The Lions, The Witch & The NWO

20 Dec

I originally began this blog by describing the build-up to this 'protest' and about the people who follow these government agents around and then deleted it because I feel I've said more than enough about them already. Miles Mathis wrote a very good essay on this demo and sums up the people who go to these pointless things very well. I really have nothing to add as they're beyond help. I don't really want to waste time writing about the demo as I have said all that needs to be said about that crowd so let's dive in to the important stuff...

This blog is about the August 29th demo when these people were taken in by David Icke as he led them through a Luciferian ritual in a freemasonic ritual site. He did this by referencing lions waking up which is straight out of freemasonry - he was referencing The Lion of Judah, King Solomon, and the building of the Third Temple in Jerusalem. King Solomon is a very important name in freemasonry and it is said that the origins of freemasonry go back to King Solomon's involvement in occult practices and we'll be looking into this, the significance of the Third Temple to the New World Order and why lions were so important to this ritual. 

Freemasonic symbolism is all over Trafalgar Square - Nelson's (a freemason) hidden hand and one eye symbolism; the black and white chessboard floor of the National Portrait Gallery; the 'oblong foot poses' on the statues that tell us they are statues of freemasons; the aerial view that depicts an owl (Moloch), just as the White House in Washington D.C. does - and, of course, the lions. Trafalgar Square is also 66 in gematria which is your double 33 for freemasonry and it was also the site where 'they' chose to display a replica of the Ba'al Arch of Palmyria on 19th April 2016. This date is significant in the occult world as it is the start of the Blood Sacrifice to the Beast - a thirteen-day period when Pagans made sacrifices to... Moloch - and the arch itself is a replica of the gateway to Bel, the Babylonian name for Ba'al. Blood sacrifice by fire is required on the first day (April 19th) to the Fire God Ba'al or Moloch/Nimrod/Saturn/Satan the Sun God. Significant events that took place on this date include: 1775 - The Battle of Lexington and Concord, which made the Revolutionary war inevitable; 1943 - Nazi stormtroopers set fire to Jewish Resistance Fighters in a storm drain in Warsaw; 1993 - Waco; 1995 - Oklahoma City Bombing. Before we look at the significance of the lions in Icke's speech, we need to look at this arch and how it relates to freemasonry, Satanism and King Solomon.

This replica was made in London, the home of modern freemasonry, and is representative of the Royal Arch - one of the most important symbols in freemasonry. Depictions of this Royal Arch traditionally contain a missing keystone and, underneath, the Ark of the Covenant - described in the Book of Exodus as containing the two slabs that the original Ten Commandments were inscribed on, Aaron's rod and pot of manna. The Royal Arch chapter of freemasonry depicts the arch with the 12 tribes of Israel (Judah) and depicts the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple. It's interesting that among the symbols beneath the keystone are man, bull, eagle and... lion. The letters "HTWSSTKS" also reveal that it is freemasonic as this means "Hiram, the widow's son, sent to King Solomon" and it is King Solomon that we need to look at now to understand how all of this - the arch, freemasonry, sacrifices, occult rituals and lions all tie together - as well as the New World Order and the coming Antichrist.

The story of King Solomon is, as I have said, of great significance to freemasonry. I'd recommend watching this video from the excellent Truth Unedited channel to learn the story from both the Biblical and freemasonic perspectives. Solomon was born as peace offering between YHWH (The God of Israel and the creator of the Earth). Solomon means 'peace' and this where it derives from. He was known for his wisdom after YHWH came to him in a dream and asked him what he wanted as a reward for his sacrifice. Solomon asked for wisdom, which pleased YHWH, and he was granted the great wisdom that he is known for. The story of the two women both claiming a baby is theirs and the King saying the baby should be cut in half in order for him to discover the true mother - the one who would rather the other woman have him than see him die - is from the story of King Solomon and this is the most famous example of his wisdom in the Biblical narrative. 

In the fourth year of his reign, Solomon began the building of the Temple to YHWH as promised, which would serve as a home for the Ark of the Covenant, and enlisted the help of the architect Hiram Abif, another very important figure in freemasonry - far more so than in The Bible where he is a bit part player at best. Solomon's reign was a time of peace and prosperity and he was also responsible for the building of many other significant buildings in Jerusalem and all over Israel. Solomon was said to have had 700 wives and 300 concubines from all over the world and his head was turned by their Gods. He would burn incense and take part in rituals in front of idols that angered YHWH. These other Gods that Solomon worshipped are the Gods of Paganism, Satanism, Luciferianism - and 'New Age Spiritualism' that we'll get into a bit later - and the origins of freemasonry are said to go back to Solomon's Temple and his occult practices with Hiram Abif and King Huram of Tyre. He was said to have been a great sorcerer and alchemist and that he gained these powers from a ring given to him by Satan, a ring bearing the Seal of Solomon - that now appears on the Israeli flag masquerading as 'The Star of David' (Solomon's father). It also appears on the US dollar bill and contains many hidden occult meanings including the "As Above, So Below" Baphomet symbol. The most famous tale of his sorcery is the story of him imprisoning 72 rebellious kings into a glass bottle where they would stay until the end of time, only for them to be found in Babylonia and released, known as the 72 Spirits of Solomon. The Testament of Solomon tells of his dealings with Satan and his occultism - where Moloch is mentioned yet again.

YHWH punished Solomon for his many transgressions, after several warnings to change his ways, by ensuring that the 12 Tribes of Israel would reject his successor, his son Rehoboam, leaving him one tribe for the sake of Solomon's father David. The Temple has significance in freemasonry because it is said that the degrees of freemasonry and all of the signs, symbols and rituals originated here during Solomon's reign and that they have been passed down to the current freemasons of today. Each lodge represents the Temple (hence them often being referred to as temples), every freemason represents the Jews who worked on the Temple and each Grand Master sitting in the chair - like David Icke blatantly is in that picture that his cult followers refuse to acknowledge, even though he admitted it is him - represents King Solomon. This explains a lot too as King Solomon, like David Icke, was also a bit of a fan of lions and we'll get into that very shortly. King Solomon is also significant because it was his disobedience of YHWH (one of the key themes of Luciferianism/Satanism) that allowed Lucifer to establish his doctrines for future worship of him by his own name.

In 2 Chronicles 9:19, it says: "And twelve lions stood there on the one side and on the other upon the six steps. There was not the like made in any kingdom". King Solomon was one of several people referred to as 'The Lion of Judah', the tribe that he descended from - whose banner was a lion - and this is who freemasons refer to when they use the title. The lion also symbolises the sun in Paganism (and, therefore freemasonry) and is also a symbol of resurrection. This is why Yeshua/Jesus is also referred to as 'The Lion of Judah' in Revelation but freemasons take the 'root of David' literally and use the title for his son, Solomon. Resurrection is an obvious theme throughout freemasonry as freemasons are reborn from darkness to light, hence the worship of Lucifer the Light Bearer and the many named Sun Gods. The personal transformation and improvement is noted by the freemason at all stages but it is in the Third Degree that transformation is made as they are raised to a higher spiritual understanding by the 'strong grip of the lion's paw' - a trusted brother mason performing the Hiramic legend. This is when the mason is introduced to the lion's paw symbolism and also when they become aware that it is Lucifer that they worship. As I've said, the lion's mane represents the sun in Paganism and this is one of the many reasons for the importance of the lion as symbolism in freemasonry and the occult religions that comprise it. 

Renowned freemason Manly P. Hall, on page 234 (261 in this copy) of "The Secret Teachings of All Ages", wrote:

"The lion is the king of the animal family and, like the head of each kingdom, is sacred to the sun, whose rays are symbolised by the lion's shaggy mane. The allegories perpetuated by the Mysteries (such as the one to the effect that the lion opens the secret book) signify that the solar power opens the seed pods, releasing the spiritual life within. There was also a curious belief among the ancients that the lion sleeps with his eyes open, and for this reason the animal was chosen as a symbol of vigilance. The figure of a lion placed on either side of doors and gateways is an emblem of divine guardianship. King Solomon was often symbolised as a lion... Hercules and Samson (both Solar symbols) slew the lion of the constellation of Leo and robed themselves in his skin, thus signifying that they represented the sun itself when at the summit of the celestial arch."

So, we can clearly see the importance of the lion to freemasonry, the many things it represents and the link to King Solomon and the Temple. It's also worth noting that the lion is used in many crests, shields, emblems, logos etc. of the 'elite' who are all involved in freemasonic secret societies and the occult. Before we move on to the significance of the Temple to the New World Order and the Antichrist, it is important to remind ourselves that the point of this blog is to illustrate how David Icke led a crowd of unsuspecting followers through a Luciferian ritual to harvest energy and gain consent for all of it. I have shown in my David Icke blog that he is a Luciferian/Pagan, a freemason and an agent of the state and I really don't want to repeat what I've already said. I am also not interested in debating the issue - I am not forcing you to believe anything and if you cannot see what he is from all of that evidence then there's little point in engaging, to be quite honest. I will add a few things though: the lion imagery and also the imagery of sun worship is rife throughout his work. The cover of his book "Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More" features a lion on the cover and his book "I Am Me, I Am Free" contains many references to paganism on the cover, including very blatant sun worship. 

You can also see from the pictures at the bottom of the Unite For Freemasons blog that David and his family are Elite Gender Inversions - meaning that they are all transgender, as are all of the 'elites' and celebrities that infest our screens. I will be doing a blog on this at some point and will reference it in more detail when I begin the Road To Serfdom series of blogs that are a deeper explanation of the last set. For now, understand that there are different skeletal markers for males and females and this is how you can identify someone's true gender when they have undergone surgery. The reason they do this is because it is part of their Luciferian religion, where Lucifer, Baphomet and many other Pagan Gods are depicted as being androgynous. I'll leave a few links for those curious to know more. The reason I bring this up here is that it is further evidence of his Luciferian religion because why else would his entire family be transgender if not for religious reasons? Those pictures clearly show that they are and only one religion requires this... Luciferianism.

There is a video of David, mentioned in that Mathis essay, in which he shows us around his flat - or one of them - that is littered with symbolism. He randomly shows us a box of lightbulbs to indicate that he is 'illuminated' with the knowledge of the highest levels of freemasonry. There are multiple references to lions, indicating his sun worship, and he also has a little joke with us about the owl he has being 'Ollie the Owl and 'not Moloch' - it's Moloch (again). David also used to have a green lion on his website banner, again indicating his sun worship. In freemasonry, the 'Lion of the Tribe of Judah' signifies a coming redeemer from this tribe who built the Temple but doesn't represent eternal life (i.e. King Solomon, not Yeshua). It is also very clear that David Icke is not a Christian given his open blasphemy and ridicule of Yeshua. The 'New Age Spiritualism' he promotes is just Paganism/Luciferianism/Satanism disguised - nothing more, nothing less, and this is the way they will bring their one world religion to the masses, using false prophets and deceivers like David Icke to do so. 

They'll do it in the same way that David was able to dupe the attendees into taking part in this ritual and, unwittingly, giving consent to the building of the Third Temple in Jerusalem which will be the capital of the New World Order where the Antichrist will reign - by keeping you unaware of what you are consenting to. This is why it is so important to understand that this is a Spiritual War and that all of the material distractions such as supposedly mandatory vaccines are just that - distractions. I'll go into this in more detail later after we look at what the ritual was about but it is very important to keep this in mind. Now, I have mocked these people in the past for not seeing the obvious but, let me tell you, this one was not obvious at all. I didn't know this was going to happen and I only realised what had happened when I began digging because something wasn't quite right when I watched the speech. Then the lion connection was made and I began digging some more and it all tied in together. 

David spoke about lions rising and 'sleeping no more' and we have seen that this is a theme straight from Paganism and the occult. We also saw that in freemasonry - and David IS a freemason (who else gives freemasonic handshakes? Wake up!) - King Solomon was symbolised as a lion, was referred to as 'The Lion of Judah' and had a throne room adorned with lions. We have also seen that, in freemasonry, the 'Lion of Judah' is King Solomon - the 'coming redeemer'. It's interesting that Solomon's name contains three words for 'sun' (Sol, Latin; Om, Hindu; On, Egyptian/Persian) as the Antichrist named in Revelation 9:11 by Yeshua is Apollyon the Destroyer - a Sun God. So, we have David gaining the crowd's consent for the lion (sun; Sun God; Apollyon; Antichrist) to rise (the building of the Third Temple where the Antichrist will sit as ruler of the New World Order) in the middle of a freemasonic ritual site surrounded by lions and other occult symbols (the Luciferian one world religion). The Devil is also described as a lion in 1 Peter 5:8.

We saw from my last blog that there have been many manifestos calling for, preparing for, and planning for a New World Order where one group rules over another - predominantly Jews ruling over gentiles but also Communist rule, A one world Sharia government etc. As I also said in the last blog, the heads of these religions are all Luciferians and that applies to all the 'elite' and 'celebrities' who pose as a certain religion in public. The site of Jerusalem is significant because it is the place chosen by YHWH and Luciferianism/Satanism (and therefore freemasonry) is all about disobeying God, aspiring to become God and inverting his will. I will be going into this a lot more in my next blog but, for now, just understand that the goal of the New World Order is a one world government ruled by the Antichrist from Jerusalem with a one world Luciferian religion. This is what David Icke is preparing you for, and has been for over 30 years now. In order for the Antichrist to come, the Temple must first be built in Jerusalem, according to prophecy. There was also talk, at the time of this demo, of the British national anthem being replaced and one of the main contenders was... Jerusalem.

There was also another demo on the same day, in Berlin (33), another city full of Satanic symbolism and imagery - these venues are not picked at random. Robert Kennedy Jr. of the 'elite' bloodline family, the Kennedys, appeared to talk about vaccines (that he never opposes outright, for obvious reasons). There really isn't much to say about this other than a few points that should have made it obvious to the people getting excited about it that this was nothing more than a controlled operation just like the ones in the UK always are. Firstly, the group claimed that the army was on their side, which was clearly pure fantasy; secondly, the group (whatever they are called) claimed that they would take over the Reichstag and not leave until the government had backed down (which was clearly never going to be the case); and, thirdly, they wrote a letter to Donald trump asking for his support which showed that, even if they were not controlled opposition, they were clearly fast asleep and not paying even the slightest attention to anything at all.

So, this ritual was to gain consent for the New World Order, for the coming Antichrist and for the rebuilding of the Third Temple. This was carried out by someone who is a very high-ranking freemason and a Luciferian. We know he is a freemason because of the photographic evidence of him giving multiple masonic handshakes - which, alone, should be enough - the fact that he was photographed in a Grand Master Mason's chair doing a Satanic pose and the fact that he was married to a witch should make it beyond obvious. In addition to this there is the Pagan imagery that is evident all over his work and the fact that he worked for the BBC as a prominent presenter and he was also a prominent politician for the Green Party - and David himself says you don't get anywhere unless you're connected. He's not wrong. This has all been explained very clearly here and only the David Icke Cult followers fail to grasp this very obvious fact. This is why they'll never wake up. They cannot see what is hidden in plain sight and they lack the ability to look at things objectively. There are other reasons for this too and this also ties into Icke and his philosophy of 'New Age' spirituality which is just Paganism.

There is also the small matter of the fact that he and his family are all 'Elite Gender Inversions' - or 'Baphomet Trannies' - and I have shown evidence of this too - the skeleton does not lie. Satanists do though, and these groupies are following many because they lack any sort of discernment and arrogantly dismiss anything they do not comprehend - which is a LOT. These are the type of people that never wake up. A huge reason for this is because the majority of these followers (never a more apt word) are either atheists, who believe they evolved from fish via monkeys, or 'New Age' Pagans who don't realise that they are being led towards the one world Satanic religion and I'd recommend those people watch this video from the brilliant Truth Unedited channel - my favourite YouTube channel - which explains it all perfectly.

'New Age' religion is just a mish mash of Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism and many other occult religions that originated in Babylon - that we learned about earlier - including Paganism, Luciferianism etc. David Icke is very clearly a Pagan, even to those who cannot see that he is a Satanist - and Paganism IS Satanism. Freemasonry, Paganism, Satanism, Luciferianism, 'New Age' - it's all the same thing. They worship the same deities and promote the 'do as thou wilt'/'Positive Imaging' doctrines that encourage a complete disregard for the laws and the will of YHWH. There has been a huge promotion of 'New Age' Paganism over the last thirty years or so and many of the practices such as meditation and yoga have become as mainstream as you can get. There is a very good reason for this - they want people worshipping Lucifer, knowingly or unknowingly. 

 Many of these Pagan religions are centred around one man who is God, a virgin woman who is the mother of a God and a God who is their son. One of the biggest misconceptions about Christianity, a misconception pushed by David Icke among many other deceivers, is that the story of Yeshua is recycled from the mystery religions. This is not true as you can see here. There IS a story in The Bible that fits this description but that is the story of Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz which is the same story as Osiris, Isis and Horus from the old Egyptian religion. It is only the Catholic church that reveres Mary as almost a Goddess - there is nothing in Biblical scripture to support this view and the Catholic church's obsession with graven images and idols also contradicts scripture. It also explains the true nature of The Vatican

Personally, I have always found the notion that you create your reality with your thoughts absolutely ridiculous but I respect people's right to believe what they like. That's their choice. I have also always thought that the whole 'love and light' people are just deluded Pagans indulging in Lucifer's work, hence the 'light' - whose light do they think it is? The same 'light' that Illuminated freemasons talk about - the light of Lucifer the Light Bearer. Now, I know these people following these ideas are not bad people which is exactly why I am pointing this out. They are being deceived by the Father of Lies. I am not criticising people for their beliefs. I have seen the appeal of 'New Age spiritualism' myself and have indulged in the past with meditation. I also flirted with Buddhism a long time ago and not too long ago got drawn into the 'Christ consciousness' belief. All I am doing is showing you what it is - Satanism disguised, as illustrated in the previous link.

What is happening now is, without a doubt, a spiritual war and the people following those groups are not prepared for this because they are being deceived by Luciferians. They do not have the discernment to make good judgements, as they have shown time and time again, and I have tried to help these people for six months even though I had nothing to gain from it. All of this was just met with their ignorance that prevents them from understanding very basic information and the misplaced arrogance that makes them think they are 'awake' just because they know that there is no pandemic. I took all of this personally for a long time and reacted in ways that I shouldn't have done. The truth is that I have been just like those people are and, just because I am right in saying that they don't have the time to waste making mistakes like I did, it doesn't mean that they can wake up before they are ready to. Just know that I was acting in their interests as them waking up doesn't affect me in the slightest. 

I sincerely apologise to ALL of those people that I have been rude to about this and I do hope you can accept my apology. The truth is that, since I started waking up about 5 years ago, I have become increasingly angry at the state of things and I haven't always handled that anger in the way that I should have done but I sincerely want to live my life in the way that YHWH wants me to and not to succumb to the anger, the impatience and the way that I am incredibly judgemental of people - probably my very worst flaw if I am honest. My faith has been tested enormously this year and at times I have really struggled. In the last few weeks or so I have been reading the Gospels and watching the Truth Unedited channel and my faith has never been stronger and I will never be drawn from it again. It has my 100% focus.

I believe that people can overcomplicate things, and maybe search for hidden meanings in things that are not there - for me, it really is as simple as this: We live in a world ruled by Satan, as The Bible clearly states, and his influence is everywhere for all to see - even through the very obvious symbolism that is everywhere you look. As always, the truth is hidden in plain sight. I believe that the Seven Deadly Sins are the main human weaknesses and this is what Satan uses to tempt us away from how YHWH wants us to act - and scripture tells us very clearly how we are expected to act. This idea resonates with me so much - that, in order to gain eternal life, you have to earn it by rejecting the material world, the world of the flesh, and walk with the spirit of YHWH inside you. You must reject the temptations of the flesh - the Seven Deadly Sins - and all of Satan's influences in order to walk the narrow path and have your name written into the Book of Life.

If we can just go back to King Solomon to close this blog, his story is the perfect metaphor for what we are facing today. King Solomon chose materialism over YHWH and he betrayed YHWH to worship false idols - and this is exactly what has happened today. The moral of the story is that when we worship fame and wealth over YHWH we are heading for a big fall. You only have to look around the media and the so-called 'entertainment' industry to see the influence of Satan - and not just because they are all EGIs - you'd have to be under some sort of spell not to see it... I will be going into this in far greater detail in the next series of blogs and, when we look at religion, I will be showing how the Coexist movement uses the pretence of tolerance and harmony to trick people into worshipping Lucifer. 

I will just finish by saying that, again, I sincerely apologise to anyone that I have upset or angered by being intolerant, judgemental and impatient, and also for succumbing to anger rather than being more understanding. I won't be responding to any troll comments anymore as that is beneath me and I should have known better in the first place. I won't be removing the ones already on here as they will serve as a reminder of how not to react and how I do not want to conduct myself in the future.

I hope some of this has resonated with you and I will be starting The Road To Serfdom series very soon with a blog on Flat Earth, 'evolution', dinosaurs and space. Until then, take care...  

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