The Road To Serfdom Part II - All The World's A Stage...

12 Jan

Last time we looked at religion, broadly speaking, and how so-called 'science' was used to destroy man's relationship with his creator and to replace spirituality with materialism. We also looked at Satanism and how it underpinned the 'science' that has become the 'god' of the 21st Century, as it was for much of the 20th, and we'll continue with that theme here in Part II when we look at how the 'celebrities' are used as agents of deceit and manipulation to control the minds of the mentally weak and shallow - and we were all guilty of that at one point, to some degree or other. We will be looking at the Satanism that underpins Hollywood and the music industries, the freemasonry that is used to control them and we'll be investigating the taboo of all taboos in the truth game - Elite Gender Inversions (EGIs). We'll also be taking a look at some of the many instances of predictive programming, which we've looked at before when we looked at the 'Covid-19' hoax and also at the cult of celebrities faking their own deaths and playing other roles (hence the title of the blog). We'll also be looking at how various pop culture 'movements' were either created by or infiltrated by these agents in order to push a particular narrative on the impressionable - a tactic that we've seen employed before in these blogs...

So, let's dive straight in as we have a lot to get through and we'll carry on from where we left off last time with the ol' Satanism. This is going to crop up in most, if not all, of this series such is the influence it has on our society on every single level. I'll just get straight to the point - not only are these industries completely owned, controlled and funded by Satanists, this culture absolutely dominates the 'entertainment' industries to the extent that, literally, if you are not part of 'the club' then you have no chance of ever 'making it' no matter how talented you are. You simply would never, ever get the exposure anywhere because they own it all - all the major TV, film and recording studios, all major film, record and production companies, radio stations, promoters, TV studios, media, PR firms, social media platforms - all the top producers, directors, actors, musicians, singers... it is very much a closed shop. All of these 'heroes' of yours have fake backstories - maybe a rags-to-riches tale of heartfelt struggle or perhaps a working-class hero fable or possibly even a bad boy off the streets who made it through his mad rhyming skills - in reality they are all from elite families playing roles to distract, deceive and - most importantly - influence the masses. The cult of 'celebrity' is a scripted soap opera and the 'news', 'sports' and all forms of 'entertainment' are just one big pantomime - and before you say "Oh no it isn't!", hear me out...

Miles Mathis has written a number of essays on this topic that are well worth checking out and they often contain an investigation into the subject's genealogical history. The common theme we see with these genealogies are exactly that - they are all from elite families and they all have fake backstories. They are actors playing roles - some posh son of a Duke or someone portraying 'John Lennon, singer with The Beatles' or some 'Lady' portraying 'Julia Roberts, Hollywood A-Lister' etc. This is how the 'entertainment' and 'sports' industries work because their real function is to not only distract you from all of the scams they employ daily, but also to subliminally subvert your minds towards the Satanic agenda they are paid to endorse - they have to pay their dues to the one who put them where they are. I'd imagine that, even in 'normie' society, it is pretty well known that there is a lot of dodgy business occurring behind the scenes in the movie and music industries which are really all just part of the Intelligence Agency umbrella as that is what these people are at base level - they are government agents who are playing the roles of 'movie star' or 'guitarist for Guns 'n' Roses' for example. These people are the false idols you were warned not to idolise and I've done it myself plenty in the past - I was a huge music fan and a huge film buff at one point - and subverting the mind of the youth in order to create and manipulate subcultures and 'movements' is a huge part of what they are there to do. This involves influencing the way you dress, the music you listen to, your political beliefs, what 'identity groups' you align with etc. Do you really think the controllers care that much about your entertainment that they'd pay these 'stars' the wages they do? (which is nowhere near what we are led to believe they are paid, I might add). I think we've learned enough through these blogs by now to know the nature of those in control. 

If we take a look at the Walt Disney Company alone, we see multiple examples of subliminal sexual imagery hidden in plain sight in many of their children's films, the 666 on the logo, the "Mickey" logo spelling "Wicked" when you invert it, the club 33, the fact that the land on which Disneyland was built was purchased by the FBI, the many rumours and allegations of MK Ultra mind control being used on members of the Mickey Mouse Club and the allegations that Disneyland is one of the sites that this ritualistic abuse is carried out etc. and yet how many people buy Disney products for their kids? How many people buy Disney products for their kids when they also know all of this? Members of the CIA have testified under oath in courts that they control the US media via Operation Mockingbird and that includes the movie and music industries too. MK Ultra is a documented mind control program carried out in the US (and probably everywhere else as these people are 'globalists') by the eugenicists and torturers that defected to the USA from Nazi Germany after the war - The MK even stands for the German spelling -'Mind Kontrolle'. There would appear to be a lot of visual evidence of this from various 'pop stars' seeming to 'malfunction' on camera and we can also speculate on the number of these squeaky-clean pop stars who end up 'rebelling' and having 'breakdowns' a few years into their careers. 

MK Ultra aka Trauma Based Mind Control works by splitting the victim's mind into 'alters' - literally different 'personalities' in the same person's brain that operate independently of one another, and can be called to the forefront of consciousness by the use of a code word or a signal, usually given by a handler. This is depicted in the film The Manchurian Candidate and I believe that this is an example of how Hollywood is used to peddle fake conspiracy theories for the CIA. I personally do not believe that the many 'killers' that have been labelled as 'mind controlled' or 'programmed to kill' were mind controlled or programmed to kill because I don't believe the people they supposedly killed were actually killed. We will touch on this a little later and also in the blog in the series about political manipulation because this faking of deaths is often covered up by these 'damage control' narratives that David Icke is very fond of pushing where, instead, a fake conspiracy is created to lead people down empty rabbit holes. MK Ultra is primarily used to control their 'stars' and to manipulate people via seduction by a mind controlled 'sex kitten' agent. Cathy O'Brien's "Trance Formation of America" is a good introduction to this topic and it goes into detail about her experiences as a long-term victim of MK Ultra mind control. A lot of the victims of the sex trafficking industry - another industry that is completely controlled from the very top - the Black Nobility and the Committee of 300 - like everything else, are alleged to be the victims of MK Ultra programming.

Project MK Ultra ran from the early 1950s to at least the early 1970s (at least, officially) and declassified CIA documents show that many methods were used to alter brain functions and alter mental states - the most documented of these being the use of LSD on unwitting test subjects including CIA employees, military personnel and prostitutes. Other methods employed include the administration of drugs and chemicals, sensory deprivation, isolation and constant verbal and physical abuse. In addition to these methods, it has been reported that test subjects, including children, were routinely subjected to electric shock treatments and physical and mental torture and abuse. The CIA claimed that these experiments were to develop torture techniques (even though the idea of nations and enemies is completely fictional in a world controlled by the same people) but it has been alleged that they have been used to create the 'Manchurian Candidates' mentioned previously. We'll look at the case of John Lennon and his alleged assassin Mark David Chapman shortly to illustrate that these 'assassinations' are faked but first we need to look at exactly what the 'Monarch' project is and what its purpose is.

'Monarch' programming, which contains elements of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), can be traced back to the Egyptian Book of the Dead, a compilation of rituals that is studied by those in secret societies today, and the methods described - torture and intimidation to create trauma, the use of potions (drugs) and the casting of spells (hypnotism) to create a completely enslaved, obedient initiate. Black magic, sorcery and demon possession is also described and these were all ancestors of the Monarch program. One of the first to study trauma-based mind control at length was the notorious "Angel of Death", Josef Mengele, the SS physician who performed gruesome experiments on prisoners in the labour camps, particularly on twins - and that's something to remember for later. The research carried out by Mengele was later used by the CIA for their own mind control projects. Fritz Springmeier claims that Monarch programming is used for various purposes by various secret groups known collectively as 'The Network' that are linked to the Committee of 300. The name comes from the Monarch butterfly, which is often used to symbolise the use of MK Ultra in various music videos, films, photographs etc. The butterfly symbolises the stages of transformation within the initiate as they undergo the process: The caterpillar (undeveloped potential), the cocooning (programming) and the emergence as a beautiful butterfly (the Monarch slave). 75% of victims are female as they can endure the most pain and they are known as 'slave', the controllers as 'master' or 'god'. The handlers seek to partition the mind, rather like the way you can partition your hard drive, in a number of gruesome, cruel and ruthless ways:

Dissociation is created by subjecting the victim to traumatic abuse and occult rituals and once the split is achieved an 'internal world' can be created and alters can be programmed using symbols, music, films and fairytales - the most common of which are The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland. You'll see these referenced a lot in popular culture to symbolise Monarch programming. There are four types of alters that are created, all named after brain activity during various stages of consciousness - Alpha ('normal' state), Beta ('Sex slave' programming), Delta ('Assassin' programming) and Theta ('Psychic' programming). 

This has been referenced in films and TV shows multiple times over the years as part of the predictive programming that we know 'they' love to use to normalise the abnormal including, off the top of my head, The Manchurian Candidate, Firestarter, Nikita, Utopia and Stranger Things. The masses find it hard to accept that MK Ultra mind control exists yet they too are victims of it as it is also used to subliminally program people via their TV sets and you can see these people these days at the supermarket wearing a rag over their face like a slave. There is plenty of evidence of this being more than a 'conspiracy theory', not least the fact that the CIA have admitted it, and yet still the masses refuse to wake up to reality. Another thing the CIA do, which we'll look at now, is create fake conspiracy theories in order to dupe the masses into believing their theatre - and that is all the media is, theatre performed by actors and actresses. They love to give us a 'hero' because they absolutely control all sides and when it is time for one of our 'heroes' to bow out, exit the stage and, in many cases, take on another role they invent the fake conspiracy theory to keep the fans happy and ignorant of the fact that these people just fake their deaths. We are going to take a look at this now with just a few examples from the many I could have chosen to write about. I will be showing how David Bowie and Michael Jackson both faked their deaths and then appeared on TV in disguise to mock their fans and also how the 'suicides' of Kurt Cobain and Chris Cornell were faked in order for them to bow out and the fake conspiracy theories cooked up to keep us off the scent but first let's take a look at the supposed 'murder' of John Lennon.

We'll look at Lennon in slightly more detail later when we look at The Beatles and the real purpose of their creation and I am pretty sure that everyone reading this knows who he is and what the official story of his 'murder' is so let's just cut to the chase. The conspiracy theory of Mark Chapman being a victim of MK Ultra in order for the CIA to 'shut Lennon up' as he was so 'dangerous' (have you heard Double Fantasy?!) is absolutely typical of what happens when these 'heroes' fake their deaths but they need us to cling on to the fantasy that Lennon was a 'working class hero' who just wanted to make a better world for all of us; the creative, tortured genius who was an inspiration to millions - myself included when I was a teenager and got into what I believed to be 'his' music. They pull this off time and time again with the 'heroes' they give us (JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcolm X, Princess Diana) and we'll look at that more in a later blog in the series but let's start looking at the evidence. We can see from the Miles Mathis essay that Lennon was from an aristocratic family as these people tend to be - something we looked at in the David Icke blog - and we'll also see later that The Beatles aren't what they appear to be either. 

The evidence that Mathis presents clearly shows that John Lennon is alive and well and pretending to be a John Lennon impersonator called Mark Staycer. I will be using external sources for a lot of these claims for the sake of length and I would recommend reading and watching the links in order to fully grasp what is being expressed in this blog. The physical evidence is pretty overwhelming and the fact that a supposed 'American' with a scouse accent who just so happens to own several of Lennon's original guitars and a 1970s mixing desk on a busker's wage makes it a done deal to anyone with any sort of discernment. The question people will be asking is: "But why would they do it, though?" - and, to be honest, that really isn't important when it comes to accepting that something is clearly a fact. This is the problem many have with flat Earth - just because you can't understand why people would lie about the shape of the Earth doesn't mean the facts that prove they are lying are not facts. All I could suggest really is that he had paid his dues and wanted to either step out of the life as many do or play another role as many also do. We know that he had been 'retired' for five years prior to the (half of an) album he released just prior to his fake murder (amazing timing, eh?) so maybe he had wanted out for a while and was asked to release one more album before he was released from his responsibilities - these people are slaves, completely owned by those in control - very rich slaves, granted, but slaves nonetheless. Their lives are not as glamorous as they are portrayed to be. I also used to wonder why The Beatles' "Real Love" sounded so different from the Lennon demo it was supposedly taken from. Now we know why - he re-recorded it in 1995! Why do you think 2Pac has released more music since he 'died' than he did before? Where did he find the time to write all these songs, 'go to jail', record albums, make films etc? All these 'discovered' tracks are just new songs to generate a bit of interest and profit from another repackaged greatest hits compilation. 

Another couple of fakers are Kurt Cobain and Chris Cornell of the grunge bands Nirvana and Soundgarden. I was a huge fan of both of these frauds too but facts are facts. The facts are that both of them have '33' names (KC=11x3; CC=33 - "Kurt Cobain" is also 33 in Chaldean gematria); both were pictured 'foretelling' their deaths (Cobain posing with guns in his mouth, Cornell posing with a noose around his neck); both sang about their chosen method of suicide (Lyrics to In Bloom, Come As You Are, I Hate Myself & Want To Die, Milk It, Like Suicide, Blow Up the Outside World, Pretty Noose) and both had the customary fake conspiracy theory to keep the fans interested and buying their merch - can't have the pension fund drying up ('Courtney had Kurt murdered'; 'Chris Cornell was investigating nonces with Chester Bennington and they were both murdered to cover it up - the fact that the workout band he supposedly hung himself with would not have supported his weight was made known for a reason). There is also the fact that Kurt's 'suicide' scene just does not ring true for someone who has supposedly just blown his brains out - it looks neat, organised, staged...

The whole '27 club' of musicians who supposedly died young, mainly of supposed overdoses of drugs or alcohol - or both - is just a den of fakery and it is actually more the '9 club' as many others are faked who 'die' aged 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, 90 etc. The benefit, to the controllers, of artists 'dying' is the elevation into 'legend' almost as soon as their death has been announced - no matter how unpopular or unsuccessful they were before they faked it. This will ensure a massive surge in sales of back catalogue albums, greatest hits and potentially DVDs too and ensures that there will be more interest in their back catalogue from future generations. Two other phoney frauds who were arguably the biggest stars of the 1970s and 1980s respectively and who faked their deaths and appeared on TV in disguise talking about themselves are David Bowie and Michael Jackson. It's also worth noting that, like Lennon, Bowie had recently just 'returned to form' with his latest album. He appeared on Sky News as 'Jack Steven' - despite looking and sounding like David Bowie with really bad prosthetics and nothing at all like Jack Steven - talking about his own death. At one point he even says "I" instead of "He" and, if you've ever seen him in any of his film roles, this won't be that much of a shock! His ex-wife, Angie, was also on TV talking about his 'death' and even managed to keep a straight face when she said: "David staged his exit beautifully" which makes her a better actor than him, that's for sure. I also remember reading her biography of David about 20 odd years ago and she mentioned a party in LA where they were summoning demons and David being possessed. It's an interesting element, especially when you consider all of the songs that he was supposedly writing about Aleister Crowley in around 1971. This is another interesting topic because, as we'll see very shortly when we look at The Beatles, these artists have songs given to them by the controllers to push an agenda and this is very evident with Bowie when we consider his peak years in the 1970s. 

Just prior to this, he happened to release Space Oddity a few weeks after the faked moon landing in 1969 and then supposedly started writing about Crowley, Nietzsche and other proponents of disobeying the laws of God and subverting morality as it became the norm to do so as the seventies began. He then abandoned this for the promotion of the androgyny agenda with Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane before experimenting with soul, electronica and disco, which was one of the biggest creations of the think tanks to push the hedonistic lifestyle of cocaine and nightclubs onto the masses. The vastly contrasting styles of songwriting, lyrically as well as the various musical styles he experimented with, very much hints at multiple songwriters to push various agendas. Michael Jackson was also very much part of the disco scene having started in 'the business' as a primary school child and, from photos, we can see that he was very clearly 'in the (Satanic) club' from a very early age (from birth - these people are born into the religion which is why they are chosen for these roles). Michael Jackson's death was exactly the death you'd expect for someone of his stature after 40 years at the top. The 'natural causes' with plenty of 'malpractice evidence' and a little murder conspiracy aided by those fake phone calls about someone 'after him' and him being 'terrified', not long after his little act at an awards show (which he would not be attending if he was not 100% in the club - that is what award shows are - rewarding those who are loyal). This is the standard 'damage control' fake conspiracy that I spoke of before. We know he didn't die because he turned up on the Larry King Show on September 3rd (yes, I know) as 33 (yes, I know) year old 'Dave Dave', a supposed 'friend' of Jacko. To me, it clearly sounds and looks like Jackson but you make your own minds up. There is also a very solid theory that 'fifth Beatle' Stu Sutcliffe also played Andy Warhol and that Adolf Hitler was played by Walt Disney. Before we move on to The Beatles, I will just post a few links to videos that, in my opinion, very clearly show that Bill Hicks is Alex Jones. I have had a few people in the past getting upset at this suggestion, as is often the case with people who cannot get over their cognitive dissonance and accept that their 'heroes' (Bowie even told us with the quotation marks) are just deceivers but the fact is, they are - all of them, without exception. 

One of my first 'proper' musical heroes was probably John Lennon when I was 13. I got into him and The Beatles from a friend who had a few records after it was the 10th anniversary of his fake death. Over the next five years or so I'd pretty much heard, seen and read all there was to consume involving The Beatles/Lennon and, although the interest waned over the years as I got into various other bands and artists, I still respected them as artists for their time and particularly for their influence on the production side of things. The reason I mention this is that you aren't the only ones to have your illusions shattered - I was also a massive fan of Bowie, Jackson, Nirvana and Soundgarden who we've mentioned too. I accept it though and move on but so many people just cannot accept that their idols - and they are most definitely false idols - are not who they thought they were. Just as we saw with space freaks and dinosaur fanboys in the last blog, this is pretty tragic when a grown adult cannot accept that their 'heroes' were fakers when confronted with the evidence. The facts are that The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and virtually all of the major artists involved in some sort of 'youth movement' are created and controlled by the Tavistock Institute and we'll be focusing on The Beatles as our example as they were the first and also the most successful example of these manufactured fake bands.

The Beatles' 'hero', Elvis Presley, was also controlled and, in 1959, attended the Moulin Rouge nightclub in Berlin where he and the other attendees were exposed to LSD via mist form as CIA agents recorded the effects from behind two-way mirrors. Elvis had such a good time that he volunteered to be exposed, along with his unwitting co-stars, during every one of his musicals from 1960-1969. The story goes that this LSD was to be used against 'foreign agents' in 'the Cold War' but we know all sides are controlled so we know this is just a cover story. The real reason for the experiments with LSD was to subvert the minds of the youth further still from the rebellion of rock and roll which sounded dated very quickly. According to his ex-wife, Priscilla, Elvis was made an undercover federal agent in 1970 by Richard Nixon during a secret meeting in The White House and he used his Bureau of Narcotics and Drugs (now the DEA) badge to smuggle drugs through customs, no questions asked, during the seventies as his drug problems increased.

The Beatles were formed, officially at least, in the late 1950s in Liverpool at the peak of the Rock and Roll psyop to subvert American youth and create a counterculture that rebelled against the status quo (no, not the band) that 'they' wanted to change. They were portrayed as four cheeky chappies from Liverpool who just so happened to have two of the best songwriters and composers of the 20th Century in their band who could, at their peak, have recorded themselves farting the theme tune to The Monkees and it would be guaranteed to get to number one. The official story tells us that they were such prolific songwriters that they managed to write 77 original songs in their first three years as recording artists - over seven albums (yes, I know) - even though they were constantly touring all over the world, making numerous TV appearances, press commitments, rehearsing and recording seven albums worth of material and making two feature films. How would they have found the time and what are the chances that, if they did, they would virtually all be hits or standards that virtually everyone knows? Lennon and McCartney (another one from an aristocratic background and also a twin according to Mathis - remember what I said about Mengele specialising in twins? More on this later) have both admitted that they cannot read or write music so how could they have been capable of writing the more complex songs from the period 1965-1966? How could any relatively untrained and inexperienced musicians go from Please Please Me to Revolver in three years? It just isn't likely at all for young musicians to progress so quickly, even with the guidance of George Martin who was handling them for Tavistock. It's also worth noting that a lot of the lyrics in this period were a lot more mature for songwriters in their early to mid-twenties.

As I said, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and many other later bands were created by The Tavistock Institute to subvert the minds of the youth for a number of reasons - not least because they wanted the youth to partake in their LSD experiments which meant they needed their false idols in place - cue The Beatles and The Stones. Dr. John Coleman, in his book "The Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300", confirms this and says that the primary reason was to cause an irreversible division between the youth and their parents' generation. This was all part of the carefully planned and calculated plot to destroy society as we know it in the latter part of the 20th Century and we'll be looking at that in detail next time. Coleman alleges that The Beatles' songs were, in fact, written by Theo Adorno, a member of the Committee of 300 and a friend of the head of The Black Nobility, Lizzie Windsor/Guelph and derive from the 12 atonal system taken from the Dionysian cult and the Ba'al Priesthood. The Beatles were every bit as manufactured as The Monkees and the idea of Lennon and McCartney being some sort of songwriting geniuses is just fiction (see solo careers for evidence). Special 'trigger words' were used in the media to convince the youths who were being exposed to this form of music for the first time to convince them that The Beatles were their favourite band, that they were everything 'cool' and 'fab' and all the other words that were invented at the time to aid this social change - including teenager. The screaming teenage girls were also planted to make them seem a lot more popular than they were at the beginning, which grew their following via the art of peer-pressure.

The Beatles and The Rolling Stones played the 'clean cut'/'bad boys' roles (duality; control all sides) perfectly and, by 1967, both were sufficiently influential for them to start incorporating Satanism and drugs into their music more overtly than they had before. The 'Summer of Love' saw the release of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" and "Their Satanic Majesties Request" respectively, underpinned by the LSD being pushed by Tavistock and the Satanic undertones that had been part of the mythology of 'modern' music since Robert Johnson allegedly sold his soul to the Devil at the crossroads in the 1930s. Bob Dylan also later spoke of selling his soul to the Devil in a 60 Minutes interview in 2005. Dylan was also part of the program to control the civil rights movement to stir up young people to rebel against authority - part of the same agenda as the plan to cause division within familial generations and an influence, on The Beatles. Johnson was an influence on The Stones and also later bands such as The Yardbirds, Cream and Led Zeppelin as the drugs and the hedonism got harder in the seventies - as did the music. 

The 'Summer of Love' and the psychedelic fuelled optimism was very short-lived as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, along with The Who, Led Zeppelin, Cream, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Black Sabbath etc. adopted a heavier sound driven by harder drugs and a hedonistic lifestyle based on the teachings of Aleister Crowley, who was championed by many of these artists and appeared on the cover of "Sgt. Pepper...". The musical movements that have occurred since the rock and roll of the 1950s have all been created by 'them' - either from their own conception or by infiltrating an existing underground scene and pushing their own artists as the leaders of 'the scene'. I mentioned in a previous blog how the Black Nobility control all of the drug trades (the only 'busts' you ever hear about are the competition) and these 'scenes' were absolutely used to glamorise and market particular drugs as well as to engineer different ways of thinking and different lifestyles (divide and conquer). From the heroin first glamorised by Lou Reed and William S. Burroughs even before the 'Summer of Love' that later became a staple of a 'rock and roll tragedy' through to the cocaine of the disco scene to the speed of punk through to the ecstasy of acid house with some crack cocaine thrown in for good measure courtesy of the CIA. 

This is important to understand because this aspect here can be applied to all aspects of the 'entertainment' industries. 'They' control everything and this is even more evident in these industries than in others where they only have to control those in all key decision-making positions. In these industries they have to control everyone and that is right from the A-Listers at the top right down to people invited on for live television interviews - like David Icke or Piers Corbyn, for example. 'They' only promote what they create themselves and there are no exceptions to this which people seem to be finding hard to understand as they seem to think certain 'celebrities' or people who appear on TV are on their side. They're not. Think how many thousands of 'celebrities' there are out there and now think of how many you've heard say that viruses don't exist or that all vaccines are harmful, toxic poison. Zero (We've gone over David Icke and 'his' unique role in this conspiracy before) - because they are all part of the same agenda - and religion. Satanism. If they weren't, they wouldn't be in that industry. They are all 100% controlled in terms of what they can and can't say and that goes from the likes of Tom Cruise and Paul McCartney right down to the likes of Icke and Corbyn. No exceptions, and this is crucial to understand - along with the fact that all governments and anyone in any political power from any country on Earth are all part of the same secret societies and also the same religion - Satanism. 

We looked earlier at how bands and artists were subtly, at first, incorporating Satanic elements into their work through the legends of selling souls to the Devil and through the work of Aleister Crowley and how it became more overt as the sixties moved into the seventies with hard rock and heavy metal bands very blatantly promoting Satanism, the occult and its imagery as part of its own iconography. This is the common misconception among people new to this - they think that Satanism is just part of the heavy metal scene when the reality is that it dominates all walks of life at the very top and all entertainment forms including all musical genres. The signs and symbols are there for all to see everywhere you look - music videos, album covers, outfits, stage dressing, hand signs, album and song titles, lyrics, stage names - wherever you look in the music industry you will find the symbolism of freemasonry and therefore Satanism. It has got to the stage where many Satanic signs have been accepted by mainstream with supposedly different meanings - but they mean what they originally meant. I don't really want to dwell too much on the music side of things as this is really about programming and we'll look briefly at how songs, music videos and imagery are used to program people before we look at Hollyweird and the Trans-Agenda. I will put quite a few links at the bottom of this blog because there is a lot of information out there to support my claims and a lot of the evidence is visual - as signs and symbolism are their language. I'd like to just briefly illustrate how these new musical 'youth movements' are created and manipulated by think tanks, freemasons and government agencies to implement political change, social unrest and create division.

Rock and roll was designed to create generation gaps and that has been a theme throughout the different musical genres created to carry these movements which is interesting because every 'new music' seems to 'borrow' heavily from the music of 20 years before (punk from rock and roll, metal from the blues, 'indie' from the sixties bands, grunge from punk/metal, hip-hop from funk/soul, house from disco, techno from electronica, jungle from reggae etc etc). It's the political/social manipulation that enables 'them' to maintain the generational chasm with each new genre despite the influences on these new bands being the music the parents would have been into. The short-lived Summer of Love was manipulated by artists with ties to the military industrial complex via their parents (Jim Morrison, Frank Zappa for example) and the Vietnam war was used to politicise music along with the civil rights psyop. Metal created an opportunity for overt Satanism in music that had been concealed before and the genius of it is that it was never in fashion but has always been incredibly popular. The seventies also saw reggae introduced to the masses by - and this was my last hope that was dashed - illuminati puppet Bob Marley. I was absolutely gutted when I discovered he was just another one (even though it was obvious really - there are no exceptions to their very regimented rules) as his music was so uplifting and positive. I struggled to see the angle until I watched MAG Truth's video that explains how the role of Bob Marley was to create this 'promised homeland' in Africa in order to encourage black people from North America and Europe to 'go home'. It was basically a racist agenda masked as something positive and empowering. These people are very devious.

The agenda behind the androgynous 'glam rock' phase as trailblazed by David Bowie will be addressed later and the influential disco scene is pretty clear to see - drug fuelled hedonism set to repetitive beats. Songs all about forgetting about taking life seriously and just letting your hair down and having fun (and I'm not knocking it by any means, just saying). Punk was invented to create the illusion that working class kids could become huge rock stars in this fake world of 'showbiz' after it had become consumed by prog-rock (got to control all angles - 'nerds' need to be controlled too) and 'indie' was clearly aimed at students. These 'scenes' never happen organically. Every single trend, fad or phase is created via think tanks like Tavistock and nothing happens by chance. I did want to get into gangsta rap and how it was deliberately created by the CIA when they met with Eazy-E and Jerry Heller to create the NWA psyop but I can't find the link to the video I wanted to show now. From what I recall, it was created as a reaction to the 'Daisy Age' subgenre of De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest etc. that promoted positivity and encouraged black people to discover their roots and explore their history. Gangsta rap was a nihilistic force of negative self-stereotyping that glamorised the lifestyle of gang warfare and crack cocaine that was deliberately created and pushed into black American neighbourhoods by the CIA in the 1980s. The public perception was that it was young, angry, black youths from the streets expressing themselves and rebelling against 'the man' when the reality is that they were 'the man' and they definitely weren't from 'the streets'. It kickstarted a whole subculture designed to keep black Americans from the projects in poverty, to kill any ideas of social mobility and to encourage violence and drug abuse within the neighbourhoods - and they tell us exactly that in the film "Boyz 'n' the Hood" when Laurence Fishburne's character asks why it is there is always a liquor store and a gun shop on every corner. We'll look into the predictive programming and revelation of the method in the movies and television shortly but let's first look at how signs, symbols and hidden messages are used in music to promote Satanism.

I won't go into the hand signs/symbols as they are pretty self-explanatory and can be seen from the photos. If we can just go back to The Beatles, we can see that they used backmasking to hide hidden occult messages in their songs which is based on the teachings of their "Sgt. Pepper..." cover star, Aleister Crowley. A lot of these messages are based on the conspiracy theory that Paul McCartney died in a car crash in 1966 and was replaced by 'Billy Shears/William Shepherd', a freemason and occultist. This rumour was started in the 1960s and it is certainly true that there is more than one Paul McCartney but, as Miles Mathis explains in his essay on the subject, Paul is a twin and the two twins simply play the same role which explains all of the clear physical differences between the two. Mathis' views are supported by the fact that both 'Paul's were clearly in play even before 1966. I won't spend much time on this but it is a very interesting subject and I'd recommend reading The Memoirs of Billy Shears which claims to be a confession by the imposter Paul (the current one) writing because he knows nobody will believe it is him. It is very cleverly written and is a great story, full of freemasonic information and gematria, only it is a clear hoax. There are a lot of very strange anomalies to support this theory though such as George Harrison's wife calling him 'Billy', Paul about to play his bass right-handed and then remembering he is supposed to be left-handed (which would never happen unless he was right-handed) and him being referred to by George or Ringo (I forget which) as 'the new boy' even though he supposedly joined before they did. The Tavistock stuff is also mentioned but there is no mention of them being manufactured or from establishment families - the official narrative remains - so, again, we know this story is fake.

The Beatles were not the only band to use backmasking - Led Zeppelin and Nirvana are just two other bands from the top of my head to employ this Satanic method of subliminal programming in their music. You'll see from some of the links I post that there have been numerous examples of Devil puppet pop stars talking about their demonic alter egos and/or witchcraft and these themes have also been pushed hard in film and television to push their Satanic agenda. Music videos contain all the usual Satanic/freemasonic imagery and I'll post some examples at the end of the blog. One that did catch my eye though, which I was sent from someone very eagle-eyed on Twitter last year, was from a Stormzy video for "Rainfall" which flashed the 911 symbol (IXXI). It was a great spot; a real blink and you'll miss it moment. This is typical of the way the controllers want to subliminally program us with their Satanic symbolism. As you can see, album covers and publicity photographs are rife with Satanic symbolism too and a very common misconception among people, largely down to our old friend cognitive dissonance again, is that their 'heroes' just didn't know what they were doing - they just had some photographer making them pose without knowing - except they are all born into the religion and, if they were not, you'd never have heard of them. 

You'll also notice among the photographs a few predicting 9/11 within their album artwork using the Crowley reversal method. Predictive programming is also something very much used within the film and television industries, as is revelation of the method, and we have seen some examples of both before when we looked at the predictive programming used for the 'Covid-19' hoax. I'll leave links to some videos illustrating these as it's better to watch them than to read about them. I'll also link to videos showing how the freemasons leave clues in films to show they run things and various other video links to highlight the Satanism and subversion in Hollywood and the music industry. We'll address a lot of the 'Hollyweird' culture when we look at where we are today in terms of these industries and when we look at Elite Gender Inversions but let's briefly look at a few movies that were designed to manipulate our thinking.

It is certainly true that movies show us what will happen as we have seen in previous blogs and which can be seen in the links below but I want to look at films that I believe are meant to lead us down a certain path of thinking. We have all seen, I am sure, how films such as The Matrix, They Live, The Hunger Games etc. have been 'adopted' by truthers and taken to be showing us reality and, though they all certainly contain many elements of truth and symbolism, I really don't think any of them tell us literally where we are living. I believe that The Matrix is a metaphor for how we sleep through life and that, until we realise this, we cannot wake up. I don't believe it is anything more than that. They Live shows the consumer and media driven society we live in and how politicians and newsreaders are all liars. Personally, I don't believe that we live literally amongst monsters disguised as humans but, on a metaphorical level, we most certainly do and the messages that are shown once the glasses are on absolutely tell us the society that we live in. Similarly, the TV show V is also a good metaphor for the deceit we are subjected to and how the enemy can manipulate people to turn on those trying to help them but I don't believe in space lizards. The Hunger Games definitely does suggest the sort of world that we are heading for in the sense of the sectors and people forced to live in certain areas. That is where the similarity ends though. These films and TV shows are what David Icke uses as the basis for his deception and it's interesting to note that when these came out, he suddenly started writing about them as though they were real...

There are a number of films that do portray elements of our society in a very realistic way, such as Wag The Dog, which shows how the media literally fake events in order to manipulate political outcomes (except for the fact that they keep the illusion going that nations aren't all under the same control, playing roles - they'll never tell you everything!). Rosemary's Baby shows the Satanic element of their society and hints that demons impregnate human hosts, which would support those that believe that demons possess the bodies of these 'elites' and one which I wouldn't personally rule out. Eyes Wide Shut is supposedly a glimpse inside 'the illuminati' and supposedly shows 'realistic' ritual scenes. It also has a very disturbing ending in which the main characters daughter is very subtly taken away by a couple of men in suits, who we saw at one of the parties earlier in the film, as her parents watch and continue their conversation. This hints that they have given their daughter to be sacrificed. I can believe the sacrifice part to be honest but I don't believe that Kubrick was trying to expose them as he is them. They all are. The story of the cut footage doesn't ring true for a number of reasons, not least because nobody can seem to decide on how many minutes of missing footage there is. Also, the story exists to make it seem like he was killed by the illuminati, which makes them seem fearsome and makes Kubrick seem like one of their 'heroes' they give us so we'll still buy the merch and idolise a deceiver. It also makes it seem less likely that he filmed the fake moon landing (which the symbolism from The Shining would suggest that he did) if he wasn't 'one of them'. 

I would personally say that the film I have seen that best describes our reality would be The Truman Show - not literally, but the aspect that everything we perceive to be real is manipulated and comes from a script - the government script handed down to them from the Committee of 300. I'll go more into how the news is all fake in a later blog of the series but I've already shown this in the Terrorvision blog and in the 'Covid' hoax blogs. The element I will go into is how politicians, frontmen for social media companies, supposed computer programmers etc are literally just actors playing roles, reading scripts and duping the audience into participating in the ritual. These people are no different to the other actors playing roles in the entertainment industry - just controlled puppets playing roles to deceive people who want to be deceived. As RV says "Truth in the movies, lies on the news". When you see a biopic, such as the story of Facebook's alleged creator Mark Zuckerberg, then you know the story is fake. They use films to shape your perception of real events because television is a programming tool - it is not for your entertainment. 'Program', 'controller' of the BBC (322 inverted) - they are telling us what they do. Biopics exist to paint the story of the freemason they want you to idolise or the people they want to demonise. Ask yourself why Schindler's List is always reported to be a true story when the novel it was based on, Schindler's Ark, won the Booker Prize for fiction. Films have also been used to program peoples' perception of war, 'outer space' (which we learned was provably fake last time), history and politics and the amount of people that get their 'factual' information from films and television is scary, especially when you realise how much they deceive. You only have to look at how many people get their idea of viruses from films like Contagion rather than from a little thing called reality.

Hollyweird presents a completely fake, phony, shallow depiction of life and they use their Devil puppets to influence the millions of idiots who look up to them to get them to aspire to all of the absolute shit they sell for a fake lifestyle with no meaning whatsoever - just like theirs, minus the money. I will go more into the horrific influence of this disgusting industry on society shortly but let's just look at the state of the industry artistically for a moment. Cinema, for me, peaked in the 1970s and Star Wars (1977) was the start of the decline. From the late 1960s to this point, Hollywood produced some of the best films of all time such as the first two Godfather films, Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, Network, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest etc but Star Wars opened the door to replace great writing, directing and acting with silly popcorn flicks for the easily amused and making profit became the main focus - making great 'art' less so. There has been a lot of great movies since Star Wars but they tend to get lost among the dross and we are at a point now where there is literally nothing worth watching on the big screen. Remakes, reboots, big screen adaptations of comics, books and TV series... there is ZERO originality in Hollywood anymore and nothing whatsoever worth watching. I used to be a huge film buff but I went off the industry long before I woke up to the reality of the scumbags who run it. I do not go to the cinema, ever, and when I rarely do bother to download films I rarely even bother watching them. I still have the latest Scorsese, Tarantino and Coen Brothers films that I haven't watched yet and that would have been unthinkable at my peak of loving cinema. It's just dumbed down and not worth my time, without even getting into the ethics.

Music, television and movie awards are all just rituals where those that have paid their dues get rewarded. It has nothing whatsoever to do with any artistic merit (you only have to look at some of the winners and those who miss out - how did Al Pacino never win an Oscar for his portrayal of Michael Corleone, for example? The events are crawling with symbolism, as you'd expect, and they are nothing more than Satanic rituals celebrating their own cult. We saw when we looked at The 'Covid-19' predictive programming that award shows, big sporting events (sports are all fake too but no time for sports here - research it) - any major public, media driven 'celebration' is a ritual and we've seen that regarding the clapping for the murderers from the NHS and David Icke's Luciferian ritual at freemasonic Trafalgar Square.

Before we move on to the last main topic in the blog, let's just emphasise some very important points that are absolutely crucial to understand in order to navigate through all the deception that exists throughout the media and the entertainment industries in general:

ALL mainstream artists in the entertainment industry are Satanists from 'elite' families. They do not perform initiation rituals to 'join the illuminati', they are born into it. It is literally their religion.

Because they are born into this society, they feel absolutely no affinity to you or I and any idea that they would side with us over the agenda is pure delusion. They are all actors playing roles, nothing more and nothing less. Their role is to deceive you and distract you and that is exactly what they do.

They are also bound by the secret oaths they swear as they are all freemasons working towards the same agenda. The idea that these people would ever put you before their religion, their fellow masons and the agenda that they believe in is absolute madness.

Their main purpose is to influence people who are easily led and are simple-minded. They even openly call themselves 'influencers' these days because they can tell people they are being influenced and they don't have the capacity to understand what that means. 

The mainstream media (and most, if not all, of the 'alternative' media) is completely controlled by the intelligence agencies and think tanks and the primary purpose is social control. They ONLY promote their own creations WITHOUT EXCEPTION - meaning if somebody is on your screen, they are reading from a script written by 'them' - whether portrayed as fiction or 'factual'. If someone is being interviewed on television, then they are reading from an MSM script - even if they are pretending to be against the media or the government - these people are deceivers. It's called 'controlled OPPOSITION' for a reason...

These 'celebs' DO NOT get 'sacrificed' or murdered. They fake their deaths and then exit the stage, either to 'retirement' because they've paid their dues or to take up another role. They are only characters, remember. Kurt Cobain, Biggie Smalls, Meryl Streep and Bruce Willis are all just characters played by other people. It is an actor-based reality, more in line with The Truman Show than The Matrix or They Live. 

And this part is very, very, very important to understand - and I've touched on it very briefly a few times before - these 'elites' - the 'illuminati' families, the monarchies, the political classes, the actors and actresses, the mainstream musicians, the 'elite' sports stars - they are ALL Elite Gender Inversions (Baphomet Trannies). They are transgender, and this is the taboo subject that we will be finishing this blog with now and, arguably, the most important thing to understand out of everything.

I have discovered that this topic can bring out the cognitive dissonance like no other - even more so than flat Earth or David Icke - and I am going to provide a LOT of evidence to ensure that, by the time you have researched it all - the only reason it will not be crystal clear is because you cannot handle the truth and are barking up the wrong tree. I mentioned in a couple of other blogs that David Icke and his entire family are EGI trannies and showed pictorial evidence of this. You'll also remember that David Icke was the subject of Miles Mathis' genealogies and you may be wondering if all of these elites that Mathis has written about regarding their genealogies are transgender, even though he never says anything about this, and the short answer is "yes they are". I have had several of the KBF/Stand Up X sleepwalkers getting upset lately when I mention the FACT that the Ickes are a Luciferian EGI family because these people are not awake, they are not truthers and they have no discernment at all - which is why they follow shills. If they were awake, they would not be literally collaborating with the enemy the way they do - spreading lies about viruses existing which leads to more lockdowns, homes and businesses lost and suicides. These idiots are complicit in all of this - their rank ignorance is not an excuse. 

They literally cannot accept that men and women have different skeletons, which is scientific fact, and they cannot get out of their hero worship programming because, again, they are not even remotely awake - just like the person who kept e-mailing me because he cannot understand the basic science that proves his globe fantasy is just that - fantasy.  If you cannot understand basic science don't waste your time messaging me about it. Just give up trying to understand it as it's clearly way over your head. You will notice that the vast majority of 'truthers' with a large following will not mention this Illuminati Tranny topic ever - in Icke's case we can see why that is (yet 'he' talks about Hollywood pushing the trans agenda without mentioning EGIs...) - and the truthers who do mention it get constantly banned from various platforms or subjected to an endless torrent of abuse from rainbow haired non-binaries who cannot accept that their crush is not the sex they claim to be.

The same handful of childhood photos are circulated to convince us these people had a 'normal' childhood yet, particularly now in the age of camera-phones, why are ex-class mates and friends of these 'stars' not producing masses of pictures of them before they were famous? Especially in an age where everybody is obsessed with fame and being part of 'the story'. Because their 'childhood' pics are all staged to give credence to their fake biographies. That's why. I mentioned earlier that I watched a lot of Beatles documentaries as a teen and the same handful of people playing their various managers, promoters, 'friends' etc appear on every one - the same cast if you will - and the same handful of childhood pics exist to give credence to the official story. They provably fake pregnancies by wearing 'moon-bumps' and, in some cases, the 'male' of the EGI couple actually carries the child. I suspect that these children are, for the most part, created in test tubes using the sperm and eggs from these 'elite' families. This would explain why so many celebrities have the same look with very strikingly similar features. 

The misconception about transvestigations is that someone just thinks "She's got a thick neck, she must be a man" which is pretty insulting tbh. There are a number of skeletal markers that tell us what gender someone is, some with a small margin for error such as digit ratio which has a 3-5% margin for error, and it is by using a number of these that the real gender of an individual can be told. The most effective way to tell a person's gender is by their pelvis, which has a 100% accuracy rate due to the very different shape and size of a male and female pelvis. This is, obviously, because women need a larger pelvis in order to give birth and. despite what we are told in these crazy times, ONLY a biological woman can give birth. ONLY a biological woman has female hips - like Gareth Icke. I would thoroughly recommend following Horrifying Houseguest on Twitter who completely woke me up to this last year and who has a LOT of transvestigations that she has produced on her Twitter timeline.

You may be thinking: "Why would they lie about it though? What would be the point? There's no way they'd mutilate their own bodies just to trick people!" and you're right - they wouldn't do it just to trick people. It's also the most important question to ask and the simple answer is that it is their religion. These people are Satanists, Luciferians, whatever you want to call it - basically, as I have explained before, it all goes back to Kabbalah and the mystery religions of Babylon. I've also explained that all polytheistic religions can be traced back to these same occult practices and also Judaism via the Talmud, Noahide laws and Kabbalah, Islam because Allah was a moon god and Catholicism because of their idol worship and because they use the Pagan Father God, Mother Goddess, Son God trinity as part of their teachings despite it not being part of Biblical scripture at all - what they are actually worshipping is Nimrod, Semiramis, Tammuz. Lucifer, Baphomet, all of the Gods these people believe in are androgynous. This blog explains it brilliantly and I'll be posting a LOT of links from MrE3000's archived back catalogue that explains this religious aspect that is crucial to understand in order to understand what their agenda is with the New World order, as well as many transvestigation videos that will destroy your memories of all your celebrity teenage crushes.

So, we know that these 'elite' people believe that they descend from Lucifer via Cain (as I have mentioned before) and Lucifer is depicted as being androgynous. Just as we are made in the image of our God, YHWH, these descendants of Cain believe that they are demi-gods (Lucifer is god to them as they invert everything - even gender) and so they make themselves into the image of their god - or, rather, they make their children into the image of their god as they are transgendered at a young age as part of their religious rituals. This is the future they want for your children. They are pushing this agenda massively and have been for a while now - this is why. Did you really think it is because they are so compassionate and caring towards minorities? The whole agenda has been pushed by them because of their religion and because they want to turn humans into the image of their own god to cement his place as the god of this Earth with the Antichrist sitting on his throne in the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem as ruler of the New World Order. They basically want a Brave New World of androgynous abominations, made into the image of their gods where Satanism is the only religion (which it practically is anyway, just under different guises).

I mentioned in my last blog that the real goal of the 'New World Order' is the one world Luciferian religion, that this a spiritual war and that the other stuff is distraction. This transgender agenda causes a lot of damage to society as a whole and also to the individuals who are manipulated by chemicals and by the media to perform this abominable transformation. Now, I know that the 'PTB' like to pretend that opposing the unnatural, the unholy and the profane is 'ignorant', 'intolerant' and all the other buzzwords they like to use on the simple-minded to prevent them from questioning things they don't want questioned - and they would, wouldn't they? - but there is absolutely nothing 'natural' about transgenderism at all - it is literally the very opposite of natural. It is very UNnatural and the fact that you have to mutilate your natural body and have untold cosmetic surgery to have it done proves this beyond doubt. 

I don't have ANYTHING against people who are transgender - even though I vehemently disagree with it - because these people are victims of society, a society that chooses to treat a mental illness - and it IS a mental illness - by encouraging them to mutilate their natural God-given body and turn themselves into something that is unnatural and, therefore, literally a freak of nature rather than give them the counselling and mental health care they clearly need because if they think they are a different gender to what they actually are then they clearly have mental health issues. Lots of vulnerable young people, due to a combination of chemicals they are subjected to from vaccines, prescription pills and the crap they put in our food and spray on us, feel pressurised to look like the 'stars' they are constantly told they should aspire to but the big problem there is... a woman can never, ever have a body like a Hollywood actress or a Victoria's Secret model... because they are ALL men. They simply cannot physically ever have that body because they do not have the skeletal structure for it. What we are programmed to be attracted to from a young age are actually people of our own gender dressed up as the opposite and this is why so many people who are insecure about their sexuality find it hard to accept the blatant EGIs that we are subjected to by the media.


This is normalising the abnormal and the goal of all Luciferians is to subvert everything that YHWH loves - and that includes us, His children, His creations. We saw last time how they sought to destroy the influence of religion on our lives and how they are now rebuilding it in their own image - which is what this is all about - order out of chaos, the Phoenix rising from the ashes. All of the ways we saw that they are doing this last time are all pushed by these puppets - Kabbalah, 'New Age Spiritualism', the Eastern religions - they push these as being 'trendy' and 'hip'. I won't say too much more on this as there are a lot of external sources for you to investigate this further but, before we start concluding, I'd just like to say that if you cannot be bothered to watch or read the sources and e-mail me telling you don't believe very clear facts etc. like so many people do when they cannot comprehend very basic information then don't be surprised when you get no response and it gets binned. I really don't have any interest in people too lazy to watch a video or read an article at all.

So, where are we now? This horrific trans agenda is being rapidly pushed because they want to normalise this unnatural, sacrilegious and unacceptable 'culture' into society, along with the paedophilia that they also push - oh, sorry, I mean 'MAP's (Minor Attracted Persons). These dragged up ladyboys and women in suits posing as 'celebrities' are here to subvert your kids, to manipulate supposed 'adults' into mutilating their bodies and taking part in their rituals. They are liars, deceivers and 100% in on the agenda - without exception. Think how many celebrities there are - now try and think of one that has told the truth about 'Covid-19': That viruses do not exist, contagions do not exist and all vaccines are toxic poison - can't do it can you? Because they are all 'in the club', as George Carlin said - and he should know because he was in it too! They all are. It really is absolutely crucial to understand that none of these celebrities are on your side because I see so many people falling for it every single day, people who are supposedly 'awake'...

Look around at how dumbed down and vacuous 'celebrity' magazines and TV channels are - and the dumbed down and ignorant idiots that consume it - we are at the lowest point in human culture, surely? The E! channel alone is enough to make one despair but when you look at how many shows like Love Island, Gogglebox, X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and all their many derivatives - and how many people watch them in order for them to keep going for so long - it really does not look good. Now, it may sound like I am being snobby but I just picked on them because they're easy targets - it's all rubbish. Documentaries that teach us lies about every subject you can think of. You can guarantee any documentary on TV or on subscription services such as Netflix about 'conspiracy theories' will be lies, as will documentaries on history, geography, science or just about anything else. We live in a society where the Seven Deadly Sins, the seven fundamental weaknesses of human beings, are being used by these deceivers to tempt us into losing our souls for the sake of some vacuous material nonsense. I have alluded to this a few times and I will address it at length now because it is an important point.

I hope that it is apparent by now that the media - particularly the 'pop culture' media that targets the impressionable youth - is the primary tool of the controllers to control our collective consciousness in order to manipulate us to shape our society in the way they want it - an inversion of YHWH's word and the teachings of Yahshua. What they want is for us to disobey the very clear commands of our creator so that they can prevent us from receiving eternal life and they do this by tempting us into sin. They do this in the following ways:

Lust - We live an overtly sexualised society that is far removed from the society I grew up in as a child in the 1980s. The irony is that I would have loved this society back then and would prefer that society now. We have pornography at our fingertips, another industry that uses the drugs, trafficking and mind control of the Committee of 300 to abuse, degrade and exploit people for their own gain. They produce all manner of pornography to satisfy all manner of lust - natural and unnatural - because the sexual well-being of the people they regard as animals, us, is the least of their priorities. This is why they are simultaneously pushing for paedophiles to be rebranded as MAPs (Minor Attracted Persons) as we have seen on the very morally bankrupt Twitter platform and why they are pushing for children to be taught sex education in infant schools. Do you think this is a coincidence? This is very clear Hegelian dialectic at play: Making paedophilia acceptable + sexualising children = a society of absolute sexual depravity and filth that would make Sodom and Gomorrah look tame - we're well on the way there too. You also only have to look at the way women are encouraged to dress and to act and to speak by these 'influencers' who are literally men and have no clue what it is like to be a woman in any way, shape or form and in the lyrics to 'songs' that pollute the airwaves or the pointless sex scenes in TV shows and films. They've promoted an attitude that I believe has had a negative effect on relationships in that shallow, meaningless aspects are promoted and you only have to look on Instagram to see what I mean. There is also the depiction of rock stars and movie stars sleazy, hedonistic lifestyles of supposedly sleeping around to make us think that they are actually men with penises (the reason for the silly pizzagate stuff and the fake sex scandals). And then there's the deceiving people into being attracted to the same gender...

Gluttony - We live in a society where we are told that it is OK to be overweight, unhealthy and to take no care of the bodies we were given because we are all beautiful. This is clearly not true and I speak as someone who has put on a bit of timber myself lately since I stopped working - we've even seen this promoted in Hollyweird, the most vacuous, shallow place on Earth. You only have to look at the number of things sponsored by McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Coca Cola, Pepsi etc. - even, laughably, sporting events - and the promotion in the media by these Devil puppet deceivers to see what the agenda is. Snoop Dogg is currently advertising Just Eat during a lockdown because the fat, lazy wasters who form our society and are quite happy sitting on their fat arses watching Netflix and playing consoles can't be arsed driving to McDonalds for their cancer and fries. Now they can pay to have their stroke-burger delivered to them and not waste any calories walking to the car.

Greed - The encouragement of coveting material possessions is absolutely one of the primary directives of these fake, shallow deceivers. The amount of needless rubbish they advertise and sell is ridiculous and people are just easily led. The credit system has enabled people to have 'status symbols' they would never have been able to afford 40 or 50 years ago when people used to save up for what they wanted. This is all by design and the very reason credit was made commonplace was to get people into debt and exploit them. When you owe someone something, they have a hold over you and that is precisely what money lending is all about - to control you, exploit you and squeeze you for all they can and I'll be going into this over the next few blogs. Today we live in a throwaway society where things are replaced instead of repaired and this is often the case with relationships too. Coveting the material is bad for the soul. It's created a generation that is soft and can't handle not getting their own way - as intended.

Sloth - Games consoles. Laptops. Internet. Television. DVDs. Need I say more? There wasn't a lot of people complaining when they were furloughed. Laziness breeds weakness, mentally and physically. Were these people on furlough using their internet to research whether viruses even exist? A few were. Not many. Most just watched Netflix and played FIFA. The more technologically 'advanced' we are, the lazier we get because we have machines to do things that we should really be doing ourselves. 

Wrath - There has been a massive increase in televised violence over the last 50 years, as well as ever increasing violence in computer games and in song lyrics. When this is combined with the frankly criminal prescribing of pills that often cause psychotic episodes then you have a recipe for chaos - and we know 'they' like that. When you take into account the number of films, TV shows, songs and computer games that glorify violent crime and show criminals as the 'heroes' then it's no wonder that we live in a society that is supposedly increasingly violent. It's also interesting to note that all of these Hollyweird Baphomet tranny puppets come out after every school shooting - ALL faked - calling for guns to be handed in yet they are the ones glorifying gun violence on screen in front of millions of impressionable people. Gun owners don't. 

Envy - We are taught that owning material possessions is some kind of reward or achievement so it is no wonder that so many idiots are envious of what they wrongly perceive to be the trappings of some sort of success. The idea of status symbols is to attract the deeply shallow and unspiritual to a life of debt, forever robbing Peter to pay Paul so their fake acquaintances will talk to them. We are encouraged to be bitter, jealous people by society and not to celebrate and enjoy the successes of friends. If parents were actually role models to their kids, then maybe they wouldn't look to the literal Devil worshippers for inspiration.

Pride - Number one on the list for me. The reason for so much wrong in this world and certainly the reason why so many fake-awakes refuse to wake up to the truth. They cannot accept that for six months they have been following EGI Luciferians working for the government and controlled by freemasons and they've had their narrative dictated to them. These people are traitors who are literally collaborating with the enemy of their own free will. Their rank stupidity and offensive levels of ignorance is no excuse - you are responsible for what you know and what you don't, nobody else. Swallowing your pride and humbling yourself is a powerful thing to do and requires a lot of mental strength. The saying 'pride comes before a fall' is very, very true and we'd certainly have less problems in the world if people swallowed their pride and stopped worrying what other people think of them - which is really where pride comes from. People today seem very caught up in their self-image because they cannot just be themselves which is really sad and a lot of it is because they are influenced by the people on their TVs rather than their family or their friends or genuinely inspirational people they know. Next time we'll look at why it's not always possible for parents to know who their children are looking up to and being influenced by when we look at education, family life, employment and health/climate and we'll be looking at how all of these have been manipulated to ensure that we are enslaved by the system.

There are plenty of links below for those who want to delve further and I'd suggest you do because it is a very important topic to understand and there's a reason why 'they' don't want this stuff known and why so many platforms ban or censor people that expose it. Until next time...

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