The Great Covid 33 Reset Agenda Part Three: Order Out Of Chaos

05 Dec

*I conducted a poll on Twitter asking my followers how they would like me to present this last part and the result was very close. The winning option was that I would do a blog about what the purpose of this hoax is and where it is heading, as well as well as looking at how the controllers have used the freemasonic method of "Order Out of Chaos" to shape the events that led us here. I will also be doing a "The Road To Serfdom" series of blogs after this to go into more depth on this aspect and to look at how our society has been shaped in various aspects by these control freaks but I'll go into more detail about this at the end of this blog.* Let's continue...

In Part Two we learned that viruses do not exist - and therefore 'Covid-19' cannot exist - and we learned that vaccines are a cause of 'disease' - which is simply our body's reaction to toxicity - rather than something that prevents it, and that microwaves and EMF radiation can cause serious illness and even death. We discovered how just a couple of billionaires could entirely monopolise an entire industry that they had no knowledge of, or experience in, just by using their names. We saw how easy it was for them to do that by putting their own men pushing their own agenda in all the key decision-making positions and this is exactly the same top-down control pyramid system that the Rockefellers and the other so-called 'elite' families who control and shape our lives via deception, mind control, brainwashing and manipulation use to do it. If you recall, in Part One we learned that the Rockefeller Foundation, in their Lockstep Scenario, had already devised a plan to use this method as a means to control the world's population. I am going to show you that 'conspiracy theories' are not just theories, they are facts - in fact, there is only one conspiracy - and it involves everything...

Currently, we are in a state of limbo where we are told by our governments that our societies cannot continue as normal because there's a killer 'virus' - which we know does not exist - posing a huge threat to our entire civilisation even though the overall mortality rate - even officially where literally everything gets reported as 'with coronavirus' - is fairly normal. It seemed to only attack celebrities at first because otherwise we'd never know of anyone who had it... If anyone would like a recap, please give Plandemic a watch - and give a shout out to my ol' mucker Dee (@LondonRed80 on Twitter) who appears at around 49 minutes blasting some cheeky bastards in Hazmat suits who told her and other residents that a homeless man had died when he was blatantly outside alive! 

So, we all know where we are and, in terms of our everyday society and lives, we'll see how we got here in the next blog series when I will show how everything is connected. I am sure most of you reading this will be aware of Agenda 21/30, The Great Reset and all the other pseudonyms for the New World Order one world government system that has been planned for a long time and we are going to get into that after we take a brief look at some of the political and historical events that were manipulated in order to ensure we walked on this particular road at this particular time. We are also going to look at a letter and a book that both divide opinion as to their authenticity...

The first of these is the letter alleged to have been written by Grand Master Freemason Albert Pike to Italian nationalist Giuseppe Mazzini on 15th August 1871 in which Pike claims to have had a vision that revealed to him three future World Wars and you can read about it here. As you can see, if the letter is genuine - and that is a big 'if' - then it was pretty prophetic indeed. If it is genuine, I believe it is more likely that Pike was privy to information from his freemasonic connections that made it seem like he could 'predict the future' like we've seen with so many others such as Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, Bill Cooper, David Icke and Matt Groening. 

I mention the letter very briefly here because it ties in with another disputed source, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. "The Protocols..." is a very controversial document that was published in Russia in 1905 that tells of a conspiracy for world domination by a group that sound like they are Jews because of the words used - 'goyim' and 'gentiles' - but they also mention freemasonry, Communism and Kabbalah. This is because Communism and freemasonry, like Zionism, both have their roots in Talmudic Judaism and Kabbalah as we will see when we look at the Russian Revolution which was really a Jewish revolution, and in my next blog we'll see that freemasonry can be traced back to the Temple of King Solomon in Jerusalem before the birth of Christ.

Here's how we're gonna do this: I am going to put a series of links to videos about certain historical events and about certain doctrines and societies and then, that way, those that are unfamiliar can familiarise themselves first, those that fancy a recap can do so and those that are familiar and just want to crack on can do just that. It isn't hugely important, as we are just going to be looking at the theme of "Order Out of Chaos" and have a look at the patterns the people controlling us use to bring it about. I would particularly recommend watching the "The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal" videos as I was originally going to write about a lot of those topics and watching these recently has saved me from doing so as they are very good. I wasn't a fan of the first series - it was a lot 'too Q' for me - so I didn't see these until recently but I am glad that I did. Watching the first part of the "Europa - The Last Battle" series would be advisable if you are not familiar with the Holodomor and Part 8 if you have never questioned the 'holocaust'. 

I'd also recommend the video about Hitler being controlled opposition because a lot of people got sucked into the 'Hitler was a hero' stuff - including me for a while until I dug a little deeper. It also shows why the holocaust had to be staged to self-fulfil Jewish prophecy and why their gematria meant it had to happen in 1948.It was all calculated as you'll see - it always is. I included the video "From JFK To 9/11: Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick" for two reasons. Firstly, the intro is very good and gives a good understanding of how the 'robber barons' were formed and how they funded the Nazis in the Second World War and, secondly, it is a very good example of the 'damage control' conspiracy theories that are put out by the intelligence agencies to lure you down empty rabbit holes. The JFK theory is very clever and well worth a watch. I'll go into these in more detail when we look at the political system impacts on our lives in the next series of blogs. 

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So, we have seen from the videos that there have been plans for a one world government ruled by a particular group of people for a long, long time. It goes back a lot further than that and I will be going into that in my next blog, as I said. This is a good place to understand that there is no Jewish control of the world and there is no Jesuit control of the world. There is only Luciferian control. These people who pose as Jews and as Catholics do not pray to the same God as the people they are portraying. Both of these groups of people - and the Black Nobility that control them - practice Kabbalah and the religions of Mystery Babylon. They are Luciferians, Satanists, Pagans - call them what you want - and they worship the old Gods of Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, which is why there are so many statues of these Gods in cities around the world. Like the freemasons who do their bidding, the religion they practice in public is not the same religion they practice behind closed doors. We'll go into this a LOT deeper in future but, for now, just understand that it really doesn't matter whether they pose as Jews or Jesuits or anything else because, ultimately, they are neither. This is just all part of the 'Divide and Conquer' strategy that underpins the 'Order Out of Chaos' by using the Hegelian dialectic of 'Problem-Reaction-Solution'.

It is very, very important to understand that this Luciferianism, Satanism, Paganism... it is not a joke. These 'elites' - and by this, I mean the families I mentioned earlier from the black nobility; the Italian families descended from the Roman emperors; the Khazar mafia of the banking, legal and media industries in particular; the political and aristocratic classes; the actors, actresses, musicians, sports stars etc that you think are just normal people who succeeded because of their talents - and we'll be going into a lot more detail on that aspect in the next series - these people are all, without exception, Luciferians. That goes for all the religious leaders too. As George Carlin said, "It's a big club, and you ain't in it!" - and he should know because he was...

If you look around, you'll see their signs, symbols and codes everywhere and I have alluded to this many times in my blogs. Logos of corporations, banks, restaurants, shops, studios, record companies - you name it - there will be some sort of occult symbolism there, hiding in plain sight as they always do. I feel I must emphasise again the importance of learning this symbolism if you want to be awake to this. It is the language that they speak and if you don't speak their language how can you understand what they are doing? They are literally telling us all the time and I cannot stress how crucial it is to learn this symbolism. We've established that there are no viruses so those of you that spend a lot of time researching PCR tests and mortality rates and hospital capacity for something that doesn't exist would be well advised to learn this symbolism instead, particularly those that still haven't seen through groups and shills that are rife with it...

I have spoken about this before but I will briefly go over it again. In their Luciferian code, the controllers have to tell us what they are doing in order to gain our consent. This is referred to as 'Revelation of the Method' as they reveal their plans to us using codes like numerology or gematria or via the symbols and signs they use - they even use colours too as we have seen in previous blogs with orange and purple in particular being used. Even something as seemingly arbitrary as Bill Gates getting a pie in the face was staged - we know this by the orange sign as he gets out of the car and by the purple scarf the man coming to his aid is wearing. I keep telling you all these codes and colours and there no coincidences. There is a reason why the same numbers keep appearing and why the same colours keep appearing. If you're thinking "If this is true, then why doesn't David Icke talk about it?" then you're asking a very good question - because it is true.

We will be going very deep into the Satanic symbolism used throughout our society - from corporations to politicians to musicians to Hollyweird to sports teams and athletes to every well-known organisation or person that you can think of. 3s, 6s, 9s, Cs, Ks, Ms, all-seeing eyes, pyramids, diamonds, pentagrams, hexagrams, bells, goats, owls, eagles, phoenixes, lions, goats, squares and compasses, skull and crossbones, ribbons, crowns, wreaths, suns, depictions of Pagan Gods and Goddesses etc. It is no coincidence that all of these Satanic symbols are on virtually every logo going because to succeed in the world that is controlled by Satanists - and it is controlled by Satanists - you have to pay your dues to the bossman. I would very much recommend the MAG Truth channels to see many, many examples of these.

All we need to understand is that we have a group of people who all believe that they were born to rule and that they have a divine right to rule over us because of their bloodline. This belief goes back to the Garden of Eden and, in their mystery religions, Satan was married to Eve and of them was born Cain, half angel and half human. Later, God made Adam and he and Eve had Abel. Cain killed Abel and his descendants are the bloodline that form the 'elite' today. There is a good video here that shows this theory using the original Aramaic translations in the Targum and another here in the context of freemasonry. Regardless of whether you believe they were spawned from Satan, from ancient aliens, from the Nephilim or if you think they're just people with delusions of grandeur - these people are all related and they control everything. The 'conspiracy theories' you heard about were not theories.  

Let's break down what a conspiracy is and whether it really is what we are told it is. The definition of conspiracy is:

1) An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.

2) A group of conspirators.

3) An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.

We can see from these definitions that conspiracies do exist between the so-called 'elites' (who will be referred to as 'controllers' from now on as that is what they are) and we know this because we know of all of the various groups and organisations that they use to control us. We'll go into those shortly but let's look at the evidence for conspirators using the Hegelian dialectic of 'Problem-Reaction-Solution' using examples from the videos we watched and from the 'Covid-19' hoax itself. 

In every single instance, these controllers conspired together to create a problem that would create a reaction fundamentally rooted in a state of chaos from which the solution can be provided by them - the order they wanted all along. Whether it is the Russian Revolution (really a Bolshevik Revolution), the two World Wars, the formation of Israel, the Cold War - whatever it is - the strategy remains the same and we went into that a fair bit in the Terrorvision blog. Pike's letters - if genuine, and that is a big 'if' - would prove, for example, that there was a pre-meditated plan to use those exact conflicts to get the desired result and, again - if true - it worked perfectly both times. It is also worth noting that both of these conflicts ended with the formation of the League Of Nations and The United Nations respectively, the first steps towards a world government. This further emphasises the likelihood of the events being staged with the objective of setting up an organisation that literally controls the world. 

These controllers are able to control and manipulate the entire world via the use of secret societies, The Round Table NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) and their subsidiaries, complete control of all resources, control of all political parties and judicial systems, control of all forms of popular entertainment, control of our money supply, control of our healthcare and food and - crucially - control of the media and the education system. I will be going into all of this in greater detail in the next series of blogs but I will just briefly highlight how they do it before we get on to the main aspect of this blog - Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset. They do it in exactly the same way that they did it with the medical profession. They simply use their vast wealth and power and the strength of their family name to ensure that they place the people they want to place in the positions they want to place them in. They have been doing that for the last 150 years and now they have their people in all major decision-making positions and they control all political parties, NGOs and media/entertainment. With that much power there is nothing that you can't control.

I would also like to show you that truth is truth no matter where it comes from by recommending that you read David Icke's "...And The Truth Shall Set You Free" if you haven't already as it will give you a very good basic understanding of the secret society networks and Round Table groups that are used to control us. This was written before he started with all the space lizard stuff. It takes nothing away from what I said about Icke in my blog - all of that is true - people need to know what shills and gatekeepers are because many are failing to understand this with Icke, even though he is one of the most blatant. If they didn't tell any truths, nobody would listen, would they? I have deliberately used Icke in this blog for several reasons: Firstly, to illustrate this point; secondly his information on secret societies is very good up to a certain point and, thirdly, I have linked to part of one of his talks on Agenda 21 for the very same reason - he is spot on about Agenda 21 and truth is truth wherever it comes from. We'll be taking a closer look at these groups in the next series but, for now, we need to take a little peep at the Club of Rome...

The Club of Rome was set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs and it's US counterpart, the Council On Foreign Relations, in 1968. Former intelligence officer Dr. John Coleman has written and spoken extensively about The Committee of 300, the 300 men from the Black Nobility families who literally control the world, and you can watch one of his lectures here. In it, the Club of Rome is mentioned throughout and is described as "one of the most insidious and baneful organisations in existence today". I have also linked a PDF copy for you to read and I would thoroughly recommend doing so as, if you read this and the Icke book I have also linked, you'll have a very solid basic knowledge of these groups and secret societies used to control us and how they do it and you'll be well placed for when we get deeper in the next series. I've also linked Bill Cooper's "Behold, A Pale Horse" for the swots!

The reason we are focusing on The Club of Rome, rather than, say the U.N. or the W.H.O. or the W.E.F. is because it is here that the climate change scam that underpins the threat that we are facing was conceptualised. All of these groups are intertwined and all push the same agenda in different ways and you'll see this when you read the Coleman and Icke books. Icke describes them as a spider's web and that is a very good analogy for what they are. Instructions are passed down from the Committee of 300 via the RIIA and the CFR to the Club of Rome and these are the people behind what is happening now, hidden in the shadows, out of sight - some in plain sight such as Lizzie Windsor which we'll go into in the next series. 

Coleman tells us that every economic crash is preceded by a meeting on Lizzie's yacht between the Committee of 300 who then scurry off and get everything they've been told to do done. He describes some of the members as being so wealthy that they "make David Rockefeller look like a biker." He also tells a story of Mikhail Gorbachev saying live on-air that his opening of the Gorbachev Foundation in New York was done "with the consent of the Committee of 300" and the CNN broadcast cutting off instantly. That is how secretive and powerful this organisation is - the very top of the top - and "nothing happens without their consent."

Coleman states that the Committee of 300's goals are "a one world government, latterly called the New World Order" and he states that this idea goes back to King George III, who had a list of 50 countries lined up who were willing to be part of it. Before we go on to see how the Club of Rome uses the climate change scam to push the agenda of the Committee of 300, let's take a look at the evidence that there is a long, formulated plan for a one world dictatorship controlled by the Black Nobility. 

So, we have the example of George III, we have "The Protocols..." and the many Communist and Zionist manifestos that both inspired and were inspired by it. We also have the debated Mazzini letter by Albert Pike. We have also heard the term New World Order used multiple times in mainstream politics and media, most notably by George Bush in 1991. All of these tell of the same plan for a dystopian one world government where the 'elite' at the top subjugate the serfs. The Club of Rome is no different and it's time to look at just what exactly it is that they do.

The Club of Rome is where the Global Warming hoax was conceived, in their "First Global Revolution" paper, and is described by Coleman as the Committee's "strongest arm". It's main objective, initially, was to bring down the industrial and agricultural industries which the Black Nobility believed to be responsible for supposed overpopulation. Eugenicist and Committee of 300 member Bertrand Russell said, in his book "The Impact of Science On Society": "The world is grossly overpopulated and we have to get rid of at least half of the world's population and it doesn't matter how we do it." The reason for this was that the Committee wanted the destruction of the middle classes who they believed would be a stumbling block to their world domination plans due to the fact that the peasant revolts of the past were easily crushed but this new middle class has job security, well paid jobs and could afford to buy the products they made - not for long... 

In 1980 they came up with Global 2000, the depopulation plan disguised as a post-industrial 'environmental' plan which was a blueprint for the mass genocide of half the world's population by 2015, based on the writing of eugenicists Bertrand Russell and HG Wells. This plan became US policy, inevitably, and saw the manufacturing industries and industries such as coal mining crushed and made virtually obsolete. In 1970 the US had 5,000+ ships on the seas and by 1994 that figure had dropped to just 270 - while they had 50,000+ steelworkers out of the jobs they were skilled in. The message was passed down to US President Bill Clinton in 1993, from the Committee, that the US should no longer ever expect to have full employment and, with everything else, the same policies mysteriously appeared in governmental policies all over the world at the same time - almost like it was a global agenda...

Speaking of global agendas, "HIV/AIDS" was created - or rather the vaccinations that cause the symptoms, remember, because 'viruses' do not exist- by the US and UK military biological warfare units. A mass vaccination campaign began for this disease nobody had heard of or seen (sound familiar?) in Africa and Brazil - who just so happened to have the biggest black populations on Earth - and, after they were all vaccinated, people started dying of 'AIDS'... I wonder what happened there...

I will just digress very quickly to say that this Committee controls everything and most of the wealth they've accumulated over the centuries has been from stealing and mining every natural oil, mineral and resource they can - and the drugs trade. Yes, old Lizzie Windsor is the world's number one drug dealer and profiteer and, again, we'll go into that in the next series, particularly the Opium Wars and the deliberate introduction of crack cocaine into black American neighbourhoods in the 1980s. We will also be looking at the divide and conquer methods these deceivers use to ensure our righteous anger is not directed at them where it belongs. It is this money that funds these agendas and don't believe those Forbes rich lists or the people that tell you that Lizzie doesn't have that much money (or power) anymore - she'd buy and sell the Rothschilds and neither of them appear in these lists. The idea that someone like Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates has more money than Lizzie or the Rothschilds, Rockefellers or any of those Black Nobility and Committee of 300 members is absolutely laughable and we'll be going into that in the next series too.

Dr. John Coleman explained in his 1994 speech that the Black Nobility families, in his extensive research, had never succumbed to the Great Plagues of Europe and neither had their servants or their families. Coleman discovered that this is because they use a herbal compound mixed with sugar to immunise themselves and they also use the same low frequency radiation that has been proven to be one of the many cancer cures (more on that... you guessed it... in the next series) to stay 'disease' free (or free of toxicity, remember?). Interestingly, a 'Black Plague' broke out in India after a mass vaccination program too. It's almost like they make up 'diseases' and 'viruses' and then, when people get vaccinated, they start dropping like flies. I wonder why that is...

I guess this is a good place to mention Bill Gates - who you may have noticed I have barely touched upon so far, bar the brief Event 201 mention in Part One. This is because, really, in terms of this 'Covid-19' hoax he is just a boogieman in my opinion. Just a Bin Laden type character - an obvious distraction - and the idea that someone like him has funded all the people and organisations he is claimed to have, personally, is laughable. He may well be in the Committee of 300 as, after the death of the reigning Black Nobility monarch, Queen Victoria, in 1901 it was decided that they would open up membership to the emerging new wealth coming from the United States and it is believed that there are currently 13 American families in the 300. However, if he is, he would be way down the pecking order - below all the European nobility and the descendants of the Roman emperors, below families like the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and the Carnegies and the Warburgs etc. He is just a distraction, a very obvious one, from the Committee of 300. Despite this, his vaccination programs certainly require an investigation.

Bill Gates' polio vaccines spread 'polio' (or toxicity, remember - because 'viruses' do not exist) across Africa and Asia despite there being no cases of polio to vaccinate against - even if 'viruses' existed and even if vaccines prevented disease. It would seem very odd that a supposed 'philanthropist' billionaire would choose to supposedly spend his money on a vaccine program rather than use it in a sensible way and providing clean sanitation that would have prevented the almost 653,000 deaths of Africans from chronic diarrhoea in 2016, the same year that the WHO listed the condition as the second biggest cause of death in under-fives worldwide. You will find that a lot of the claims made by these billionaire 'philanthropists' (psychopaths, remember?) are very easy to counter, simply by pointing out the very obvious fact that, if they were that concerned about what they claim to be the biggest problems we face on Earth right now, they could put their hand in their pockets and solve them overnight - literally.

Gates has been linked with the mRNA vaccine, the digital health passport, Soylent lab meat and everything else we've heard about from the fearporn spouting press all year. I am not saying that these are not genuine concerns -all vaccines are harmful, remember, and there are no 'viruses' to vaccinate against - I am just saying that, by focusing on this puppet, we are allowing ourselves to be distracted from the real menace - the Black Nobility and their Committee of 300. A Dutch member of the Club of Rome said: "Every scientific fact requires another argument. The media demands it!" - basically, whatever invisible enemy they create, the solution is always another step on the road towards totalitarianism - the totalitarian tiptoe as David Icke calls it, or the boiling frog. They make very, very slight steps on this path, so subtle that very few ever notice. They're moving things along quite quickly now as I think this psychological experiment has taught them that people are even more ignorant than they had previously thought - and they are not alone there, I have to say - so it is very important that we understand exactly what is going on. This is all about "a centralised transformation that will make life on Earth very different" and centralisation of power is always an abuse of power - because "absolute power corrupts absolutely". 

Agenda 21 is "a non-binding action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development. It is a product of the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. It is an action agenda for the UN, other multilateral organizations, and individual governments around the world that can be executed at local, national, and global levels" and this is a continuation of the Club of Rome project from the 1960s. It was described as "the comprehensive blueprint for the reorganization of human society" and, despite being rebranded as Agenda 2030 (as they always do when they get exposed), it is still here - we have just been given more detail about how they plan to enslave us - a plan that we've seen goes back a long time. Depopulation is a common theme that runs throughout this agenda and, before we go any further with the agenda, I want to address this issue of depopulation in the context of where we are right now and what we have witnessed this year.

It is my very considered view that what we have witnessed across the world this year has been nothing less than a culling of our elderly and vulnerable on the orders of the Committee of 300 and the Black Nobility, the biggest parasites on Earth and the most expendable - as their absence would only dramatically improve the lives of literally billions. Via vaccinations for a 'disease' that doesn't exist ('flu') and the use of ventilators we have all sat by and allowed this systematic mass murder to take place in the name of 'sustainability' - they literally view these people who have worked and contributed more to society than anybody in the Committee of 300 ever has or will as a waste of 'their' resources. These parasites literally think they own the world and, worse than that - as we'll see shortly - they also think they are Gods. Before we continue, we need to take a look at the 17 goals of Agenda 2030 and I'd invite you to do this by looking at Frances Leader's interpretation of them which is pretty spot on and says everything you need to understand right there - although I have to dispute the 'veganism deprives people of nutrition' part... but, again, more of that in the next series.

You can see from Goal Two that this culling of the elderly is very much part of the agenda and we need to understand that when they mean sustainability, they mean, as Frances says, "Weakening immune systems and shortening lives to reduce the 'burden' of aging 'useless eaters.'" Essentially, if it isn't worth their while you being alive you need to go - that is what they mean by 'sustainability'. 

Two things we need to understand fully: there is no overpopulation - the entire population of Earth could live in Texas in a house with a yard. The Earth is a self-sustaining ecosystem and there is no shortage of oil or any other natural resources. It is a myth to hike up prices, just as they do with diamonds, and as a method of control and manipulation - one of many. This will be explained in more detail in the next series, and I don't think a great deal more really needs to be said on Agenda 2030 as Frances' description paints a very clear picture of the future we face unless we collectively act. Essentially, we face the emergence of a 'Hunger Games' society where people are living in sectors that cut through national boundaries to sever national ties. Living in SMART cities, under constant surveillance from the 5G grid and drones, part of a credit score system where you are entirely dependent on the state and forced to bend to their will and not dissent or face losing your means to survive. A society where children are raised by the state and sexualised via 'progressive' educational policies - basically a cross between "Brave New World" and "1984", both of which we'll look into in the next series, along with this talk given by Dr. Richard Day, as you can see David Icke talk about in this video about Agenda 21. I would recommend reading both of these novels as they very much explain where we are now heading very quickly.

The aspects that I do want to focus on though, are the ones that are the greatest concerns of most people I have spoken to about this - transhumanism and the 5G/mRNA vaccine combo. We saw in Part Two that 5G is dangerous and can cause very serious illness - including the fact that it can literally suck the oxygen from the air and from your blood cells - and we've briefly mentioned here how it will be used to power SMART grids and SMART cities for surveillance purposes but now we need to look at whether 5G can be used as a Directed Energy Weapon - and given we know that it is beam forming technology and that it can go up to 60Ghz, which causes the de-oxygenisation process - it's pretty obvious what the answer is.

If you watch this very informative talk about 5G you'll see that it is indeed a military grade Directed Energy Weapon and you'd have to question the motives behind putting this on something that is supposedly there for increased internet speeds and connections. We'll be going into the environmental impact at a later date but we need to look at this 60Ghz WiGig that has been proposed for use in schools and the very sinister agenda behind Apple's Project Inkwell. You can see a Joe Imbriano talk on the subject here and there is a link to his website that I'd recommend reading, especially if you have children who use Wi-Fi at school - it might be an idea to ask some questions... particularly as Wi-Fi is a class 2b carcinogen.

We've looked at how these controllers use Satanic imagery throughout their various companies, corporations, groups and businesses and we can see from watching and reading what Imbriano has to tell us that Apple was satanic from its very origins. The apple symbolises the disobeying of God, just like Skull and Bones' '322' (Genesis 3:22), and they sold their first computer for $666.66. We know why that is. We can also see by the imagery that they are revealing the method of their plan to make children infertile by directing 60Ghz beam forming millimetre waves at their reproductive organs via the deliberately placed Wi-Fi antennae designed to rest there. As Imbriano asks, why would the makers allow it to go up to exactly the frequency where it begins to de-oxygenise the blood and why would the most radioactive part of an i-Pad be placed so it rests on a child's reproductive organs? 

Then you take into account that the system is named after Artemis, Goddess of the hunt (beam forming anyone?) and also, perversely, the Goddess of midwifery and childbirth - see how these sickos love to mock? - and we start to see a very sinister agenda. By the time we've seen that the plans for the Apple HQ were clearly designed to look like an electrocuted nucleus of a fertilised ovum then we can see, beyond doubt in my opinion, that this is a very deliberate plan to cause infertility as part of the depopulation agenda. This agenda would appear to be confirmed by the fact that one of their old screensavers was a picture of Seattle - minus Seattle! Just the Space Needle and countryside - with the Sun in the exact same shape as a 5G beam... purely by coincidence of course!

5G is also crucial to the mRNA vaccines and the desire to transform us into virtual cyborgs by fusing our DNA with nanotechnology that will connect us to the SMART grid - and this is the real purpose here. You'll have noticed that I have mentioned Luciferianism/Satanism a fair bit and that I referred to the fall of man and the eating of the apple in the Garden of Eden story. We saw from the videos earlier that the apple was an allegory for Eve's adultery with Satan that led to her giving birth to Cain, a half 'devil/fallen angel' and this is the bloodline that the Black Nobility believe they descend from. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that they want to continue 'disobeying God' (as in Genesis 3:22; 322; Skull & Bones) by creating something that God never managed - a human/computer hybrid - basically a cyborg. They want to act as Gods by prolonging human lifespans (for those that they deem worthy) via technology and also create life via A.I. 

I am going to get deeper into all of this Agenda 2030 when we look at the various ways our lives have been shaped by these controllers but I felt that it was important to have a very clear understanding about where this is going and we are very much headed towards a transhumanist future where the lines between reality and virtual reality become ever more blurred. This is because they want to take us away from nature, our true state, and they have done that via a variety of ways which we'll address one by one in the next series. There has been so much to get through that it's been very hard to get everything covered which is why I have had to rely on other sources and am going to do another, more comprehensive, series of blogs to go into more depth about how we have been manipulated to this point in time.

There is one last point to cover, which is a continuation of the same plan, and that is the "Great Reset" as proclaimed by yet another boogieman, Klaus Schwab. This is the enforced reset of our economies by unelected, unwanted, unneeded members of NGOs that does not benefit any one of us. It's just a bunch of liars pretending that this 'pandemic' exists and that, as a consequence - and they never knew anything about it beforehand, honest - they've devised an amazing plan that will benefit us all because they're so kind and wise and without them we couldn't survive. 

It is simply more of the same as Agenda 2030 - more technology, more 'sustainability' and more... communism. That is what all this is can you not see this? All of those plans for world domination have been based around communist principles and it is no surprise given that the influences on "The Protocols..." were from predominantly communist texts. All of these various incarnations since have been based around the 10 planks of Communism from Marx and Engels' "The Communist Manifesto". I would describe "New World Order: Communism By The Back Door" as required viewing and it will explain in great detail how socialist and communist policies have been present in many western governments for many years and how the end goal of the NWO was always communism. There is plenty around about Agenda 2030 and The Great Reset at the moment, obviously, and I have linked to the original documents and websites on these two pseudonyms for the incoming communist dictatorship of the world.

In conclusion: Over the course of this trilogy, we have discovered that conspiracies exist between powerful individuals from wealthy families, via the formation of secret societies and NGOs, that use the pyramid structure and secrecy of freemasonry to further their aims of ruling at the head of a totalitarian, one world government. We have learned that these plans have been in place since, at least, as far back as King George III's reign. We have seen many examples of these groups such as the United Nations, The World Health Organisation, The World Economic Forum and The Club of Rome using their unelected power to enforce their worldview onto a largely unsuspecting population and subject them to servitude.

We have learned that these people are eugenicists who believe that they have the right to drastically reduce the Earth's population despite the fact that everybody on Earth could live in a house with a yard and all fit inside the American State of Texas - because the idea of the world being overpopulated is a lie. Just like we learned that 'climate change', 'viruses', 'contagions' and the idea that we live in free, democratic societies are lies too - not that democracy is a good thing and that's something else we'll be looking at in the next series. 

We have seen that this 'Covid-19' hoax is a long-planned 'global' coup by 300 unelected, Satan worshipping oligarchs who believe that they have the divine right to rule due to their bloodline. We know that it is a hoax because we learned that there is no such thing as 'viruses' or 'contagions' and we know that the Rockefeller and Carnegie families monopolised the health profession to the detriment of the people who need medical treatment. We have seen that eugenicists posing as philanthropists use vaccination programs to commit ethnic cleansing in Africa and in Asia and these same people are promoting the vaccinations for this mythical 'Covid-19 virus' - anyone taking it?

We have learned that these controllers always use the same "Order Out of Chaos" Hegelian dialectic to deceive the public into accepting the pre-conceived solutions to the problems they created in the first place by manipulating them into the reactions they want. We also learned that they use many signs, symbols and codes to show us their plans and, as I keep reiterating, it is absolutely crucial that you start learning and understanding these, as well as the patterns you'll notice in their actions. We also learned that they use predictive programming to forewarn us of these events and to gain our consent which we give them by remaining ignorant of these threats. We also learned that they use these symbols to mock us - such as Boris Johnson (in purple tie, no less...) referring to 'Covid-19' as 'the invisible enemy' just the other day - yeah, like the other invisible enemies called pandemics, terrorists, school shooters, asteroids, nuclear weapons, etc.

For those of you that believed in the 'pandemic' before reading these blogs - and I would sincerely hope that you no longer do - you have a decision to make: You can ignore what you now know to be true and go back to fearing an invisible enemy while a very real one is preparing to enslave you or you can accept the very harsh truths you have discovered - and the truth always hurts - unlearn all the bullshit you have been programmed with and wake up to reality.

The reality is that the people who have woken up to this stuff since March have realised that this is a spiritual war and that they have always been slaves. This is not about a coming enslavement - it is simply about whipping away the curtain and all the dressing and showing you what you've always been but were too preoccupied with all the material bullshit and celeb gossip and football and politics to notice what was really going on - just like we all were at one point. Sadly, many people who think they are awake to this got sucked in by those shills and groups and they tend to be the ones who do not realise that this is a spiritual war and they just want to go back to their materialistic lives - well, that ain't ever happening so get that out of your heads right now and start accepting it. 

There will be a New World Order whether you like it or not but will it be one dictated to us by the Black Nobility or will it be one that we fight for endlessly until it is implemented? These people are never going to go away and they are never going to stop until this evil plan is reality so are you going to carry on pretending it isn't happening and following the government who you clearly can see are part of the plan to enslave you further - either directly or by being played by their shills or are you going to wake up to reality and start planning direct action and actually telling the truth rather than spouting government script given to you by freemasonic shills? Anyone peddling any narrative about any 'viruses' being real, 'contagions' existing, any vaccine being safe or necessary etc is collaborating with the enemy, pure and simple, and your ignorance is no excuse. Start thinking instead of looking to the government - and they ARE the government - to do your thinking for you.

The purpose of this trilogy of blogs was to enable those who believed in this 'Covid-19' psychological operation to see it for exactly what it is and to open their eyes to the fact that what they have been told are 'conspiracy theories' are actually 'conspiracy facts'. As I said before, there is only one conspiracy and it involves everything - literally everything - and there is far too much information to put out in just these three blogs. 

This is why, after my next blog (which will be about the Trafalgar Square ritual at the August demo, Luciferianism, King Solomon's temple and the roots of freemasonry, Israel and the New World Order), I will be writing a series of "The Road To Serfdom" blogs which will each focus on one aspect of our lives that has been manipulated, shaped and controlled by these controllers. These aspects include - among other topics - evolution, outer space, Elite Gender Inversions, Satanism in the entertainment industries, the fractional reserve banking scam, maritime law, the birth certificate scam, education, employment, family life, civil rights, think tanks, MK Ultra mind control, secret societies, round table groups and the corruption of religion.

Like I say, there is one conspiracy and it really does control everything and I will show that beyond doubt in this series. I hope that, regardless of point of view beforehand, nobody has come away from reading these blogs still believing in Covid-19 because, if that is the case, I really don't know what to say... but I will say this - supposing I am right, and there is this conspiracy to implement a one world government, how would you effectively implement it? You'd pretty much follow the blueprints they have wouldn't you because that is exactly what they have been planning and doing for centuries. We'll go into more depth about this when we look at secret societies and governments.

Please do feel free to share anything from my website that you wish - links, pics, whatever - there is no need to ask and I don't need credit. This is about waking people up to reality and information should be shared, not sold, something quite a few supposed 'truthers' would do well to learn. I hope that it can help all of you to wake up the people you need to but, just remember, you can plant the seed and water it from time to time but you can't physically make it grow.

Swallowing your ego is the first stage of waking up - the realisation that you know absolutely nothing and that everything you have been taught from day one has been a lie - literally. You won't learn anything worthwhile from anyone until you swallow your ego and, in my personal opinion, you won't be equipped with the tools to battle on in this spiritual war - and it is very much a spiritual war, understand that - until you humble yourselves before your creator and open up your heart and mind to Him. I am not going to go on about religion as I do not believe in religion - my faith is a very personal thing and, after a few months of personal struggle and doubts about certain aspects, I know that it is very much real. However, until you learn to walk in the spirit and not of the flesh, you will not be equipped for what lies ahead.

I have found this website very useful for explaining The Bible, and the teachings of Christ in particular, very useful on a personal level and has helped me to understand many things that I had previously had trouble with. It isn't just a website about religion, it also contains many videos about 'conspiracy' stuff such as freemasonry, hand signs, Satanism, end times, Covid hoax etc and is well worth checking out. 

I'll leave one video here about King Solomon as that will be useful for the next blog and I'll also link to a couple of flat Earth videos for those who are feeling brave. Flat Earth is the lie that underpins all other lies and, from that, everything else makes sense. Everything is connected via flat Earth and that is what we will be kicking the "The Road To Serfdom" series off with, after the Trafalgar Square blog, and we'll also be looking at dinosaurs, evolution, the Big Bang theory, NASA and religion. If you keep an open mind, remember what you now know you have already been lied to about and keep in mind the fact that freemasonry underpins everything and is all about deception then I have no doubt that everything will all make sense after that blog. It is the glue that keeps it all together and I'll explain why when we get there.

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