The Road To Serfdom Part V - Pay No Attention to That Man Behind the Curtain...

07 Mar

Last time we looked at the Justinian Deception, Maritime Admiralty Law and the Fractional Reserve Banking scam and saw that this system absolutely enslaves us in every way from birth. We also looked at the Rothschild family and saw their huge influence on world banking and everything else. We are now going to look at other families who comprise the 'cabal' that enslaves us and we will look at the secret societies, intelligence agencies and NGOs that they use to do this - governments are nothing more than middle managers, the public faces of the corporations (which we learned is what 'nations' are last time) - and they'll be looked at in Part VI with the other divide and conquer psyops where they belong. We looked briefly at the Black Nobility here but now we are going to look in much greater detail at the families who sit at the top of the pile. Before we continue, I'd like to just say this: Virtually everything you read or watch regarding the power structure of the 'illuminati' will be different. The more you research, the more you will see all number of groups and individuals given contradictory positions of power and importance. The truth is, none of us really know what the true power structure is in any great detail - even long-time researchers like former intelligence officer Dr. John Coleman - but we can garner a general idea by reading as many sources as possible and by joining your own dots. I can only tell you the truth as I see it and I don't claim any of it to be Gospel - all I can tell you is that this is the general structure and all of the people mentioned are involved in this power structure. I will also be linking to a LOT of videos and texts for further research throughout the blog as this is a subject that requires a lot of research. Let's start right at the top...

The Black Nobility

The Black Nobility are the founders of the Committee of 300, from which all of the other secret societies, Intelligence Agencies and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) that manipulate and shape our world are controlled and they can be traced back to the ancient Canaanite (Phoenician) city of Tyre and, before that, to the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian empires. The current head of the Black Nobility is Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and The Commonwealth and she is of the Guelph bloodline that can be traced back to the oligarchic families of Venice that eventually moved north to Hamburg,  Amsterdam and, finally, London before the Venetian empire eventually fell in 1797. You may remember from the last part that the Phoenicians (Greek name for Canaanites) were a seafaring power who were the originators of Maritime Admiralty Law and it is no surprise then that their Venetian descendants created a Maritime Empire, just as they did later when they moved to England. 

The Venetian Empire was built on banking and commerce and their dominance of trade routes around the Mediterranean Sea is how they cemented their economic power and dominance. The oligarchies that we see now all stem from this Venetian oligarchy who descended from the last Emperors of Rome so, naturally, they were focused on Empire and domination like their ancestors. The biggest Empire at the time was the Byzantine Empire, the Roman Eastern Front, who served as a 'mother' empire for the Venetians and the Venetians soon had ideas of taking this for themselves. The Venetian method was very Machiavellian in nature - they created wars between supposed allies, funded both sides, imposed unmanageable debts on those they 'helped' and used implied threats of attack by its formidable navy to secure privileges - they were a looting power who raped, pillaged and plundered their way across Europe and Asia, stealing resources and imposing their cruel rule on those unfortunate enough to be conquered by them - not changed much have they?!

The Venetians used the Fourth Crusade of 1204 to take Constantinople (now Istanbul), a city and port that was integral to their trading ambitions, and solidified their position as the biggest power in the region. They did this by convincing the Crusaders that had grouped in Venice to set sail to pillage for money instead of the 'Holy' reasons they were supposedly fighting for (they weren't, the Templars were Luciferians as we shall see later). The Venetian oligarchs convinced the crusaders to invade Egypt and Hungary for them before they set sail for Constantinople, using the deferred payment of the 85,000 silver marks they charged the French and English as an incentive, and whilst this was occurring, the oligarchs were also negotiating with agents of Alexius, the son of the deposed Emperor of Constantinople. Alexius pledged to pay the money the Crusaders did not have and provide men for the Crusade if he was appointed as a puppet Emperor and the Venetians agreed.


After the Fourth Crusade that saw them reconquer the Byzantine Empire - including Constantinople and their 'home' city of Tyre that they'd lost to Alexander the Great in the Fourth Century - they were given half of every conquered city (including a market, a bank and a public baths), remained tax exempt and were even paid taxes by the Byzantines! Their belief was that "Wherever a Venetian goes, Venetian Law should follow him" and this, again, draws comparisons to the Maritime Admiralty Law that today favours these oligarchs at our expense. Soon, however, Alexius couldn't keep his end of the bargain and the Crusaders that the Venetians had left positioned outside of the city were soon used to invade and loot the city and the spoils can still be seen in Venice today in the Church of Saint Mark.

This victory paved the way for over two centuries of maritime dominance throughout the Mediterranean, the Adriatic and they controlled all major trade routes and ports, East and West. They appointed puppet rulers in their territories (just as they do now) and decreed that all gold bullion and currency could only be traded in Venice. No country was allowed to create bullion for itself. They sucked Europe dry of the 400-year-old silver standard and imposed their own gold standard. In the East, they enforced the silver standard on the rich and paper currency for the poor. By the 15th Century, the Venetian oligarchs had bankrupted Florence, France and England and manipulated the 100 Years War between the latter two - again, using debt-based lending which only ever ends with complete financial collapse. Using debts for control and financing both sides of wars that they manipulated was nothing new to these oligarchs - they'd been doing it for centuries and they haven't stopped now, as we saw last time.

The Venetian method was to befriend potential enemies, find out their weaknesses and indulge them with it - whether it be money, sex, wine etc, the Venetians would provide it - then, they'd start to withhold these indulgences unless certain conditions were met - exactly what we saw the Rothschilds and Rockefellers do with the Medical, Education and Banking professions. They also used debt-based usury to control governments and they manipulated wars and financed both sides - and they still do, as we saw last time when we looked at the Rothschild family. This is not surprising as these Venetians were of Khazar stock, just like the aforementioned, and these people do not change their methods - and why would they when they are so successful? Just like the British Empire that eventually followed, the Venetians never had permanent allies, just permanent interests. If you could help them in their interests you were an ally, if you got in their way, you were an enemy. These people were incredibly ruthless and remain so to this day. This is just a brief summary of their Venetian roots and I'd recommend reading/watching the following for a more detailed and comprehensive understanding:

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The Committee of 300

The Committee of 300 control the world, principally, through three autonomous cities that belong to no nation and pay no taxes. Vatican City is not part of Italy and it is from here that the Committee of 300 use the Jesuits to do their bidding, particularly the religious and spiritual. The City of London is not part of the United Kingdom and it is from here that the Committee of 300 use freemasons to do their bidding, particularly regarding the financial and economic institutions. Washington D.C. is not part of the USA and it is from here that the Committee of 300 use Zionists to do their bidding, particularly regarding the Military Industrial Complex. All three of these tax-exempt, autonomous states contain monoliths that depict Nimrod's phallus, all three contain domed buildings and all three are rife with Luciferian and freemasonic symbolism and statues of ancient pagan gods.

The Committee of 300, who refer to themselves as 'The Olympians' as they believe they descend from the Pagan gods,  is THE group that controls all the others and is comprised of the Black Nobility families of the European monarchies, the Papal Bloodlines, the Khazar financiers - basically the people who control the world. They use their Round Table Groups to influence and dictate world politics and affairs for their own personal gain and to impose their Luciferian vision onto the world. The most influential families are the Black Nobility families mentioned above with the most important being the Houses of Guelph (UK) and Hanover (Germany) and also counts the Papal bloodlines of Rome including the Orsinis, Borgias and Pallavicinis; the British aristocracy including the Grosvnors, the Goldsmiths, the Oppenheimers and the Sassoons; the American 'robber barons' and families like the Payseurs, Duponts, Kennedys and Astors; the Khazar bankers, senior politicians and influencers like Brzezinski, Soros and Kissinger among their ranks.

These families and members are all linked via a common religion, bloodline, culture and the belief that they are superior beings that have access to the true knowledge that they deprive us of to keep us in ignorance. You never see any of them on the Forbes list because their obscene wealth is deliberately hidden from us. The idea that people like Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates have anywhere near the sort of wealth that is claimed or that the wealth they are claimed to have even comes close to these people is crazy. How is a computer salesman or a retailer going to have wealth that compares to families who have been ruling, looting and stealing for centuries? It's just not possible. These people hide in plain sight which is why we have the person at the top sitting on the British throne for all to see - only they lie about her supposed lack of power, wealth and influence. The public image is cultivated for a reason - these people are all about deception. This video here looks at some interesting aspects of the Windsors and their links to the 'cabal', particularly the parts about Prince William potentially being the antichrist and the links between the murals at Denver Airport and Bank of America.

The Windsors' wealth comes primarily from land ownership and domination of the raw materials market. They control the price of copper, lead, zinc and tin and used to control the price of gold which is why the leading commodity exchanges are in London. I'd recommend reading this blog here which has a lot of great information on this topic and of the structure in general. The reason I would slightly disagree and suggest that Queen Elizabeth is at the top of the pile rather than the people he suggests is that I believe it is in their MO to hide in plain sight.

 The person leading it all would, in my opinion, have to be adored, would have to be given the reverence that they feel they are owed, due to their superiority complex and hugely unwarranted egos. I don't believe that the leading person of these bloodlines would be content to hide in the shadows. Rather, they'd hide in plain sight, get all the adoration they can and simply pretend that their role as head of state is 'ceremonial' and that 'she has no real rights really' and that she is just a 'figurehead' and 'good for tourists'. That would be the smart move and they always make the smart move - this way they get the best of both worlds. I could well be wrong but I'd tend to agree with the researchers who place her at the top for this reason.

After the Venetian system collapsed, the oligarchs moved north to Amsterdam and then settled in London where they set up their banking empire via the Bank of England. The Venetian Ashkenazis had strong influence on the English monarchs since Henry VIII and Oliver Cromwell was one of their agents. It shouldn't be surprising that it was in this period that England became known as a naval power, given the seafaring exploits of the Venetians and their ancestors the Phoenicians. It wasn't until George I of the House of Hanover ascended to the British throne that they had one of their own on the throne. As an aside, there is an interesting theory that is looked at in this video here that suggests that the British natives were, in fact, black - including monarchs (there are pictures and engravings of James I depicted as being black) - and that the natives were 'bred out'. This is an interesting subject and one that sprang to mind when people were up in arms over Anne Boleyn being played by a black actress in one of the endless divide and conquer ops people insist on falling for - it made me think of that video and that it is possibly truth hidden in plain sight.

Over a century before this, in 1600, the Black Nobility formed the East India Company to plunder foreign nations of valuable resources and precious metals, force their drugs onto foreign populations, to profit from the slave trade they started and to launder their ill-gotten gains - again, they haven't changed much, have they? When it disbanded in 1874, it's Council of 300 was replaced, covertly, by the Committee of 300 that still exists today. Overt to covert rule was a common tactic - the same thing happened in the American War of Independence when overt rule from George III in England was replaced by covert rule from George III in England via some freemasonic proxies based in the 'new world'. The US is still ruled by 'England' today and, as you can see from this speech by Dr. John Coleman, the US President takes his orders directly from the Royal Institute of International Affairs based at Chatham House, London. We are going to look at these NGOs used by the Committee of 300 to control the world's resources and population and we'll also be looking at the real role of the intelligence agencies created and used by these people to protect their own interests. We'll also be looking at the role the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits), Zionism and Freemasonry play within the power structure. First, let's look at the NGOs used to control the world - particularly the Round Table groups.

The Round Table

The Round Table groups are comprised of The Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the United Nations (UN), the Trilateral Commision, The Bilderberg Group and the Club of Rome, who we looked at in a previous blog. There are a number of other NGOs, think tanks, financial institutions and 'philanthropic foundations' that are also used to further the interests of these parasites at our expense and many are used to launder the money from their huge crime empire that we'll look into shortly. Let's summarise these groups and what they are used for:

The Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA): Based in Chatham House, London, this group is used to directly pass on the wishes/orders of the Committee of 300 to other organisations and offices, including to the POTUS in the White House. It was informally created during the Paris peace conference of 1919, formed officially the year after and, in 1921, created the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations that we looked at in Part II that study us like human guinea pigs and use the way we think to manipulate our acceptance of the society they are creating for us by distracting us, deceiving us and dividing us using the deception of freemasonry. It has opened branches across the Commonwealth and all over the world, including the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. They are funded by patrons, partners and the top corporations and, like the Bilderberg Group, operate under Chatham House Rules - “When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.” - and they set the 'global' policy agenda, not just for the UK, but for the rest of the world too. It is all done from Chatham House.

The Council on Foreign Relations: The American equivalent of the RIIA and is one of the many subsidiary groups created across the world - but with a lot more clout than the others. Founded in 1921, coincidentally a year after RIIA, CFR infests and controls every aspect of US foreign policy - as dictated to by the RIIA. It is described as a 'non-profit think tank' which means 'money laundering, corrupt organisation that manipulates global policy towards the new world order'. The first ever United Nations meeting was like a who's who of CFR members and this is just one example of how these groups are all just different fronts for the same agenda, with the same people or families or corporations represented on the boards. In fact, it was the disproportionate number of CFR members that brought the UN into being in the first place. What was that about conspiracy theories again...?

The United Nations: Officially formed in 1945 as a successor to the League of Nations, this ramped up the prototype for world government up several notches (and both used 'world war' psyops to achieve this which we'll look at later) and has since spawned many puppet organisations such as UNICEF, the WHO, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNEP etc. Like the RIIA and the CFR, the UN is a completely unelected, undemocratic organisation (aren't they all?) that somehow has the authority to shape and control our lives, enforcing its politics and its policies on us without any form of consent. It also, conveniently, passed the UN Resolution 181 in 1947 that led to the formation of Israel. It is also the organisation behind the Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 enslavement/depopulation agendas that use the 'sustainability' scam of the Club of Rome as its Trojan Horse. The plans for a 'United Nations Army' - or a one world army for a one world government - were revealed by Henry Kissinger after a Bilderberg meeting in 1991 in Baden-Baden.


The Trilateral Commission: Created by David Rockefeller after the Vietnam War led to bad feeling towards the CFR and after the Bilderberg group gave the go ahead. Zbigniew Brzezinski, a Rockefeller puppet, was put in charge and set up creating a CFR satellite that operates under the pretence of free trade between the US, Europe and Japan but, in reality, is just another group pushing the NWO agenda. The board membership is the usual faces from the usual families and corporations who just so happen to be on the board of the CFR too. If you enter two horses in a race you have more chance of winning...

The Bilderberg Group: Formed in 1954 and named after the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, The Netherlands, The Bilderberg Group meets annually to discuss and control 'global' policy. The group is comprised of 600 unelected members drawn from the highest executive levels of business, finance, politics, the media and education and it is at these meetings that the policies such as we are seeing now - the adoption of a Chinese style authoritarian government, the idea of a biometric ID card for citizens, the introduction of a Gestapo type police force and free trade Fascism - are first discussed.


The Club of Rome: The Committee of 300's population control group that masquerades as an 'environmental' (more like just mental) group that is concerned about 'sustainability' (yet they never use hemp, the most sustainable material available). Since its very inception in 1968, this menace to society has sought to poison and kill us and make us infertile whilst publicly stating that they created the 'global warming' scam to make humans the enemy. There is no climate change but, if there were, it might have something to do with all their geo-engineering...

As well as these Round Table groups, a large number of other NGOs, think tanks and foundations are used such as The World Economic Forum, The World Health Organisation, The World Bank, The International Monetary Fund, The Bank of International Settlements, The Fabian Society etc and these are all just offshoots of these Round Table groups, all controlled from the Committee at the top and all pushing the same agenda. They are all used to steal resources - these are a looting people, remember? - and to launder the money from their extensive crime empire which controls everything from drugs to prostitution, to pornography (legal and illegal), to human trafficking, to slavery - they control it all while installing puppets to stand in front of a camera and tell you how moral they are and what you should and shouldn't do. There is no end to their hypocrisy.

There is also the fact that the United Nations 'Peacekeepers' have had many accusations of rape, brutality and paedophilia aimed at them over the years and the fact that the United Nations funds the Chinese sterility program that spies on women and, if they are discovered to be pregnant when they already have the number of 'allotted' children, they are kidnapped and forcibly sterilised. Why are we, as a species, allowing a bunch of unelected thieves and parasites to wield such power over us using organisations that we've not consented to?

The Intelligence Agencies

The intelligence agencies - the most prominent being MI5/MI6, the CIA and Mossad - do not exist, as we are told they do, to protect us from foreign evils (all nations are corporations, remember, and they all have the same owners). We are led to believe by the media and, most significantly, by Hollywood, that we are protected by a select group of James Bonds, all risking their lives to protect our freedom and sovereignty from the threat of some foreign dictator - but why would we need that when we already have our own dictators - the permanent government behind the curtain. The 'intelligence' agencies - that also include the NSA, FBI, the now defunct OSS etc - are also purported to exist to protect us from home grown threats such as 'serial killers' (research how many of the most notorious ones were psyops and hoaxes), 'terrorism' (we've seen that this is all faked here) and the big one - to protect 'National Security'.

 Ironically, the biggest threat to 'National Security', the biggest threat to our wellbeing and the ones pulling off these hoaxes to deceive us are the 'intelligence agencies'. They are also the ones trafficking the drugs and human slaves that their fellow agents sit on the news telling us they are trying so hard to prevent these crimes. Consider that Jimmy Savile often spent Christmas with the Royal family and Margaret Thatcher - imagine what the intelligence agencies would have known about 'him' in order for this to be possible... there's no way they couldn't have known. That's WHY 'he' was there! Birds of a feather flock together. Everything is inverted, everything is double-speak, everything is upside down.


Agents aren't people like James Bond, they are people like David Icke and Alex Jones - disinformation agents and gatekeepers fighting an intelligence war who pervert and distort the truth, control the narrative and lead people down empty rabbit holes. Consider why, if David Icke supposedly has all of this 'evidence' of establishment paedophiles (including Jimmy Savile, who he bragged about 'outing' years before the stories came out), he didn't go to court with it or to the media. It can't be because he feared for his life because he printed it in his books to make a few quid. It can't be because he doesn't trust the media because he is always on the MSM and involved with Hollyweird folk like Jim Carrey and Russell Brand. So why? Either he is a heartless, money grabbing opportunist who doesn't care about kids being abused or he is a government agent and freemason and you can read about what I think here. Agents are people like Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Piers Corbyn, Tommy Robinson, Anjem Choudary, Simon Dolan - all paid to divide, deceive and distract but we'll look more at this type of shill agent next time when we look at psyops which is all these clowns and their ilk are.

The media are controlled by the intelligence agencies and the CIA has admitted in court that they control the news and Hollywood so this is not 'conspiracy theory'. The media is the intelligence agencies' biggest weapon, particularly the television which is literally mind control. A lot of the supposedly 'awake' people I see on twitter really are not getting this and they really do not seem to grasp that the people they see on television are ALL controlled. They ALL perform different roles in the same production, reading from the same script in order to provide the same ending. Take this literally. When you see a so-called 'debate' on breakfast TV, between... oh, I don't know, Piers Corbyn and Piers Morgan... you do know that they are both controlled, both playing roles in order to get viewers to convey certain emotions and take a particular view point, right? You do know that if Corbyn was not reading from 'the script' and wasn't part of the agenda he would be nowhere near a live TV interview, right? The MSM ONLY promote what they create themselves, without exception, and people need to start understanding this.

People don't realise the effort and attention that the intelligence agencies put into shills, protest groups, shutting down potential dissidents, disinformation, gatekeeping etc - people often ask me "why do you say everyone is a shill?" and the honest answer is because they all are. Every one they mention, without fail. I get that some can be hard to spot but if they have a blue tick, are a 'celebrity' or appear on TV AT ALL then they are part of the machine, 100% in. When I say that they are agents they think of James Bond because they don't realise what intelligence agents are in reality - they exist to manipulate and deceive the enemy - people that oppose the agenda. Those that are following the groups are following these agents which is why they get led round in circles back to lockdown and why they are discouraged from telling actual truths and encouraged to waste their time on meaningless crap like PCR tests and masks and the 'disproportionate response to a bad flu' government script. They don't even notice that the same phrase is constantly used...

These agencies are more involved with deception (Mossad's motto is literally "By way of deception thou shalt do war") than warfare and they are more concerned with creating invisible enemies to justify their existence (they're not going to admit they are there to spy on us are they?). The invisible enemies created by these agencies have varied - 'nuclear weapons', 'global warming', 'terrorism', 'asteroids', 'pandemics' - but the method, as always, remains the same. They create a climate of fear aided by an oversaturation of said 'threat' in popular culture via the mediums of film, television, music, books, art, comics etc and they use this fear to coerce the citizens into giving up their rights and freedoms in favour of perceived security from non-existent 'threats'. Again, this is the classic 'Problem, Reaction, Solution' tactic as these people do not divert from their methods - it is their patterns that help us to understand how they operate.

They are also responsible for the many genuine 'conspiracy theories' that are spread by people like Icke and Jones - things like "The illuminati killed JFK/RFK/MLK/Malcolm X" when they were all freemasonic actors playing roles and faking their deaths - they even tell you that they provide your heroes for you - and "The Royal family had Diana killed" when 'she' was the same - an actor playing a role, a 'hero' given to you to distract you, deceive you and make you think the things you see on your screen are real - it's just a soap opera. Scripted, badly acted and acting out scripts written long in advance. I want to quickly look at the JFK farce because I've seen a few people recently that buy into this CIA created fake story to divert attention from the truth - namely that JFK faked his own death. Before we look at this, I would recommend watching this video here - "JFK to 9/11: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick" - for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the opening section is a very good explanation of how the Robber Barons came into power and some good information about World War II which we'll be looking at later. The main reason is because it contains a very good theory about who killed JFK but, as I say, he wasn't killed and the 'assassination' was a hoax as we shall see now. These are the types of deceptions you have to try and avoid if you are seeking truth and it's worth looking at.

There are several reasons we know that JFK did not get assassinated before we even look at the actual photographic evidence. Firstly, he is from one of THE American bloodline families and the idea of him not being an EGI, a freemason, part of the 'illuminati/cabal' is as absurd as the idea of Donald Trump not being the same - but we'll look at the daft Trump/Q psyop next time. One of the main reasons that people are duped into believing that JFK was some sort of hero is the famous speech where he talks about secret societies being 'repugnant' and the story that he was going to end the fed and the FBI and outlaw freemasonry etc which is just laughable. Don't get me wrong, I fell for this misinfo myself - I think we all do, it's like a rite of passage - but this is just one example of the many, many fake conspiracy theories put out by the CIA, MI5, Mossad etc to hide the truth. Having JFK say all of this stuff and then 'get killed' makes him a hero - an idol - and that means people are idolising one of their own. If you are looking for a hero, the bloodline families and the political class is not a very wise place to go looking...

The famous video of JFK's 'assassination' was filmed by a freemason (surprise, surprise), Abraham Zapruder, and closer inspection reveals that a dummy was used - this explains why the 'head' has smoke coming out of it and why it exploded - it literally did. We also know that John and Bobby Kennedy were freemasons from a freemasonic family. We can also see that JFK Jr and RFK Jr are freemasons too and it's no surprise that these two are being used by the Q/Trump crowd as some kind of heroes when they are daft enough to idolise Trump. These people just don't get it. This video here by Russianvids shows both Trump and JFK to be deceivers and freemasons and we'll look more at Trump next time. The JFK 'was killed by the illuminati' theory is just like the other fake conspiracies put out designed to throw you off the scent like the 'Royals killed Diana' (which David Icke pushes hard) and the 'DEWs took down the trade centre' theory by another sodomite deceiver, Judy Wood. The 'nuclear bomb' hoax is another one you'll sadly see spoken about as if they are real by many so-called truthers who seem stuck like a record on David Icke's deception, even when they provide great information on other topics.

These fake conspiracy theories put out by the CIA/MI5 etc are easily proved wrong when you come across undeniable truth - such as the fact that human heads do not explode or have smoke coming out of them like we can clearly see 'JFK's head' doing - when this happens, the truth must remain and it is your previous position that must be challenged and I have had to do this many times, including all of the examples listed above. This is made easier by the fact that we can clearly see that JFK was a freemason which means his speech about opposing secret societies and secret oaths was nothing but deception - freemasonic deception, as we'll see later. From my own research it is very clear that these people fake their own deaths and often take on other roles - in JFK's case, he was one of the Jimmy Carters - so it is very clear what happened. I also know from my own research that the Kennedys are an EGI family which, as one of the 13 American bloodline families, they would be. This also leads to the question of "who is going to assassinate a Kennedy?" - The Mafia? The CIA? You're having a laugh!


Before we move on it is important to understand that none of these bloodline families are on your side, no President is selected without being 100% in the club and the chances of them turning on their own for you is zero. RFK Jr. is a prime example - when does he say that viruses do not exist and that he opposes ALL vaccines because they are ALL toxic poison and there is nothing to vaccinate for? He doesn't because he is just an actor on the stage, playing a role to deceive you and make you believe in him rather than think for yourself. JFK Jr most likely did fake his own death but 'he' is clearly a freemason from a bloodline family so he ain't gonna be helping you. People need to understand what agents are, what they do and the ones following those groups like Stand Up X and KBF need to seriously wake up, because agents is most definitely what they are.

The whole Q premise that there are good and bad freemasons fighting some inner war is just nonsense. What is it based on? These people, as we shall see later, are bound by oaths, blood, beliefs, religion, culture and they absolutely despise us - the idea that these people suddenly develop a conscience and change sides is just puerile, childish fantasy. It belongs in the bin with 'pizzagate', 'Epstein Island', 'Ghislaine Maxwell', 'they sacrifice celebrities' etc - just really dumb stuff like Bohemian Grove, Denver Airport etc. Why would they build an underground base, supposedly containing aliens and all sorts, underneath the 5th busiest airport in the US? Does that even make sense to you? If Bohemian Grove was real would they show it on House of Cards? Would that fake Alex Jones video have even been possible? These are the supposed 'truths' that people tell me prove David Icke must be legit - there really is no helping these brainwashed, sleeping cult followers. These people are playing chess/snooker and you won't get very far if you only know how to play draughts/pool...

The Society of Jesus and the Khazar Mafia

Before the Canaanite (Phoenician) empire was founded, their ancestors were part of the Sumerian and Babylonian empires that spawned the polytheistic, child sacrificing religions that their descendants in Canaan practiced openly. Their gods, including Ba'al and Moloch, were worshipped across the world by many empires under different names, including the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. The Canaanites that went on to become the Venetians were not the only descendants of the Sumerians and Babylonians in the region - another group moved north to the Caucasus, between the Black and Caspian Seas to form the Kingdom of Khazaria - which is where the Ashkenazi 'Jews' who comprise 97.5% of the 'Jews' in 'Israel' originate from and they have absolutely no claim to the lands of Judea and Palestine whatsoever. These Khazars openly practiced their religion - including their rituals of child sacrifice - and it was said that they would be rewarded with fame, fortune and riches for their sacrifices (which sounds very familiar today). They were known as a lawless people, as spies and thieves, a sexually depraved culture that encouraged a life of sin and cruelty and who claimed that drinking the blood of children gave them power, energy and eternal youth - again, this sounds very familiar...

They set up a toll to profit from travellers and merchants who had to pass through Khazaria to get to the East to trade and were very unpopular with their neighbours. In the 7th Century, the Khazar King was warned by the Russian Czar that they must choose a religion from Judaism, Christianity or the new Islamic religion and end their child sacrificing and Ba'al worship. The King chose Judaism but they didn't really convert - they simply added some Jewish theology to their pagan traditions - and continued with the child sacrifices and Ba'al worship whilst outwardly claiming to be 'Judeans'. In 965 AD they discovered a plot by the Russians to wipe them out and the Khazar nobility and royalty managed to escape, taking all of their riches and ancient artefacts from their original home with them. They moved south via Hungary and spread out East and West, starting 'Jewish' communities all over Europe - including in Venice where, as we saw earlier, they infiltrated the Black Nobility.

It is important to understand that one of the major motivations for the Khazar mafia was revenge, particularly on the Russians and the Judeans, and this was a large motivator for the First and Second World Wars - the Russians for forcing them into exile from their empire and the Judeans for choosing to worship YHWH over Ba'al and Moloch in the time of Jezebel. They referred to themselves as Ashkenazi Jews after a region of the Khazar empire, Ashkenaz, and Mayer Amschel Rothschild referred to southern Germany as 'Ashkenaz'. They claim to descend from Ashkenaz and Khazar but, in fact, they descend from Ashkenaz's brother Togarmah, Ashkenaz's sworn enemy - they really are wolves in sheep's clothing. The Khazars that had spread out throughout Europe soon began to increase their wealth and gain power, due to the start-up capital they had from Khazaria, and they were soon facing the same problems with their neighbours as they did in Khazaria. They were soon ordered to convert again, this time in France in the 15th Century and we'll resume here very soon after we catch up with the Jesuits.

The Society of Jesus was formed in 1540 by Ignatius Loyola, a Spanish-Basque Catholic priest and former soldier who, after almost losing his life, underwent a religious conversion and studied theology and Latin at university in his thirties. The Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, were a religious extremist military order who swore allegiance to the Pope and their Superior General. They were really a continuation of the Knights Templar who had been officially dissolved by the Pope in 1312 but had existed throughout the intervening period by way of new orders which were simply the Templars renamed - even with the same imagery - and via underground secret societies. We'll look at the Templars in greater detail when we look at freemasonry but it is important to understand the Jesuits role in both freemasonry and in terms of the Khazar mafia. They were united in 1776 in Germany when Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a Khazar banker and moneylender from Frankfurt, had the idea of forming a secret society, with 12 other powerful Khazars, in a bid for world domination - and a young Jesuit lawyer from Ingolstadt, Adam Weishaupt, was chosen to set up what would become known as The Illuminati in Bavaria.

The order was formed on 1st May 1776 and was the marriage of Khazar financial power and Jesuit military might. Two years later Weishaupt joined the Grand Orient masonic lodge, financed by Rothschild, and installed Jesuits as the head of the lodges throughout Bavaria and beyond. Weishaupt was shown a letter by Rothschild dating from 1489 - a response from the Nasi in Jerusalem in response to the pleas for help and advice from the Parisian Khazars upon being told to convert from Judaism to Christianity. The letter essentially told them to convert publicly but continue their religious beliefs in private. It told them to raise their children to study and train to gain positions of power to infiltrate all aspects of society and take down those that have 'persecuted' them and we saw what the basis of this ideology is when we looked at the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion previously. The Jesuits had been dissolved by The Pope in 1773 after their power was seen as too much of a threat and they were banned from many European countries after infiltrating masonic lodges and helping with the building of the Premier Grand Lodge of England in 1717, the laughable 'official' beginning of freemasonry. Weishaupt left the Illuminati in 1778 so as to sever the link, at least officially, between Jesuits and this new group.

It didn't take long for this alliance to start putting their mutual love for revenge into practice. First on the receiving end was France (who had forced the Parisian Khazars to 'convert') who found themselves in the midst of a 100% Jesuit/Khazar manipulated revolution in 1789 which led to France being destabilised and subjected to the most brutal and violent horrors at the hands of the Jesuit controlled Jacobins. They destroyed the monarchy and installed Napoleon Bonaparte, a Grand Master freemason with a Jesuit handler, as a puppet ruler. They also financed both sides of the Napoleonic wars - that conveniently involved all of the European nations that had banned the Jesuits and persecuted the Khazars - which culminated in the English victory at Waterloo, an event that we discovered last time greatly enhanced the Rothschilds' position within the power structure.


Over the next century, the Jesuit-Khazar alliance, united by blood as well as by freemasonry, waged endless wars for profit, to steal resources, to push drugs, to expand empires - always covertly, always in the shadows and hiding behind secret societies and the system that they designed to protect them. At its height in 1919, the British Empire spanned a quarter of the Earth and had grown rich - or, at least, the owners did - through the old Venetian method of looting other nations. All resources of any value were plundered and taken on behalf of the East India Company and the Black Nobility, headed by the ruling British monarch. The Opium Wars had forced the Chinese to buy and push drugs on their own people in order for the Black Nobility to profit from others' misery. They had profited from the slave trade too and continue to do so, as they do with drugs. Why do you think there are pictures of US soldiers guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan for? Why do you think opium production in Afghanistan dropped to zero when the Taliban were briefly in power and then went right back up again after the 'peacekeepers' were back?

The British Empire began to fall - at least publicly - almost as soon as it reached its zenith after the Treaty of Versailles. The United States was chosen to be the new public superpower, still controlled from England covertly, and it was the perfect choice. The foundation of the Federal Reserve and the IRS in 1913 gave the Khazar banksters complete control of the US economy and they were - and still are - literally above the law. The Jesuits initiated World War I by assassinating the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The ensuing war saw them get their revenge on protestant Germany but the real goal during this war was to establish Communism in Russia, a nation who the Khazars had waited a long time to deal with after their exile centuries earlier. The Rothschilds financed it and different researchers will argue as to whether Bolshevism was a Jesuit or Jewish (Khazar) invention but, as we have seen, they are in allegiance with one another. They are just Luciferians, just freemasons (and we'll see the importance of this later) - they are not Catholics and they are not Jews at all.


Russia is also where the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is alleged to have first been published which we looked at before. Whether or not the Protocols are genuine or not, the fact remains that the contents have absolutely been prophetic in that what are claimed to be the goals of the 'Zionists' (the Khazars, the false Jews, the Synagogue of Satan prophesised in The Bible) are absolutely the goals of the so-called 'New World Order'. The Protocols are believed, by some, to predate the letter given to Weishaupt by Mayer Rothschild which seems unlikely but I'd imagine they were both based on the same supremacist ideas, ideas that we can see in The Talmud and in the Noahide Laws that seem to be slowly creeping into our society. Judaism is based on The Torah, the Old Testament, and the Talmud wasn't introduced to Judaism until the 6th Century as a reaction to Christian, and later Islamic, scholars. It is an incredibly supremacist book and, personally, I believe that this is the infiltration of the mystery Babylon religions into Judaism which, prior to this, was based on The Torah, as I said.


The infiltration of religions by these Luciferians is a key point to remember because this is how they create division and scapegoats and they share no affinity to anyone outside of their bloodline, their sun cult and their freemasonry, which we'll look at shortly. These Khazars in the Committee of 300 do not care about other Jews, not even their fellow Ashkenazis as we'll see, just as the 'Jesuits' and 'Catholics' could not care less about those outside of their secret societies and bloodlines - it is all deception, just like freemasonry. As I mentioned earlier, the Khazars and the Hebrews, the true Jews, have a hatred of each other going back to the Hebrews choosing to worship YHWH over Moloch in the days before Yahshua. That Talmud, to me, very much seems like the infiltration of Judaism by the Ba'al worshippers, just as the Khazars did in Khazaria when they 'converted to Judaism'. This is very important to remember, just as it is very important to remember that Catholicism, as created by the Romans and pushed by the Jesuits, is the infiltration of Christianity by the same people worshipping the same gods.


Catholicism directly goes against Biblical scripture and that is a fact. They worship false idols and graven images and they portray Mary as being 'divine' when there is nothing in The Bible that supports this assertion at all. They also claim that she remained a virgin which is directly contradicted by the scriptures which mention Yahshua's brothers. They also refer to Mary as the 'Queen of Heaven' which has very different connotations in The Bible where it refers to Ishtar/Semiramis - the basis for Easter which is a pagan festival, not Christian. It is the story of Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz that is based on the old Sumerian gods and this accusation is often made about the story of Yashua thanks to the Catholic church, ignorance of actually reading the scriptures and people like David Icke spreading misinformation to further his theosophical ideology. All religions have been infiltrated by these people and they are all based on elements of the mystery religions that now comprise freemasonry. If we look at the timeline from 1913, when the Federal Reserve and the IRS were introduced in the US, we can see a direct march towards totalitarianism, with the Jesuits, Zionists and freemasons all working for the Black Nobility, using the intelligence agencies, armed forces and the police to aid them in this tyranny.


From 1914 to 1919, the Fed increased the money supply and in 1920 they decreased it, deliberately causing a recession which enabled them to buy the US banks that had refused to deal with them for next to nothing and this is how every single recession happens - as easy as that when you control the money supply. They then increased it again in 1921 and, in 1929, they called all their loans in, forced investors to sell shares and caused the Great Depression which had a worldwide impact.

In the meantime, they'd manipulated a World War in order to establish Communism, a Jesuit/Zionist invention, based on the writing of Jesuit educated Jew Karl Marx and to punish protestant Germany for its treatment of the Jesuits. The War started when a Jesuit assassin murdered the Austro-Hungarian Czar, Franz Ferdinand and, with the Rothschild propaganda machine in full swing and their financial empire funding both sides, the involvement of the desired nations was inevitable. Protestant Germany was left in ruins, punished by the Jesuits, and Russia's Protestant Tsar, Nicholas II, was murdered along with his family, replaced by a Communist system implemented by Marxist, Jewish freemasons working for the Jesuit/Khazar mafia.

The Bolsheviks, Jews, made anti-semitism punishable by death and Lenin readmitted the Jesuits to Russia in 1922 which shows that Communism is not 'anti-religion' as it is portrayed to be. Marx was a Jesuit trained Jew and the Revolution was led by Jesuit controlled Jews funded by Khazar bankers. These people hide behind labels to confuse, deceive and distract people from where their attention should be focused and that is largely the aim of this blog - to highlight where people need to be focusing when looking at who is responsible for this current psyop. We will look at this deception in more detail when we look at freemasonry.

With Communism in place, the Bolsheviks began a ruthless and cruel dictatorship (most definitely not of the proletariat) that saw Russians have their food stolen, their belongings taken, sent to the many, many Gulags (forced labour camps) that were built (and filled) or left to starve. The Holodomor in Soviet Ukraine saw between 3-12 million people starved to death deliberately by the Bolsheviks.


Meanwhile, the Depression was causing widespread poverty and starvation while the banksters stole money and property at will within the bounds of the legal system that protect them and Germany had been hit particularly hard, as planned, thanks to the Versailles Treaty which made them agree to pay unstainable and disproportionate compensation to her enemies. The League of Nations had been formed as, unofficially of course, the first step in building the New World Order that had been planned seriously since the Khazars ascended to the British throne and this would be replaced by the United Nations after World War II.


World War II was manipulated into place by the Black Nobility, via their Jesuit/Khazar mafia alliance, and they did this by creating the conditions for war - economic devastation, poverty, providing their own solution via controlled opposition (on all sides), funding and arming both sides and self-fulfilling their own prophecy as they did with the formation of Israel in 1948.

The Balfour declaration was a public statement of support by the British government for "a national home for the Jewish people" in Palestine, signified by Balfour's letter to Lord Rothschild (who else?) in 1917, the year of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. The seeds were set for a 'homeland' for Jewish people, now they just needed to convince European Jews to migrate there...

Cue Adolf Hitler, a Rothschild puppet, a Jesuit and a freemason who was put in place by the Khazar bankers to mobilise Germany and create a formidable enemy for the 'goodies' to wage a long war against, to pit Fascism against Communism (as 'predicted' in the much-debated Pike letter we looked at before)  and, most importantly, to create a climate of 'anti-semitism' to scare Jews living under Nazi occupation into migrating 'home'. I've mentioned several times before that Walt Disney played Adolf Hitler - and there is significant evidence for this (and also of Winston Churchill and Aleister Crowley being the same person) - but this actor-based reality is something I may cover in a later blog so let's just go with 'history'. There is also a very good case made of Hitler being the illegitimate grandson of one of the Viennese Rothschilds - which could be a smokescreen for the Disney thing - or maybe Disney is the grandson of the Rothschilds...

Either way, Hitler was installed by the Warburgs, operating on behalf of the Rothschilds, who were operating on behalf of the Committee of 300. A lot of people have been taken in by Hitler being some sort of hero, defending Christians against the Communists and the International Jewish bankers but the truth is he was funded by them - how do you think the German economy recovered so quickly? Because he banned the Jewish bankers and supposedly banned freemasonry? He was a freemason himself, so any supposed banning would, at best, be to distance himself from what he was - a potential Rothschild, a freemason, an admirer of the Jesuits (at the very least) and someone backed to the hilt with Rothschild money.


This is very important to understand because the 'Hitler is a hero' narrative has been pushed a fair bit - most notably in the documentaries "Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told" and "Europa: The Last Battle", both of which are linked. The reason I have linked them is because they are still full of useful information - as long as you remember the agenda the people making these documentaries have and the information that they are omitting. I have also linked to Parts 1-5 of "The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal" which gives the information that they omit but does not question the 'holocaust', which the others most certainly do, and that makes you wonder what the agenda is - especially when the makers are pushers of Q nonsense. It is all about using your discernment and being prepared to have your views changed when presented with conflicting information that either resonates with you more or has more basis in truth. There is also the story of Hitler 'arresting one of the Rothschilds' that believers of this narrative point to but all I'd say is who controlled the media and what got reported? There are clearly pictures of Hitler doing freemasonic handshakes and handsigns that, in my opinion, carry more weight than the reports in a newspaper - particularly a newspaper in a dictatorship...

The Second World War was a hugely significant event in terms of the Committee of 300s change in power structure and setting themselves on the path to where we are currently. It was this event that saw Soviet expansion (and Communism) spread across Europe, the formation of the United Nations as the unofficial world government, the fake nuclear bombs that made the space hoax and the cold (non) war possible and the formation of Israel that destabilised the Middle-East and allowed the Black Nobility to do what they do best - loot.

When war was over, after the firebombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that the public were told were 'nuclear bombs' to program them for the coming Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States and the United Kingdom - who had literally just been allies during this act of the play - the Soviets had amassed virtually all of Eastern Europe, part of Asia and even part of Germany. This strange concession of territory for a supposed 'evil ideology' was to manufacture a genuinely plausible nemesis for the new superpower that was the US, which was really just the Black Nobility creating another covert empire from behind the scenes - if your empire lasts too long or the same families/religions etc appear to be in control people might get a bit suspicious... eventually. Communism also grew to infest other nations such as China, Vietnam, North Korea and Cuba, all controlled by the same people, as always.

The foundation of the United Nations was crucial to the need for a Cold War rather than the traditional wars they manipulated, started and funded for profit/power: It had to look like the United Nations actually achieved something. It had to look like the formation of this world NGO of unelected thieves and murderers served as a positive influence in the world. This led to the creation of more Round Table Groups and subsidiaries like the World Health Organization and the acceptance of these organisations being 'official' and used for good.


The United States was now the leading superpower and 'leader of the free world'. The move was the smart one as the Committee was now in full control of the US's booming economy that grew thanks to its involvement in the conflict after the Pearl Harbour false flag. They also had the industrial strength and military might of the States too and, through covert control from Chatham House, they were still ruling an empire but this was a different sort of empire to their previous ones that stretched back through Britain, Venice, Byzantium, Rome, Greece, Egypt and back to Babylon. The American empire was to be one based on cultural imperialism and TV and the media would be their primary weapons. The advent of 'celebrity' culture via Hollywood and the rock and roll creations enabled the Committee to use these tools to create and spread all of the 'scenes' we saw in Part II all across the world, creating truly worldwide megastars that were able to influence the masses what to wear, listen to, read and think.


The formation of Israel would play a significant role in the plans of the Committee of 300 and was crucial to their ambitions. As we've seen in previous blogs, Jerusalem is crucial to the plans for a New World Order due to it being the chosen city of YHWH and, as we've also seen before, they are all about inverting YHWH's will and putting Lucifer above Him. The rebuilding of the Third Temple on the Temple Mount is essential to their plans as this is where the Antichrist will rule the New World Order from. This is why we've seen so much focus on such a tiny piece of land and so much bloodshed in the surrounding regions over it.


The Nazis were clearly named after the Ashkenazis that funded them rather than 'National Socialists' and Mein Kampf (if Hitler actually wrote it) was clearly designed to stir up anti-semitic feelings in Germany in preparation for the real 'final solution' - getting European Jews to Palestine in order to have the Jewish population necessary to realistically argue for a 'homeland'. The Nazis initially paid Jews to leave for Palestine and sent their belongings over to them by ship but when this was not producing enough emigrants the anti-semitism and the work camps were brought in to persecute Jews and treat them like second class citizens in order to make Palestine seem a lot more attractive.


The 'holocaust' myth wasn't mentioned until after the war and the fact that it is a criminal offence in Israel (of course) and 16 European countries, punishable with imprisonment should make one curious as to why this event shouldn't be subject to the same examination that every other is. The truth is, there is much evidence that there were no mass murders of Jews, no plan to carry out such an atrocity and absolutely no evidence of any gas chambers being used to murder anybody. I would thoroughly recommend reading this website as it contains a lot of evidence that conclusively shows what I have stated here to be true. This was a deliberate lie in order to demonise the Nazis, overshadow the barbaric actions of the Russian soldiers and, most importantly, to serve as a shield when faced with any criticism of Israel, Judaism or anything even remotely connected.

The years after this conflict saw the world shaped very much in the image of the Committee as we've seen in previous blogs and we've looked at the psyops used along the way such as the creation of fake heroes and their fabricated 'deaths', the destabilisation of nations that don't play ball politically or economically, the flooding of drugs and guns into certain areas to create warzones, the de-arming of citizens in order to subject them to tyranny like in Russia, Germany and many others. We've looked previously at the climate change scam and how Islamic terrorism is entirely fabricated and orchestrated by a number of hoaxes using crisis actors and intelligence agents where nobody is harmed at all.


The Vatican, as we saw last time, are responsible for the legal system we are subjected to and are also very much invested in banking. The head of the Society of Jesus, the Superior General, is known as 'The Black Pope' who operates behind the scenes whereas the (white) Pope is the public face of the Vatican and the Catholic church. Behind both of these is the Grey Pope, Pepe Orsini, from one of the Papal bloodline families. These religious leaders, in ALL religions, not just in Catholicism, are Luciferians. Jews do not rule the world and nor do Jesuits - these are just what some of these agents pose as and use as the basis for their organisations. The truth is that they are all freemasons. Freemasonry rules the world and we will look at how and why this is the case.

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The quote above is taken from this video about freemasonry by Truth Unedited and it is a very good definition. I would recommend watching that video, this one that you may need a VPN for if in the UK, and also this one by Eric Dubay, as I will only be briefly outlining the very complex nature of freemasonry and, between them, they provide a very good synopsis. This will allow me to spend more time on some of the other aspects that are not so much discussed in those two particular videos. We've seen how freemasonry has its origins in the Temple of King Solomon here so we'll pick up afterwards and start with the Knights Templar. Before we do, let's summarise some of the key points about freemasonry made in those videos:

Freemasonry can be traced back to the mystery religions of Babylon and it is believed that it was in King Solomon's Temple that the rituals and initiations associated with freemasonry were first put together and used. Much of the symbolism, such as the obelisks we see in 'their' major cities go back to the time of Nimrod.

Freemasonry is referred to as a 'society with secrets' rather than a 'secret society' and this is more of an apt description because freemasonry is not a secret - it is the concealed true nature of freemasonry that is the secret.

Freemasonry hides behind a respectable facade and portrays itself as a charitable, fraternal organisation based on 'silly' rituals and 'funny' handshakes. It uses its cultivated reputation as an eccentric society for businessmen to conceal far darker secrets. These secrets are also concealed from the 'blue degrees' of which 97% of freemasons are - in layman's terms, 'useful idiots'.

Freemasonry operates using the pyramid system of 'need to know basis' that all of the 'Illuminati' organisations operate under. The gradual revelation to initiates of the true nature of freemasonry symbolises the initiates path from darkness to light.

After progressing through the three Blue Lodge degrees, initiates have the option of taking the York Rites path or the Scottish Rites path.

There are 33 degrees to Scottish Rites freemasonry and initiates are only considered 'illuminated' - to have access to the true secrets of freemasonry - once they reach the 30th Degree. It is the inner circle, the tip of the pyramid, the illuminated level of freemasonry - what is often referred to as 'the illuminati' today (not to be confused with Weishaupt's organisation).

Initiates write essays on books such as Machiavelli's 'The Prince' and Albert Pike's 'Morals and Dogma' and these are sent to be marked by top level masons who judge them on whether or not they agree with minority rule and whether or not they believe that rule by secret society is virtuous. Those that show signs of having a moral code or questioning the doctrines are congratulated and moved up within the blue degrees only, never to progress beyond these levels and never aware that this has even happened. Those that have no scruples and who will trample on anyone to get on in life will be congratulated and passed up to the next degree and so on. This is how they select the 'right' people for the 'illuminated' degrees.

Freemasonry is a religion - masons claim that it isn't, but it is. Atheists and agnostics are not allowed to become freemasons - a belief in a god - any god - is essential. This is because, as initiates progress through the degrees, more is revealed to them who the freemasonic god is and belief in a god is essential for this process in order for them to convince initiates that 'we all worship the same god' - but really it is Lucifer - a philosophy they have brought to the mainstream via the coexist movement. They also require members who are, outwardly at least, members of a certain faith or denomination because they infiltrate all denominations of all religions to further their own agenda and push their own Luciferian religion covertly.

The motto of 33rd degree Scottish Rite freemasonry is "Ordo Ab Chao" - Order Out of Chaos - and this is exactly why freemasonry is used to create the Hegelian 'Problem, Reaction, Solution' dialectic that the Committee of 300 uses to exert more control and power. They create the problem, chaos ensues which is the reaction they wanted, they offer the solution they intended in the first place and order is restored - only with more power and control for them and less rights and freedoms for us. They use this technique every time because it is so effective - rather like the divide and conquer psyops we'll be looking at next time (and they are perpetrated by freemasons too).


We saw that the rituals were all put together in King Solomon's Temple from the various mystery religions of his wives and concubines that he dishonoured YHWH by indulging in. Occultists also believe that Solomon was given a ring bearing the Seal of Solomon (which is now referred to as the Star of David), given to him by Satan on the condition that Solomon serve him. This ring gave Solomon many occult powers including the ability to summon demons. Solomon and Hiram Abif, the widow's son, are very important figures in freemasonry because they are believed to have been the founders of 'the craft'. This 'craft' is often said to be the craft of masonry - stonework - and many people say that freemasonry began as stone workers who were later infiltrated by the Templars, Jesuits, Khazars etc but the 'craft' people refer to is the esoteric and occult paganism that underlies the philosophy behind the religion.


Freemasonry began, officially, in 1717 in London but, as we have seen, it goes back well before that. It is only in the last 300 years that freemasonry has become a 'society of secrets' - prior to this they were a genuinely secret society, operating in the shadows rather than openly building lodges. It isn't really until the formation, in Jerusalem, of the Order of Malta (that still exists today and occupy a very high position within the hierarchy) in 1048 that we can start to see what we now know as freemasonry coming out in to the light (no pun intended). This was set up as a hospital to treat pilgrims and as a military organisation to protect Christians on the road from Europe, who were prone to attacks from bandits.


In 1096 the first crusade took place to recover the holy land from the Muslims who occupied the territory and this lasted for three years. Two million people died in this 'holy' war and the surviving Muslims were forced to convert to Catholicism. The Knights Templar were formed in 1118 by Hugues de Payens, a French knight and consisted of him eight other knights. Originally known as The Poor Knights of the Temple of King Solomon, their headquarters was at the Temple Mount, the site of King Solomon's Temple and one of their aims was to rebuild the temple (a common theme in freemasonry/'Illuminati' ideology). In 1129 they were officially recognised by the Pope and the Catholic church and donations flooded in from all over the Catholic nations - despite taking a vow of poverty, the order could accrue wealth and land as we saw last time when we saw how the first Cestui Que (Vie) trust came into being. They grew rich and acquired great wealth, land (including the island of Cyprus), vineyards, arms, horses, ships and they swore obedience to a 'Grand Master'...

By this time, they had 20,000 members but only 10% were armed knights - the other 90% handled infrastructure and logistics. The Templars also created the modern banking system as ,we also saw last time, and Kings and noblemen banked with them and received loans from them. The Templars were tax exempt, had the freedom to travel anywhere and answered to nobody except the Pope directly - which, in my opinion, makes them forerunners of the Jesuits which just seem to be the same thing but with a different label but we'll get onto this shortly.



By 1303 the Templars had relocated to Paris after the Muslims retook the holy land and support for their cause dwindled. They angered the French King, Philip IV, by denying the already indebted ruler more credit and stating their desire for an independent state in Southern France and he vowed to bring down the order. On Friday 13th (yes, it is) October 1307, the order's Grand Master Jacques de Molay and scores of other Templars were arrested and charged with, among other crimes, heresy, Devil worship, homosexuality, fraud and financial corruption and were beaten and tortured. There were already widespread concerns about the orders secret initiations and Devil worship raised and the French King asked the Pope to investigate himself. Prior to their trial in 1310, the knights recanted their earlier 'forced' confessions and were burned at the stake, including de Molay. Interestingly, the Pope dissolved the order in 1312 yet never condemned them publicly...

The Pope and the French King both mysteriously died not long after the order was dissolved and the order did not die with them. New orders with different names, very similar symbolism and the same rituals popped up all over Europe, eventually becoming swept up into the Jesuit order that formed in 1534 and officially forming as freemasons in London in 1717 having existed underground in Scotland (where the Scottish Rite comes from, obviously) prior to this. I won't really go into the various orders because, to me, they are all just freemasonry and given different orders to confuse, deceive and give the impression of autonomy - the same tactics employed by these people every time.


I would recommend watching this video here about the Templars and also this one here regarding the Holy Grail, both from the Truth Unedited channel. This is a very important subject because the Templars are portrayed in the media as soldiers of Christ, protectors of Christianity and protector of the Holy Grail - the Merovingian bloodline said to be the bloodline of Christ. This is clearly a blasphemous belief, that Christ had children with Mary Magdalene and their descendants are the coming antichrist. Firstly, the idea that there will be a restoration of this bloodline is silly as the bloodline includes the 'Windsor' family who are already at the head of the Black Nobility, the Committee of 300 and also the throne of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth and, secondly, the Templars were indeed Devil worshippers, as should be apparent from the charges made against them (that had been well documented before the French King went to the Pope) and from the fact that they were the spiritual descendants of Solomon's rituals and the forerunners of both the Jesuits and freemasonry as we know it today. One thing worth noting about this Merovingian bloodline containing the antichrist - Prince William is absolutely of that bloodline, as we saw in the documentary about the Windsors earlier.

So, we've seen what freemasonry is and we've seen how it has come to be so influential in our society but what exactly do we know about it really? The truth is, not very much, in terms of the specifics - unless you are a freemason - and this is to be expected as it is a 'society of secrets'. None of us non-masons know everything about freemasonry but we can understand enough to understand the basis of the religion - and it IS a religion - and to recognise their deception and not be taken in by it. We can understand some of their many codes, signs, symbols, numbers etc which is crucial as they use this deception to trick us into giving consent - like Grand Master Mason, David Icke, did at Trafalgar Square when he got the 'I do not consent' crowd to consent - because they don't understand symbolism at all - even when it's right in front of their faces and as obvious as Stand Up X's logo, Piers Corbyn's coded tweets or David Icke's untold freemasonic handshakes, hand-signs and symbolism all over his work. These people will never ever get it if they haven't by now. You either have common sense and discernment or you have none and these followers have shown that they have neither.

We've looked at the use of the number 33 in the news and in the hoax psyops ('Covid' had a ridiculous amount) and to think that they are a coincidence is just pure idiocy. Even the bus number on the Covid advert was number 33. The number of times the number 6 flashed on the screen in the government's 'Rule of Six' (rule of 33; rule of illuminated level of freemasonry - in plain sight) advert was 33! The blatantly fake video of Chris Whitty 'walking around alone on his lunch break' (really?) where he was 'trolled' by a kid (who seemed to have very strong opinions about Chris Whitty and 'Covid' for someone wearing a mask under his chin) before randomly putting a mask on and stopping outside a building with 33s on either side of the doorway. These videos are clearly hoaxes, and people fall for them every time because they don't use common sense - presumably because they have none. I've shown many examples of the stupid videos and the many, many blatant clues these sleepwalkers miss regarding these groups and the crisis actors in this video here and they still refuse to see the obvious. There were even people the other day surprised that (freemason, obvs) SIR David Attenborough was making pro-agenda comments last week. The man is a knight of the realm and has spent his career working for the BBC! - how do these people not know that he is 100% 'in the club'? Because he 'seems nice' on telly? The same with SIR Desmond Swayne and LORD Sumption - are their titles not clues? These people are all agents, all freemasons, all actors - their job is to deceive you and you make it easy when you don't think critically or question anything or, most importantly, use common sense! I even saw people saying he'd been 'bought off' which shows that they have no clue at all how the system works and these people are talking about waking people up? They need to wake themselves up first!

We saw in a previous blog that the George Floyd 'murder' was a freemasonic hoax and very clearly identifiable by all of the many codes, signs and symbols used in the psyop, most notably from the 'leaked' video - nothing is EVER leaked unless 'they' want it in the public sphere. Every scandal, exposé, controversy in the media is deliberate and they are just the freemasonic public humiliation rituals - think Winona Ryder 'shoplifting' (why would 'she'?) - that they perform as part of their cult (we've just seen another one with Sarkozy). We saw in another blog that 'celebrities' use freemasonic hand-signs to communicate with one another and to show us what they are and the same applies to the politicians who pretend to govern us and the ones behind the curtain who own all of us. Sadly, the fake awake people who are incapable of thinking objectively and impartially will always find an excuse for why their cult leader - whether it be Trump, Obama, Icke, whoever - is not a freemason really, he just happens to be pictured doing untold freemasonic signs and handshakes and using freemasonic symbolism. These people are just beyond help.

I won't really say too much more about the signs and symbols they use as we've covered it before and I will leave some links on this topic and others regarding freemasonry, including numerology and gematria, below. I'd like to focus more on the influence of freemasonry in society and how freemasons are deceiving the vast majority of the population constantly with their control of the media and entertainment industries. I'd recommend visiting this forum here for a look into freemasonry, particularly the crimes it conceals which includes child abuse, murder, rape and human trafficking (all on behalf of the Commitee). The Queen's cousin, The Duke of Kent, is the most senior freemason, being the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England for over 50 years and the links between the 'Windsors' and freemasonry are there for all to see. High ranking freemasons occupy ALL significant positions of power and control - all key decision-making positions, remember? - in all industries including political, judicial, religious, financial, educational, scientific, medical, law enforcement and the armed forces.


This leads to the question of: "How can we operate as a civilised, open, honest society when we KNOW that our supposed 'leaders' are members of secret societies with secret oaths and allegiances to those other than who they are supposed to be serving?" - basically the phony speech JFK gave that he didn't mean as he was part of it all. The truth is that they do serve who they are supposed to be serving - whoever told you that the government are there to serve us, that the judges are there to protect our rights and 'freedoms' and that the police are there to protect you from harm has been telling you porkies, I am afraid. The system is designed to be exactly what it is, working exactly as it does, and this is why trying to use the system to defeat the system is just objectively stupid. The police were literally formed by a freemason to protect freemasons from the likes of us, not the other way around. They even tell you who they serve on their uniform and 'POLICE' is 33 in numerology.


The truth is that it is freemasonry that controls and dominates the world - not 'the Jews', not 'Rothschild Zionism', not 'Satanism' or 'Luciferianism', not 'the bankers', not 'the Illuminati' - the 'elite', the self-proclaimed 'Olympians', DO control the world and they DO embrace all of those things but it is freemasonry which binds them all together and it is freemasonry which is the real religion - and it IS a religion - because it encompasses everything (no pun intended). It is freemasonry which provides them with their religion of paganism/gnosticism based around sun worship and the worship of Lucifer the Light Bearer. It is freemasonry which provides the gematria and numerology so used by the deceivers behind the curtain - Jesuits and Jews are just agents used to carry it out under the pretence of being agents for the Catholic church/Zionism using the Kabbalah that precedes Judaism and, like freemasonry, can be traced back to the mystery religions of Babylon which pre-date the Egyptian, Greek and Roman gods. It is from freemasonry that the 'illuminati' hand-signs used by celebrities and the handshakes used by politicians and the symbolism used on every corporate logo originate. It is freemasonry that controls the world because it is the ideology that drives and motivates those that control it. Albert Pike's "Morals and Dogma" and Manly P. Hall's "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" are recommended reading on this topic if you'd like to go deeper. The former being an interesting - if not deliberately vague - take on the different degrees and the latter being an interesting account of all of the many areas that freemasonry encompasses. Many of the topics discussed in the 'Intelligence Agencies' and 'The Society of Jesus and the Khazar Mafia' sections could have been discussed in this section, and vice versa, because they are all essentially the same thing. All of the agents are freemasons (they wouldn't be agents if they weren't) and they all serve the same masters as the Jesuit and Khazar agents.

We've seen throughout this series and throughout these blogs in general - I don't think one has been untouched by the hidden hand of freemasonry - that freemasonry has had a hand in influencing every aspect of our lives. In Part I we saw how freemasons were involved in the flat Earth, 'outer space', 'evolution' and 'dinosaur' hoaxes designed to distance man from our creator. We also saw how freemasonry has infiltrated all religions and that the very idea of the Coexist movement is based on freemasonic doctrine of accepting people of any faith as long as they believe in a god. In Part II we saw how 'celebrities' are, in fact, nothing but freemasonic puppet actors performing roles to further the agenda of freemasonry - which is what the agenda of the New World Order is - using the freemasonic tactic of deception to divide, deceive and distract the uninitiated masses and keep them in the dark. We also saw in Part II that these 'elites' are all Elite Gender Inversions based on the belief that they descend from Lucifer the androgyne and they make themselves in its image. Again, this is based on the mystery religions that form the basis of freemasonic belief. In Parts III and IV we saw how the freemasonic controlled industries of health, science, education, banking and the law courts enslave us through deceit, division and distraction (the same old tactics).

We've seen from Parts III and IV in particular that we have always been enslaved and we have seen that freemasonry is behind the deception that is used to keep us diverted from this fact. We have always been enslaved and all Agenda 21/2030 and the Great Reset is about is taking all the decorations and ornaments away bit by bit until all we can see is our cell and by then it will be too late to do anything about it. As I have said before, the people who have woken up over the last year are the ones who realised that they have always been slaves, that they have never been free, that the material bullshit that we all succumbed to at some point in our lives was absolutely worthless - not the ones who just want to be able to fly to Greece without a Health Passport or go to Glastonbury without being vaccinated who follow the government agents around the country whilst claiming they 'don't consent' - they absolutely consent, they are just too stupid to realise. These people haven't learned a damn thing and I truly do wonder how some of them even realised Covid was a hoax if they actually have. People often ask me why is it that people wake up to things and some don't and I really do think it is as simple as some people have common sense and some don't. I think it really is that simple. I also get asked how I can take all the abuse I get from the fake awake group following sheep and the very blunt truth is simply that I do not have an ounce of respect for these people at all and I will explain why...

Deception lies at the heart of freemasonry and this is why it is so bizarre to see the people following those freemasonic shill groups STILL following them over six months later and almost a whole year into this 'Covid' psyop. It is almost as cult-like as the David Icke and Donald Trump psyops and it is all because they refuse to learn the language of the enemy and cannot seem to understand basic things - it really is that simple. There are many of us on Twitter that never fell for these very clear, very blatant psyops and the reason for this is because we have learned the language of the enemy and understand that politics, the media and 'celebrities' are just one big soap opera and nothing more. As we saw earlier, freemasons communicate in codes, signs and symbols - they do not communicate with words - they even tell us this as we saw from the Manly P. Hall quote. These groupies need to learn this language or they will never wake up - and they haven't woken up because, if they had, they wouldn't be taken in by every single freemasonic shill, hoax and psyop going.


I have seen many people wake up to these deceivers since and the reason these people have woken up and many, many others haven't is because the people who have woken up are open-minded, curious, inquisitive, questioning and they bothered to learn the language of the enemy - and they possess common sense. Nobody took my word for anything, rightly, and they researched what I was posting and realised that learning the codes, signs and symbols that reveal freemasonic involvement is far more worthwhile than parroting freemasonic shills reading from a clearly coordinated government script. As I said before, nobody wakes anyone up - we wake ourselves up - all I did was post information that resonated with them and it couldn't have resonated if they weren't of the disposition to research for themselves and not just remain ignorant. You will learn nothing worthwhile from those groups and following their deception will not wake anyone up. With all due respect, if you cannot see through the likes of David Icke, Gareth Icke, Piers Corbyn, Simon Dolan, Stand Up X etc then you really aren't awake at all and the same applies to those who engage in politics, the media and idolise 'celebrities'.


I am not trying to be harsh on these people but they really do need to wake up and stop embarrassing themselves and it really, really is self-inflicted - I have been warning them and showing them what these deceivers are for months now - and their own pride, arrogance and ignorance prevents them from doing what many others have done and wake up to these government agent freemasons. When I first began waking up years ago, I began by checking out the links to videos and books that people I respected on Twitter used to post. I have genuinely learned more from people on Twitter, including since I returned last March after an 18-month absence, than from anywhere else. It is the very reason that I returned when this hoax started - it is the best source of information - definitely not because Twitter is great, but because there are many knowledgeable, genuine truthers on there and it is they who make Twitter such a valuable resource for information.


I learned from people because, like the people who followed the groups and who woke up to them after listening to the evidence, I humbled myself, realised I knew nothing, that I'd been lied to my whole life, realised I'd been duped by many shills and deceivers and made sure I learned my lesson and didn't make the same mistakes again. I still know nothing in the grand scheme of things but I know a lot more now than I did then and that is all because I listened, learned and asked questions - lots of them. I'd rather be the dumbest in the room than the smartest because it's all about truth and learning and not about ego. Truth is far more important than my ego and it is far more important than theirs - until they realise this and learn to think objectively, stand on their own two feet with their own voice rather than hide as part of the herd, they'll never wake up and they'll still be following these obvious deceivers in another few years' time because they are just followers, part of the herd. They simply need to step back, learn to look at things objectively, put the people they like under the same scrutiny as those they don't - if they're genuine they'll pass the test and if they ain't why would you not want to know? - question everything and everyone and think critically about information you are given before taking it as read because it furthers your own agenda - your ONLY agenda should be the truth.

There have been so many blatant shills and freemasons being followed and championed on Twitter by these wet behind the ears, gullible followers and it really blows my mind how they fall for it time and time again. They love to make the analogy of the government relationship with us being like an abusive relationship - and, to be fair it's very accurate - yet they are like a battered doormat wife who keeps getting with abusive men because they don't change their pattern of behaviour - namely, in their case, blindly jumping on any bandwagon, any celebrity who says anything they want to hear, fall for every fake video doing the rounds - they basically haven't even bothered to learn the very basics: Governments are just psyops, they have no power; all media is 100% lies; politics is just a soap opera; there are NO heroes* - they even tell us they create them all; ALL celebrities/anyone on TV is controlled opposition - NO EXCEPTIONS. Until they learn the language of the enemy and understand the very, very basics listed above they will forever sleep.


*I have literally just been banned from Twitter again after a Fake Awake who idolises Baphomet tranny Devil puppet Ian Brown grassed me up for telling the truth about her 'hero' (who follows nobody and tweets about covid when 'he' has something to sell - but a lot more about this bullshitting ladyboy faker next time...)

A good example of freemasonic actors playing different roles to further the same agenda is Tim 'Poundland Noddy Holder' Martin of Wetherspoons and Charlie 'Tesco Value Rod Stewart' Mullins of Pimlico Plumbers. A few months back, these group-sheep were falling over themselves to praise Tim Martin for his comments about how brave people should stand apart from the crowd and for printing shills like Mike Yeadon (more about this deceiver next time) in his Wetherspoon's News. Well, firstly, I can tell you from experience that Wetherspoons reaction to staff standing apart from the crowd, being brave and resisting tyranny is to sack them. Secondly, he is a freemason like Charlie Mullins and, thirdly, he has been buying up pubs that have been 'forced' to close from following lockdown guidelines. Oh, and did I mention he is chums with Boris? These people need to stop falling for every psyop going and believing anyone who says anything remotely along the lines of what they want to hear. They just need validation from 'celebs' because they simply cannot unplug from the media trap - AT ALL. Charlie Mullins is clearly a freemason as there are pictures of him making the hand-signs and when I posted this to him on Twitter after he announced that he would make his staff vaccinate he blocked me. They show you what they are and then get upset when you tell them you know - funny old lot...

I will mention some of these shills such as Mike Yeadon, The Light 'Truth' Paper, Ian Brown, Neil Clark, Us For Them, Dolores Cahill and I am sure quite a few others - who these supposedly 'awake' people champion without seeing the signs - next time when we look at divide and conquer psyops based around our nationalities, races, genders, religions, sexualities (all man-made constructs). We will also be looking at the government and the media (which is just the government's propaganda wing - literally) which is what most of the blog will be about as these are the two main tools used to keep us all divided - like they did when they sent out those government agents posing as 'resistance groups' (divide, deceive, distract remember?). We will also be looking at some of the silly Scooby Doo villain types that are used to distract us and also at the fake CEOs of the corporations who are, again, used as targets of frustration and anger to divert from the source. Please do join me next time when we will discover that there really is nothing new under the sun... and there doesn't have to be because people still fall for the oldest tricks in the book - every single time without fail.

I will leave the links on freemasonry here. I'd recommend watching them because all of this deceit comes from freemasonry and the following links will help you to see through all of their lies. I will also leave some pictures underneath if anyone wants to look further at the signs and symbols they use to let us know what they are and therefore gain our consent if we do not speak out against them. Until next time...

Freemasons: Architects of Deception (RV)

Freemasonry, Fake News and the Flat Earth (RV)

The Hidden World in Plain Sight: Signs & Symbols Exposed (RV)

Masonic Hand Signal: The 'M' Sign 

Exposing the Satanic Illuminati Freemasons

Illuminati Secret Numerology

The Secret Teachings of The Freemasons


Revealing the Method - Esoteric Mind Control

The Illuminati Tranny Royal Family

Luciferian Symbolism

Symbol Dictionary

Illuminati Symbols

Masonic Occultic Numerology

The Masonic Mystery of '33'

11,13 & 33 - The freemason signature

I'd also recommend looking at the video links about the EGI transgender/androgyne aspect of freemasonry in Part II as it is very important to understand this as this is a huge part of the agenda.

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