The Road To Serfdom Part III - Another Brick in the Wall

23 Jan

Last time we looked at Satanism in the entertainment industry and how the people we are programmed to idolise influence many aspects of our lives in order to further their Luciferian agenda. We also saw how these 'elites' are transgendered in order to be in the image of their androgynous gods. We saw how the trans-agenda has been pushed hard in the media and also, unacceptably, in schools where this agenda is part of a wider plan to sexualise children. In this blog we are going to look at education, home and family life, employment and health in order to understand how we got here. In many ways this is the most important blog in the series because this is about our lives, our societies and how we have allowed the controllers to absolutely shape our societies in the image of their Luciferian ideology. I would recommend reading the novels "Brave New World" and "1984", as well as this website about Dr. Richard Day - all of which we touched on briefly in a previous blog - to see how the society we see now has been planned for a long time as part of this wider agenda of 'global' control. I won't be touching on them in this blog and reading and understanding them will definitely help to see where we are headed. We'll start by looking at education, as our state education system is supposedly the foundation of our learning and the path from ignorance to enlightenment - stop laughing, I said 'supposedly'! - in which the basis of our core beliefs is formed. 

We're going to go back to the start of the 20th century and the start of compulsory education and we'll be focusing primarily on the American education system but it's pretty much the same here in the UK and elsewhere. I'd recommend watching this video which explains how the Rockefeller family - and other influential 'robber baron' families - used their wealth and status to create NGOs such as the General Education Board (GEB) to buy influence and completely control the American education system, just as we saw them do with the medical profession in a previous blog. By 1950, the Rockefeller funded Columbia Teachers College in NYC produced one-quarter of all superintendents, one-third of all presidents of teacher-training institutions and one-fifth of all public-school teachers - and that's nationwide, from one college. They monopolised it just like they did with the medical schools and colleges. The Rockefellers, Carnegies, Guggenheims et al continued to monopolise and influence the education system and, via public school literature copyrights and school textbook publishers, they completely control the historical narrative of the American public school system. There is a lot more on this historical context in the video I linked and I'd also recommend reading John Taylor Gatto's "Dumbing Us Down - The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling" and "The Underground History of American Education: A School Teacher's Intimate Investigation Into the Problem of Modern Schooling", as well as Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt's "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America" to get a more thorough understanding of what the underlying agenda is. 

This was all part of an agenda to control the American population but there was also a wider agenda as the idea of the 'New World Order' was well underway by this time. The Rockefeller Foundation controlled the American education whilst the Carnegie Endowment focused internationally. In 1954 a special Congressional Committee headed by Norman Dodd launched an investigation into these tax-exempt NGOs and found that there was a plot to rewrite American history by controlling the school textbooks. He showed that they used excessive funding in several universities in order to establish oligarchical collectivism. The intention was to subtly politicise education and John Gatto wrote, in his book "Weapons of Mass Instruction" that "Schools were designed by Horace Mann and others to be instruments of the scientific management of a mass population."

Compulsory education originated in Prussia and is based on social contracts and duties of the state. The Prussian monarchy created a three-tiered 'scientific' education system which was comprised of policy makers, those who assist them and those that have the policies forced upon them. The basis for this was John Locke's idea of children being 'blank slates' and Jean-Jacques Rousseau's idea of writing on the blank slates. In layman's terms - they wanted to brainwash kids before they had a chance to learn any truth about anything and I think we're all familiar with the sort of society that creates every time we go shopping. By the time the Rockefellers created the GEB, the American education system had long been completely controlled by those who had gone to Prussia for their teaching degrees - and therefore taught the Prussian system - and the 'robber barons' used this system to force their own agenda which was, unsurprisingly, the agenda of the 'New World Order' which these families are absolutely complicit in. John Dewey, the 'Father of the progressive education movement', was another huge influence on American education and his intention was to "turn public schools into indoctrination centres to develop a socialized population that could adapt to an egalitarian state operated by the intellectual elite". He promoted groupthink and denied natural laws and rights and the universal principles. Sound familiar?

So, we can see from the above quote that the plan for a 'science' controlled government, which we are very much seeing now if you take the word science to mean 'complete lies' which it seems to mean these days, goes back a long time. This is yet another reason why the 'scientific' lies of Part I were told. You can see from the quote below that the idea of politicising children is very real and is not a new concept. We can also see that parents are being brainwashed into buying into the globalist mindset too and we'll be looking at this a bit later when we look at some of the scams being conducted to push the climate change/environmentalism scam we've established as fact is a scam from this blog. Now we need to take a brief look at Common Core and the curriculum currently being taught. The very idea of a National Curriculum, as we have in the UK, completely illustrates this agenda and Common Core is the same thing. You can learn more about what it is here and you can watch a video on the subject here. All schools are taught the same so that 'they' control the entire narrative and ensure that there are as few dissenting voices as possible. They also use censorship for this and we'll be looking at that in Part VI when we look at the divide and conquer trick. 

We can see from the picture below that this idea of computer-based learning - that this 'covid' hoax has conveniently made a necessity - was planned at least as far back as 1998. We can also see that there has been a very definite plan for the state to have care of children in 'cradle to grave' learning programs which would be 12 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week, 12 months of the year, as you can see from the video link. The state even wants to interfere in children's pre-school learning from birth to when they start nursery. The first video shows a Soros funded foundation describing the ultimate goal which is 24/7 schools that provide three meals a day to children, provide all healthcare and are the 'hub of the community' - that is Brave New World right there and this is what will happen to children in the not too-distant future unless something is done to remove these people who we allow to control our lives. It also mentions that the reason for this is that people will have to work two or three jobs in the future in order to survive and won't have time to look after their children. This is the future unless it is stopped. It is as simple as that.

We are already well on the way there with a one size fits all curriculum pushed by the state (what could go wrong?) where questioning anything your teacher says makes you a 'problem' (I know this from experience). Children are taught to defer to their teachers and what they tell them, regardless of whether or not they are right, and this can never be right. Children are taught literal lies in every subject and this is a major part of why so many people cannot wake up to this very clear and obvious 'covid' hoax. They literally do not know how to think critically and they were certainly never taught to at school (neither was I) and they were just taught to obey their teachers, do as they are told, believe everything their teachers tell them is gospel and learn to recall literally useless information to remember for a test that will define how intelligent they are as people...

There is also the push over the last year or so to brand every child as a racist or a bigot and to get them sexualised at a young age. I will go into this more in Part VI. We can see from the picture above that many students do not graduate and many that do still fail to get graduate level jobs within six years of graduating and all the while their student loan debt is increasing via interest because they are not earning enough to make the repayments - and all they have to show for it is this poxy indoctrination. This was literally the idea behind getting as many people into universities as possible - you didn't think it was because they wanted an intelligent, questioning, critical population, did you? They want a population arrogant enough to believe they are 'clever' and ignorant enough to not really know anything of any real value and university is the perfect breeding ground for that. When you get to indoctrinate them with your own identity politics, divide and conquer agenda (again, more on this in Part VI) and charge them for the privilege you're on to a winner. This combination of arrogance and ignorance isn't just a university thing, and nor am I insinuating that anyone who went to university is either - it is a product of all levels of education, to a degree (no pun intended), but ramped up in 'higher' education.

So, once these robot-kids have left school/university, what then? It used to be that you could leave school, get a job, resign at lunchtime if you didn't like it and go back to the job centre to find another job to start the next day. I have heard these stories from so many people I know, going right into the 1970s - certainly in the 1960s - and it seems to have been in the late 1970s to 1980s that mass unemployment was created with the deliberate destruction of the manufacturing industries and the policy of importing goods from abroad that I touched on previously with Dr. John Coleman's speech about the Committee of 300 and the Club of Rome. This was to save on production costs (what else) and to ensure that the products could be sold cheaply enough to create the credit-fuelled, consumer driven society we've seen pushed hard since at least the 1980s when I was a child. Back then as long as your trainers were Nike, Adidas or Reebok and not Gola or Nicks you were happy as a kid. Now kids require a literal office to be satisfied it seems! The beauty of these cheap products is that they 'have' to be replaced every few years so that means more profit for 'them' and more expense for you - on top of driven down wages and rising inflation - all completely manipulated, of course. We'll look more at the credit system next time but the ever-increasing availability of credit meant people no longer had to save up for things that they wanted/needed and, consequently, a throwaway society has formed where people replace things rather than repair them. I can remember throughout my childhood there being constant new gadgets for people to spend money they didn't have on via this credit system and this started to create a society of snobbery where people had to 'keep up with the Joneses' and have the latest gadget whether it was a Soda-Stream or a microwave oven or video recorder. All of these gadgets were marketed as status symbols of sorts and they all seemed to either be kitchen based or visual/audio devices - literally bread and circuses! As this consumer driven society based on cheap, imported goods grew, traditional industries suffered further.

The shipbuilding and coal mining industries were hit particularly hard in the UK and there were a series of miners strikes in 1984/85 that were a consequence of this. Miners strikes had a history of violence in the UK but these strikes were the most violent industrial dispute of the twentieth century. The strikes drew a lot of attention from the public but drew little public support due to Arthur Scargill's methods. Despite having a father who was allegedly a miner, opposition leader Neil Kinnock criticised the government but refused to support the National Union of Miners (NUM) which just illustrates that all parties work together for the same agenda. Kinnock performed his role and criticised the government but refused to support something outside of government control. This does not change. The last coal mine in the UK, Kellingley colliery, closed in 2015 bringing an end to a centuries-old profession. Britain was traditionally known for building ships and this started to change in the 1930s when ship owners began to look elsewhere for their ships. By the time the Second World War was over, Britain's market share had dramatically dropped and Japan was now building 50% of all ships being built. After a failed attempt to merge smaller companies into one to regenerate the industry, the then Labour government decided to nationalise it but by 1978, 75% of the world's shipping berths were empty resulting in a huge slump in trade. Thatcher's Conservative government privatised the shipbuilding trade again in 1979. A series of closures occurred and by 1988 there was only one firm left, Swan Hunter in Wearside, and they managed to survive alone until they finally closed in 2010. This was all part of the transition from industrial based economy to a technological based one and we are beginning to see the zenith of that now.


Youth Training Schemes were stopped in favour of sending kids to universities for more programming - that they'd get themselves in debt up their eyeballs for once it became the norm and grants were replaced by student loans, as planned - and more and more jobs became technology driven to some extent or another, from electronic tills that did your working out for you to self-scanning checkouts that take your jobs from you. The introduction of supermarkets to the high streets was to turn business owners into employees and monopolise as many local high street businesses - butchers, bakers, grocers, greengrocers, fishmongers etc. - into a few big, faceless, sterile, (multi)national chains. The destruction of the high street has continued ever since, certainly at least since the 1980s, as I have witnessed it myself. I've also seen a lot of gentrification in some areas and others left to rot only to be regenerated again - Woolwich being a prime example of the latter. We've seen many kinds of stores close down and the average high street now is overrun with chicken shops, barbershops, kebab shops, mobile phone repair shops etc but the problem with that is that there is more competition for the same product and so wages are driven down as the profits are being shared between more businesses selling the same thing.

Online shopping has seen the high street take further hits as more people are both buying and selling online because it is cheaper and, often, less hassle. It always boils down to convenience in the end, right down to the convenience food of processed ready meals and takeaways that were rapidly pushed as the destruction of the family was exacerbated by the Womens Liberation movement. This movement, between the 1960s and 1980s, encouraged married women to go out to work under the impression that they were 'independent', 'empowered' and 'liberated' but the reality is that they were manipulated into doubling the amount of income tax stolen from the population by the government, driving down wages as a consequence of the supply and demand dynamic being changed, rising unemployment for the same reason and, most damagingly, the state's increasing influence on the lives of children who are left with carers while their mothers go off to work.

Now let me just make this very, very clear - I am NOT criticising anyone for this, as I know many readers will be in this position. This is exactly the point I am making - that society has been manipulated over decades into becoming this society where it has become the norm - and it is the norm now. The bottom line is that people have to put food on the table for their children and give them a roof over their heads - the society these mothers were born into was already shaped that way. The wages had already dropped so much, in real terms, that a working couple now often earn less than one person working 40 or 50 years ago would have done. This was always the plan and, despite the fact that he is a movie producer and definitely despite the fact that he was being interviewed by Time-Warner Infowars freemasonic agent Alex "Bill Hicks" Jones, Aaron Russo confirms this and claims he was told so by Nick Rockefeller who had befriended him and was allegedly asked to join 'the club'. We'll look more at the working life in the next part of the series and the remainder of this blog will be focused on the family and health - two of the most important things to focus on. 

Over the last 40-50 years we have seen a very definite breakup of the extended family unit which was always the staple of our society. For example, my mum was 15 when she had me and, right throughout my time at school into the mid-1990s, I was pretty much the only person in the many schools I have attended (5 primary, 2 secondary) who didn't live with parents who were married. It was only really towards the last few years of secondary school that I knew of people whose parents were going through divorce or talking about it. I'd say that nowadays I'd be part of a majority and there are a lot of reasons for this which are all part of a carefully designed plan to create a society fraught with pressure and tension. The decline of the family unit doesn't just involve so-called 'broken homes' as there are many other ways in which the family unit can break down. We've already seen the example of a household where both parents work and this was quite common when I was at school too, especially when I was in secondary school, and quite a few of my friends were 'latch key kids' - meaning that their parents weren't home for a few hours after school as they were working - and so, naturally, we used to all go round one of theirs after school.

Another thing that contributed to the breakup of the extended family is people moving away from the areas they grew up in more and more and I have seen this in my own family too with, of my nan's eight children, four of them moving away from London before she died, including my mum who moved to Ireland. Prior to this generation, families tended to remain fairly local but, with unemployment rising, many people had to relocate for work and others to seek better job opportunities elsewhere due to a higher number of university graduates. As a child my aunts and uncles and cousins were always round our house or we were round theirs as many still lived in the same area and, even most of the ones who moved away were always visiting to see their mum and this generation seems to have been one of the last generations of the old school matriarchal family set-up where the 'nan' is the glue that holds the family together. Once my nan died, things were never as close within my own family and it seems to have been the same with many of my friends' families, with the obvious inevitable exceptions. I'm not criticising my family, it's just a natural consequence of the pressures, tensions and distractions of everyday life that I mentioned earlier and, even then, it was the rule rather than the exception.

The media have played a huge part in this - they always do because they are the government propaganda wing - by creating a climate of fear where every neighbour or passer-by is a potential threat from the supposed crimes that they plaster all over the front pages when the government want to pass a new law or implement a new policy. They use all manner of divide and conquer tactics that we'll look at in Part VI. Have you ever wondered why these 'spate of knife crimes' are 'spates'? Why do people suddenly start stabbing each other over two weeks or a month and then we never hear of any again until the government want to pass more draconian laws? Maybe something to think about? A huge part of this fearmongering involves paedophilia and I do wonder whether it is more widespread now than when I was a child or whether it is just reported more. I never even knew the word until secondary school and all I remember prior to that were the 'stranger danger' adverts and, for some bizarre reason, loads of us being wary of supposed 'glue sniffers' in junior school. I am not insinuating that this doesn't happen - far from it - I am just wondering whether it was reported less 30-40 years ago than it is now. I've not really looked into this but it does make you wonder whether society has declined and people are wary as a consequence or whether society has declined because people are wary of others due to media scaremongering...

I won't dwell too much on this as I'd like to spend more time on the health side and I'll be looking at the social side in Part VI too. Two of the aspects regarding health that are largely caused by the decline of the family unit are diet and the use of prescription pills. We looked earlier at how more hi-tech gadgets were becoming affordable for the growing middle-classes and we also saw how both parents working often led to less time at home to do traditional things like cook a meal. The microwave oven seemed to be the solution to the problem - as intended - and the solution meant radiated processed crap in 2 minutes. Yay! Even by the late 1980s most people I knew had microwaves (I don't remember my nan ever having one, though I could be wrong) and ready meals were quick meals that children could 'cook' without any problem at all. It's adults like my sister who came home pissed once, put a jacket potato in tinfoil, put it in the microwave and... (well, you can guess the rest) that are the danger but I digress...

The promotion and popularity of processed microwave meals and the growth of the takeaway food industry has resulted in an incredibly unhealthy population that has already had their immune systems compromised from birth via vaccinations as we have already seen. This is all part of a vicious cycle of deliberately created ill-health and deliberately toxic - and very often addictive - 'cures' that seem to require constant use so they can do more and more harm until, like one of my uncles, you have to have a kidney transplant due to decades of prescription pills (my aunt was the donor). The most heart-breaking thing about it is, last Wednesday, I spoke to them both on the phone to tell them about this hoax - I had only briefly spoke to them about it in about April/May and had no joy - and they were having none of it. They had no interest in reading my blogs on the subject or any of the links - wouldn't have it that viruses and contagions don't exist. They are fully paid-up members of the NHS Golden Calf, just like my sister (yes, the one who blew up the microwave) after they completely messed her life up with the way they (mis)treated her severe ulcerative colitis. She won't have it though. Ignorance really is bliss for some...

This seems to be a very common philosophy and, for as far back as I can remember, the NHS has been 'in crisis' and doctors and nurses held up to be some kind of saints. Now, I've had quite a few nurses in my family (including my aunt who wouldn't listen about 'covid' and another aunt and one of my cousins who currently are nurses) and I have nothing against what the NHS is supposed to be or against nurses at all - I just don't bow down to them like they are gods. The NHS is great in principle but, in reality, it is grossly 'mismanaged' (it isn't, it is exactly what it is supposed to be - in perpetual crisis to be used as a political pawn) and would need a radical overhaul if we are ever to create a decent society for ourselves. There are many reasons why the NHS is far from perfect and a huge one is the way they treat patients. We've seen what they do with vaccines and the same applies with prescription pills. We've seen a huge rise in conditions such as autism and ADHD since children were exposed to more toxicity via more vaccinations (which is what these conditions are - toxic poisoning) and the widespread use of pills as a treatment creates no long-term benefit - and they're not supposed to. You can find out more about the effects of prescription pills on children here and you can see the effects of a condition called Akathisia that is rarely spoken about here. We've also seen a rise in mental illness and in drug and alcohol abuse - all of which haven't been helped by lockdowns and unnecessary 'covid' measures. A lot of people are struggling in society and not receiving the help they need and can often feel trapped in toxic environments where they feel they have no escape from. When you add prescription pills to the mix as the solution, rather than advocating counselling and changes in diet and lifestyle then you are asking for trouble.

We are going to look at how Big Pharma suppress cures to diseases in order to profit and depopulate for their 'sustainability' agenda but we first need to question why the only form of supposed 'disease prevention' is from vaccinations. Why is a healthy, balanced diet not encouraged? For those that think the medical profession does promote healthy eating I would firstly ask you have you ever seen what someone in hospital gets given to eat? and, secondly, I'd point to the fact that when you look at the diet people suffering from cancer or diabetes are advised to stick to on supposed medical websites, they are advised to eat foods that exacerbate their conditions - predominantly meat, fish, eggs and dairy. Many of you know that I am vegan but this is not about veganism (which is a philosophy, not a diet - the plant-based diet is just part and parcel of veganism), this is about health. People who are suffering from potentially (when treated on the NHS) terminal conditions should not be advised to eat foods that are going to cause a decline in their health. Cutting these foods from your diet is proven to reduce cholesterol and even reverse conditions such as type2 diabetes (I've seen the evidence of the cholesterol reduction for myself as my friend had critically high levels before he went vegan and, nine months later, it was better than average). It's not just these types of food either, the fake lab meats being pushed at the moment are not good either and all contain toxins (especially fish and meat) which is what we know contributes to our illness.

The rise in obesity is a huge factor in the decline of our collective health and this has been actively promoted. You would be very lucky to get through an advertisement break on television, radio or the cinema without seeing takeaway food or carbonated drinks advertised. I saw an advertisement the other day for a McDonald's triple cheeseburger for £2.19 and supermarkets sell all number of different cakes, chocolate, biscuits, sweets, crisps and all manner of fatty, unhealthy, sugar laden snacks - cheaply too - and food has gone from something we need to fuel our body to a source of short-term pleasure that does considerable damage to our bodies. Many of the conditions that are our most deadly killers are caused, at least in part, by poor diet and are therefore preventable. The use of GMOs and the patenting of seeds have ensured that we have surrendered almost complete control of our food supply to the controllers. Even growing your own food outside would be contaminated by the chemicals we have sprayed on us daily and the radiation from our 5G grids. 

We've seen during the course of these so-called 'lockdowns' that the government and the supposed health 'experts' - as well as lying about there even being a virus, how 'viruses' are spread and that vaccines are beneficial - have been deliberately giving the public very bad health advice. They have been telling people to wear masks which causes people to breathe in their own Co2 and they have been keeping people inside out of the sun, a prime source of much needed Vitamin D. Even worse than this is the fact that people with genuine need of hospital treatment have been turned away deliberately as part of the planned cull that we've seen in the care homes where the elderly are allegedly being suffocated on ventilators - particularly those suffering with cancer - to accommodate invisible patients not dying of a mythical 'virus'. One thing that strikes me when people mention the cancer patients being turned away from their treatment of being poisoned some more with the same thing that causes cancer in the first place is how they actually think this treatment is beneficial. Cancer is only terminal when left untreated and there are lots of treatments and cures for this condition. I would recommend having a read of this website, The Cancer Racket, which has some good information and lots of very good links. We are going to focus on cannabis as a cure for cancer and, in particular, the case of Rick Simpson and RSO.

Run from the Cure: The Rick Simpson Story is the story of how a Canadian farmer discovered a method of using cannabis oil to treat and cure various ailments including terminal lung cancer. When he told his doctor that he thought he'd found a cure for cancer he didn't want to know. He was also arrested multiple times for making RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) and distributing it for free and the authorities kept destroying his plants and equipment. So much so that he no longer makes the oil but, instead, shows people how to make their own - teach a man to fish and all that. I'd really recommend watching this video because the NHS not treating cancer patients would be the best thing they could wish for if they were aware of that there were far more effective natural treatments available elsewhere. It's also worth knowing that no disease can survive in an alkaline environment, including cancer.

For those who think the Orwellian state isn't already here, look no further than this case in point to reconsider your position. The only reason cannabis is illegal is because it is a natural product and cannot be patented. It is illegal in the UK yet Theresa May's 'husband' makes money from growing it in the UK and exporting it abroad. The idea that someone can be arrested for growing plants that have never caused anyone any harm (people who smoke weed and have mental issues are actually people with mental issues who happen to also smoke weed) and that actually have medicinal qualities so potent that they can actually treat and cure cancer is insane. The fact that he was giving his medicine away for free makes it even worse. Yet because of the demonisation in the media, so many people would actually favour the criminalisation because they are deeply ignorant and just brainwashed by their TVs and 'news'papers, while their family members are dying of cancer and from the chemotherapy itself all around them.

The more people that know about this 'taboo' subject the better because we'll see less and less cancer deaths - which will be handy in a world that has just been subjected to previously unseen levels of radiation and microwaves and especially at the moment when people are being left undiagnosed and untreated. We saw in a previous blog that exposure to toxins is one of only two things that cause sickness (the other is deficiency) and we are exposed to many toxins besides radiation, microwaves and Big Pharma poisons. We are told that exposure to the sun causes cancer which is untrue and why would exposure to the sun cause cancer? What causes cancer is the ingredients of the sunscreen that we are advised to use to protect us from the sun's 'cancer causing rays'. I am not saying the sun does not burn us - believe me, I know that all too well - or that we shouldn't use protection, I am saying that the protection you use should be organic without any harmful chemicals. The same applies for deodorants, air fresheners, shower gels, drinks, GMO and processed foods, animal products containing toxins from the vaccinations etc. Virtually everything we require has been designed to poison us. 

So why do we not rise up in numbers? We've seen how we have allowed our society to be destroyed so why aren't we all up in arms? Because they also dumb us down with fluoride in toothpaste and, in some places, drinking water too. Then there is the cancer-causing aspartame in sugar free drinks - there's a reason that regular Coca-Cola costs more than Coke Zero. They want you buying the greater of the two evils. The best idea is to buy neither, especially when you consider the ingredients. It can literally clean a car engine such is the acidity - and remember what I said about cancer and alkaline state? Well, that means that cancer can ONLY survive in an acidic state.

This is all part of the depopulation agenda that has been long planned and the alleged culling of the elderly in the care homes would be part of the 'sustainability' agenda which would dictate that people who have worked and paid taxes all their lives (not that they had much choice, mind) are no use to the controllers now they are taking from the pot rather than putting into it. There's a reason the pension age keeps rising. You can see from the link that this state sponsored murder of the elderly for their assets has been occurring for some time and 'covid' is the perfect cover to hide all of the excess care home deaths. Bernie McBride BSc had this to say:

"I’m not a doctor but as a Health & Social Care Systems Investigation Consultant I have Professionally seen how they cover it up. As you know I lost everything and received death threats for speaking up. LinkedIn have removed my profile for telling the truth. I have extensive personal and professional experience and would love to work with others to fix this. My BSc is in Pharmacology amongst other qualifications. I’ve done hospital Investigation as well and I can categorically say that I know more than most sell out doctors and nurses and how they cover their tracks. What is happening and has been happening for years is the state sponsored murder of the elderly in care homes for their assets. This goes on with the Freemason link via the following process: 

The pathway is the Liverpool Care Pathway. The elderly are injected with morphine and midazolam. Since the lockdowns, Do Not Resuscitate has been put on all elderly in care homes (who are on mostly on polypharmacy) and the frailty score has been lowered. This means already ill patients are deprived of care due to the lockdowns and this covers up the following: 

How many elderly murdered but listed as covid. A problem never resolved as:  

1 Saves money for government. 

2 Saves money on complex care in nursing homes which are run for profit. 

3 Regulators are not fit for purpose (unless your purpose is murder) 

4 Lawyers who gain by damaging Wills and families 

5 Dementia lie. This is part of what I have professionally spoken up about which was part of the reason for generating the death threats via the Police. 

The number in this article is actually higher but some are kept for the secret courts and although the NHS would claim that the pathway is not used anymore - it is and it’s state sponsored, Freemasonic and, in some cases, Satanic Ritual Abuse murder. Dr Wood is Controlled opposition but what she says is true:" 

This 'sustainability' agenda is based on the supposed scarcity of resources and the supposed damage being done to the environment by us - both of which are lies. As we've seen in previous blogs, we live in a self-sustaining ecosystem - we are not going to run out of natural resources and we are not going to destroy any 'ozone layer' or any of that nonsense. The controllers are the people damaging the Earth by geo-engineering via HAARP and you can read about this here. All of this - the chemtrails, the DEWs, the weather control, the creation of so-called 'natural disasters' are all part of the very same agenda as everything else - the agenda for complete control of all animals, plants and minerals which is disguised as 'sustainability' via Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. If these people were genuinely 'philanthropists' they would spend their obscene wealth on creating an environment where all of humanity are living to the best of our capabilities without the need for toil and struggle and without starvation and disease - if they have the power to control the weather, then why are there still droughts? This society could be made possible but the only way will be when the control of these resources is out of the hands of these psychopaths and in our own hands where they belong. This is not possible under the current system, which is designed to subjugate us and to protect tyrants from us, and we'll be looking into this in Part IV. 

If these controllers were truly concerned about the environment and 'sustainability' they would use hemp for virtually everything. The reason they don't is because it is a natural product and therefore cannot be patented. The widespread use of hemp would radically transform our way of living as you can see here. As you can see, when I said 'virtually everything' I meant it literally. Everything from houses and cars to paper and adhesives to clothes, medicine and even food. Hemp contains all essential nutrients that we do not produce ourselves and the medicinal uses, as we saw earlier, are incredible. If there is one thing that single-handedly proves that the climate change scam is a scam it is the fact that hemp is never offered as a solution despite having an extremely low carbon footprint in terms of production, is 100% natural and organic and therefore requires no additional toxins or chemicals (which we know is a main cause of sickness) to aid production - and on top of all that, it's relatively cheap too! It can even be used to make biodegradable plastic which is what we are told is the current evil (I remember when it used to be aerosols) so why don't they do it? I've asked loads of so-called environmentalists on twitter why they never promote hemp and, like all the other shills I ask questions, they refuse to answer which tells me all I need to know. Before I finish, I want to take a brief look at the Planned Parenthood agenda and take a look at the 'Brave New World' (sorry) they have planned for the future generations.

Before I start, let me just say that I won't be making any personal opinions on abortion as I don't see that my opinion is relevant to the information and I am really not interested in any debate on the subject. I won't go into too much detail on Planned Parenthood as you can read about it here, see what they are about here, and see what their founder believed in here. I will just go over a few key points:

Planned Parenthood was founded by a eugenicist, Margaret Sanger, who regularly spoke of eugenics and about race when discussing birth control.

It is illegal for American taxpayers to fund abortion but, due to the way in which these NGOs launder money and move it around on the sly, there is no doubt that the $60m a year the US government give to Planned Parenthood goes towards abortions, Planned parenthood's biggest cash cow.

It's revenue in the 2018-19 annual report reveals that its assets are worth just under $2m and its revenue for the time period was $1.638bn. During this time, 345,672 abortions were carried out at an average charge of $600 which works out as $568,200 every day.

Planned Parenthood have also admitted to selling organs from aborted babies numerous times via secretly recorded video footage of unwitting employees making some gruesome revelations to undercover journalists from the Center for Medical Progress in 2015 that can be seen here.

Planned Parenthood claims that only 3% of its services are abortions but you can see here how that figure is manipulated to hide its number one money-maker. Of their 587 medical centers, 375 perform abortions which is well over half. PPFA demands that all of its affiliates has at least one abortion facility and runs 53% of all abortion facilities in the USA.

They also push for the sexualisation of children and are absolutely a part of the 'trans' agenda we looked at last time as you can see here

Again, this is all part of the 'sustainability' program to control the population under the pretence of overpopulation (a massive lie) and, as we can see here, by literal birth control (which in itself can be extremely harmful as you can see here). From reading Brave New World and the website about Dr. Richard Day, it should be very clear where society is headed. Ultimately, the goal is for a fully transgendered society where babies are created in a lab and sex and conception are completely separate acts due to the mass sterilisation programs being waged in a number of different ways. We are all being slowly killed and we have always been enslaved. I will be showing just to what extent in the next blog. People need to change their mindset from waking up to the coming threat and fighting against being enslaved to realising that they've always been enslaved, understanding how, and collectively working to bring down the current system and creating a new one that benefits us all rather than the less than 1% who we all collectively allow to rule over us, control what we can use, own and even eat and who are literally killing us all daily with their toxic poisons. The purpose of these blogs is to hopefully wake as many people up to this fact as possible because there is no going back to the 'old normal'. After this series is finished you won't want to go back, trust me.

So, we've established that we have a system that is designed to brainwash children by the time they can barely walk and that the purpose is to create unthinking, order following drones who can recall what they have been programmed to recall - not too unlike the MK Ultra programming we looked at last time. We've also seen that the plan for mass unemployment was started a long time ago, and that the deliberate destruction of manufacturing industries was part of a plan to stop population growth, with climate change as the trojan horse. We've seen how the Womens Liberation Movement was created to double the amount of income tax collected, to drive down wages, to increase unemployment and to hand over the children to the state from a younger age.

We also saw the beginning of the destruction of the middle classes when supermarkets owned by corporations began to monopolise the trades of the local high street which killed business owners and created employees on minimum wage. People flocked to these supermarkets due to convenience and economics and we saw further destruction of the high street, particularly since online shopping became popular.

We've seen that the extended family has been all but destroyed and a society that sees the elderly put in care homes when, not so long ago, they'd be living with one of their children who would take care of them - just like they took care of them when they were children and needed them. We've also seen how close-knit neighbourhoods have become scarce as the media has campaigned to create a climate of fear where neighbours are to be treated with suspicion, almost as if it was in preparation for an Orwellian police state...

We've seen our health deliberately targeted in a number of ways to produce the toxins required to cause sickness that can be passed off as the various viruses and contagions that 'they' use to control us via fear and ignorance - just like they are now. We've seen how cancer is used as a form of population control and how healthcare services suppress the many natural treatments and cures that exist in order to profit from chemotherapy which poisons the patients further - as intended. We've seen how our diet has been shaped for 'convenience' rather than health, and how eating has become a pleasure-seeking activity rather than a necessity for optimum health - but why would those that profit from 'cures' seek to prevent rather than cure?

The best we can really do at the moment until the sleepwalking fluoride zombies wake up - and that includes the ones STILL following Trump and Q, KBF and Stand UP X and engaging in politics, the media and 'celebrity' culture - is home-school your kids where possible, absolutely do not vaccinate your children or yourselves against anything ('viruses' don't exist), medicate with your diet and natural remedies rather than ANY Big Pharma products, absolutely do not bother going to university - try and learn a valuable trade instead, reduce the amount of chemicals and radiation we are subjected to daily and refuse to be blackmailed or coerced into any sort of submission, no matter what they throw at you or use to break your spirit. There will always be someone who empathises and will stand up for you.

The people who are still engaging are still following orders and still being manipulated because they cannot see through the media or politics or through very obvious psyops. They are still programmed to be led and to obey and to follow the crowd. Until they learn to stop seeking a shepherd, they will always be lost sheep. People also need to understand that by diluting the truth - that 'viruses' do not exist at all and that all vaccines are poison - they are enabling this hoax because the narrative being pushed by the government and the shill groups are what enables endless fake 'pandemics' and 'mutations' and 'strains'. Stop the 'I am not anti-vax, I am...' and 'I am not a covid denier...' crap, grow a pair and tell the truth. Stop worrying what others think and stand on your own two feet and be honest. It really ain't hard.

I will tell this story again that I have mentioned a few times before on Twitter, as I've already brought a bit of personal stuff into this blog: When I was 13, I was on a school trip to the New Forest and we were jogging with some army P.T. Instructor. A few of us were way in front and we were told to wait at this fence. I climbed over it and when the P.T. Instructor came back he started shouting at me and told me to do 20 press ups. I refused and he said that if I didn't, he would make the rest of the group do 20 press ups instead. I said I wouldn't do it and that he couldn't make them do it either. He then told them to do 20 press ups and every single person did them without complaint. I lost a lot of respect for people that day and it was a valuable life lesson. Those kids are now, without exception I'd say, adults in masks doing shopping or using public transport because someone told them to do something for no reason - just like that P.T. Instructor did nearly 30 years ago.

A lot of people are suffering mentally throughout this and I have seen it affect a few people I know. If anyone is struggling with anything don't suffer alone or in silence. You are welcome to e-mail me if you want to get anything off your chest about any of this craziness or if you just need someone to listen. It's not a problem. This is all part of their psychological operation and we must all stand strong together and resist it. 

All of this has been designed to create state dependence by breaking people down physically, emotionally and spiritually in order to make them subservient to the government and the corporations that are used by the real controllers to subjugate them. Their complete control of the resources that we need to survive and flourish as a species puts us entirely at their mercy and this is why we should be striving to create something better than to go back to the 'freedom' that many naively believe we had. In Part V we will be looking a little closer at these controllers than we did previously and also at governments and secret societies. Next up though, in Part IV, we will be looking at the birth certificate scam, maritime law, the fractional reserve banking system and we'll see that the phrase 'all taxation is theft' is to be taken literally. If you think you are enslaved after reading this blog, that ain't the half of it...

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