The Road To Serfdom Part I - The Fall of Man

27 Dec

I'd like to write about a religion that has had the most negative impact on humankind imaginable. A religion that openly threatens us more with every passing day - a religion that threatens what we are, our very existence. A religion that has the most ridiculous creation story ever told - a religion that has no basis in reality. A religion that contains no moral guidance and offers no comfort. A religion that operates via deception and claims facts out of fiction - a Godless religion that places man above God. A religion that claims not to be a religion - that indoctrinates schoolchildren all over the world every single day. I am talking about 'science' or, to give it a more truthful name - pseudoscience. In reality, it is just a branch of Satanism (heliocentrism is literally just sun worship) - which we are going to take a look at later - operating by deception to hide our creator from us. It masquerades as an agent of logic and of truth but, in reality, it is an agent of lies with a proven track record of falsifying 'facts' in order to deceive the masses -and there is a very good reason for that as we shall discover later. I am now going to show you why it definitely is not wise to 'trust the science.'

The society we have all grown up in is a society where 'science' has replaced God, both as a creator and a moral guide. We are taught to unquestioningly trust whatever 'scientists' and 'experts' tell us, as though they have some divine right not to be questioned, and we are taught that questioning completely baseless theories such as the 'Big Bang' theory, the theory of evolution and the absolutely ridiculous idea that we live on a spinning ball flying around 'outer space' is tantamount to blasphemy! I am sure that many people reading this will already be feeling agitated at the idea of their beliefs being questioned and this is just the cognitive dissonance kicking in. Before we go any further, forget everything you've ever been told and just listen to the facts and join the dots. 

What I write about flat Earth, the 'Big Bang', evolution, 'outer space' and dinosaurs will be fact and I will list many links for you to do further research, which is absolutely crucial for anyone wanting to seek the truth - don't take anybody's word as fact without researching yourself first, including mine. Now, I know we live in a very materialistic world where atheism and supposed 'science' are supposedly what passes for logic and reason and I am going to show this to be demonstrably untrue. I was an atheist myself for thirty odd years from around the age of nine until I discovered flat Earth (not literally). I had no time for religion at all (I still don't, will explain later), thought the idea of a creator was crazy and, if anyone had told me that the Earth was flat, I'd have thought they were mad - in fact, I did when I first heard someone say it. All flat Earthers become flat Earthers trying to prove a flat Earther wrong and discovering that they were 100% right. 

Flat Earth led me on a path of discovery like no other has - it opened up so many rabbit holes and answered so many previously unanswered questions - and I truly believe that it is crucial to understand this in order for some of the newly waking people to wake up to the extent the lies we are told go - we have been lied to about everything and this series is going to reveal many of those lies to you. For me, it led me on a path that eventually led to me believing in YHWH, God, after years of accepting that there must have been a creator in order for everything on Earth to work and exist as it does. I will explain my beliefs later as I feel I should state where I am coming from in a blog that is predominantly about religion, in one form or another, but I have to stress that all of my beliefs about the theories and topics mentioned were formed well before I became a believer in God. As I say, it was the opposite journey - the beliefs based on very clear evidence led to some connecting of dots that made belief in God the logical progression for me, and for many others who I have noticed have followed a similar path to myself in their own journeys. 

This is the first blog in the Road To Serfdom series - a series that will be taking a look at various aspects of our lives and how they have been manipulated in order for us to be in the exact place we currently are in. As I mentioned above, this blog is about religion - in particular 'science' and Satanism - and we will also be looking at the origin and geography of our home, the theory of evolution, the 'Big Bang' theory, dinosaurs, outer space and how they are all interlinked - as everything is here on Earth - and there's no better place to start than at the beginning. 

The story of our origins is a hotly contested topic and, broadly speaking, it is an argument of a creator vs a random series of events. The 'Big Bang' theory presupposes that there was nothing, then that nothing exploded and - even though every recorded explosion destroys matter - this explosion of nothing formed whole solar systems and complex ecosystems randomly, as luck would have it, and all of the orbits around various planets all just so happened to occur. Now, it might sound as though that would be highly improbable - if not impossible - but it's OK because it took millions of years for these to form so, naturally, that makes it all plausible. This is the 'logic' of the pseudoscience we are told is 'science' - and it is a religion not a science. Not a shred of it is based on any sort of practical, observable science at all. It is 'anti-science' if anything, as it presupposes a position then creates meaningless formulas to show how this model would work if it actually existed - this is literally what it does - and then it gets passed off as fact and taught in schools and throughout the media as such. This absolute rubbish is spoonfed to your kids every day - quite possibly by you, too - because we have allowed this nonsense to become the norm. Teaching kids this science-fiction as fact is the reason that we are so lost as a species - and we are very lost. We have become separated from our creator and I am going to show you the lengths that the controllers of this realm have gone to hide Him from you and how the Flat Earth we live on is the lie that ties everything else together.

When you look at the Earth and how perfect it is - when you take away man's influence that is - it is hard not to understand that there must have been a creator. That it is a work of intelligent design. The idea that something so perfect, containing so many intricacies in terms of design and the way things depend on each other to coexist - such as the way we breathe in oxygen and breathe out CO2 and plants vice versa or the way that bees pollinate plants - could have happened by some random accident is an insult, both to the place we inhabit and to our intelligence - not to mention to our creator, and that is the point. We have everything we need to sustain ourselves which we'll discover in other blogs in the series and one of the reasons we are where we are is the 'climate crisis' which we looked at in a previous blog and will touch on again later. This is just one way that discovering we live on a flat, motionless plane that is a product of intelligent design - creation - enables us to see through the endless lies we are fed by the Satanists that control this place. We know that everything we need is provided for us - that we live in a self-sustaining ecosystem - and therefore we know that all talk of sustainability, overpopulation, scarcity, climate change etc. are just part of the agenda - even without seeing the many examples of them hiding it in plain sight. There is also the fact that there are so many similarities in the design of different creations, such as the lines on our fingerprints and the lines inside trees, the similarity between the design of our lungs and branches, the similarity between human and leaf veins and rivers. 

I am sure we all know the story of creation from The Bible - where Eve was tempted by a serpent into eating the forbidden fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which saw Adam and Eve banished from Eden, and from eating from the Tree of Life that would have allowed them to live forever. I mentioned in a previous blog how Pagans and occultists believe that Eve had sex with Satan and conceived Cain, before YHWH created Adam and they had Abel. The 'elite' believe that they descend from this bloodline, that they descend from God (they are Luciferians, remember, and they invert everything), and this is why they believe they are superior to the rest of us. This is also why they practice Satanism - and I mean this literally - it is their religion, their culture and, as I have mentioned in previous blogs, it is also part of their religion to mutilate their bodies and become androgynous like Lucifer/Baphomet. We'll dig further into the Satanic element later but let's examine the evidence that the Earth is not the spinning globe we are told it is.

I will provide links to several videos that I'd recommend you watch for the proofs that we cannot be living on a spinning ball. There are over 200 so there are far too many to mention in this blog but I'd recommend watching them all if you believe you live on a globe because, as I said, the globe lie is the father of all lies and the lie from which all the others stem from and it is provable that we cannot be living on a spinning ball. I would also most certainly recommend reading Eric Dubay's "The Flat Earth Conspiracy" as that will also help you to understand that evolution and dinosaurs are both lies too, which we will get into shortly. First, though, I will just list a handful of the many reasons that we cannot be living on a spinning ball - but, please, do read and watch the material for yourselves - do not take my word for anything. 

The Flat Earth Conspiracy

200 Proofs Earth Is Not A Spinning Ball

The Biggest Lie Of All

How Everything Works On Flat Earth

The History of Flat Earth

Russianvids 4 Hr Flat Earth Video

We cannot live on a spinning ball because:

The horizon is always perfectly flat in a 360 degree radius, regardless of altitude. The horizon also always rises to eye level which would be impossible on a globe. 

Rivers and railways also prove no curvature as rivers would have to run uphill on a globe, part of the Nile runs for thousands of miles with a drop of only one foot and surveyors, engineers and architects are never asked to factor for curvature in any project.

Water always finds its level and a pressurised atmosphere (Earth) cannot exist alongside a vacuum (outer space) without a container (the firmament/dome).

Airline pilots do not adjust for curvature which means that they are flying over a flat plane and not a globe.

Actual scientific observational experiments prove flat Earth, such as laser tests and the second law of thermodynamics (the law of entropy).

The fixed position of Polaris and circular star trails proves a stationary flat Earth. In fact, there is no evidence of any motion and all evidence points to the contrary, as does the supposed 'coriolis effect'.

Gravity is simply buoyancy vs density and there is no magic force stopping us falling off of a spinning ball. How could it prevent us from falling off yet be weak enough for a ladybird to take off? Pure nonsense. The idea of people walking upside down is just sci-fi for adults who should know better.

The globe is never taken into account for navigation because we do not live on a globe. The distances in the southern hemisphere and the non-existent southern hemisphere flights also indicate that the flat Earth model is correct. Pay attention to the part on "The Biggest Lie Of All" where Dave Murphy discusses what happens when you try to view flights in the southern hemisphere on Flight Tracker. When these planes are over the sea they disappear from view until they hit land again as they clearly do not want us seeing the routes they take.

Differences between the northern and southern hemispheres prove flat Earth because on the globe model, areas of comparable latitude north and south of the equator should share similar characteristics such as temperature, seasonal changes etc. and they do not.

No midnight sun in Antarctica proves flat Earth. No uncut videos to support the claims exist that a midnight sun is visible in Antarctica but there are plenty showing that it is visible in the Arctic. It's also convenient that nobody is allowed to go there and see for themselves...

Seasonal changes prove flat Earth because the globe model has us closest to the sun in January and furthest away in July and it should be pretty self-explanatory why this is so. 

Circumnavigation does not disprove flat Earth at all as clearly you can circle a flat surface, hence the existence of a pair of compasses. They literally circumnavigate a flat surface when drawing a circle.

The sun and moon are clearly of a similar size and circle the Earth. When they reflect on water, they also prove flat Earth. 'Planets' are also clearly luminous discs of light and not solid 'terra firma'.

These are just some of the 200+ proofs that Earth cannot be a spinning ball. All of the others can be found in the links provided above. It should now be very apparent that we have been lied to about our origins and the geography of the plane we live on. The flat Earth is hidden in plain sight on the logos of many organisations, such as the United Nations and the World Health Organisation and this map is the generally accepted standard of flat Earthers. This is the model that I subscribe to and I believe that it is the flat Earth of The Bible - with the domed firmament separating the waters above from the waters below. I would agree with Russianvids and MAG Truth that the firmament is likely made of diamond, as it would have to be made of something very strong. Now, I know you have been programmed to think that flat Earth and the idea of us living under a dome is crazy, right? But is it really any crazier than the idea that you are the product of nothing exploding to form everything by accident? Remember that we have established that we cannot be living on the globe Earth model and remember that all scientific experiments prove that the Earth is flat - and remember that a pressurised atmosphere needs a container.

There are a few videos that appear to show evidence of the dome. Some of them show the rocket hitting something and freefalling back down to earth and one shows the rocket appearing to hit the dome and then fly along the top, underneath the firmament, and revealing what looks to be the waters above. There is also the belief that the freemasonic square and compass represents the (metaphorical, I presume) tools the 'Great Architect in the Sky' used to create the Earth - that we have the four corners of the Earth (as shown to Yahshua by Satan in The Bible) created with the square, and the Earth that we know of (surrounded by a circular ice wall) created with the compass. This is just speculation though, as is the idea that there are hidden lands and hidden resources that are kept from us (which I personally believe to be true), and the fact that the public are forbidden from entering 'Antarctica' would suggest that something is indeed being kept from us. The Antarctic Treaty System was signed in 1959 by signatories from the 12 nations that had interests in the region and now has 54 signatories. The region is protected by NATO forces and it would make sense that they wouldn't want 'civilians' snooping around if they were hiding land or the fact that 'Antarctica' is the ice wall surrounding the Earth. 

The idea of the world being a spinning ball revolving around the sun is an idea pushed on the masses by freemasons to deceive us. Regular readers of these blogs will not be surprised to hear this as, whenever deceit is on the menu, you can bet your life that freemasons are involved and, when you consider that they are sun worshipping Pagans, there is no way they wouldn't be involved in planting the Sun into the middle of this mythical solar system that they literally created from their imaginations. Eric Dubay highlighted how Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo and Newton were all freemasons by highlighting portraits of them containing very overt freemasonic symbolism. This is also true of Charles Darwin, who we'll be looking at shortly, Albert Einstein, the founders and members of NASA and anyone else significant in the scientific field, just as any other field. Freemasonry runs the world for the Black Nobility and the Committee of 300 as we discovered in a previous blog. It's very important to remember the structure of their system at all times because it is very easy to lose sight of who 'the enemy' is if you are not focused. 

As you'll have seen from the videos and, especially the Eric Dubay book which I seriously do recommend you read if you want to understand the facts that underpin the information in this blog, there is no outer space and, therefore, there are no 'planets' or galaxies or milky ways or any of the other sci-fi passed off as fact that these tricksters have made you think is your reality. Man has never been to the moon and 'Mars' is Devon Island with a red tint - literally! I'll leave some NASA and space fakery links here so we can focus on the symbolism and just summarise why there is no space.

 The International Fake Station

NASA Fail Compilation

2001: A Masonic Odyssey

The first aspect I'd like to focus on is the gravestone of ex-Nazi and former NASA Deputy Associate Administrator for Planning, Werner Von Braun. This is a classic example of the mockery these people put in plain sight. He was a rocket scientist for NASA, who have supposedly sent men into 'space', and yet his gravestone is engraved with "Psalm 19:1" - which reads: "The Heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament sheweth his handiwork" - i.e. he knew the Earth is flat and domed. There is also the fact that the 'moon landing' was very clearly faked (too many reasons to list here but just the different directions of the shadows alone show it is faked) and rumoured to have been filmed by Stanley Kubrick a year after "2001: A Space Odyssey". The evidence to support this is the photo of him with NASA officials (which, to be fair, could be passed off as getting advice for 2001), the fact that the studio used to film the fakery has the exact same set up and techniques used as the ape scenes from 2001 and the fact that there are multiple references to the Apollo missions in Kubrick's "The Shining" (Danny's Apollo 11 jumper and Room 237 - Earth is supposedly 237,000 miles from the moon). 

Then we have the fact that the Challenger 'tragedy' of 1986 was faked and that the 'dead' crew are still alive; the fact that every single picture of Earth is CGI ('because it has to be' - yeah, only one reason for that!) and that the Hubble telescope (which is on a plane, not in space) can't just show us a live video feed of Earth. Do you not find it very odd that, in over fifty years, we have never seen live footage of Earth from space - even though we supposedly have the technology to see it? Supposedly man's greatest achievement and we haven't even seen any credible proof of it? How great would it be to see aeroplanes flying upside down and all the satellites floating around? We'll never ever see it though because it is literally science-fiction. The Universal logo first had the ball Earth as its logo in 1912, decades before anyone could have possibly known what a ball Earth would look like - yet apparently, they guessed it spot on! 

All of the science fiction novels from the Victorian period onwards were part of the pre-predictive programming employed to sell space to the masses. This was later magnified with the invention of radio (think the War of the Worlds broadcast that caused widespread panic), television and movies. They were all made with the primary purpose of making you believe in space and making you believe you are an insignificant speck of space dust born of an astronomical accident. 

If we can go back to the Victorian period now, we can take a look at a couple of other attempts, sadly as successful as the space and globe Earth psyops, to further remove us from our creator and make humans seem insignificant - the theory of evolution and 'dinosaurs'.

Evolution & Dinosaurs Debunked

Charles Darwin's theory of evolution is taught as fact in schools and in the media despite being impossible. The law of entropy completely disproves his theory of evolution as, over time, organic matter withers and decays - as proven by rust, mould and decaying corpses. Just like the 'Big Bang' theory, this theory falls at the very first hurdle yet the vast majority of people on Earth think they are the descendants of fish and monkeys living on a spinning ball that exploded into existence from nothing - literally because someone told them that is what they are. That is all it took. There is no evidence of any sort to support the 'Big Bang' theory, a globe Earth, 'outer space', dinosaurs or evolution yet this is what the vast majority of brainwashed automatons believe. Just to mention a few of the more obvious proofs on the Eric Dubay video, Darwin's theory is reliant upon transitional forms - that is, the remains of creatures in between two stages of evolution - and none have ever been found to this day, for the very obvious reason that evolution is impossible. Don't get me wrong, micro-evolution within a species is very possible and we have seen many examples of these for ourselves, but the idea of macro-evolution and the ability for species to completely evolve into other species (reptile to bird, fish to mammal etc.) is literally impossible.

One reason for this is that eyes and wings only work when they are fully formed so how could an evolving creature survive without seeing or flying in order to continue the evolution process to its offspring? There is also the fact of Haeckel's fake drawings of embryos that, just like the 'holocaust', leads to questions of: "If they weren't faking it why would they lie at all?". Haeckel was a friend and contemporary of Darwin and his 'capitulation theory' proposed that all embryos undergo a change from fish to reptile to mammal in the womb and his very obviously faked drawings show this to be false. He also admitted this and said that lying like this was common practice among his contemporaries, who included the freemasons Darwin and Thomas 'Bulldog' Huxley, and this just sums up the field of 'science' as we know it today.

The idea that man descended from apes naturally led to the convenient supposed discoveries of the remains of some of these pre-evolved species - the first of which was 'discovered' in 1856, just in time for Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" three years later. This 'Neanderthal' was presented as a 'missing link' between apes and man, a view that is still taught as fact in schools, despite there being absolutely no different to modern humans than an Asian skeleton is from a Caucasian. In fact, the skull size shows its brain size was 13% larger than the average brain of modern man so this actually contradicts the theory of evolution. One of the main exponents of Neanderthal man, German professor Reiner Protsch - who conveniently dated the remains at 36,000 years ago to perfectly fit the evolutionary timeline - was forced to retire in disgrace in 2005 after it was revealed that he had fabricated data and plagiarised the work of others for 30 years. This fabrication of data seems to be a core part of 'science' as those who are aware of the Covid-19 scam know all too well. Indeed, from reading The Flat Earth Conspiracy or watching the Evolution and Dinosaurs Debunked video, we can see many other examples of faked supposed 'missing links' designed to give credibility to their ridiculous ape man story. If man evolved from apes, then why do apes still exist? Why did they not continue on their evolutionary journey to humankind?

Dinosaurs were another invention used to give credence to Darwin's ridiculous theory and this is a topic that many grown men cannot accept. It is absolutely tragic watching supposed adults, when confronted with the very clear evidence that you will be presented with, who just cannot accept that the dinosaurs of their childhood never existed at all. Ever. Just like with flat Earth, evolution, 'outer space' etc. childish things belong in the past and it really is a case of 'get over it and move on'. If you profess to be a truther than you should accept the truth regardless of who it comes from and regardless of what bubbles of yours it bursts as the truth is the truth. Let's have a look at why the fact that dinosaurs never existed is also the truth...

The term 'Dinosauria' was first coined by Sir Richard Owen of the Royal Society (who Darwin was also a member of) in 1842. What this means is that, during the height of the push for evolutionism, the existence of dinosaurs was hypothesised by a museum head that just so happened to be 'proved right' twelve years later in 1854 when the first dinosaur remains were allegedly discovered in the USA - and note and compare the dates of Darwin's theory, the 'discovery of Neanderthal' and this supposed discovery of dinosaur remains. There are no coincidences. Basically, I am asking what are the chances that a theory was hypothesised of the existence of ancient reptiles and then, even though nobody had ever discovered any evidence of such creatures ever before, someone looking for them happens to find them just as the theory of evolution is being pushed and they have also just so happened to find existence of the 'missing link' that nobody had ever discovered before either? Simple logic tells us that dinosaurs never existed just from this alone but also consider how a Brontosaurus could sustain itself when, using the comparison to an elephant, it would literally have to spend more than 24 hours a day eating which is clearly impossible. 

The fact that no remains were ever discovered before is a huge problem for those who want to keep their childhood fantasies alive because the fact that all of the first discoveries took place in this same time period by people who were actively looking for them all over the world makes it pretty obvious that they were faked. When you also take into account that there have been no discoveries of a complete skeleton (some, such as the first 'discovery', were simply on the basis of teeth), that fossils are all 'kept in storage' where only paleontologists can view them and the fact that all of the 'dinosaur skeletons' we see in museums are made of fibreglass and chicken bones it should be a given. What are the chances that no other culture ever mentioned dinosaurs or made any discovery anywhere across the world prior to all these dinosaur hunters finding them everywhere they looked? What are the chances that no tradesmen, excavators or miners ever stumbled across any remains of these beasts that apparently roamed all over the world by the thousands for millions of years? It is pure fantasy.

The two most prominent dinosaur hunters, Edward Drinker Cope and Othneil Marsh, were themselves found guilty of mass falsification to the extent that, of the 136 species of dinosaurs claimed to have been discovered by these two rivals, only 32 are still considered valid today. That's a lot of fakery and why would you fake anything unless you were deceiving? One of the main reasons for the dinosaur hoax was the attempt to explain some of the problems with Darwin's theory - namely sea-dwelling animals becoming land animals, reptiles evolving into birds etc. In fact, there is more evidence to suggest the existence of giants in the past - quite possibly the Nephilim of The Bible - than there is of evolution or dinosaurs. Even the fact that they are mentioned in The Bible shows more evidence of existence than anything regarding dinosaurs because, as we saw earlier, there have never been any accounts of the existence of any dinosaurs until 1842 - and that was literally just someone hypothesising their existence (which, granted, does count as 'proof' in this religion called 'science'). Giants exist in the 'myths' and tales from all sorts of cultures, there have been verified remains of giant human skeletons and the same simply cannot be said for dinosaurs. The remains also give credence to The Book of Enoch, a book that some allege was removed from The Bible (which I personally disagree with) that goes into greater detail regarding the 'Watchers', the fallen angels who fathered the Nephilim. 

It's certainly a very interesting story and one that I'd be open to with more evidence. There is clearly evidence of giants throughout history in written and oral accounts from cultures across the world but whether they are related to the Nephilim of The Bible is purely circumstantial. I am also open to the idea of the reptilian bloodline - I'd just need a lot more proof than David Icke writing about what someone told him as though it was fact... there seems to be a pattern here! To sum this part up, if you research the evidence from the sources provided then you will see that the Earth cannot be a spinning globe, outer space does not exist, evolution is a very obvious myth, dinosaurs never existed and the Big Bang theory is absolutely ridiculous. These are all factual statements - these are not just my opinions. Feel free to research all of the evidence but, if you do and you are claiming that what I have said is not factual then I really do not know what to say to you. 

It is absolutely crucial to understand these deceptions and why they were enforced on the population in a mass mind control program. As I have mentioned, the primary reason was to destroy the relationship with, and faith in, the creator. The purpose of this 'science' being pushed in the mid-nineteenth century was to elevate the freemasons behind these supposed discoveries and intellectual prowess (in reality, lying and deceiving which is what freemasonry is all about) to Godlike status whilst simultaneously reducing mankind to the status of a cosmological accident with no purpose or reason for being. It really is a remarkable achievement when you look at it objectively - at the same time they made the masses both regard themselves as a species as absolutely meaningless yet, at the same time, they revere the fakery of man as though it were divine. A very strange contradiction. The destruction of God and the push for an atheist society was absolutely necessary for their long-term goal of a Luciferian one world religion - Order Out of Chaos, remember?

It is very important to understand this freemasonic involvement with this deception - we've seen that the roots of all of these 'theories' originate with freemasons - and it is very important to understand that they are all about Luciferianism and deception. These people believe they are superior to us because they have access to 'hidden' occult knowledge, the knowledge that is passed on from the Satanic Black Nobility and the Committee of 300 via freemasonry and other occult secret societies. So, after these Luciferians had all but destroyed Christianity in 'the west' and spent 150 years bringing in their Satanic 'Do As Thou Wilst' sense of 'morality' that is now completely mainstream as we shall see as we progress into the series, they needed a way to unite people spiritually in preparation for the coming of the Antichrist and the One World Religion. Their answer was the Coexist movement and the 'New Age' movement of 'Spiritualism'. 

The 'New Age' movement, which is just Paganism rebranded, has grown in popularity over the last 30 years - pretty much for as long as David Icke has been pushing it, funnily enough. It uses many of the same occult symbolism that we see freemasons and Luciferians use, the same numerology and occult symbolism and practices such as meditation and yoga and it does this because it is just Paganism/Satanism hidden in plain sight. It promotes the belief that you can simply manifest your own reality by having 'positive vibes' or 'thinking it' which does not resonate with me at all, to be honest. I also cannot get on board with the idea that there is a 'God' who doesn't really care how you live, as long as it is convenient for you to fit your life around it, He is cool with that, and then you can live your life how you see fit and still end up as a star or a bit of pixie dust or whatever it is they decide they want it to be - which is how it seems to me. It just seems to be make up whatever you want to believe in because that is easier than following a set of commandments that state how you earn eternal life. 

 As I mentioned earlier, I was an atheist myself for 30 odd years - and a very militant one at that, at times. I know all too well how silly, backwards and 'square' religion - Christianity in particular - can look and this is largely due to how it has been demonised, taken away from the true teachings of the scriptures and mocked mercilessly. However, I am going to briefly explain my personal beliefs because I think it is necessary in order for me to make sense of what I want to say about where we are right now and where we go from here at the end of this particular part of the series. Before I continue, let me just state that these are my personal beliefs and they are based entirely on faith - however I do not subscribe to any religion or any denomination of a religion. I simply believe in the scriptures of The Bible, Old and New Testaments, and I will explain why I do. This is not to preach - rather, I simply want to put it out there in the hopes that it resonates with people and they'll investigate further for themselves out of a genuine desire to do so. I respect all of your beliefs and your right to have them, these are simply mine:

I believe in YHWH, the Elohim of Israel and the creator of the Heavens and the Earth. I believe that he sent his only begotten son, Yahshua Ha Masiach, to Earth in order that he show us how to live and offer us the opportunity for salvation through his sacrifice. I believe in the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments and I believe that these texts are the truth that is hidden in plain sight that are the key to our salvation and connect us to our Father via the Son. I believe that the purpose to our lives on Earth is to live as closely as possible to the way Yahshua did, living by his morals and his teachings from the scripture, rejecting all of the temptations put in our path by Satan - who The Bible openly says rules Earth. To me, this makes perfect sense - we are born into sin ever since Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden and Yahshua offers us the chance to have a real relationship with our creator that has been lost ever since. 

Although I acknowledged that we had a creator when I realised that the Earth was flat and a product of intelligent design, I didn't really have any firm faith or belief until April this year. Even since then I have struggled a LOT at times to remain on the narrow path, both in terms of my conduct (especially) and in terms of my belief itself. The aspect I particularly struggled with was the aspect of Yahshua, for two main reasons: Firstly, there is the school of thought that he is really the Antichrist and that his purpose is to serve as a barrier between us and the creator and to trick us into worshipping Lucifer. I did struggle with this for a while, things like pictures depicting Him doing Baphomet signs and listening to others opinions not helping to be honest, but in the end, it was reconciled pretty easily. I believe that, if Yahshua were not real, the Luciferians controlling this world would not go to the great lengths they do to mock him and to portray him as someone very different to Biblical scripture. These people operate using very strict codes, we know this, and I truly believe that one of their codes prevents them from just destroying The Bible or the word of YHWH. Instead, they hide the truth in plain sight, like they do with so much else (and they are all about patterns and uniformity), leading us away from YHWH's word and the teachings of his Son which offers us the chance of salvation. This, to me, would fit their M.O. perfectly and, as crazy as it sounds, it feels like this was revealed to me rather than some discovery I have made or theory I have come up with but I will just leave it at that.

We can clearly see that the world is controlled by Satan - whether you believe it literally or that it is controlled by those who believe they are doing his bidding - and we know that these people have access to knowledge that we do not and we know that they definitely believe in Satan and demons and the old gods of the Babylonians and Sumerians. We also know that they believe in inversion and that their entire ethos is just a constant rerun of Adam and Eve - they are the serpents tricking us from a relationship with our creator and from eternal life by tempting us into sin. This is why Skull and Bones use 322 as their number - Genesis 3:22 - Man disobeying God. I believe all of this additional information further emphasises my belief that the word of YHWH and the teachings of the Christ are the real Holy Grail that is hidden right under our noses every day. They clearly have knowledge of things that are kept from us. They clearly believe in Satan. They also believe in duality meaning there must be a God if there is a Devil. They have torn us away from our natural state by lying about our creation, our true history and by the invention of 'science' - the primary purpose of which was to destroy belief in our creator. They have slowly led us to a society where the Seven Deadly Sins are regarded as virtues in the inverted, Satanic world we live in. The signs, symbols, codes and numbers are everywhere - subliminally programming us - and it is not a coincidence that virtually everyone in the public eye can be seen doing these Satanic handsigns - regardless of their particular field - they have to give thanks to the one that put them where they are. 

The second reason my faith wavered was the idea of the Christ Consciousness or Sacred Secretion. Prior to getting into this I was just starting to get my head around the idea of the stories of The Bible being real, largely due to aspects of this video by Dave Murphy which I'd recommend watching anyway as it has some very interesting things to say about the original race of people in the UK, but I digress... so, when I discovered the Sacred Secretion it posed a few problems for me. Clearly, if The Bible was just code for something that can happen inside ourselves then The Bible and Yahshua couldn't be real outside of the sense that they are a coding system. There is a very good argument for it, very clever, but I believe that this is the deception to prevent us from seeking a relationship with Yahshua, our saviour and our way to eternal life and, through him, a relationship with our creator. This is part of the 'New Age Spiritualism' psyop that is becoming more and more mainstream as this push towards a one world Luciferian religion gathers pace. Again, just to reiterate, these are my own personal views and I am not preaching - I simply want to share these views in the hopes that, should they resonate with anyone, they will research and study the topics further and come to the same conclusions as I have. That is all. 

I don't think we really need to say too much about the fact that all religions - including all denominations of Christianity - are completely infiltrated and controlled by Luciferians/Satanists/Pagans all pushing the New World Order Satanic agenda. I am pretty sure we are all on the same page on this score. We'll look a little deeper into religion when we look at the Divide and Conquer agenda but let's take a look at where we are at right now in terms of religion and spirituality. 

When it comes to creation, 'science' is very much the most widespread religion (and it IS a religion) and any alternative to the baseless Big Bang fiction is dismissed pretty much universally as 'retarded' as the idea of people in the past being backwards for believing (correctly) that the Earth was flat has been programmed deep into the communal psyche. Even religious people of all faiths are taught that their own stories of creation are metaphors and allegories for the 'scientific' nonsense they peddle to the masses. This is all part of the Coexist movement's push towards the Luciferian one world religion where the entire world worships Satan, unknowingly at first, via the many Pagan polytheistic religions that are simply Satanism in disguise, and then openly as the practices become widespread. Even in Christianity we are encouraged to indulge in Satanic rituals under the false belief that we are worshipping and praising Yahshua. This is why I do not belong to any denomination and simply believe in the scriptures. St. Valentine's Day, Easter, Hallowe'en and Christmas are all Pagan festivals and rituals involved in the occult and have nothing to do with Christ. Christmas is the celebration of Tammuz, Nimrod's Son. This is not what YHWH wants us to be partaking in. It is idolatry and blasphemy. I am not judging anyone, I am just stating what the scripture says. You can take it however you choose.

I feel that, after destroying our relationship with our creator, the controllers are now getting people back into spirituality in a big way, via the 'New Age' movement primarily, and this would also fit their M.O. of outlawing something they want to bring to the masses (think prohibition, the outlawing of women working/voting, the criminalisation of homosexuality etc.) to increase consumption. They made religion - Christianity in particular, for obvious reasons - 'unfashionable'. They did it first by making it seem archaic and stupid, something that unenlightened people of the past believed, and then by making it seem 'uncool' and 'square'. The general timescale we'll be looking at throughout this series is - besides the obvious exceptions from this particular part, before any smart-arse pipes up - from around the mid-nineteenth century to the present day and, from that time, we've seen a very concerted effort to destroy belief and faith in Yahshua Ha Masiach and to ensure that those that do believe in Him believe in a very different version to the one from the actual scriptures. 

This is what the Coexist movement is all about. Diluting all of the world's major religions down to the bare bones - and they are all just different branches of polytheistic Paganism (Luciferianism) - so that the entire world is worshipping Lucifer under different names. I believe that the only religion that this does not apply to is Christianity (I mentioned why the Christ story is not the same story as Tammuz/Horus etc. in my last blog), although it certainly does to Catholicism which is very much Pagan in its idolatry, the 'father God, mother God, son God' Pagan trinity that does not exist in scripture and the fact that it is run by Satanists who don't even hide what they are. One only has to look at the Pope's audience hall in The Vatican to see that they are Satanists. The interior of the hall is designed to resemble a snake's head complete with fangs and the backdrop to the hall is a sculpture of what can only be described as demons with one seemingly depicting Christ with a snake's head. These are not men of YHWH.

The Christ of Catholicism, Islam and the mainstream media is certainly not the same Christ of Biblical scripture. This is what I think has been hidden from us - the true teachings of Christ and the true way to redemption and everlasting life. I believe that the Christ of Catholicism is the Antichrist which is why they depict him doing Baphomet signs and why they have adopted the Pagan trinity for their version of Christianity.

So, this is where we are now at. We have a Catholic church that openly shows where its allegiance lies and who openly displays the sexual depravity of the heretics who claim to be working for YHWH, such is the moral sewer we live in today. We have mainstream Christianity promoting a false image of Yahshua as an all loving, all inclusive, hippy dude who will accept any sort of behaviour as long as you believe in him - and believing in this image will see you lose your soul, which is why it is promoted. We have the major promotion of Eastern religions and the 'New Age' elements which are all based on Paganism and Pagan practices such as yoga and meditation. We see Judaism immune from any sort of criticism by the invention of 'anti-semitism' - even though those Ashkenazis are not even semites - based on the 'holocaust' myth. We have also seen the promotion of Kabbalah in the media which is Jewish mysticism that goes back to Babylon and is very much based in the occult. We see Islam defended and demonised in equal measure as it is clearly being used as a tool for division and Allah is a moon god, hence the crescent on the Islamic nation's flags. 

We have also seen a huge rise in the promotion of the occult and Satanism in the media and in all forms of popular culture and we'll be looking at this next time. There have been so many films and TV shows about all forms of the occult and some of the most popular series of books have been about these topics too. This is all carefully co-ordinated, as it always is, and the goal is to get people prepared to worship Lucifer who will be portrayed as our saviour. This is already well under way and I would recommend reading Alex Dalassio's very interesting and well researched threads about the rituals behind the handwashing, the distancing and the mask wearing that we have seen the ignorant partaking in by the billions across the world. 

This is a good place to leave things as we can just jump straight back in when we look at the Satanism that underpins the 'entertainment' and 'sports' industries and the popular culture that exists hand in hand with them. In terms of where we go from here, I have stated my personal beliefs. I believe that the push for the one world religion and the rebuilding of the Third Temple, for the coming Antichrist, is the priority of this 'reset' or New World Order - everything else is dressing and distraction. I believe many people are being duped into atheism, duped into indulging in Luciferian practices and duped into thinking they are obeying the will of YHWH and the teachings of Yahshua when the Yahshua they know is not the Yahshua of scripture. 

I have explained my personal reasons for believing in the scriptures - I believe that they are the truth hidden in plain sight that tells us how to redeem ourselves, save our souls and gain eternal life through the belief in and emulation of Yahshua. We know this is a spiritual war and we know that this is a battle for our souls. This, I truly believe, is the way to save yours. I would thoroughly recommend watching the Truth Unedited channel for more information and I would recommend starting the History of Religion playlist from the start of the Gospels. If it resonates then great, if not, you've not lost anything by having a look. Like I say, this is just my personal belief and this is what resonates with me.

I believe that we are approaching the times of great tribulation and people need to be prepared to suffer great hardship if they want to remain in possession of their souls. It is very important to have faith in your Messiah and to understand exactly what is at stake. The scriptures are very clear about the way YHWH wants us to live and they are very clear that the only way to gain eternal life is through belief in Yahshua and emulation of his life - which includes persecution and death. This, to me, makes sense. Life being a test where only those that sacrifice their worldly desires to live in the way their creator wants them to are rewarded with eternal life after this life ends. This world is very clearly Satanic and we are clearly manipulated by the Seven Deadly Sins, which represent our major flaws. 

This resonates with me much more than the idea that people make their own reality or that thinking positive thoughts makes good things happen or that God loves everyone equally and it doesn't matter how you live your life - it just doesn't resonate with me at all. Nor do I believe that we live in a matrix or that reptilians live amongst us or any of the other theories and realities that are put out there to confuse us - but I'd be open to any of them if the evidence presented itself. Again, my beliefs are just my beliefs and my mind is open to anything - whether it resonates or not is another matter. My beliefs may well not resonate with you, and this is perfectly fine, but if they do then I would definitely suggest you check that channel out and start understanding the scriptures. There has been a huge attempt to hide what I believe to be the truth in plain sight from us and one of the major ways this has been done is through popular culture and that's where we'll pick up next time. Until then, stay blessed.

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