'lenient' on allowing international air travel' but China faring better due to their strict, authoritarian stance... see where this is going? This authoritarian stance also led to a quicker post-pandemic recovery too, would you believe, and other nations that took an authoritarian stance such as... enforcing temperature taking and the wearing of facemasks in stations and supermarkets... sounds very familiar, no? It then goes on to say, as I am sure you could have guessed without reading it, that these draconian measures continued afterwards and that the citizens were happy to give up their rights and privacy and freedoms for more safety and security from the state against "pandemics and transnational terrorism to environmental crises and rising poverty" - every single thing caused by them and all bar the rising poverty a completely non-existent threat.   Every time...

So now we can clearly see, if we are awake and paying attention, that what this document claims to be is not actually what it is, just as the 'philanthropists' like the Rockefellers, and Bill Gates who we'll move on to shortly, are not what they claim to be - they are eugenicists with God complexes who are completely devoid of any empathy. Psychopaths. They talk about how the citizens are grateful and, even eager, for this authoritarian rule - and we've seen plenty of soulless, emptyheaded, shells sleepwalking through the supermarkets with masks on to know exactly who they mean. It talks about 'developed nations' introducing tighter security and... "biometric IDs for all citizens"... This is insanity personified

"Enforced cooperation" (contradiction in terms, doublespeak - like 'social distancing') would be used to ensure that order (out of the chaos they created in the first place - these people are all high level freemasons, remember) was restored and that "new regulations and agreements" (i.e. social distancing, facemasks, queueing to enter shops etc.) would be brought in to help with this. It also mentions this mental scenario of supporters at the 2018 World Cup wearing bulletproof vests with their national flag on them (I thought the scenario was a virus? Do they carry machine guns now?)! See, it's very hard to read this when you know what's going on and not just see through all the bullshit but basically they pretend that they aren't the shady billionaires influencing behind the scenes and that they don't control all of the nations they mention via the UN and that they couldn't single-handedly solve all of the problems in the 'developing world' that they speak of with a day's 'wages'.These people are not philanthropists, far from it

Anyone who has done any sort of research into truth will know about the Rockefeller family and their ties to the Rothschilds which, as I say, I will go into in more depth at a later date. We can see from their background in eugenics, their influence on American and world politics, economics, health, science, education (all negative) and the nature of the institutions they are involved with - not to mention David Rockefeller's admission that he is part of a cabal that is pushing for a new world order- that they are a very shady bunch to say the least. These people are all Luciferians and the evidence is there for all to see, as I will show in the aforementioned blog. When we read the Lockstep scenario with this information the agenda is very clear and it is no surprise that this has come to fruition with the Covid hoax as these things are planned well in advance, longer than the ten years gap between this document and Covid hoax as I will show later. The drill. There's always a drill for the big ones...

Jumping forward to October 2019, we have another eugenicist and funder of the WHO, Bill Gates (33), putting on a little tabletop exercise to serve as both revelation of the method and predictive programming for the mind controlled masses, Event 201Pure fiction - just like Covid 19

You can see the scenario above and there's not really much else to say other than it's a bit of a coincidence that - allegedly - an incredibly similar airborne pathogen that attacks the respiratory system was transmitted to humans via a bat a few months later in Wuhan. It's also convenient that it was jointly set up by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum and the Johns Hopkins Centre For Health Security (all the same thing really) who were all heavily involved in the propaganda and the proposed vaccines for this fictional coronavirus called Covid 19. It's also convenient that they mention a fictional antiviral drug, clearly meant to be hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria drug that shills push as a cure for a virus that doesn't need a cure because it doesn't exist. I'm not really going to say more on Bill Gates and the Big Pharma side here as that is all for part two. Now we're going to go back to 2003 and an episode of the TV series The Dead Zone called "Plague" where they actually mention hydroxychloroquine by name. They also just so happen to mention a SARS-like virus that is "highly infectious and maybe fatal", they mention 'Lockdown', wearing masks, doctors responding to political pressure, swab testing, 'airborne transmission', acts like a virus and symptoms include a fever and respiratory distress, 'tracking and treating', China, coronavirus, quarantines and asymptomatic people. That's a lot of coincidences and when you add them to what we've already seen from the Event 201 drill, the Olympic Games opening ceremony from 2012 and the Kobe Bryant ritual that kicked it all off then that's a lot of circumstantial evidence.Scenes from the Plague episode of The Dead Zone from 2003

But there's a lot more. Unsurprisingly, there are many instances of Covid-19 predictive programming in The Simpsons, as with so many other events that have 'come true'. The reason 'The Simpsons predict the future' is because creator and writer, Matt Groening is a 33rd degree freemason and therefore knows exactly what is planned but these show creators and chief story writers are all freemasons and are told what to write/show anyway. Right there

It's all freemasonry

As you can see from the above link, The Simpsons have aired a few episodes that indicate a foreknowledge of what was to come. The earliest, Marge In Chains, was aired by Fox (666) in 1993, almost 30 years before this plandemic and showed 'Osaka flu' infecting Springfield. It also mentioned "the next phoney baloney crisis to put Americans back where they belong". These events are planned well in advance, have no doubt about that. A 2012 episode, A Totally Fun Thing Bart Will Never Do Again, showed Bart faking a virus and mocking the people for believing it. It also showed his cruise ship being quarantined, something that happened at the start of this hoax. Just some of the predictive programming... "Truth in the movies, lies on the news"

And another..

Mind control

Mask programming

The excellent Utopia - a must watch imvho

It's coming... don't say you weren't warned

They tell us over again in many different ways 

This was written in 1981.

An example of a psyop within a psyop - it wasn't created anywhere as it doesn't exist

Even the George Floyd farce was predicted and planned long ago

Note the two 33s (Corona = 33) and freemasonic duality with the reflection in the glass

Always freemasonry

So, as you can see, there have been a plethora of films, TV shows, books etc predictively programming the idea of a coronavirus that is contagious, fatal and can be carried asymptomatically. We have been programmed to associate South East Asia, China in particular, with 'pandemics' and we have been told subliminally that exchanging our freedoms for greater security and safety (the same one they always use - fear factor) is the only hope. We have been given all the spiel about masks, vaccines, social distancing, excessive handwashing and we have also been told of the coming threats - infertility, food shortages and living in technocratic dystopias under an authoritarian state.

The goal is to make people love Big Brother - most already do, it seems...

Predictive programming works by introducing concepts that may seem far fetched or something that the population couldn't accept and subliminally programming the mind while it is in a relaxed state to accept these concepts as being plausible. This is used hand in hand with the Hegelian dialectic of Problem-Reaction-Solution in that the concepts the government want to introduce are subliminally programmed into peoples' minds years earlier and, via the usual, incredibly successful tactic of repetition, they are able to conduct hoaxes like this Covid-19 plandemic and the masses accept it. The majority of these people will have seen many of these films and TV shows because we live in an age where people seem to need it to function. They are literally controlled by this device and it shapes their entire outlook on life and, when you consider that all of the information comes from one source (the 'cabal' control all media and most, if not all, alternative media too), it's no wonder they fall for everything they get duped into believing. 


I wrote this blog in the hope that people who think the virus exists can see that it is a hoax and that it has been planned decades in advance. The Dean Koontz book I showed earlier was written almost 40 years ago and specifically mentions Wuhan. That is not a coincidence. There are no coincidences. These people meticulously plan these events in advance as I mentioned in my fake terrorism blog and, before I conclude this part of the Covid hoax blog I will just show, again, how freemasonic codes are used to code these events and that we can tell that these events and news articles are fake just by the numbers. This saves us having to waste time reading the article (the big stories are always fake with the exceptions of wars where the reasons for going to war is faked instead) and on 'facts' and 'evidence' to prove something is real or not.

The 33 tells you it's a hoax.

Have a look how many articles there are about covid-19 (and anything else) containing the number 33. Type into your browser '33' and go to news: does that seem right to you? Does it seem like a lot of 33 year olds are dying in road traffic accidents or that 33 flats are being built or that 33 people keep dying in accidents/attacks or that 33% of so-and-so's think such-and-such or that it's weird how there are so many 'top 33 films about...' etc? That is because the media is all bullshit. 33 means that it is a hoax, literally fake news and that it has been carried out by freemasons. These people are such control freaks that they even have to control the news you see and hear but, again, I'll go deeper into them at a later date. Just remember what I said about the pinks, reds and purples being the colours of deceit as they are at the edge of invisible light.Purple tells me he is lying

Purple tie for a professional liar

Another deceiver deceiving

One more quick point - all of the 'celebrities' that 'contracted covid-19' at the start of this hoax were only brought into play so that you'd think the virus exists. Nobody you know is ever gonna get it, obviously, so they have to plant it into the minds of the masses and they use their celebrity influencers, who are nothing more than freemasonic Satanic puppets who pretend to be people they are not in order to dupe you. You need to wake up to what these celebrities are and I will be doing a blog about them very soon. In the meantime, please do watch the links to the Russianvids and MAG Truth channels, both of whom have some very good videos on the Covid hoax, the George Floyd hoax directly linked to this and lots of predictive programming and freemasonic code videos.

1) why would he take a typewriter to Australia; 2) note the (Event) 201 score; 3) note the 6; 4) vegemite = 33

Madonna's another 'Corona' (33) fan, it seems...

I am going to end this part here and I'll end it by saying that the aim of these 3 part blogs is for those that believe in the virus to see that, not only is it not a deadly killer pandemic, but that it doesn't even exist. Hopefully this part has shown enough 'coincidences' (more than enough imvho - there are no coincidences) to make people ask questions and, hopefully, wake up to this complete scam. This is only one part though so, if you are not convinced, please do stick around for parts 2 and 3 where I will be going into virology, 5G, big pharma, vaccines, Agenda 21/30, The Great Reset and the plans for the New World Order.

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