The Road To Serfdom Part IV - Berths, Miscarriages & Debts

06 Feb

Last time we looked at how we have allowed a tiny minority of psychopaths to completely shape our society and to completely own all of the resources we need to survive and flourish on Earth. We have seen how they destroyed the extended family and reduced once thriving communities to nothing more than a collection of strangers divided by mistrust, fuelled by the media. We have seen how children are being brainwashed to believe in outright lies and are also being politicised in preparation for the forthcoming new system. We have seen how people are being replaced by machines and therefore losing their value to the controllers - this is what they mean by 'sustainability'. We have seen how they poison us and reduce our natural lifespans and we have seen how they view us as no more than livestock to be farmed. This time out, we are going to see that we literally are livestock being farmed and that they actually legally own us too. Hopefully anyone reading this blog who still wants to go back to the 'old normal' will realise that it really wasn't what they thought it was and reconsider their priorities. We will be looking at how we have been enslaved from birth and deceived by the 'laws of the land', the Inland Revenue and, of course, the central banks into giving up our sovereignty and supposed 'wealth'. Let's start at the beginning, on that fateful day when you were born...

Just after you were born, your parents applied for a birth certificate, presumably because they assumed that they were required to do so by law and, by registering your birth with the local authority, they inadvertently gave up their legal ownership of their child to the state. The reason for this is the way your name is written on your birth certificate - Your name is written as 'Your Name' in English, but on your birth certificate you will see 'Your NAME' which is not English grammar and, therefore, not your name. This is your Strawman, a fictional legal entity that was created when you were born, and with this registration you ceased to be a living person with inalienable human rights, subject to Common/Civil Law (the laws of the land) and, instead, became an item of stock owned by a corporation (which is what nations are as we'll discover later) and you are subject to the Uniform Commercial Code or Maritime Admiralty Law (the laws of the seas). This legal name is recorded as a government bond and the letters and numbers at the top is your bond number which is floated on the stock exchange. You are literally livestock with a number, just like cows have on their ear-tags. Your parents were deceived into giving up their rights to their child and deceived into giving up their child's sovereignty by the oldest deception going and absolutely the very basis of our enslavement.


This deception is known as The Justinian Deception and derives from the laws created by the Roman Emperor Justinian I. These laws are the basis for the UCC/Maritime Admiralty Law, which are believed to have originated with the seafaring Phoenicians (phonetics) and adopted by the Romans who, via The Vatican, wrote them into law and still control the world today. The trial is a religious ritual that goes back before Catholicism to its roots in Kabbalah and mystery Babylon and the courtroom itself also contains freemasonic symbolism. The Roman Empire never went away - it just went underground (like freemasonry did for centuries). Ultimately, the corporation that owns us is The Vatican. Before we continue, let's examine why 'Your Name' is written as 'Your NAME'/'YOUR NAME'. The reason for this is because it is written in Dog Latin, which is literally the language (Latin) of the illiterates in Roman times. It uses English grammar but Latin capital letters and, unlike Ancient Latin, it does not hyphenate between words ('YOUR-NAME'). It is this 'language of the illiterate' that is used to deceive you and strip away your rights, freedoms, property and soul. It is this language that comprises the Black's Law Dictionary - the most widely used law dictionary in the United States. This video here describes the Justinian Deception, the hierarchy and the freemasonic symbolism involved in this deception which tricks you into consenting, a trick that we have seen used many times during these blogs as that is absolutely crucial to the codes that they abide by - If you literally chose to accept your Strawman's identity because you (or your parents) were too 'illiterate'/ignorant to understand that the person they are not referring to is you then you deserve everything you get (according to their philosophy). The way the Vatican did this was the creation of the three Cestui Que Vie Trusts. Cestui means six so three sixes... 666... the real Mark of the Beast? It's an interesting theory and this video here has some great information on this aspect and also on the structure of the court system and the rituals behind them. Let's look at one of the most blatant signs you are being ruled by Maritime Admiralty Law - the flag.

The yellow trim around the national flags in courtrooms, government buildings, state schools, used by the military and other state agents indicates that Maritime Admiralty Law is in place. For example, when you enter a courtroom you will see your national flag with a yellow trim, which indicates that you are being judged under Maritime Admiralty Law rather than the Civil/Common Law you should, as a living human being, be judged by. The flag is the symbol that you are being judged under this law but the judge will not remove the flag upon request and the reason for this is that, if the flag was removed, you would have to be judged by Civil/Common Law as Maritime Admiralty Law would no longer be valid. This is also why official letters and people like judges will not refer to you by "Forename Surname" as then you are bound by Civil/Common Law as a living human being. They refer to you by your Strawman (fictional legal entity) that you have no lawful obligation to respond to. It is important to distinguish between 'legal' and 'lawful' - 'legal' refers to the corporate/business world and is bound by UCC/Maritime Admiralty Law and 'lawful' refers to living persons and is bound by Civil/Common Law. By entering the court room (ship) you are agreeing to be tried by Maritime Admiralty Law, which is the law of the sea, and the judge takes on the role of Captain. The Captain literally has the right to make up the rules as he sees fit and this is what happens in court - legally, not lawfully.

In the last video link, Santos Bonacci gives an example of someone in court who refused to answer to "YOUR NAME" in court and would only respond to his first name, which means he has not consented to be tried under UCC/Maritime Law. When the court bailiff tried to remove him from the court room, he responded by saying that he would be charged for removing an officer of the court as his papers had been accepted and were on the bench. The judge then proceeded to adjourn and once he had left the courtroom, the defendant exclaimed that the captain had left the ship and he was now in charge of the case and he decided the outcome was "Not guilty, with prejudice" and left the courtroom LAWFULLY as he did not enter into any LEGAL contract. The video also describes the religious ritual of the trial as a form of penance. You are literally invited to their ship to give your penance, to confess your sins, swearing on The Bible (which is against scripture - "But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ For whatever is more than these is from the evil one. - Matthew 5:37").

The Vatican control all of the banks and all of the laws we are subjected to as items of their property - they have complete control and we are absolutely enslaved with no legal rights. The registration of your birth was a contract but, in reality, because there wasn't full disclosure by the local authority (because your parents were not informed that they would lose ownership of their child or that a Strawman would be created), and because there was no 'intent to contract' by your parents, it is rendered null and void by Common Law. However, because you use the legal fictional entity that is your Strawman as proof of identity, and because you apply for bank accounts, driving licences, mortgages, loans etc. using your legal name ("YOUR NAME") you are then legally (not lawfully) bound to pay money you haven't agreed to (and it always involves paying money you haven't agreed to - that is the whole point of it).


The governments of every 'nation' are subject to Civil (or Common) Law - the laws of the land - which essentially means that as long as you do not harm others then you can pretty much do as you please. However, because 'nations' are privately owned corporations and its 'citizens' no more than livestock owned by the corporation, this means that the 'citizens' are ruled by the Uniform Commercial Code, or Maritime Admiralty Law, that I mentioned before. The United States is different to The United States of America, for example. The Constitution of the United States of America was signed in 1779 but the Constitution of the United States, a corporation, was signed in Delaware in 1871. Similarly, the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom Corporation are different institutions. This can be confirmed on the Dun and Bradford website. Members of Parliament, the military, the intelligence agencies etc. in the UK all swear allegiance to the Queen, as head of the United Kingdom corporation, rather than the people of the nation. The Queen also refers to her government and her parliament because she is head of the firm - and as we saw previously, also head of the Black Nobility that rules everything.

If we can turn our attention back to the United States, all US citizens are governed under corporate law because the US Inc. formed in 1871 means that US citizens are employees of US Inc. The US also has the three things required to set up a corporation - a President, a Vice President and a Treasurer - and that is all these people are: middle management working for the corporation, performing roles and taking the flak for the real owners of the corporation and we'll be looking at some of those later. Washington D.C. is a completely separate corporation to the US Inc. corporation - it is essentially a foreign corporation with its own laws, just as the Vatican is not part of Italy and has its own laws and the City of London is not part of the United Kingdom and has its own laws. This is not a coincidence, and nor is it a coincidence that they all have the same symbolism (obelisks, domed buildings) because these three independent states are where the Black Nobility control the world from. The Vatican controls the spiritual, the City of London controls the financial and Washington D.C. controls the military. We can see from Dr. John Coleman's speech here that the US President gets his daily briefing from the Royal Institute for International Affairs at Chatham House in London - which IS part of the United Kingdom Corporation - because the United States never gained independence from the British. They merely went from direct rule to covert rule (like the Romans) - and it's easy to quell dissent when your slaves don't know they are slaves - and even easier when they don't know who their masters are. This article explains this very well and also gives some good information about who controls these corporations and how they operate which will be useful for later. I'd also recommend watching this video by Eric Dubay that covers a lot of this topic.


Before we take a look at the banking system, I'll leave a few links for some videos I would recommend you watch on this topic because I will just very briefly be going over the basics of the system before we look at how it is used to enslave us. These videos are:

What You Don't Know But Need To Know

The American Dream: Understanding Money and the Banking System

The Monetary System Visually Explained

Eric Dubay: The History of the Federal Reserve

Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve

Money As Debt

The Money Masters: The Rise of the Bankers

These videos range from short cartoons that explain the basics to longer, more in-depth investigations into the nature of the system and the practical consequences and I'd recommend watching all of them if you want a thorough understanding of the system that enslaves us. I will now very briefly describe how this system works by using the information from the third listed video which explains it all in a very simplistic and easy to digest manner:

Governments use the Treasury to create government bonds, which are basically glorified IOUs, to borrow currency (not money - big distinction) from Private Central Banks that masquerade as state organisations owned by the people. This allows them to spend more than they have (deficit spending). These Treasury Bonds are our national debt which, as I've said, is backed up by our labour via our own government bonds (our birth certificates and social security numbers) and paid back via Income Tax (and we'll be looking at Income Tax and how this is part of the same scam shortly).

The world's largest banks then turn up at a Bond Auction to bid for the bonds. It may sound strange that banks would be lining up to bid for the right to loan out trillions of dollars but the reason they do is for the interest - they make huge profits from usury and take a huge cut at every step of the process.

The banks then use open market operations to swap bonds and create currency via the Federal Reserve (or the Bank of England here in the UK). The Fed then writes cheques for money it doesn't have (which would bounce if we did it) because it always has a $0 balance - when it writes a cheque it creates currency.

The banks take the cheques and currency is created, and the banks use this currency to buy more bonds at the next Bond Auction at the Treasury but the cheques are just IOUs too. The result of this process is a build-up of IOUs at the Fed/Bank of England and a build-up of currency at the Treasury and it is through this process that all paper currency comes from.

The money that is being deposited into the Treasury by the banks buying the bonds is mistakenly called 'base money' but it is not money - it is currency - and, again, it is very important to keep this in mind. Paper money is really nothing more than a receipt or a claim cheque and has no real intrinsic value. Money used to be backed with gold and a pound was worth a pound of gold (hence the name of our currency) but now it is backed with nothing and literally worthless.

The Treasury then deposits the money into the various branches of government so they can deficit spend on social programs, public works and wars. All of these public sector workers being paid with this currency then deposit their money into their banks and this is where things start to get interesting...

You are not depositing your money into the bank for safe keeping. You are, in effect, loaning the bank your money and they can, within legal parameters, do pretty much whatever they like with it - including gambling on the stock market and loaning it out to others for profit and this is where the banks make their money and how the Fractional Reserve scam works.

Fractional Reserve Lending means the banks only have to retain a fraction of your deposit and can loan the rest out, as mentioned above, at varying ratios but let's just use a 10% ratio for simplicity to explain the method. So, for every $100 (going to use the Fed and the US as the example here but could easily be the Bank of England and the UK or anywhere else) you deposit, the banks can loan out $90 of it and keep $10 in reserve (vault cash). Your bank account will still say you have $100 in it because the banks leave IOUs (Bank Credit) in place of your money which are literally just numbers on a screen.

Despite these IOUs not being base currency and only being numbers on a screen, there is now $190 in existence from the $100 deposit - the $100 deposit and the $90 created from thin air to loan out to someone else from this deposit because it is all currency (but not all money - only the $100 deposit was money).

The borrower then takes his $90 that he's borrowed from your deposit and buys something with it. The seller then deposits the $90 into his bank and repeats the process. Therefore, the $100 deposit became $190 worth of credit from the first deposit and now, with 90% of the seller's $90 added to that, we can see that there is now $271 in existence from the initial deposit and this process goes on and on and on with every deposit and every loan. An initial deposit of $100 can create $1000 of bank credit at the 10% ratio. The vast majority (92-96%) of our currency supply is created in this way, within the banking system, and not by the government.

Having more currency in circulation causes prices to rise as a consequence of inflation so, therefore, Central Banks control inflation by their control of how much money is in circulation. The rising prices are merely a symptom, not the cause. The whole scam is essentially a lot of swapped IOUs and numbers typed into a computer. The whole currency supply is just numbers, some printed, most typed. Inflation is nothing more than a stealth tax that is a consequence of this monetary system.

It is us that give the currency its value because we toil, labour and use our talents and time to get paid with numbers on a computer screen. Then, the IRS/Inland Revenue steal a fraction of our earnings without our consent to pay back the initial principal that the government agreed to borrow (with our labour as collateral via our birth certificates) - plus interest - that the Federal Reserve lent out with a cheque from an account with nothing in it. What the Federal Reserve (and the Bank of England) does is commit legalised fraud on a massive scale against the workers and taxpayers of the nation. What isn't legal though is the enforcement of Income Tax in the United States of America.

Citizens of the USA are not legally obliged to pay Income Tax - however, like the Mafia who might come into your bakery and demand protection money, you have no legal obligation to pay them but it is advisable that you do. This analogy is made by Movie producer Aaron Russo in his documentary "America: Freedom To Fascism", and it illustrates that there is no law that requires American workers to pay Income Tax at all. The fact that people are charged and imprisoned despite not committing any crime should set alarm bells ringing and the same applies in the UK. Here, we are legally allowed to withhold taxes if our government is committing crime - which they do every single day, not least by borrowing money at interest from private banksters but try not paying it and see what happens...

Before the establishment of the Federal Reserve there was no Income Tax in the USA at all. The Federal Reserve and the IRS were both, coincidentally I am sure, formed in 1913 and the reason for this is because Income Tax is just a means to pay back the principal and the interest on the loans the government took out needlessly because they have the right to print debt free currency - the very fact that they don't do this and, instead, choose to borrow from private bankers at interest whilst saddling their citizens with ever-increasing debt should tell you who controls who.

There was interest due on the initial bond the government took out and there was interest due on every single loan that was made by the banks - this means that there is interest due on every dollar in existence. Therefore, there will never be enough currency to pay this interest which means we are in perpetual debt that can never be paid off and the idea of a debt ceiling is ridiculous. There is always more debt in the system than there is currency to repay it all and that is the basis of the scam and why things like 'austerity measures' that were brought in here in the UK after the last fabricated financial crash (they are all always deliberate as we shall see later) were just an absolute joke that the masses believe because most people are completely and utterly ignorant as to how money is created, how debts are accrued, where their Income Tax goes and that 'booms and busts' are completely controlled (as are the stock markets).

There is a payment due every month on every dollar in existence for the principal and the interest and these do not stop if the government stop borrowing or if the people stop borrowing. If we stop borrowing, then no new currency is created to replace the currency that has been used to pay off the debts. Currency and debt are like matter and anti-matter - when they meet, they annihilate each other.

Governments talk about 'living within our means' and 'reducing the debt' but this is deflationary and impossible to do - literally - within our current monetary system unless the whole economy is collapsed and this seems to be what the Great Reset is about - bringing in a new monetary system to enslave us.


This system is a pyramid scheme, a ponzi scheme, a fraud - whatever you want to call it. It's a scam and a lie - legalised theft -and this, along with the birth certificate scam and the UCC/Maritime Admiralty Law scam is the true slavery that we are all subjected to, the vast majority of us without ever knowing about any of it because most people go through life in complete ignorance because they completely buy into the system and their slavery - they are completely obsessed with the material and have nothing remotely spiritual about them.

The Federal Reserve, like the Bank of England, has shareholders and therefore is a private corporation with owners. The owners are the same families who founded it in 1913 after the secret meeting at Jekyll Island in which the prominent banking families planned the creation of the Fed to enslave the US population like they'd already done to the British and to many other nations across Europe and the rest of the world as their banking empire grew. The most prominent, wealthiest and most influential of these families are the Rothschild family, who I am sure you have all heard of, and we'll be taking a closer look at them now.

The Rothschild 'legend' goes that the family's rise to significance began in the 18th Century in Frankfurt when Mayer Amschel Bauer, the son of an Ashkenazi money lender, changed the family name to 'Rothschild' (red sign) after the red hexagram that hung outside of the family-owned counting house. Their international banking enterprise was created by the newly named Mayer Amschel Rothschild sending his five sons to set up banks in Frankfurt, Vienna, Naples, Paris and London, using their fiat currency system of creating money from nothing that can be traced back to ancient Babylon. The Austrian and British branches of the family tree were quickly elevated to nobility and all five sons were freemasons like their father - who was also heavily involved in the formation of the 'Illuminati' in 1776, based on the teachings of The Talmud. The purpose of this group was to divide the 'goyim' (non-Jews) via social, political, economic and religious means and are not related to what is now referred to as the 'Illuminati' (the enlightened degrees of freemasonry).

The Rothschilds' real power came in 1815, after the Battle of Waterloo that finished the Hundred Years War - which they funded both sides (as they have in every major war since) - when one of their couriers was paid to spread the news that the British had lost so that the price of British stock would plummet, allowing Nathan Mayer Rothschild (the head of the London branch) to buy up the stock for a relative pittance before word got back to London that the British had, in fact, won. This significantly increased the family's wealth, standing and, of course, power. Rothschild bragged that, in the 17 years he'd been in England, with a £20,000 stake given to him by his father, he had increased his wealth 2500-fold and was now worth £50m. In 1823 they took control of The Vatican's banking operations and in 1840 they became the Bank of England's bullion brokers, strengthening their position in the power structure and their influence soon grew beyond the financial as they joined the European aristocracies by intermarrying, often within the Goldsmith (Goldschmidt) family.

They set up agencies in California and Australia and funded the works of Karl Marx, Karl Ritter and Friedrich Nietszche (all freemasons) - which all influenced the politics behind World War Two. They also funded many of the infamous 'robber barons' in the US when they were embarking on their enterprises - buying influence in other words, and this would prove very useful. In 1913, as we saw earlier, the Rothschilds' influence led to the passing of the Federal Reserve Act on Christmas Eve without the required quorum and after a secret meeting on Jekyll Island between representatives of the families who would be the shareholders of this private central bank posing as a state-owned bank. The Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Goldman-Sachs, the Lehmans, the Kuhn-Loebs, the Warburgs and the Israel Moses Seifs control the Federal Reserve as private shareholders even though 'officially' it is a state-owned bank. We've seen how obscene the profits from the banking scam are and these are the families who pocket the lot - and it cost them nothing in the first place. 

The Federal Reserve is beyond the jurisdiction of the government, the intelligence agencies - even the President - and nobody is allowed to enter the Federal reserve without authorisation including the aforementioned. It is a law unto itself, literally, and its purpose - like all central banks in a fractional reserve banking system - is to bleed the state dry. This is why the United States, like every other corporation posing as a nation, is in perpetually increasing debt as you can see here. We've already looked at the banking system and we've already seen that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was established in the US in the same year as the Fed, so as to steal money illegally from Americans in order to pay back the capital and interest on the loans the government took out - which didn't cost the Fed a single dollar - and now we are going to take a look at the way the Rothschilds et al control and manipulate the economy to create recessions, depressions, stock market crashes, booms and busts at will in order to steal more real wealth from the people.

Those in control of the money supply (The Rothschilds) are able to create booms and busts by controlling the creation of credit. Given that there is never enough money in existence to repay all of the debt, they can simply limit how much credit is being created which means many people will be unable to pay off their loans, bills, mortgages etc and the consequence of this is that the banks (owned by those who control the money supply) then take real wealth (homes, businesses, property, cars etc.) to repay the absolutely nothing they 'lent' in the first place. Depressions, are caused by a lack of supply, not demand, and therefore those in control of the money supply cause these events to happen by manipulating the credit supply. The Rothschilds were behind the 1929 Stock Market crash that caused the Great Depression and lasted ten years, causing mass unemployment, poverty and starvation. Because the world was becoming 'globalised' and because the Rothschilds were, by now, controlling most of the world's economies, other nations were affected too. The staging of these crashes, recessions and depressions is always deliberate from the Wall Street Crash, to the 'Credit Crunch' to the current economic collapse due to the 'Covid-19' hoax that they are also knee-deep in. They funded the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917 and all sides in the two World Wars - yes, including Hitler and the Nazis. He was funded by the Rothschilds via the Warburgs and was very clearly 'in the club' - the world is a stage, remember...

One of the primary motivators for the staging of World War Two was the founding of Israel, which happened in 1948 so that it fulfilled Jewish prophecy. The purpose of the 'Holocaust' psyop was to persecute Jews and scare them into fleeing Nazi occupied territories for Palestine. The Nazis initially paid Jews to migrate but when the numbers began to dwindle, they had to start the 'murder camp' rumours to give them a bit of motivation to leave their homes. The Rothschilds literally own Israel and manipulated the First World War, partly, in order to blackmail the British government into giving them Palestine - which they did. The Balfour Declaration of 1917, a letter written to Lord Rothschild, gave support for a 'Jewish Homeland' for Ashkenazi Jews who had zero claim to Palestinian land. The 97.5% Ashkenazi Jews that populate modern Israel have no historical links to this land whatsoever and descend from Khazar converts to Judaism in modern day Georgia. These people can be traced back to the Canaanites of the Bible who worshipped Moloch, Ba'al and the other Pagan gods and this is not surprising given that the Rothschilds are not Jewish at all and do not practice Judaism. We saw in Parts I and II that these 'elites' are all Luciferians and that their cover religions are just that - covers. The Rothschilds are no different and, as mentioned earlier, their name is derived from the red hexagram that hung outside their Frankfurt counting house - the Seal of Solomon. There are also the famous photographs of their 1972 party containing guests dressed up with goat heads, a table presenting a human as food and other eerie, esoteric images that are said to have inspired Eyes Wide Shut. You will also see Luciferian imagery used by members of the family or by their various logos of their various groups and the Israeli Supreme Court (they still own 80% of Israel) contains a pyramid with the all-seeing eye of Horus - they don't exactly hide it. It also appears on the US dollar and they own that too.

We've looked before at the Rockefellers and their huge influence in the fields of education and medicine and, as I mentioned earlier, the Rockefellers and other 'robber baron' families were initially lent money by the Rothschilds to start/expand their enterprises. It should come as no surprise then that the Rothschilds are above these families in the food-chain and are absolutely complicit in all of this influence too. These people belong to a Committee (of 300) and their agendas are the same agenda as this committee - they do not operate outside of the greater agenda and we'll be looking at this a lot more closely next time when we look at the power behind what we are meant to think is the power. The Rothschilds are very much a part of this group and control the world's finances - even those of The Vatican and the Black Nobility. Like the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds pose as 'philanthropists' and like the royals, they like to pretend their wealth has dwindled down to nothing and that they have no influence or power when the opposite is true. The family own virtually every central bank in the world, the IMF, the World Bank, Reuters, The Associated Press and they invest heavily in oil, mining (including aluminium...), wine and real estate among others.


The wars in the Middle-East are at their behest - to further the Greater Israel Project - and they use their banking scam to loan money at interest to both sides, the military industrial complex they own to sell (and test) weapons, the construction companies they own to rebuild the nations they've paid to destroy and they then exploit the resources of the invaded country whilst, inevitably, setting up a central bank and chaining them to the world debt machine. This is how they operate and every modern 'war' involves the USA/UK/Europe doing Israel's bidding which means the Rothschilds' bidding as they own it. They use their own intelligence agencies (Mossad, MI5/6, the CIA) to do their bidding as they've done since their agent rode back fastest from Waterloo to spread disinfo. Despite this influence, remember they act for the committee - they don't act alone without their consent and we'll be looking at some of the other major players next time out.

The Great Reset is about destroying this banking system that literally cannot function without adding to the 'global' debt - it is literally impossible to pay back as we saw earlier - and giving us an even more restrictive system to control us via our need to buy and sell. I personally don't believe that transhumanism is possible at all but I think they'll be using microchips to control our access to finances and resources, using this fake pandemic and the laughable 'sustainable development' scam as the trojan horses. People will take to it, too, as they are absolutely beyond help and are not really even human. They are lost souls drifting along, following the herd, completely oblivious to what is going on and that is never going to change because they are incapable of thinking - it is as simple as that.

So, we've seen that we are enslaved to a system that is designed to take away our sovereignty, our right to live rent free on Earth, our right to private ownership - and even the right to our own soul - from birth. We've seen that the banking system that we are all tied to via our dependence on the currency system ensures that we are forever in perpetually increasing debt - even if we are not in any personal debt that we 'owe' our share of the national debt that only ever goes up - as designed.

We have seen how one obscenely rich and powerful banking family have used their influence to manipulate inflation, deflation, interest rates; orchestrated stock market crashes, recessions and depressions; used their wealth and power to steal resources, instigate revolutions and civil wars and even start wars in order to further the interests of those they work for.


We've seen how they literally own Israel and how, via the City of London and the RIIA (and the other Round Table groups) they influence world politics and affairs even outside of the financial sector. We've seen that they control and influence the CIA, MI5/6 and Mossad (as well as French Intelligence). We've seen how they fund both sides of all major wars and profit, not only from the interest, but from the weapons sales that are responsible for the death of millions and the reconstruction of the towns and cities devastated by their weaponry.

We've seen that these elite families are Elite Gender Inversions and the Rothschild family is certainly no exception. These families are inbred for a reason and this probably explains why these people are so devoid of empathy and why they are completely insane. They are also incredibly stupid and only have the power they have because they have the money to employ clever people to create the tools that they need to maintain their control.


We looked briefly at some of the other banking families such as the Schiffs and the Warburgs and seen that these relationships remain tight due to intermarriage and the rituals of freemasonry of which they are all involved.


If the government controlled the bankers, they would print interest-free money, as is their right, and there would be interest-free loans if the government genuinely sought to make the people who supposedly vote them into 'power's lives easier but, of course, that isn't how it works. Instead, people have to break their backs working to have a portion of their wages literally stolen from them to pay off the principal and interest on loans that were never given in real monetary terms and they have to pay three or four times the value of a house via a mortgage with interest. The only reason for charging interest is greed and there is no argument against this. It is fact. We are literally the only creatures on Earth who have to pay for the privilege of living here with no freedoms whatsoever because we allow ourselves to be dominated and bullied by the few - the mentally and physically weak who literally only have any sort of power because of the literally worthless pieces of paper 'money' they possess and that they use to control people because we must be bloody daft!

I don't really think there is much we can do about this system short of going off-grid and completely removing ourselves from society or by us all collectively overthrowing the parasites who control us and leech from us. The system cannot be changed from within - which those 'awake' people who think court cases are the answer clearly do not get - it is designed to enslave us and to protect the 'elites' from us. The same applies for voting but that's for another blog.

 I really don't think cryptocurrency is the answer and have never really felt compelled to look into it a great deal so please don't take my word on this - it just doesn't seem legit to me. It seems too easy for 'them' to control and manipulate.

Next time we'll be taking a peek behind the purple curtain to see who else lurks in the background, pulling the strings of the puppets who have no place in that blog - we'll be looking at politicians and 'world leaders' in Part VI when we look at divide and conquer psyops as that is exactly where they belong.

Instead, in Part V we'll be looking at the Black Nobility, The Society of Jesus and freemasonry and we'll be looking at some of the deceptions they use to consolidate their complete control of everything and everyone.

As I've mentioned before, this Agenda 2030/Reset is not about enslaving us - it should be apparent now that this happened a long time ago - it is about pulling back the curtain and letting us know and we'll be pulling that curtain back next time, as I said. Until then...

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