The Great Covid 33 Reset Agenda Part Two: Wealth Over Health

23 Nov

All of the above 

In Part One we looked at the predictive programming used to condition us to accept the 'Covid-19' narrative in popular culture and we also saw that organisations such as The Rockefeller Foundation, The Johns Hopkins Center, The World Economic Forum and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have a very sinister influence on world health policies. We saw how public events are used as Satanic rituals by the 'elites' to subliminally program us and harvest energy and we also saw how they stage celebrity 'deaths' as symbolic rituals, as in the case of Kobe Bryant. We saw the disproportionate number of times the number 33 was used in the reporting of 'Covid-19' and how even events like 'murders' can be staged to manipulate public opinion and reaction. Some of these elements of the hoax will be touched upon here but that is mainly for Part Three, when we look at the real agenda behind it, how we got to this point and what the future holds. This part will be focused on the health aspect of the hoax and we will be looking at the health impacts of 5G and whether there is any truth to the rumours that it is linked to 'Covid-19', Big Pharma, the safety and effectiveness of vaccines and germ theory to get to the bottom of what exactly a 'virus' is.

How many incidences... 

At the end of the First World War, returning US soldiers were rumoured to be carrying contagious diseases - a rumour started by the owners of the vaccine companies who had been injecting them 20-25 times each throughout the war. The reason for this is that the war had ended sooner than expected and these vaccine companies had a lot more poison to sell. Due to the number of vaccinations that they had, and due to various other causes that will be addressed shortly, some of the returning soldiers were indeed carrying symptoms of disease and this was used to convince people to sign up to get vaccinated. There were vaccines for five different diseases and the stipulation was that you had to get all five vaccines - a literal cocktail of poison.

before coincidence...

Unsurprisingly, people that got injected with lots of different 'diseases' (in reality, the body being at 'dis-ease' from the effects of toxicity - 'virus' literally means 'poison' in Latin) soon had the symptoms of lots of different 'diseases' - and a new 'disease' was created that had the symptoms of all five 'diseases' - who could have seen that coming, eh? This new 'disease' was later dubbed 'Spanish Influenza', even though it originated in the USA, due to the US military not wanting culpability for the outbreak and Spain being neutral during the war and having an unbiased press that reported truthfully on the disease. It quickly spread across the world and one has to wonder how that could happen in an age where commercial air travel didn't exist. Even today, 'viruses' couldn't spread the way we are told they do simply via contagion so how is this possible?

becomes a pattern?

After the war, the US Navy conducted a series of experiments where test subjects were infected with 'Spanish Flu' and they had samples taken from their eyes, noses and throats. This material was then transmitted to 100 healthy test subjects via a variety of methods including spraying the infected liquid into their eyes, noses and throats; injecting the liquid into their veins and by having the infected patients breathe deeply into the mouths of the healthy subjects. In all tests not one person became infected so this clearly tells us that the deadliest 'virus' in history was not contagious. So how did it spread so quickly?

Wireless radio towers contributed to a lot of deaths

We need to look at other external factors that could cause sickness in many individuals all across the world and one such factor is radio waves. Radio was a fairly new invention and, due to growing popularity, more and more wireless radio towers were being built to accommodate the demand. The effects of electricity, radio waves, EMFs and microwaves all have an effect on the human body because these are not natural frequencies - they go against nature - and we'll see later on how allowing people to lead us away from nature has been detrimental to our health. We'll go into greater detail later on these effects when we look at the health impacts of 5G but, for now, just understand that radio waves being sent through the air rather than through wires caused toxicity in the cellular makeup of the populations where radio was widespread and this caused 'viruses' to form. 

"The Misconception Called Virus" - Dr. Stefan Lanka

The reason for this is that 'viruses' do not exist. That's right. 'Viruses' do not exist. What we have been told are 'viruses' are actually just the body's natural defence system kicking in when our cells are subjected to external toxic matter such as radio waves, microwaves, EMFs, electricity, pollution, vaccines, prescription pills, poisons, chemicals etc. They are just 'non-living protein solvents' and they never attack healthy, stable cells - only decaying, dead ones. They are not alive and, consequently, are unable to replicate on their own and unable to pass from person to person, animal to person or animal to animal. They are created within the body as a response to external toxicity and this is of key importance. I will provide links at the bottom of some websites that contain a wealth of information proving conclusively that 'viruses' do not exist and that what we are told they are is simply our immune system protecting us from external toxic debris. You will also see from this information that 'viruses' not existing literally means that - there is no 'measles' or 'HIV' etc - they are just symptoms of external toxicity created within the body to fight the 'disease'. 'Diseases' are caused by two things - deficiency and toxicity. Before we continue though, I'd ask you to watch this video to give you a more thorough understanding as I am trying to be as concise as possible to keep to a relatively acceptable length!

And there's that...

So, now we have seen that 'viruses' do not exist and that the causes of the Spanish Flu were toxicity from, among other things, the vaccines that started it all and the radio waves that affect those with weak immune systems caused by the vaccines, we can ask ourselves how the lie that is germ theory could ever become the standard system used in biology worldwide. A couple of quick points about the Spanish Flu pandemic before we find out (and if anyone would like more information on this topic, I would recommend this excellent Twitter thread by Anonymous Sage): Firstly, the four coldest winters of the 20th Century also coincided with the four most deadly pandemics (1918, 1931, 1960, 1979). Secondly, the causes of the pandemic were the toxicity caused by radio waves and vaccines but the biggest causes of death were 'bacterial pneumonia' (actually hypoxia and hypercapnia - bacteria doesn't exist either, so all antibiotics are unnecessary and part of the scam) as a result of wearing facemasks and from overdosing on aspirin, which stops fevers, one of the most effective methods of excreting toxins. This may lead you to question why we are being told to wear facemasks when it is directly harmful to our health - not least because, as we have discovered, 'viruses' do not exist and therefore we cannot catch them from, nor spread them to, anybody. This is just one of a number of examples where governments and health authorities are issuing awful advice to people and we will look further into that in Part Three. Now we need to take a look into these Big Pharma people and see what their game is... because preventing sickness and caring for people does not seem to be it!

Carnegie and Rockefeller - 2 of the infamous 'robber barons'

I mentioned in Part One that the Rockefeller family were involved in 'philanthropy' - which in our inverted world of opposites means 'psychopathy' - and this included a huge influence on the global health business. It was JD Rockefeller - ironically the son of a literal snake oil salesman - that was responsible for the negative shift from homeopathy to allopathy as the standard practice of the medical profession when he discovered that the petrochemicals from his oil company could be used to monopolise the medical profession, just as he had the oil industry and make huge profits for little outlay - at the small expense of other peoples' health. He approached steel magnate and fellow 'robber baron', Andrew Carnegie, to help devise a plan to sell pharmaceutical drugs that could be patented for huge profits and eliminate the competition from the natural health practices.

Basically a prostitute

So, two obscenely wealthy men who made their fortunes by monopolising their industries could monopolise another industry that they had no knowledge of, or experience in, merely because of the power and status that their monetary wealth gave them. They did this by employing the same pyramid structures that the secret freemasonic societies they belong to use. These are compartmentalised where all the knowledge is at the top of the pyramid and it trickles down on a need-to-know basis until you get to the bottom where all they know is how to repeat what they've been told - and it works the same in all industries and groups they control, which is virtually all industries and groups.

Bent as a 9 bob note

A lot of people find it difficult to grasp these structures which is why so many people find it hard to accept that so few people can control so many. I will briefly explain how they do it here, using the medical profession as an example. They used their status and wealth to bribe the medical colleges into accepting their 'donations' (laundered money from their tax-dodging 'philanthropic' foundations) and the donations were on the condition that the colleges accept the Rockefeller people on the boards of governors and then in all key decision-making positions and this is the key point to understand -they only need to control the key decision-making positions (editor, chief constable, chief magistrate... Prime Minister...) to control the entire organisation. Everyone else are just useful idiots going around unaware of what they are part of - and this includes freemasonry itself.



So, fast forward to the present day and we can see that we live in a society where our health has been hijacked and we are literally being poisoned instead. This is because Big Pharma have created an entire industry based on lies and deceit, where redundant positions like 'virologists' and 'immunologists' are created. If viruses do not exist then why do we need virologists? If natural immunity doesn't exist - and it doesn't - why would we need immunologists? If bacteria doesn't exist then why would we need antibiotics? Before we continue, I need to cover, and re-cover, some key points to make sure that these are clearly understood by all:

'Viruses' do not exist - at all. What we are told are 'viruses' are, in fact, 'non-living protein solvents' that only attack dying cells. They are part of our immune system that excretes toxicity from our bodies. ALL 'diseases' are a result of deficiency or toxicity.

A 'disease' is a body's reaction to toxicity - it is literally in a state of unease, and Big Pharma brands this as 'disease' (dis-ease') in order to create various 'diseases' that they can prescribe for, whilst hiding the evidence of what causes the 'disease' in the first place. For example, "alzheimer's disease" hides the fact that they are suffering from aluminium poisoning - and we'll see where the aluminium comes from a little later. They then claim there may be side effects which are the effects they intended in the first place - because then they can sell you more poison - kerching! 

There are no contagions. We have seen that even the deadliest, supposed 'pandemic' was not spread via contagion. Even the common cold is not contagious - because that doesn't exist either. 

There is no 'natural immunity' because there are no contagions. We simply detoxify from toxins. Even the 'cold' and 'flu' - both of which are the result of deficiency or toxicity, remember - are not contagious, as we saw earlier from the 'Spanish Flu' experiments.

The only way we can ever bring this vile, corrupt and ever infringing industry down is if we are honest about all of these facts - and they are facts - because, unless we are, there will always be fake pandemics being used to control us.

Even more important than that, the amount of deaths, suffering and misery caused by this industry - and it is an industry first and foremost, be in no doubt of that - would be eradicated and we could be treated far more effectively and 'side effect' free with natural remedies using natural plants and vitamins.

If you really want to see who is a shill and who isn't, ask them if they believe viruses do not exist and that vaccines do not prevent diseases (sorry for the spoiler there - pretty sure you'd guessed though) like I asked Simon Dolan, Piers Corbyn, Gareth Icke, Leah Butler-Smith, Mike Yeadon, Richie Allen and Anna Brees yesterday. Only Leah replied, saying I was rude yet offered no comment on what I said - presumably because she is a shill who says that Covid-19 exists and there has just been a 'disproportionate response' - the same government line we see from Stand Up X, KBF, Midlands Freedom Gathering, you name it. Same script. Anyone genuine about truth would tell the truth. I have said it all here because nobody controls what I say... can the same be said about your shills?

It is absolutely imperative that we do not compromise our message - the truth HAS to come first, always. We cannot be bullied into compromising, backing down or crumbling just because we are challenged or threatened. The only weapon these people have is fear and when you don't fear them they cannot bully you.

Don't cry about government misinformation, challenge it!

We are being poisoned by pharmaceutical companies- primarily by vaccines, their most profitable source of poison. They also poison us via the pills and potions they give us for diseases that their vaccines, pills, potions and even their 'food' have given us. They poison our food, water and drinks - even cosmetics - with fluoride, metals, GMO poisons and all sorts of other chemicals designed to keep us dumbed down and unaware, destroy our immune systems and keep us as nothing more than junkies desperate for another fix. We are sprayed daily with chemicals and metals and you only have to look up to see that chemtrails are not a 'conspiracy theory'. They don't exactly hide it and why would they when the majority of people walk around like fluoride zombies? They get doctors to prescribe pills for any condition rather than looking at alternatives and leaving them as a last resort. It seems that so many 'conditions' have been diagnosed over the last 35 years or so that all seem to be magically 'cured' by pills - or so they tell you.

The cause, not the cure...

We will go deeper into Big Pharma in Part Three when we look at how they suppress cures for 'terminal' diseases in order to profit from death and suffering and how they encourage people with conditions they cause to eat food that worsen their conditions. The area I want to focus on now is vaccines for several reasons: Firstly, we have seen already that they were a major contributor to the Spanish Flu pandemic - and I forgot to mention earlier that everyone who died was vaccinated... all fifty million of them. Secondly, they are the poison that Big Pharma profit from the most and, as we have seen that they have absolutely zero care for anybody's health, one can only imagine the damage that has been caused by this vile industry. Finally, and most importantly, vaccines are forced into the arms of babies all over the world for literally no reason because, as we saw earlier, 'viruses' do not exist. We have all heard stories linking vaccines to autism, auto-immune diseases and many other conditions so let's find out if the rumours are true...

Vaccines did not eradicate smallpox - this is a myth

I am going to just list some facts about vaccines and then, at the end of the blog, I will leave a very informative and comprehensive list of videos and websites to view at your leisure and I would recommend this very strongly if you are thinking of vaccinating your children or yourselves with any of these extremely harmful, damaging and unnecessary poisons that can cause lifechanging injuries and even death. Before I list these facts, let me just say that I have seen a lot of people saying "I am not anti-vax but..." and I just want to say that you need to stop being bullied, coerced, manipulated and intimidated by the government and the health authorities into not denouncing ALL vaccines. Not mandatory vaccines, not mRNA vaccines - ALL vaccines. I am 100% anti-vax and do not hide it - why should I? Many argue that vaccines should be an individual's choice but I strongly disagree for four reasons:

1: There is no informed consent as the many dangerous side effects are kept from people.

2. I wouldn't trust their information anyway as they are proven liars with absolutely no integrity at all. In fact, on Sunday, the DHSC Twitter account deleted a tweet about there being a pandemic after I asked them to prove 'viruses' exist and that vaccines prevent diseases...

3. Vaccines are incredibly harmful and they do not offer protection against any disease, even the disease they are supposed to make you immune from - as we saw from the Spanish flu example where fifty million vaccinated people died.

4. 'Viruses' do not exist so why would you need vaccines? What are you being vaccinated against, exactly? More importantly,  perhaps, why are these people who profit from vaccines and the pills you'll need from the side effects insisting you need them? 

Toxicity causes cancer. Vaccines are toxicity. Don't be surprised

When you look through the information that I have provided for you to look at after you've read this blog I have absolutely no doubt that everyone who has read them will be anti-vax, without exception. The Poisoned Needle and Dissolving Illusions are essential reading if you are thinking about getting vaccinated and I have even provided the packet inserts that contain all of the listed side effects per vaccine. People who research vaccines are never pro-vax and nobody ever changes from anti-vax to pro-vax - and there are lots of very good reasons for that. Let's find out what they are:

The US Government have spent over $3bn on vaccine injuries and this is for an estimated 10% of those who have been damaged by vaccines.

Unlike all other pharmaceutical studies, vaccine trials do not require the use of a genuine placebo to be tested against the vaccine, which is the gold standard. Instead, they use another vaccine (with similar ingredients - toxic substances and metals) which, inevitably, produces similar results to the vaccine being tested which is enough to be passed as 'safe' due to having the same reactions as the 'placebo'...

Aluminium causes, among many other things, auto-immune disorders and brain disorders, including autism and alzheimer's - babies have 430g injected into them before they are two days old - for literally no reason at all because vaccines do not protect against disease. The Gardasil vaccine contains 1500mg.

Only healthy adults and children are allowed to take part in vaccine trials which, obviously, does not tell us how people who are not in optimum health will react. Just to reiterate again - 50 million people vaccinated against the Spanish Flu died of 'Spanish Flu' - which, in reality, was just toxins from the vaccines and from radio waves. There was. and is, no 'flu'.

Big Pharma is a trillion-dollar industry and vaccines are the number one money maker. 90% of Big Pharma spend more on marketing their poisons than they do on actual research to see if they are safe - this tells us exactly what the motivation behind vaccines is. The same as the rest of Big Pharma and every other corporation on Earth - money, status and power. Basically ego.

Smallpox and polio were not eradicated by vaccinations and measles has never been proven to exist.

There is a definite link between MMR vaccines and autism in young children. 

There were less children dying during lockdown than before because they were not getting vaccinated. Less SIDS deaths.

Vaccines break every definition of 'safe' and the US Supreme Court stated that vaccines are 'unavoidably unsafe'... Unavoidably... unsafe... you might want to make sure you understand what that means in case you've forgotten that 'viruses' do not exist and there is nothing to be vaccinated against, even if they were all 100% safe -which they most definitely are not.

Mainstream media journals contain all of this information but the MDs choose to ignore the dangers for their pay cheque and an easy life at the expense of other peoples' misery. 

Fear is a powerful motivator

I could list many more but I think you get the general idea of what vaccines and the Big Pharma corporations are all about. Again, you can find a lot more information from the websites and videos linked below, including the packet inserts containing the side effects and ingredients for individual vaccines. We will get deeper into the mRNA vaccine when we look at Transhumanism in Part Three but, before we take a look at how 5G affects our health, let's just consider a few points:

'Viruses' do not exist. Therefore, germ theory is a lie and the medical 'experts' and the governments of the world are all complicit in this lie - a conspiracy, if you will.

If 'viruses' do not exist then there was literally no logical reason to ever vaccinate anybody. Disease is caused by two things - deficiency and toxicity.

If 'viruses' do not exist and vaccines do not cure diseases then why are we being told that there is a 'global pandemic' and that the only way we can stop it is by injecting everyone with poison?

All man made funnily enough

We touched on that very briefly in Part One with the Rockefeller Lockstep Scenario and we will be going very deep into this in Part Three (which will probably be in at least two parts itself due to the sheer number of topics to cover). At the beginning of the plandemic there was a lot of speculation as to whether 5G was playing a role in the 'Covid-19' cases and deaths and the way they used David Icke to shut down all debate was pretty clever I have to say. I explained what Icke's role is in a previous blog and this is the perfect example of what he does. This article in The Sun perfectly illustrates the ploy: David Icke gives a talk on 5G - and it was pretty decent to be fair - then gets a lot of publicity so everyone knows that is what David 'Nutcase' Icke thinks so they'll associate anyone else questioning the safety of 5G and the possible links to 'Covid-19' as 'space lizard believers'. Icke gets publicity which means he gets more babytruthers following him, more of the masses refuse to listen to the arguments that he made because he made them and he gets more traffic and publicity for his own websites and for London Real - all while still having his videos allowed on other YouTube accounts and even appearing on their adverts to this day - what a 'ban'.

Three Thirty-Threes and a Six Six Six

Mark Steele is another 5G disinfo agent who has been well and truly exposed by the excellent research of Logical Annie on YouTube. There are a series of videos on Steele in the link and you will discover that he was a 2020 Horizon researcher for the EU and has interests in Smart Housing. These disinfo agents exist because the state controls all sides and Annie's videos show a lot of dodgy funding going towards anti-5G groups. Since Icke abandoned 5G to become a Qanon fanboy and Steele got thoroughly discredited, I haven't seen anyone talking about 5G except for Joe Imbriano and Frances Leader who have both campaigned against 5G for years and continue to do so when, seemingly, everyone else has forgotten about it. I have made links to their work and I would thoroughly recommend checking them out - and also Frances' excellent work on The Black Nobility that you may well find useful for Part Three. 

"A must-read" - Pure Truth

This part is purely concerned with the general health impact of 5G and examining whether there is a correlation between 5G and 'Covid-19' cases - all other aspects of 5G, including the proposed 60Ghz WiGig rollout in schools, the capacity for being a military grade weapons system, the potential use as a surveillance/control grid and as a source of power for A.I. and the environmental effects will be covered in Part Three. Before we continue, I'll require you to watch this video of a lecture by Arthur Firstenberg, author of the excellent "The Invisible Rainbow", which explains the history and development of electricity and electromagnetic radiation and its impact on every living thing on Earth.

The book is a must-read, in my humble opinion, and has been crucial to my understanding of how electricity and radiation can affect the human body and cause disease. We've seen from the video that, as the demand for more sophisticated technology has grown, so has the amount of bandwidth (radiation) required to power these devices to the point where the whole design of phones and towers have had to be upgraded to fit the new, more powerful technology (and radiation) required to power the one trillion devices that the Internet of Things wants to be able to connect to the internet at once. That's a lot of bandwidth requirement - and remember, bandwidth means radiation...

Before we crack on with examining the effects on the body and comparing them to the supposed effects of 'Covid-19' and before we compare the 'Covid-19' cases with 5G rollouts to look for a correlation, let's ask a few questions regarding 5G and 'Lockdown 1.0':

Why is it that 5G was suddenly being rolled out at the same time that we supposedly had a 'pandemic' that has identical symptoms as radiation sickness?

Why were Thames Water vans all over London suddenly so widespread during Lockdown too? You may be thinking: "What does that have to do with 5G?" - This

Why were there so many trees being cut down and chemicals being sprayed on grass areas, particularly around trees and bushes, just as 5G was being rolled out?

I see a pattern emerging...

It always seemed very suspicious to me that this plandemic coincided with 5G as I'd been aware of the dangers of 5G for some time - ironically from reading David Icke - and I remember reading a story about three years ago or so about trees being chopped down to stop people realising the damage the radiation caused and when I saw a few green areas near me doing just that when 5G towers were going up I did wonder about the effects on the human body if that is what it does to trees. I am also quite sensitive to electromagnetism and there was a couple of days during 'Lockdown 1.0' when I just wanted to sleep and felt so dizzy. I knew it wasn't 'Covid-19' as that was clearly bollocks and I could tell it was to do with wi-fi.

Yeah that's the same thing

So, as you can see, the effects of radiation and the effects of 'Covid-19' are virtually identical. The same symptoms, particularly the one about having the oxygen sucked out of you... and hospitals are rife with 5G... and most people died in hospitals...

Remarkable similarities to 'Covid-19' deaths

So, we have identified the symptoms of 5G as being the same as those of 'Covid-19' and now we just need to see if there is a correlation between the number of live 5G towers and the number of 'Covid-19'. We can see from these maps (on the Spanish study link) that there is indeed a correlation and, before, anyone makes the observation that several people on Twitter have that the similarities are because the towers are in the most populous cities - and, to be fair, it was a good observation - there is a Spanish study here that proves this assertion to be false. Wuhan, too, is the ninth most populous city in China yet had the worst outbreak - because it was the first place to be rolled out. 5G was also installed on the cruise ship Diamond Princess that had one of the first outbreaks outside of mainland China. This just further emphasises my opinion that the rollout of 5G and 'Covid-19' are related.

Pretty conclusive imvho

Untested 5G on a confined cruise ship... what could go wrong?

To summarise, I believe that 'Covid-19' is a complete, pre-planned, 100% staged hoax, perpetrated by the freemasons, Zionists and Jesuits - basically they're all Luciferians - that work behind the scenes and control every aspect of our lives. Don't worry about them too much for now, that's for next time, just stay focused on the science. I believe that a pandemic was chosen as the 'invisible' enemy for a number of reasons:

It is the perfect 'invisible enemy' because, in the world they want us to believe is real, 'viruses' are infectious, contagious, deadly and cause all sorts of slow and painful deaths - at least, they do in the films that they program us with and that is where most of those dunces in masks get their knowledge about 'viruses' from - just subliminally programmed 100%. Even the term 'going viral' is inverted and just a programming tool. The 'Covid-19' strain was particularly clever in that it convinced people that they could seem perfectly normal and healthy (because they were) and yet they could kill an old granny by breathing in the supermarket or be killed by standing 1.5m from someone.

It is the perfect cover for radiation sickness which I believe did affect people initially, particularly in Wuhan, as I personally believe that they were testing the frequencies when Wuhan was the first place to be rolled out with live coverage. Now, I know there were crisis actors in Wuhan and I know there was staged hospital footage and everything else - I am not saying people were falling down dead in the street. However, I do think that a lot of people did get very sick at the start of all this, on the cruise ships too - that happened to also have just been installed with 5G on a small, contained vessel. I think the mandatory flu vaccinations that were taken in China before December 1st 2019 weakened immune systems and that, as well as pollution and other toxic factors, caused a lot of sickness.

With 5G having beam forming pulse waves that can go up to 60Ghz (at least), the frequency that starts to absorb oxygen from the body, they could potentially make us ill at will, with or without being connected to the smart grid ourselves. They wouldn't need to chip us to do that. It also makes you wonder why it would be allowed to go up to that frequency if they say they don't use it and we'll most definitely be looking into that in Part Three.

Given the germ theory lie and the idea of 'viruses' spreading and having random outbreaks at speeds impossible even by today's standards of air travel, they can literally start outbreaks anywhere whenever they like (they've been doing that anyway).

Radiation Dangers is a great site for 5G info

Despite the clear correlation, I don't think many of the 'Covid-19' deaths were down to 5G at all. I think the vast majority of deaths were of other causes and they were simply deliberately misdiagnosed as being 'with coronavirus' because they had a runny nose when they were being suffocated on a ventilator after their winter flu jabs made them ill. Yeah, we'll be looking into the care home deaths in Part Three too as not enough attention goes on them given that it is, without a shadow of a doubt in my mind, pure culling of our elderly who the state regards as surplus to requirements - and there is plenty of inheritance tax to be plundered and plenty of state pensions to save...

Another boogieman puppet villain like Bin-Laden

I hope that anyone who read this believing in 'Covid-19' has now woken up and seen what is happening. I'd also hope that some of the people STILL following the groups that led them round in circles all summer and back to 'Lockdown' would have realised by now that they've been taken for fools and that maybe writing to MPs, signing petitions, having faith in daft court cases and donating money to conmen who work for the government to lead you all on a merry dance to nowhere were not really the best of ideas. I'd also hope that they've realised that the government control these demos, that there is zero chance that the state would allow 30k+ (allegedly) people to gather in central London to protest against the government unless they were completely 100% in control of all key decision-making positions (remember?).

I don't think that's a coincidence, do you?

I don't really hold much hope for the time being though as, in recent weeks, we've seen untold fake and staged videos from the grifters involved in these groups and the staged 'police brutality' videos that people are falling for left, right and centre still because they don't pay attention and see what they want to see. They want to see some poor person being victimised by the police but they don't see the orange or the hidden hands or the purple cardigans or the code of silence or anything else because they don't look for it. I still have not seen one video of any police brutality that hasn't been staged/isn't coded.

Yet he doesn't know viruses don't exist or vaccines are poison...

Not only that, we are also seeing people fawning over an ex-Chief Scientific Advisor of Pfizer, an 'expert' in respiratory biology, no less - and yet he never says that 'viruses' don't exist or that ALL vaccines are unnecessary and cause awful harm to people. How could he not know this if he was ex-VP of Pfizer? You know there's no way he isn't a freemason, right? And why, if he knows that 'viruses' don't exist - and we have seen that they don't - would he talk about 'Covid-19' as if it's real and getting you literal followers to waste your time on PCR tests for?

Call me a cynic but I really don't see it

Before I say what I am going to say, understand that I don't say any of this to be nasty - never have -I say it because it's the truth. I know a lot of people have had a lot of stress and worry over this and that they have dedicated a lot of time and energy towards trying to get the word out about this hoax - but here is the problem - they don't say it is a hoax. They simply parrot the 'disproportionate response', 'just a bad flu', '#ArrestHancock', '#SackBoris' drivel spouted by cringeworthy disinfo agents like Piers Corbyn or the Ickes. I know I don't have a high opinion of David Icke but even I never thought I'd see the day where he became a Q-Tard Trump fanboy. 

The most obvious 'cabal' member in world politics

These people are slogging over fake stats for a 'virus' that doesn't exist - because it is a 'virus' and there are no 'viruses' outside of your laptop - and they're banging on about empty hospital beds and test centres, average death rates, every stat you can think of and it is literally all a massive waste of time. You know why? Because VIRUSES DON'T EXIST so what else is there to say? Seriously? There is a reason that those groups could never say this on their websites and I can say it on mine and if you haven't worked out why yet then I doubt you ever will.

Just tell the truth. It's not hard... unless you're not allowed to...

These people are invested in the US election - and they say they are awake? They are being taken in by people like Ian Brown (and I was a huge Roses fan since the age of 13 - irrelevant) even though he went out of his way to say he wasn't anti-vaccine - despite claiming to have a family member who is vaccine damaged. Really? You have a family member who has been damaged by vaccines and you don't oppose vaccines?

He don't have to sell his soul... he did that a long, long time ago

I've been guilty of being impatient with these people before and having unrealistic expectations - but it's been nine months now and I have sincerely encountered people who have literally just woken up who are more clued up than many of the more brainwashed cult members. If they really cannot see why someone saying they're getting Matt Hancock arrested is 100% fantasy - not even taking into account how many times they got their little hopes up for Dolan's fake case - then I really don't have anything to say because they are gone. These people need to understand that everybody in the public eye is part of the same club and they all follow the same agenda - just actors playing different roles. But, again, that's for Part Three.

I just want to quickly say to anyone reading who doubts that the world is controlled by the few and that I am a 'tinfoil hat wearer', indulge me for a few moments and just give me the benefit of the doubt - just suppose I am right, hypothetically, OK? If you were the head of these secret societies and you controlled all the media and all the 'official' sources what message would you put out about the people who were exposing you to prevent the masses from listening? That's right. They'd say you were a 'conspiracy theorist' - a term that makes absolutely no sense and was coined by the CIA anyway to deflect dissent - or a 'tinfoil hat wearer' which, if you are sat there wearing a mask because you think 'viruses' exist outside of your computer, would be a huge fashion upgrade!

Update: It didn't happen. Imagine my shock

So, as we near the end of Part Two, it should now be very clear that not only was this a pre-meditated and well-planned psychological operation to terrorise and control the world's population but we have also been deliberately lied to and misled - not just about 'Covid-19', but about 'viruses', germ theory, vaccines and Big Pharma. I am not gonna lie, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Wait until you read Part Three...

I'd like to give a lot of credit to Bernie McBride BSc. as, without his invaluable input, fuelled by a real passion to get this truth out there, the blog would look very different. Thankyou for your patience!


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