The Road To Serfdom Part VI - Nothing New Under The Sun

23 Mar

Last time we looked at the true rulers of Earth that pull the strings from the shadows and employ all sorts of deceptions to divide, deceive and distract us from reality. We saw how they began in Sumeria and moved through Babylon, Egypt, Canaan, Greece, Rome, Venice, the Netherlands and, finally, to England where the reigning Guelph, Elizabeth 'Windsor' currently reigns as head of the Black Nobility. We saw how they use freemasonry - their pagan religion and belief system that followed them around from their Sumerian roots - to control, manipulate and deceive others into doing their bidding. We saw how freemasonry hides, not only behind the blue degree masons who are nothing more than useful idiots playing their role unwittingly, but also within a number of Freemasonic orders with different names to confuse and deceive and also their connection to both Zionism and the Jesuits.

We also saw how the intelligence agencies control the media and that they exist to manipulate and control the population and not, as we are led to believe, to protect us and preserve our security from their fictional enemies. Their main purpose seems to be to organise, plan and carry out fake terrorist attacks, school shootings and assassinations that are completely staged using crisis actors and intel agents as we have seen here; creating and playing the fake characters that we'll be looking at later who perform various roles to gain the trust and respect of people while they deceive them into going down whatever road they are paid to send them and to control and manipulate our society and culture via psychological operations and social experiments using television, music, cinema, literature, art etc. 

In the final part of this "The Road To Serfdom" series of blogs we will be looking at the oldest trick in the book - the divide and conquer method - and we will be looking at the various ways we are divided, deceived and distracted by the many, many freemasonic shills, disinformation agents, manipulators and charlatans employed by the Black Nobility to keep people fighting amongst themselves instead of their oppressors and it really is embarrassingly easy for them because most people do not like to question anything at all - I am not sure they even know how to because they certainly were not taught to in school. We'll also be looking at the media and the government - who are really one and the same soap opera - they are just part of what Donald Trump called the 'Deep State' (in reality just the public face of the state) which he is part of. This is a blog primarily about how we are manipulated into taking our collective eyes off the ball, to be deceived, distracted, divided and conquered by psychological operations designed to weaken us and prevent us from escaping our enslavement - and, more importantly, how not to be. There's a fair bit to cover so let's start at the beginning...

As soon as you are born - even before you lose your sovereignty when your parents sign you over to the state as an item of property - and even before you are injected with poison to damage your 'immune system' and potentially make you dependent on pharmaceuticals to stay alive (so they'll tell you) - you are given a gender, a race, a nationality and a religion. From this moment, these will all be labels used to judge you, manipulate your views, emotions and beliefs and they'll all be labels that society will manipulate you into doing the same to others. The reason for this is to create a sense of tribalism and that's never a good thing, for many reasons, not least because it encourages hiveminds. It takes away your sense of self, your individuality, your spirit and you are defined by a specific characteristic or belief which cannot possibly represent your entire personality - who you are. This sense of tribalism is manipulated by using all of the above examples but also things like politics, sports, all pop culture - it's all just identity politics and that is exactly what has been pushed into our society over the last 30 years or so in particular.

We'll start with nationalism and 'patriotism' as I believe that 'patriots' are one of the most controlled groups of people of all the divided and conquered masses. Let's not get this twisted - I am not talking about Fascism (that's politics) or racism or any of the other silly names that nationalists get called - I am talking about patriots: people who love the culture, traditions, history, emblems, flags, etc. of their freemasonic masters, who buy into the left-right wing party scam (that we'll look at later), who vote and who bizarrely feel more affinity with their domestic oppressors than with an immigrant of the equivalent social class with the same interests as them. These are the people I am referring to here - people who feel an affinity to the 'achievements' of their oppressors over people like them in other countries. Nations are divided by imaginary borders that change all the time and the idea that people should need anybody's permission to travel anywhere shows how far we have regressed as a species.

If you look at the flags, symbols and crests that serve as symbols of nationhood you will see freemasonic symbolism everywhere: lions, eagles, moons, suns, pentagrams, seal of Solomon even. If we take 'my country', the United Kingdom, for example - our flag has red and blue for the purple (rulers), our National Anthem is a signal of consent to be ruled by an unelected androgyne tyrant and descendant of thieves and murderers (a charge that could - and should - be levelled at 'her' too...) and our currency all has this tyrant's portrait on it (and our notes have freemasons on the other side). Our cities are filled with freemasonic architecture, statues and symbols and also of the ancient pagan gods that our glorious 'leaders' worship. These are all false idols and people are tricked into worshipping them because they portray themselves as men or women of God - they don't even present themselves as their true gender so how are they going to be trusted when they say they represent God? As we will see later, the people posing as the leaders of your 'nations' - that are just corporations with the same owners - are Lucifer worshipping freemasons who have transformed themselves into androgynes like Lucifer/Baphomet/their pagan gods.

Our streets, parks, buildings etc are all named after these people - all freemasons - Kings, Queens, Prime Ministers, Dukes, Princes, Lords, Knights... as well as authors, poets, artists, musicians, actors etc - they are all part of it as we've seen. These people share nothing in common with any of us except for the fact that they were born on a piece of land that is in the same designated 'nation' as the piece of land we were born on - is that really a reason to feel some sort of kinship? For me, no, not at all. One of the most disturbing things of 2020 for me was seeing hundreds of 'men' who closed their businesses because their perceived master told them to, putting their children's futures in jeopardy, coming out to 'protect statues' of freemasons who could not care less about people like them. This is how easily divide and conquer works and we'll see many examples throughout this blog and it's all because people refuse to use their brains and think - it is literally because of this. We see blind devotion to supposed 'leaders' but where exactly have they led us? To where we are now and, as we'll see later when we look at the politics psyop, it is all by design. Every nation has their hero 'leaders' handed to them from all sides of the political and religious (same thing) spectrum and, as we saw last time, they are all provided for us by freemasons. I am going to focus now on a supposed former 'leader' that is a false prophet idolised by many well-meaning but very seriously misguided people - Donald Trump.

As I think I mentioned in a previous blog, I fell for the Trump nonsense a while back, before he got (s)elected and I totally get why people are drawn to the pantomime. It wasn't until he got (s)elected and made the customary trips to Saudi Arabia and Israel that I cottoned on to what he was but this is very worrying for two reasons - 1, I considered myself 'awake' because I'd read some David Icke and knew there was a conspiracy and 2, if I was awake and knew there was a conspiracy and that leaders are all chosen how did I ever fall for Trump? The reason is that I was in the same semi-awake state as these people are who STILL somehow believe in the Q-anonsense (which I will mention later very briefly as it doesn't warrant much attention in my very honest opinion) and in the freemasonic controlled 'demo' groups. They are having trouble understanding the very basics which I will go into later when we look at shills and I was the same when I fell for the Don...

Donald Trump was perfect for the role that was needed during the Covid-19 psyop and the division required for it. We had our own similar psyop in the UK at the same time that was brought into play for the same reasons, Brexit, and we'll be looking at that shortly. I have mentioned before about these people playing chess and a lot of the 'awake' people playing draughts and this is not said to belittle or to abuse - it is simply a case of it being true and a case of people needing to look beyond the obvious. A case in point would be the amount of Trump supporters who just do not understand why Hillary Clinton could not have pulled it off. They also do not understand that the media 'hate' for Trump is entirely staged - he is in on it 100% and we'll be looking at government and media later. I don't really want to spend too much time on Trump as it is just a distraction from important issues so let's just look at why he is 100% part of the 'cabal' and fully part of 'the swamp'.

Donald Trump is from a bloodline family (Drumpf=33) and had a Jesuit education (and a Kabbalah teacher). His family are all EGI, as is 'he' (and all 'elites'), and he is clearly a Zionist and a freemason which we know by his devotion to Israel and by his many, many blatant freemasonic handsigns. Then when you consider the amount of predictive programming there's been regarding him being President and the fact that he was bailed out by Jewish bankers when he went bankrupt then you are seriously deluding yourself if you think he is legitimate - and that's before we get into his trans 'daughter's conversion to Judaism (in public - they are a Luciferian family). The truth is, it shouldn't even come to any of this very solid evidence for him being part of the stage show - the fact that he was even running for President, let alone 'elected', should have told you (and me!) that he was 100% controlled. I really don't think anything else needs to be said about Trump other than the fact that a lot of Christians have been suckered into this false idol worship and they need to seriously think about this and the consequences - men of God don't learn the Kabbalah...

The key to the success of the psyop was primarily down to Trump being a very good showman and being very good at what he does - very similar to David Icke in that regard - but mainly because of the divisive personality he cultivated and used to get the desired reaction from both sides. He also benefitted from the overseas support generated by psyops such as Brexit and Q-anonsense as well as from the American political arena being full of glitz and razzamatazz which was just playing into his hands. What is bizarre though is how supposedly 'awake' people following him and his Q psyop never questioned how he could have a 'virus' that doesn't exist, why he would push HCQ as a 'cure' for something that doesn't even exist and why he would be pushing vaccines for something that doesn't exist - and yet he claimed to have had! The fact is, he is just an actor reading from a script that is handed to him - he has no power at all - and we'll see that this is the case for all so-called 'leaders' later.

Another aspect of 'patriotism' that can have a very lethal consequence is the high esteem in which the armed forces are held. Now, I have no particular beef with anyone who has served with the armed forces - I have two uncles who were in the navy and an aunt and uncle who met when they were in the army - I am just being objective here. People are sold a lie in order for them to potentially give their lives fighting people in similar circumstances to them. Blind devotion to the nation state and blind allegiance to a leader who has been put where he is because he can follow orders and read a script - nothing more. We respect our war dead and rightly so but it's important to remember that these people were deceived - victims of their own government's lies and propaganda as much as anything else - that and the fact that they swear an oath of loyalty to the leader, not the people. We can remember their bravery and perceived sacrifice whilst also acknowledging that the reasons they thought they were fighting and the reasons they were actually fighting were poles apart - and to learn from their mistakes. There is also this bizarre notion that 'veterans' are somehow more deserving of housing, jobs etc than other people for reasons which I do not understand. None of us are under any threat from any other nation because they are all owned by the same people in the same club so they certainly haven't protected a single one of us but that isn't to say that they deserve to be left to fend for themselves if they are suffering PTSD or trauma or physical injuries that the state is 100% responsible for. The black and white opposing opinions are exactly what these psyops are about and they tell us that with their black and white checkered floor... and with the very specifically chosen dates for D-Day (6th hour of the 6th day of the 6th month = 666) and Remembrance Day (11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month = 33).

Brexit was a psyop absolutely 100% designed to divide the population of the UK and also possibly to damage the UK's reputation in Europe. The fact of the matter is that the same people control the EU that control the UK so it really doesn't make a great deal of difference in the grand scheme of things. Even David Icke got in on the act - I remember, I was into him at the time - when he was backing Brexit because the EU was on the path to a one world government. Well, we left the EU and are still on that path and I thought he said that politics was just a distraction? As I mentioned earlier, like the Trump/Q-anon psyop in the States, Brexit was very much designed to create the division that was needed for the Covid psyop - it is about creating chaos, not about forcing everyone to take vaccines. They need consent which is why we learned last time that they devote so much time and energy into deceiving and manipulating the masses into thinking and feeling the ways they want them to. The fact that the parties were supposedly split over Brexit just make it even more obvious, in my opinion, that it was a completely staged social experiment to cause division - all politicians are 'in the club' so why would any of them realistically oppose the agenda (centralisation of power) when they know that the parliamentary system and democracy itself is merely an illusion, as we'll see later.

I fell for the Brexit psyop too and I even remember watching a David Icke video on the subject at the time in which everything he said about the EU was spot on - only David and I both seemed to forget what he said about politicians all being controlled and that the agendas are decided from behind the scenes. Again, people today are doing the same thing with people like Icke who appear on mainstream television - you should know, just like I should have known when I was into him, that if he wasn't controlled this wouldn't happen - at all. I should have also realised that the whole thing was a psyop after the Jo Cox hoax in which a leftard politician faked her death - supposedly to influence Brexit but we know these things are rigged - and it was all terribly sad etc. I believe that Jo Cox's fake death was not an attempt to swing Brexit in the favour of the remain campaign because both campaigns are two cheeks of the same backside - I believe that it was an attempt to clampdown on people venting their anger against politicians on social media and to bring in more of their utterly ridiculous 'hate crime' nonsense into 'law' that we are seeing again now because this is all cyclical. I remember watching this video at the time but, with the benefit of a good few years' hindsight, I'd say that 'Tommy Mair' was just an agent/crisis actor rather than someone who has been fitted up and this would also explain the reluctance of his family to participate. The reaction of Cox's family in the immediate aftermath of the fake death was very telling - duper's delight doesn't even begin to cover it - but when you consider how many people believe these stupid media lies it actually is quite funny, if not a little sad...


One of the aspects of this Brexit psyop which has started to rear its head again is talk of the 'Kalergi plan' - a plan in which white Europeans are supposedly to be 'wiped out' due to 'interbreeding' with different 'races'. Now, I am not saying that isn't part of the agenda and I am not saying that the plan isn't part of the same 'Protocols' script we've seen time and time again but there is very often a serious overreaction to this perceived threat and I personally do not think this is a realistic fear. Firstly, the idea that migrants of other races are going to 'breed out' white Europeans is ridiculous as people procreate with who they choose (and who says they'd want to procreate with white women anyway?). If people want to have children with someone from a different race, then that's their choice. If you have a problem with it then don't have children with someone of a different race - that is your choice too. There is no forced breeding program as far as I am aware of so presumably people are having children with the people that they want to have children with and presumably the characteristics they look for in a potential mother/father of their children goes a bit deeper than skin colour or where they were born...


Before I continue, let me just make it perfectly clear that I am not judging people who have been suckered in to any of these divide-and-conquer identity politics psyops - not least because I (and most likely every single person on Earth) have myself - these people have been manipulated and brainwashed. It's just very important to understand that anything shifting blame from the Committee of 300, freemasons and their agendas is just a distraction designed to make you take your eye off the ball. All of these stories are cyclical which is why we are seeing the same 'migrant crisis' stories yet again and one of the things people protest about is that they 'don't respect our laws'. The problem here is that these 'patriots' DO respect our laws and we've seen what 'laws' our legal system operate under. We've also seen who the people running the system are so why are these people defending their enslavers from people like them? These people are basically complaining that migrants do not want to assimilate into the beast system that they defend so vehemently without any logical reason to do so at all. They are just programmed 100% into the system and they cannot stop defending the people who enslave them. Last year there were reports of dissidents from Hong Kong potentially being relocated to the UK and many of the people supposedly against this Covid tyranny were up in arms about it because they are the fake awake type who comprise the followers of those shill groups. Personally, I would rather go to battle alongside dissidents from Hong Kong or some refugees from Somalia or Sierra Leone who have absolutely no respect for the system or government or silly traditions (rituals) than alongside people who think politicians or royalty or 'celebrities' are 'heroes' and who literally defend their oppressors because they are sleeping. People are also hoodwinked into condemning 'open borders' rather than questioning who has the right to divide our realm up into so-called 'nations' with ever changing borders anyway? Who says I can't go here or there on this place where I was born? It's all man-made nonsense. I know any 'patriots' reading this may take offence but understand that I know you mean well and that many of the things you are proud of and want to defend are noble but you are being deceived if you believe that the symbols, flags, anthems aren't freemasonic and that your legal, economic and parliamentary system isn't a prison - you don't need a label or a flag to fight for what you believe in or the people you care about protecting.

I mentioned in the last part that there is a theory that suggests the people of the UK (and possibly the rest of Europe?) were originally black and I linked to this video. It's an interesting theory and one that I am very much open to and the video mentions the native black Britons being 'bred out' in much the same way that many people believe white Europeans would be 'bred out' by the pawns of the Kalergi plan. If this was true, then it would have been very much a concerted effort to breed them out - pretty much taken as sex slaves by an invading army - and this is very different to women not being forced to breed with anyone - migrant or not - as things are now and have been in living memory. It's just ridiculous scaremongering in my opinion and every time a picture of some African men on a raft appears in the papers, the same people come out with this Kalergi stuff. It's just recycled media nonsense in my very honest opinion, regardless of whether the plan was genuine or not. It's really not a concern of mine at all to be honest. There is also the small matter of the fact that they are looking to sterilise humans and create babies from test tubes so they wouldn't need a 'Kalergi plan' if they wanted a specific race made extinct - they could just do it artificially.

If we look at the United Kingdom, we are told that we were a 'white country' until after World war II when many of the Commonwealth nations supposedly gained their 'independence' (overt to covert control) and their citizens were entitled to move to the UK if they wished until 1962 when Commonwealth immigration became controlled. The immigrants were mainly from the Indian subcontinent, Africa and the Caribbean and settled all around the country, mainly taking up working class positions, often in the public sector, or in factories or opening their own businesses. This was the perfect catalyst for the freemasons to create some more chaos by creating racial divisions and they did this by creating right wing nationalist groups such as the National Front and by hijacking youth movements such as skinheads. They used politicians like Enoch Powell to put these fears and prejudices into the public arena and then he would pretend to be 'disgraced' and take his exit off the stage after a job well done...

The parts of London I grew up in were always multicultural (for the time) and having friends with different colour skin to me or from another country or of a different religion was never really anything strange to me. It was just normal. Things have become even more multicultural in the intervening decades and there has definitely been more people migrating to the UK than we could probably realistically handle in terms of employment and housing shortages but this is exactly why these policies were put in place in most western nations - because they know that 99% of the population won't think about what the problem really is, why it exists and who caused it - they'd rather just blame immigrants because it's easier to parrot The Sun or The Daily Mail than to think these days.

This division has been fostered by political parties like the British National Party and UKIP as well as the shill-controlled protest groups such as English Defence League, Antifa and Anjem Choudary's various fronts. They have all been used to capitalise and sway public opinion on governmental policies, which are directed to them from above as we saw last time, and to place the blame for any societal damage (job and housing shortages, or example) on the migrants rather than the people who are responsible for them being here if there is a shortage of jobs and houses. At the end of the day, if you vote for people and give them the power to spend your money on paying back fresh air loans for wars that destroy and decimate other nations in order to make the tyrants you bow down to richer - while they send your friends and family to die - then I think you have a bit of a cheek to complain when they flee the war zone that you helped create and turn up on your doorstep.

Racial division is created via the media who create fake stories, such as this Meghan Markle fake racism rubbish we are supposed to care about at the moment, in order to provoke extreme reactions from both sides of the spectrum. This is how they operate with all of their little deceptions but I'll break it down now using racism as the example. They will print a story or put the feelers out for public opinion regarding a policy that is clearly giving preferential treatment to a particular ethnic group and they will send out a swarm of lefty shills and 'academics' and 'activists' to militantly state why this has to be done and that any opponent to this is a racist. Then they get their right-wing groups to stir up hatred on social media and through staged TV interviews but there will be one spokesperson who will say something 'controversial' (again, totally planned and scripted) and he'll pretend to be de-platformed. Then this person's supporters will say "Why is this person punished for saying what he said when that lefty student pronoun thing said all white people should be shot in the face?"

The answer to that question is so that you get angry over it like they want you to - so that you start thinking people of different ethnic backgrounds are starting some campaign to take what's 'yours'. This is how these divisions are sown and we can see the same thing if we look to the US as an example too. They have the same sort of groups - the Ku Klux Klan, The Black Panther Party, The Nation of Islam, Black Lives Matter - all freemason created, all controlled 100% and all deceiving the people they claim to speak for, like all shills do. I've mentioned in previous blogs how Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. were both controlled opposition and when you understand how the media and the government work this becomes very clear.


Firstly, the media only promote their own creations so we know just by the simple fact that these two puppets had cameras on them everywhere and have been promoted as the designated 'heroes' for black people (that they always provide, without exception) that they are an intelligence agency creation. We can also see that MLK was friendly with the Rothschild and Rockefeller families and these people only fraternise with their own. We can see that Malcolm X was a freemason because of his hand signs and I want to make an important point about these hand signs that I should have made in the last part - the reason these symbols are so widespread and why they have connotations with other organisations is because these organisations and cultures - such as rock music, Communism, or LA gangs - are all created by freemasons. They create or infiltrate all of these subcultures that are all controlled at the top by freemasons. The same applies to the 'Islamic' one finger pose and the 'OK' sign that we know is '666' (and not the 'white power' nonsense that was pushed in the media a while back). They do this to hide the freemasonic connection and the people making the handsigns are willing and knowing participants. By bringing these into the public sphere they can show you what they are whilst hidden in plain sight and influence impressionable, unsuspecting followers into doing the same.

The Black Panther movement itself was based on Marxist philosophy and the Nation of Islam, both of which originated from freemasonry and the mystery religions of Babylon, and the Ku Klux Klan was formed by prominent freemason Albert Pike, which is why the 'Klan' is spelled with a 'K' (the 11th letter of the alphabet - 3x11=33). The goal of these groups was to cause a social divide based on perceived racial differences, spreading rumours and creating stereotypes via the media. None of us are born racist but it is impossible not to be touched by racism in the society we live in today. Even if our parents were not racist and even if we were shielded from the media that spreads racial division constantly - and even if all our friends were all different ethnicities and all completely untouched by racism too - we would still be exposed to it. We would come into contact with people with differing views at school, outside, at college, at uni, at work - wherever we go and this is because the people running this game manipulate us into creating a society where race is even an issue. They push all narratives and they control all sides of any debate. They also carry out psyops like the supposed Rodney King beating, the OJ Simpson case and the George Floyd farce. Since the Stephen Lawrence case, the media spread fear about knife crime, particularly when it involves racially motivated attacks or black gangs. This creates stereotypes and breeds division.

When we see the government-media corporation pushing an agenda we notice that they push division, fear and anger under the pretence of equality, freedom and justice. This is because they are freemasons and freemasons operate using inversions - they do the opposite of what they say and their words and phrases also mean the opposite. Race is only an issue because the state makes it an issue. Nobody is excluded from doing anything because of their race... in theory. The politically correct, cultural Marxist puppet government of Tony Blair decided to make these divide and conquer exercises policy when they made silly questionnaires about our race, nationality, gender, sexuality, religion a standard waste of our time. The premise for this literal box-ticking was that by telling people what your race, gender, nationality, sexuality, age and religion are it stops people from discriminating against you due to your race, gender, nationality, sexuality, age and religion - this is how stupid we are; this is the idiocy we accept without question.


So now, if employers were discriminating against people based on these perceived differences then they could now do so even more now that we are encouraged to tell them before they've even met us! This is never about equality - it is about creating chaos that they will eventually, when they decide to and not before, bring to order with their own 'solution'. So now, the gullible order followers think that their masters are showing their altruistic qualities and leading us in the direction they think we should be heading and the state have given more opportunities for discrimination. Meanwhile, the people who are rightly annoyed at having to fill out these bureaucratic literal wastes of time direct their anger towards the 'minorities' who they feel have demanded some sort of special privilege when it was the people they vote for and defend and waste their lives discussing that were the true culprits, as ever.

This is the intention of all of these divide and conquer psyops carried out by the government/media on the people - to create division, fear, mutual distrust/dislike - and misplaced blame on each other. If we look at race, we can see from this video here that racism is a very modern ideology and that people do not naturally refer to each other by their ethnicity. We can see from this video that we all have a mixture of many races and I don't even really want to dwell on this topic much longer other than to say that the whole idea of 'racism' is ridiculous. All sides get played and there is nothing to be ashamed or proud of about your ethnicity/race because you did nothing to choose it so what are you proud of and it really isn't important what shade your skin is so why would you be ashamed? The whole thing is a massive psyop to divert minds from the real enemies who are ALL races and ALL nationalities. The idea that white politicians care about people because they are white or vice versa is simply not true. They care about their own and that is it and we should do the same - and by our own I mean the human race which these androgynes are not part of - spiritually if not physically.

Religion is another way in which people are controlled and pitted against each other by these manipulators. I won't mention Islamic so-called 'terrorism' because that subject has been thoroughly examined here and all we need to know here is that it is all entirely staged. We've also seen religion used as the reason for the apartheid states of Israel and Ireland that were really more about ethnic/national/cultural issues in which many, many people have lost their lives over silly, manufactured divisions created by freemasons, to further their own ends and solidify their own power. Both examples were really more about foreign migrants being shipped into the lands and divisions between both parties stoked to fuel tension and animosity. Paramilitary organisations were created and infiltrated by freemasons and intelligence agencies (many are coincidentally very 'Marxist' leaning which means freemasonry) to further the division and create atmospheres of hate and terror. When you add the fake Islamic terror to the mix (which is again portrayed as a 'holy war' which, like the crusades, it most certainly isn't) then we have the three Abrahamic religions all pitted against themselves, just as Albert Pike supposedly prophesised. We have Islam pitted against Judaism in Israel, Protestantism against Catholicism in Ireland and we have Islam against Christianity and Judaism with our manufactured 'War On (of) Terror).


The 20th Century was all about breaking down religions and relationships with God in the west, whereas in the developing nations it was kept as a tool of oppression. The 21st Century has been about creating an ideology that we all worship the same god in different ways and are all one big happy god loving family. This has all been done under the radar as the fake terrorism was churned out to make it seem like religion was this divisive force (and it is - because they're all controlled by freemasons and that's what they do) - and what better to reason to stop all of this supposed killing than by uniting and worshipping our same god together? Only it isn't all the same god - it very nearly is, but not quite. I've gone over this before but I will go over it briefly again because it will be important for the next blog.

Virtually all religions stem from the mystery pagan religions of Babylon, the religions of freemasonry, and this is why freemasons supposedly use Eastern mysticism etc when the reality is that the Eastern religions are based on these original religions from Sumeria and Babylon. The only religious scripture that isn't tainted with this, in my opinion, is the Old and New Testaments of The Bible and I will explain why. Before I continue, let me again reiterate that I have no interest in your opinions on whether you believe this or that from The Bible, I am simply stating my beliefs and why I believe them. I was an atheist for 30 odd years so I have been there and got the T-shirt with all the atheist stuff and I disagree with it entirely, obviously, or I wouldn't have changed my beliefs. I don't take any offence to anyone criticising it at all - like I said, I have most likely shared your views at some point - I just don't see the point in arguing when I have no interest whether you believe it or not. You are free to believe what you like, as am I.

The reason that I believe The Bible to be the truth is that I believe it is hidden in plain sight and we know that is very much a freemasonic trick - rather like all David Icke's freemasonic handshakes and handsigns. These people base their own codes and numbers on The Bible and they mock Christianity and Yahshua at every opportunity - I do not believe they would go to this much trouble to mock someone who did not exist. These people very clearly worship Lucifer, as freemasons have admitted themselves, and we know they believe in duality - so if there is a devil, there must be a god. If there is a force of evil, and there certainly is that, then there is also a force of good. The Earth being provably flat - and all scientific experiments prove it to be so - also suggests that The Bible is the truth as it very clearly states that the Earth is flat and stationary, as it is in real life. There are also many misconceptions about the actual texts themselves, which I had myself until I actually read them - it's amazing how actually reading something makes you understand it better rather than listening to second hand opinions isn't it...

The idea that the story of 'Jesus' is the story of Nimrod and countless others, as spread by David Icke and many other 'truthers' pushing new age gnostic crap, is absolutely ridiculous and fails on many counts, most notably because the 'Father (Sun) God, Mother (Moon) Goddess and their offspring who is the Sun God reborn is nothing to do with Biblical scripture at all - that is just one of the many Catholic catechisms that comprise their Luciferian-in-disguise religion that is not faithful to the scriptures at all. For example, this idea of Mary being 'The Queen of Heaven' is from the Catholic doctrines and is blasphemous and heretical. Nowhere in scripture does it say that Mary was 'holy' or 'remained a virgin' (she had other children after Yahshua) and nowhere does it say that she should be worshipped or idolised. This is false idol worship and directly contradicts the Ten Commandments (the laws of God). The term 'Queen of Heaven' refers to Semiramis, the 'whore of Babylon', from whom it is claimed Mary is based on. The Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Hindu, Buddhist stories are pre-dated by the story in The Bible, for one thing, so if anything is 'fake' it is them and it isn't even based on the story of Christ. It is about Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz. Nimrod ascended to the sun where he became a sun God and impregnated Semiramis after his mortal death. Their son, Tammuz, was the product of this and it this, not the story of Yahshua, that the stories of Osiris, Isis and Horus are copied from. They are not ripping them off, they are worshipping the same gods under different names in different languages. Speaking of different languages, how is believing in 'the son', the same as worshipping 'the sun' - they only sound the same in English...

It is the birth of Tammuz on December 25th that Christians and others who celebrate this pagan festival are worshipping, not Yahshua. Easter is also named after one of the alternative names for his mother, Ishtar and The Bible clearly states not to worship pagan gods or celebrate their festivals. It also says we shouldn't possess graven images - like crucifixes or images of 'the madonna' or any of the other pagan symbols that the Catholic church has their believers duped into possessing. Catholicism is very much Luciferianism in disguise - even down to all of the images of 'Jesus' with a halo (the sun) and doing the Baphomet pose (which is blasphemy - and being white for that matter!) - and this applies to all other religions too. Judaism and Islam are also monotheistic religions but neither accept Yahshua was the son of God or that he was the Messiah. Allah was also based on a pagan moon god and Islamic symbolism is all freemasonic (pentagrams, crescents) whereas Judaism was infiltrated by Khazar Khabbalists as we saw last time and Talmudic influence became more and more apparent.

This is why there is such a push for all of the followers of religions - including, and especially, the new age gnostics and theosophists that have sprung up everywhere in the last 30 or so years (since David Icke created his 'new age nutter' character) - the one world religion needs worshippers and they literally have billions of them - they just don't know it yet. They worship Lucifer under many other names and the Jewish Messiah is literally the antichrist. I would recommend watching these videos from the excellent Truth Unedited channel about New Age Religions and the Coexist Movement for further information on this. I will go into more of this in the next blog when we look at solutions because we are very much in a spiritual war. I won't say too much else about religion here other than to watch those videos and also, if you are open minded, to watch the History of Religion series on the Truth Unedited channel, particularly the episodes on the Gospels and Revelations.


There was actually a story in the news today about a pregnant Jewish woman in Stamford Hill (a very Jewish area with a very, very tight knit community) who was allegedly repeatedly punched in the stomach by a very Jewish looking man. Now, this doesn't ring true to me, especially at this moment in time when we are being bombarded by 'men hate women and are very dangerous' fearmongering by the wimpy snowflakes that pass for people these days. The most obvious motive for an unprovoked attack on a pregnant Jewish woman in Stamford Hill in which she was repeatedly punched in the stomach would be an 'anti-semitic' attack, in my opinion. The primary suspects would be people who have very clear 'anti-semitic' views - not a Jewish man with a shopping trolley. I suspect that it was to show that women can't trust anyone - even in daylight, even an old man and even someone of their own ethnicity/faith/culture - so what brought all this on?

Well, I am sure you all know the Sarah Everard tale by now - the story of a 33 (what else?) year old woman who went missing on the 3rd March (3/3) in Clapham (54 for Jesuit Order) and was last seen at 21:30 (33). Don't laugh but 'her body' was 'found' on the 11th March (33). She is a fictional woman with a very poorly constructed CGI image (zoom in on the eyes) and badly cobbled together fake social media accounts. Her supposed killer just so happened to be a police officer (with another 54 name for Jesuit Order) at a time when they are trying to create riots against the police to get the army and private security firms onto the streets. There were calls for men to be made to stay indoors after 6pm because apparently this seemingly bog-standard 'murder' was worse than the many other fake murders that they've reported over the decades. As an aside, it was interesting to see that our old friend Fiona Rose-Diamond, a huge fan of this website, was at the vigil for a fake woman antagonising the police... but why? Perhaps she could inform us next time she's around...

We've already seen how feminism was used to manipulate women to feel that working was 'empowering' and that it made them 'equal' to men - only it doubled the amount of people being taxed, drove down wages and meant that women spent less time at home with their children who now spent more time in state care and ate microwave meals and chip butties because mum's too tired to cook. This was all by design and just another way that we are manipulated into doing their bidding by way of deception and because we don't learn that anything pushed by the media is created by the media to push the agenda of the state - the government behind the government - it really is that simple.

Again, our genders are not something we can control - controversial I know in this climate and will get on to that a lot deeper very soon - and there absolutely ARE differences between the two genders that should be celebrated not treated as some dumb game of rivalry and one up-manship, which is what feminism absolutely encourages. Women have absolutely the same rights as men do and this reclassification of the role of a woman first occurred, in my memory (I am too young to remember Women's Lib), was the vile 'ladette' culture of the BritPop era in the 90s that was influenced by the Riot Grrl scene in the States. This basically encouraged women to act (and look) like lager lout blokes on a bender - and ironically they were 'empowered' by men in drag pretending to be women and telling actual women how they should think and how they should behave. We live in a crazy world, folks, a world in which a man can be 'sexist' by holding a door open for a woman and simultaneously 'rude' if he doesn't; a world where a man can be regarded as a 'sexual predator' if he pays someone a compliment. But, hey. I won't go on about how hard life can be as a man, I know women don't have it easy themselves at times...

Another division is along the lines of sexuality and it is much debated as to whether people choose their sexuality or not but I'd argue that they don't because I don't see how that would be possible. Try and actively fancy someone of the same gender (or opposite if you are gay) and I don't believe you'll be able to (bisexuals are excluded from this game for obvious reasons - complain to the relevant authority if offended, you greedy so-and-so's). So this would be yet another example of a division based on something we had no choice over - you can choose your religion when you get older, for sure, but most of us are given the 'religion' of our parents even if that means atheism/agnosticism and that can have a huge influence whether positive or negative.


There has certainly been a huge change in attitudes to the 'LGB' community in my lifetime and there has been a huge push in promoting things like Gay Pride - which I believe is another tool of division whilst pretending to be 'inclusive'. Again, to my knowledge, there are no rights that gays or bi's don't have that straight people have so I am not really sure what rights they are fighting for and if it is to celebrate being gay, as I said earlier, celebrating something you didn't actively choose to be part of is a bit stupid in my honest opinion, just like celebrating your gender, ethnicity and nationality.

I have nothing against gay people - I have a gay cousin and two lesbian cousins - and I don't see why anybody would. The way I see it is that if you don't like gays then don't indulge in gay activities. If you don't like religion then don't be religious. If you don't like mixed relationships then don't have one, nobody forces you to, but if someone else wants one it's none of your business. I find the celebration of all of these man-made labels quite ridiculous and almost as bad as persecuting people for them because they both come from the same mindset.

A classic example of a psyop designed to spread fear into communities was the David 'Nail Bomber' Copeland story from 1999 when, supposedly, a 'far right extremist' (the other side of the coin to 'Islamic extremist') set off three nail bombs in a two-week period in three different London locations (Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho) targeting three 'minority' groups (black people, Asian people and gay people). The Good Friday Agreement had just come into place so the British government needed some more fear porn and this was the perfect response. With just one operation, using their standard 'right wing white male' template, they were able to spread fear and panic throughout the black, Asian and gay populations of London and create a climate of mistrust in white people, just as many of their psyops are to spread fear of black or Asian people.

In my opinion, there was a deliberate correlation in the media between gay men and paedophilia because when I was young almost all paedophile stories in the news involved men and young boys. I believe that this was deliberate as it stigmatised gay men and also concealed abuse against young girls. This has changed enormously in the intervening years and there has been an oversaturation of paedophile stories to the point where I think it becomes dangerous for several reasons. I believe that the agenda with both the Hollyweird/elite paedo ring stories and the media's insistence that everyone has a paedophile living in their street are part of their agenda to normalise paedophilia - and they ARE attempting to normalise paedophilia. I believe this because, by inventing spirit cooking stories and the whole pizzagate rubbish that we'll look at later, they created a narrative that people either won't believe because it's so 'out there' (as intended) or, if they do believe it they can palm this sort of paedophilia as 'Satanic'. At the same time, they push paedophilia through the backdoor with documentaries about how paedophiles are so misunderstood and they can't help wanting to abuse and violate children etc and through platforms such as Twitter that offer a safe space to 'MAP's (Minor Attracted Persons - nonces to you or I).

Again, this is how they operate and it is very, very important to understand how they do so you can spot their agenda and join the dots - they tell us everything. By controlling both sides of the narrative (evil Satanic paedophiles vs they just need understanding and all in between) they are then able to dictate what the next narrative will be and that will be the normalisation of paedophilia and they will use the polar extremes of the paedophile characters they create for pizzagate stories and the paedophile characters they create for 'The Paedophile Next Door' type 'documentaries' that they use to sway public opinion. It is the Hegelian dialectic, it is Problem, Reaction, Solution and it is Order Out of Chaos because it is freemasonry. This is how they operate and the method never changes - the only thing that changes are the actors and the invisible enemy - and it crucial to understand this and to learn the patterns, signs, symbols and codes they use.

The most important agenda we need to focus on regarding 'gender and sexuality' is the Transgender Agenda - because this is what the real transhumanism agenda is. It is basically Brave New World meets The Rocky Horror Show and, for the 'elites', the political class and 'celebrities', this is already their world, and has been going right back to Sumeria and beyond. I have explained all of this here when we looked at Satanism in the entertainment industries and I provided links to many sites and videos that clearly show this to be the case via explanations of the religious reasons for this, the surgeries they use to transition, the differences in the skeletal markers used to identify gender from skeletons, the basic differences between male and female anatomy and many examples of people in the public eye that are conclusively transgender. Despite all of this, there are still quite a few people in pure denial about this and it really is tragic to think that David Icke fans believe that the Queen is a reptile but they cannot believe that he is a man - despite the fact that he has a man's skeleton and male features. This is pure cognitive dissonance, just like I see from the Icke and Trump cults and the people who follow the Baphomet trannies who run those groups but that's for another blog, another time...

While we are on the subject of Baphotranny shills again, let me just say this: A lot of so-called 'truthers' cannot get their heads around the fact that to be in the public eye you have to be a freemason and to be a freemason - a real freemason, the inner illuminated levels of true freemasonry - means being an androgyne in the image of their pagan gods such as Lucifer and Baphomet. I explained all of this regarding celebrities in Part II and provided many, many links to videos and channels that explain the religious reasons to why they do this, multiple examples of celebrity transvestigations and videos showing the surgery they undergo and tricks they employ to trick the masses. Despite this, many supposed 'truthers' seem to have refused to watch the links - presumably because they cannot let go of their childish hero worship - rather than research the evidence and make an informed decision, because the amount of people who claim that they 'can't all be trannies' or that people just make it up or don't put plenty of research into studying multiple photographs looking for different skeletal markers. To them I say this: I am stating that all people involved in the public eye are freemasons and that all of them are transgender. I have made it very clear why I think this, have linked to multiple examples of celebrity transgenders and multiple links as to why they do it. I would suggest that you learn the difference between a male and female body, that you clearly haven't so far, and then find someone in the public eye who is the gender they claim to be, explain your findings and present them. Other than that, you have nothing to say but "I can't let go of my childish heroes because I am 100% controlled by their nonsense". It really is that simple - if you think they aren't trans, find one that isn't and back up your claim or stop embarrassing yourselves.

I have recommended Bevvie's (Horrifying Houseguest) Twitter channel before as she has presented many examples of these deceivers and makes it very clear what they are in her presentations. It was her Twitter account that woke me up to this last year and I had no clue or suspicion about it prior to this at all yet I found it obvious what they were because her presentations are so clear and so concise as to how we can tell. Despite this, it was a very gradual process to understanding just how deep this goes. It was when I understood the religious aspect that the penny dropped because these people worship androgyne gods and make themselves in their image, like we are made in God's image. Everything about freemasonry is an inversion of all that is Holy and all that is good.

 If you follow the instructions on the picture you will be able to search more of her work for yourself and see just how deep this goes. As well as all of the 'A listers' you'd expect to find on there, perhaps, there are also many very, very minor 'celebrities' shown to be EGIs (Elite Gender Inversions), both from the US and here in the UK - people like Darren Grimes, Nigel Farage, Laurence Fox, Sadiq Khan, Julia Hartley-Brewer - which emphasises the fact that these people are born into this - it is their religion, their culture, that goes back thousands of years. They don't get caught bumming someone in a toilet and then blackmailed into being an arsehole - they're raised to be arseholes. Transgender arseholes. It goes down to much lower levels than these people too, as we'll see when we look at the freemasonic trannies running the shill groups very soon.

I'd also recommend these Mr E3000 and Transpocalypse Now archive channels as his work is excellent too. You can also see from Michelle's channel and from MAG Truth's channels that this is known about and that it is not something made up out of thin air. I would suggest checking all of these out as well as watching all of the trans links in the link to Part II above before making yourselves look silly again. I mentioned in the last blog that I have learned more from people on Twitter than from any of these 'name' shills and there are lots of other great accounts sharing information on this topic that you'll discover from following Bev and watching the accounts she engages with and so on. That's how you find legit people, not by watching David Icke's channel or by attending Stand Up X demos. I would also recommend reading this amazing Twitter thread by @sunbugg that is such a great explanation of all that needs to be conveyed that it has saved me a lot of writing, so thankyou!

These EGI Baphomet trannies are very damaging to society, not least because transgenderism is literally unnatural by it's definition, because they cause women to suffer from body dysmorphia and conditions such as anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders in attempts to try and obtain a body that they literally never can due to their skeletal structure and muscle mass. It is also very damaging to the individuals themselves because it is clearly a mental illness that doesn't get treated and, instead, they are encouraged by our sick 'liberal' society into mutilating their body and becoming a man made creation - this is man playing God - it's Frankenstein's monster. There is also the fact that they are encouraging gender confusion by manipulating hormonal teenagers to be attracted to people of the same gender covertly because everyone you see on your screen is transgender - even people like Julia Hartley-Brewer as you can see from Bevvie's page.

 The transhuman agenda is not one where we are all controlled by 5G or become cyborgs in my opinion - that is just science fiction - it is the transgender agenda. This is very much a spiritual war and people are paying too much attention to the material and not to the spiritual. I am not saying that the vaccines can't alter your body or make you sick and dependant on more vaccines but in terms of actually being physically controlled by AI or being part computer I don't buy it at all. This is the agenda that most truthers are sleeping on and they sleep on it because none of these shill accounts ever talk about it - and we know why. David Icke spoke about 'Transgenders in Hollywood' and it was about the agenda being pushed using 'out' transgenders, he doesn't mention the fact that everyone in Hollyweird is transgender because 'he' is a 'she' - an EGI tranny like his entire family are and we'll go into that in a future blog - for now, just look how he walks - like a female. He also appears on this list of confirmed EGIs and that list is but a spit in the ocean of the real amount.

The agenda is that they want a one world religion of androgynes who worship Lucifer and they will use, and are using, all manner of deceptions to make this happen - and it is happening now. It will be the future unless people wake up to this. Unless you want your grandchildren's grandchildren to be born in a test tube as an androgyne who worships Satan then I'd suggest you watch those links and study this because it will get you a lot further than researching PCR tests for a virus that doesn't even exist like these Baphotranny deceivers have you doing to distract you. They treat perceived 'minorities' as victims so they can take over their narrative (same old tactic) under the pretence of being politically correct and then that stops them from realising who their real enemies are - them - and therefore prevents any narrative that would lead to any questioning of this or apportioning any blame from where 'they' want it directed from getting an influential audience.

We are now seeing this absolutely mental 'cancel culture' infesting our society, where various TV shows, cartoons, films, books etc have been banned by people who nobody has given any consent to do so because they deem them to be offensive. This is a very dangerous time for freedom of speech and expression because this has been coming for a long time and seemingly nobody listened to the warnings. We are becoming a nation of Mary Whitehouses. We are also seeing this ridiculous 'taking the knee' in all public events which is nothing more than freemasonic symbolism, yet again. This, sadly yet inevitably, leads to more misplaced anger because people don't think. Do you really think that the average black person wants you to take a knee for them or that they are stupid enough to fall for BLM just because they are black? How many white people follow the BNP or NF or KKK? Not many as a percentage, a tiny amount, because they're blatant psyops just like BLM, Black Panthers and Nation of Islam - and all freemason created - everything is.

What we are seeing now is that, like with religion, they are attempting to unite people by abolishing all sense of nationalism, all sense of gender differences or even the notion of gender itself, all sense of race and all sense of any differences - they want a homogenous androgyne population who worships Lucifer and who live for the state. Despite this, they are still carrying out the divide and conquer exercises because it is the chaos that they thrive on and it is the chaos that they will use to bring about this new order. They will use New Age gnosticism and theosophy - as endorsed by David Icke - to bring this about and they will destroy the old order before creating the new one because that is how it is done and the people who think there is a political solution do not grasp this.

Before they push anything they have to create a demand for it and the way to do that is to withhold it from people - like they are now with the vaccines when they claim they are in short supply. It preys on peoples fear and makes them desperate. This puts their mindset into a place where you'll never reach them because it has been taken over by fear, which is their only weapon, but the most potent one. The freemason controlled 'one issue' identity politics groups exist to create conflict, division and chaos and to make people who are all being screwed by the same people think they are screwing each other. Everything - literally everything - these people are involved in involves deception because that is what their religion requires of them - they even tell us this, this is not kept secret. It is absolutely essential to always keep your eye on the ball and know who your real enemy is - if people are pushing narratives demonising anyone but the 'elite' then they are either a disinformation agent or very misinformed and misguided.


There are many other examples of this divide and conquer operation in play and arguably the most blatant form of tribalism comes from sports - football in particular. Although tribalism in football has seriously declined from when I was young, largely due to the Premier League and the sanitising the game of everything that made it what it was, there does still exist that sense of tribalism to the extent that people will actually fight over it or, even worse, cry and get upset because some team of millionaires didn't kick a bag of wind around a field and put it in an onion bag better than the other team. I won't really go into sports being rigged as this is not really about sports but this is just another example of the ways in which we are perpetually divided and conquered. The same applies to music when silly fake pop rivalries are created to cause rifts between friends who may prefer different tacky music to the other.

It literally infests every subculture from veganism to environmental action groups to every single thing you could possibly have an opinion about that they'll help you to have. The same rules apply to these that I've said many times before about 'heroes' and 'villains' that appear in the MSM - the media ONLY promote their own creations and this is without ANY exceptions, as we shall see later when we look at more of the many shills and controlled agents that 'awake' people fall for time and time again. As some of you know, I am vegan and there are a few vegan activists that I followed when I first 'converted' and they've been on shows like This Morning and GMB having fake debates with Piers Morgan like Piers Corbyn etc do and they promote fake lab meat and corporations like McDonalds and KFC, promoting their shite when they are supposedly against what McDonalds and KFC stand for. They also promote watered down shitty CBD oils but never mention the serious diseases that it can cure and they never mention anything about alkaline diets even though they claim to be nutritionists etc. This blog may be a little more personal than most of the others as I am quite blatantly telling you and showing you all of the stupid, dumb things that I fell for in order that you understand I am not mocking and not taking the piss - I just do not have patience for the wilfully ignorant and, as I will explain later, that is what you are - just as I was in the past.

I explained last time around how the freemasons provide our 'heroes' for us - regardless of our interests and regardless of our beliefs - they'll find someone to manipulate and influence us because we allow them to. They provide the heroes and the villains and they are all from the same inbred, transgender, Devil worshipping stock. Whether it's Greta Thurnberg, Dr. Fauci, Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Klaus Schwab, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, George Carlin... they are all provided for us, all actors performing roles and please take this literally. Every single thing you see on your television screen is a production, a literal scripted performance that is performed by people pretending to be something else in order to make you believe the reality you see on screen is the same as reality - it is very, very different as I'd hope most of you reading would know. The people you see on your screen - whether they are a newsreader or a singer in a band or a movie star or a TV host or a comedian or a politician - they are all actors playing roles to deceive you and influence you and draw you in to the ways of this world, the beast system, Babylon, call it what you like.

These 'billionaire CEO's are just characters in the show. They are not billionaires, they are not CEO's of Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon etc. They are the public face of these companies that they do not own and they are used to take the criticism and the bile of opponents of 'corporate greed' for the real owners, rather like politicians are for the real government. In the case of Facebook, the fact that Social Network was made tells you it's a fake story and it's pretty clear that Facebook was a CIA/NSA creation to gather personal information, who your contacts are, what your views and interests are - it's basically data harvesting which is why I don't go on it (and it's generally never interested me, to be honest). They are people to put on the Forbes Rich List which never ever contains any of the Committee of 300 for some reason. Have you ever seen Bill Gates program a computer? I won't go into all of them as they're really not worthy of any attention but let's focus on Gates and Schwab as they are the two most blatant Scooby Doo villain boogiemen currently in play.

We are told that Bill Gates is buying everyone off and buying every company and investing in everything and buying all farmland and we are told this in the MSM which means that the Committee of 300, who own all of the media and alternative media, want us to think this. Why would they do this if it was true and why would anyone believe that Bill Gates is anything more than a 'yes man' for the Committee? Seriously, who is 'he'? He's way down the food chain and his interviews about vaccines and depopulation would be laughable if not for the fact that the vaccination programs bearing his name weren't so devastating throughout Africa and Asia as part of the Club of Rome's depopulation agenda. Just because he's the face on TV and because his name is all over it that doesn't make it so - in fact it very strongly suggests the opposite. These people probably laugh at all the #ArrestBillGates hashtags on social media and at all the memes - it's the same as the 'Bush did 9/11' memes - as if that literal retard could have planned 9/11 - even if it was just demolishing a few empty buildings...

There are even debates as to whether Bill and Melinda Gates died in 2013 and have been replaced, whether they are people in masks, whether they ever existed, whether they are just CGI, whether Melinda is played by Kevin Kline/Robin Williams etc but, as I said earlier, I may do a blog on this character-based reality theory that I have touched upon in several blogs at a later date. One thing is certain and that is that they are an EGI transgender couple who are just actors playing roles in the biggest production of all - 'reality' (as opposed to reality - just making this distinction clear). Their foundation is a tax-evading money laundering front like all of these 'philanthropic' foundations are and I'd imagine Gates' parents were very low-level members of the 'elite' and he was just brought up to play the role he was created for.


Klaus Schwab is just another comedy character who looks like Dr Evil in a Star Wars costume - this isn't by accident. He is just another low-level 'yes man' wheeled out to be this James Bond villain character who wants to turn us all into cyborgs because he sounds like a mad scientist etc. He's also another of the comedy name crew like Andrew Kaufman and Judy Mikovitz. One of the things that baffled me was people actually buying his "The Great Reset" book - why would you give this clown money for if you think he is some Bond supervillain? Just read it online. It's here, look. In the last blog I showed who the real enemy is and I showed that deception is their primary weapon to manipulate the masses into consenting to their plans and it is very, very important that we ignore all of the many, many distractions, deceptions and divisions that they have, and will continue to, put in our paths to deceive us into accepting their vision of the world. Always remember who the real people calling the shots are and always remember that the media are all controlled, as are all politicians and we shall look at both now. I deliberately left politics out of the last blog because that blog was about the power structure of the real rulers of Earth and that does not include anyone posing as a President or a Prime Minister. These puppets belong here in the blog about divide and conquer psyops because that is all politics is.

Before we dive in let me just make the following clear: The political system is absolutely designed to protect those in power from you. They are not in government to serve you - whoever told you that told you a lie, probably unwittingly - and they are not there to protect the rights you think you have - we established in Part IV that we are slaves from birth tied to the legal and monetary system and the political system is no different. The system is the problem, not the people 'in power', and it cannot be changed from within. That is, the system cannot be used to beat the system. The freemasons are planning on destroying the political system because they know that they can't create a New World Order without destroying the old one first. This is the mentality we need to have if we are to aspire to create our own new system, one that is better but, again, that is for next time. There can be no political resolution to what is happening and the ball has long since started rolling. It's not going to stop unless people stop it and, again, that is not possible politically and I will explain why.

Firstly, all political parties are controlled by the freemasons, the permanent government - the state that Trump calls the deep state - and the two main parties are just two wings of the same bird, as the saying goes. The eagle can't fly with only one wing, if you like. If you want an example of this, think of the British sitcom, 'Yes, (Prime) Minister', in which the basic premise of every episode is Sir Humphrey, the permanent undersecretary (the freemason who controls the puppet MP) outwitting (Prime) Minister Jim Hacker (puppet Minister/Prime Minister) and manipulating him into doing what Sir Humphrey wanted him to do in the first place - truth in plain sight and exactly how these masons work. They create the problem in order to get the reaction that they want from the public and they come up with the solution they intended all along - and that usually entails giving up our rights in order for more supposed security from the only enemy we have.

The colours of the main parties are primarily red and blue - which make purple, the colour of royalty and wealth - so they are practically telling us that the main parties are two sides of the same coin. They are telling us that they control both sides and that both sides are comprised of freemasons who perform different roles, both sides aligned to a set of ideas that contain the agenda and also distraction policies. The left and right wing parties in America and the UK have the opposite colour to each other which I believe to be a joke to show that it really makes no difference which party has which colour - purple always gets in. We saw last time who controls these people and feed them their scripts and their job is literally walking around pretending to be a 'world leader', meeting other freemasonic actors who are doing the very same and being the public dartboard for the public who will inevitably get annoyed at them given the fact that all policies are designed to make our life harder in some way - if it seems like they're giving with one hand you can be rest assured they are taking with the other. Then, when the public have had enough of one particular puppet or party, hey presto, they've been replaced by another puppet following the same script and the permanent government continue undisturbed from the shadows. It really is that simple.

I used to ask on Twitter the question: "What has your government EVER done for you? Name one thing, just one" and nobody ever answered apart from sarcastically to emphasise my point. Ask yourself that question right now - you can't think of anything can you? This is because they do not serve you and they do not protect your rights and they certainly do not provide you with security - forget that idea. What they do is they use the media to absolutely lie to, deceive, manipulate and influence the masses via a number of different tactics to control and enslave them and we saw multiple examples of this earlier when we looked at the recent psyops involving fake events designed to manipulate the masses into accepting more draconian policies. Their main weapon of enslavement is the television which literally controls the vast majority of people. They cannot even have an opinion without knowing what celebrities and 'popular culture' thinks they should think - these people are barely alive and spiritually they are completely stone dead. This is why they don't wake up.

We are at a stage now where we are a year into this psyop and people who regard themselves as being 'awake' still cannot see that there is no political solution to this and that ALL politicians and anybody in the public eye on any level are controlled opposition 100%. They talk about writing to MPs and signing petitions; they talk about arresting Matt Hancock and asking Boris to resign - these people are absolutely lost. They haven't a clue what is going on and they are being manipulated by freemasons like David and Gareth Icke and Piers Corbyn because they do not have the basic common sense to understand what they are but we'll get into the shills later. If these people cannot understand the very, very basics - that ANYONE in the public eye is a freemason and is 100% controlled and part of the agenda and that the media is nothing but lies and propaganda designed to manipulate them - then I really don't see why they are even bothering because it is purely down to wilful ignorance that they do not see this. The media ONLY promote what they create themselves, NO exceptions.

If they claim that they know the government and the media (same thing) are controlled, then why do they even bother engaging with politics? Why do they engage with the media for? If I did a Family Fortunes type survey and asked the entire population who are the people you should trust the least, I guarantee you the top two answers would be politicians and 'journalists' (and rightly so), yet these followers - just like the fluoride zombies in masks scared of non-existent viruses - they still go to them for their information. It is literally insane. I think we need to take a very close look at what the basic principles of the government and the media are because too many people still aren't getting this fundamentally important part to seeing through the deception - because they ARE the deception!

Understand that nothing appears on your screens or in printed media without the Committee of 300 wanting it there - if it didn't serve a purpose, it wouldn't be there. Nothing happens by chance, nothing is ever leaked and every single 'scandal', 'exposé' and 'exclusive' are all just fabricated stories, a script. The people you see on screen are just actors playing out a real-life soap opera in order to present a false reality to us and interfere with our perceptions and our discernment. They present us with a daily dose of supposed crimes that are happening in our towns and cities to make us fear our neighbours and create an insular, isolated society with no community spirit - spirit being the key word here. They present us with false heroes to make us feel that there are people worth looking up to in the world (you mustn't look up to anyone you know, your heroes must be their creations) and then they kill them off in supposedly real-life versions of 'Who shot JR?' or Alan Bradley getting hit by that tram - nothing more than dramatic, scripted, soap opera 'deaths'.

They present us with absolutely vacuous TV 'personalities' (if ever there was an example of double-speak this is it) who talk about dull, government mandated crap, pushing whatever bandwagon they want everyone to jump on or about the issues they are going to use to lie to and manipulate people stupid enough to listen to them. They present us with so-called 'reality' TV which is, again, just scripted deceivers distracting and brainwashing the herd - no different than the news really. They present us with documentaries about fake history, geography and any other subject they can think of to deceive you. You will never find truth on the television networks and that includes Netflix, Amazon etc too. They are all part of the same club and all owned by the same group pushing the same agenda. It is the illusion of choice, the illusion of being given differing opinions and views and agendas when really it is only ever the same one - they just use different methods to get you to where they want you. The media is used to place us where the Committee want us on the chessboard at any time.

We looked at a few psyops earlier and I touched on these in the last blog but I feel that it is really important to hammer this point home because I feel that it is preventing people from waking up. People need to step away from that CIA/David Icke conspiracy theory narrative in which:

We live on a spinning ball of water flying through 'outer space' that was created after nothing exploded and became everything. 

Evolution and dinosaurs aren't myths.

Aliens exist and live in some bunker underneath one of the busiest airports in the US, just the place you'd keep a top secret illuminati underground research facility.

Nuclear weapons/ exist and the threat of nuclear war is possible. The 'Cold War' was a legitimate threat.

The 'holocaust' happened and Jews were murdered in gas chambers as part of a genocidal 'anti-semitic' policy.

JFK was assassinated because he spoke out against the secret societies and wanted to shut down the CIA/FBI.

Princess Diana was killed by the royals because she 'knew too much'. They killed her as part of an illuminati ritual. 

9/11 was a typical 'false flag' operation (Baphotranny shill Judy Wood - DEWs etc) where governments controlled by the 'cabal' murder their own people as part of some Satanic rituals.

Colonel Gadaffi was an 'outsider' and was murdered because Libya "didn't have a Rothschild central bank".

Bohemian Grove is real. All the illuminati go there and sacrifice babies to Moloch - Alex Jones filmed them.

People like Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, David Icke, George Carlin, Alex Jones - even Stanley Kubrick! - are 'truth tellers' and 'heroes' for 'exposing the deception'.

Celebrities 'join the illuminati' by selling their soul for fame and fortune and they get sacrificed when they speak out.

Politicians and celebrities are paid off by people like Bill Gates to spread disinformation. They are also 'blackmailed' into complying.

All politicians and actors are paedophiles, especially if they eat pizza. Jeffrey Epstein existed but he didn't really kill himself. 

Covid-19 is just a bad flu/'bioweapon' created in China and the governments of the world have bodged up their 'disproportionate response'. Vaccines are OK but this Covid-19 one is dodgy because it will turn you into a zombie/cyborg.

None of this is true and I know because I have been through all of those rabbit holes and out the other side. All of this should be important if you are genuine about seeking truth and everything is connected. There is only one conspiracy and it encompasses everything, guided by the hands of freemasonry. In my opinion, for what it is worth, these are the fundamental false narratives that, together, shape the perceptions of people who are just waking up - which is exactly why they are pushed in the first place. For example, I see people even now talking about potential nuclear war - this is not possible yet these people think it is and this is another unnecessary worry for them - all because shills like David Icke don't mention this - he'll mention space lizards and his Luciferian theosophy but not things like nuclear weapons not existing. This is because the media - and David Icke is part of the controlled media, 100% - are fear mongers. They spread fear just like David Ike does - his only 'solution' is that 'we are infinite love and everything is an illusion' - and many people actually buy this nonsense.


The whole point of me writing these blogs, covering the topics I have and providing the links I have is to enable people to stop being duped by deceivers and wake up to them and their agenda. People aren't resonating with the truth because they have preconceived notions that they are 'awake' due to falling for those traps listed above and their ignorance, closed minds and inability to challenge their own beliefs prevents them from going further down the rabbit hole, as it were. I promise you that until you realise that politicians are all controlled by the same people and all 'news' is scripted fiction and that all celebrities are 100% part of the act and out to deceive and influence you you will never even start to wake up - that is literally the very first step. I've mentioned many times how freemasons code their psyops via the media and left many links over these blogs and people aren't paying attention - they're just wasting time on PCR tests that were created by an EGI freemason as a distraction. We know that viruses don't exist so who cares about PCR tests? How are people not connecting the most basic of dots after a year of this? 

It was the same with Brandy Vaughan and 'her death' - this is another EGI faking their death when they've served their purpose. They were not killed for telling the truth and they were not sacrificed. When you research these cult members they have the same pattern time and time again in their methodology as I showed in the Terrorvision blog. We've just recently seen another manufactured 'hero', John Magufuli, the Tanzanian President, supposedly 'die' and we are meant to think that he has been assassinated by the illuminati because we are not meant to see that he 'died' aged 61, that his name is 61 in one cipher (and 56 for the Society of Jesus in another), that the date of this supposed death comes to 16 (61 inverted) in numerology and so on. We also should know that the 'news' of him testing a paw paw and a goat for 'coronavirus' and his supposed opposition to this agenda would never have been made known if they didn't want us to know and they'd only want us to know if they wanted us to believe this nonsense too. He is just another false hero to make us think there are people out their in 'power' fighting our corner when everyone in the public eye is controlled. I would recommend watching this video by Russianvids that shows some of the things people need to look out for if they don't want to get conned.

The political system exists to overcomplicate simple problems and to provide endless bureaucratic obstacles to prevent change. It is a system that hands power to people who belong to secret societies and who worship Lucifer and many other pagan gods. It gives power, wealth and privilege to the few at the expense of the many and this goes for all political systems. It relies on the general public having the mentality of deferring to their 'betters', something that is programmed into us with varying degrees of success throughout our lives, starting from school. We are supposed to believe that their 'superior (in)breeding' and complete inability to relate to the lives of 99% of the population make them ideal candidates to 'govern' us and make informed decisions on a variety of issues that will have a profound impact on our lives. Eric Dubay opens this video with the sentence: "All governments are immoral and criminal institutions because they force everyone, under threat of violence, to pay mandatory taxes for life" and that pretty much sums up what they are and what their role is. The media, who are just the propaganda wing, aid them in this by creating the fictitious stories to keep us pre-occupied with the 'facts' that we all have a paedo living in our street, Mr Khan over the road might be a terrorist and those kids hanging around outside the shops are probably all drug dealing, knife carrying muggers to worry about silly little things like our enslavement to an unjust and duplicitous system.

We'll take a look at our supposedly 'democratic' system and we will examine why what we are told is 'democracy' is not a democracy and also why democracy is a terrible form of government (all government is terrible). We are told in the media, by our government and by Hollyweird (in other words, by the mouthpieces of the 'cabal'), that we are so lucky in the west to have this democracy, we must fight to preserve it, 'God' is on our side, yada yada yada. The truth is that we do not have democracy because the system is rigged. The Prime Ministers and Presidents are selected by the Committee of 300 well in advance and you will often notice things such as Tony Blair going to Bilderberg and then John Smith suddenly dying and Blair becoming Labour leader and, eventually, Prime Minister in time for 9/11 or Keir Starmer going to Bilderberg and then suddenly becoming Labour leader (and almost certainly our next PM, if we have another one) in time for the Great Reset.

These people are groomed from a young age for their roles and they are often selected for particular roles at particular times, such as Johnson and Trump for 'Covid'. Who better to carry off the narrative that the government are just incompetent idiots than these two clown characters? To the people who actually think 'leaders' have any power ask yourselves this: In what reality would a group of very secretive and cunning people who rule by deceit and by divide and conquer entrust any sort of power to Boris Johnson or Donald Trump - or 'Dubya', or Dishface Cameron... it just wouldn't happen, even if there was a nuclear button they could press.


Democracy is essentially majority rule - if your opinions aren't popular you don't get a say - and this is highlighted in the UK by the fact that we have a first past the post system rather than a proportional representation - not that it makes any difference when the system is rigged anyway. It's a system that marginalises minority opinion and allows the state to influence and manipulate popular opinion - primarily by the printed, online and televised media - in order to demonise critics of the state as 'dissidents', 'traitors' and even 'terrorists' (which is a joke as our terrorists are in Whitehall) - which, of course, they do. It is a system that relies on two main, powerful parties that are the only ones that will ever realistically 'win' and lots of minority parties to ensure that as many people disillusioned with mainstream politics don't abandon the system altogether. These parties are all controlled too - they control ALL narratives for ALL sides. 

We then, in theory, are subjected to months of propaganda and lies - funded by loans taken out that you'll have to pay back even if you don't vote - all to make us feel that we are taking part in something of great importance and that our X (for 6, the mark of the antichrist) on our scrap of paper is like Willy Wonka's golden ticket. It creates division, arguments and a ridiculous amount of time wasted on discussing these scripted plays, as intended, and the system relies on the electorate not realising that the parties they are arguing over are controlled by the same people, using freemasonic puppet actors to perform the lead roles that both push the same agenda in different ways. The agenda exists in all major parties and those are the policies that they prioritise when one of their stooges gets selected for middle management within the corporation. So many people have trouble understanding how Labour and Conservative policies can be part of the same agenda, or Republican and Democrats, but let me use the example of US/UK Middle East policy in the last 30 years to show you.


When the first gulf war started 30 years ago we had a Republican President, George Bush and a Conservative Prime Minister, John Major. The policy was bombs. Then in 1992 it became a Democrat/Tory union when Clinton became President and the policy intensified, despite him supposedly being a 'liberal'. Then, in 1997, it became a Democrat/Labour liberal lovefest so now the bombs would surely stop and our 'left-leaning' heroes can show the compassion that they keep telling everyone they possess... only that didn't happen did it? And why would it? In 2000, Bush and Blair, Republican/Labour took 'us' to war in Iraq/Afghanistan and it's continued ever since no matter what combination of political parties have been in 'power'  because they're not in power - and that is the point. This is also the point that people who think the BBC is 'biased' against their chosen political party miss - they are biased towards the agenda and nothing else - and this can mean speaking out about it if they want to manipulate a certain subsection of people to think a certain way about a party or a policy - the party reputations don't matter because it won't affect who is selected and they have to make it look at least vaguely convincing that they're impartial.

The government merely carry out what we've looked at before - passing bills and laws through parliament, borrowing money from private banks to pay for their agenda, forcing us to pay 'taxes' if we want to exercise our natural rights and scaring people into compliance - at the behest of the real permanent government. The state brainwashes its citizens into defending the tyrants because they actually criticise 'tax dodgers' rather than question why anyone pays taxes and where they go. This enables government to bring in 'austerity' programs which give the illusion of belt tightening in order to pay back the national debt that we know can't ever be paid back so we are seeing a lower quality of life and still in perpetual debt. I see so many people still saying things like "The government are here to serve us and..." - No, you THINK they are here to serve you. In reality, they are there to be the public face of the corporation, the one the customers turn on when things go bad - and they ALWAYS go bad, they're supposed to. Then they are replaced, the new puppet comes in and follows exactly the same script written by exactly the same people to push exactly the same agenda and the herd are happy because they voted that useless last lot out and now their party is in and that means 'change' - what could possibly go wrong?

So we have established that both the left and right wing belong to the same bird and the reason is that if you back both runners in a two horse race you win. So we have a system that is not only controlled entirely by freemasonry but it also ignores the minority - which, given the amount of cultural Marxist, 'politically correct' divide and conquer rubbish we've had to endure for 30 years or so, seems a bit hypocritical. If we look at other systems such as Communism we see that there really isn't much difference - a tiny, privileged minority at the top and a mass of serfs - the only difference is the slaves in Communist countries notice they're slaves a lot quicker - and maybe having less material distractions and not being spoiled soft helps that. If we look at our system, it isn't even capitalism, that is so often denounced as heinous - and I am not defending capitalism. I believe that money is the root of all evil but, objectively speaking, we've never lived in a capitalist society. Our society is based on corporatism and oligarchy, and Mussolini said that the definition of Fascism is when the governments and corporations rule and that is exactly what we have today. We also have a central bank which is a key component of Communism and this is because all of these labels are just distractions like everything else - like we saw with all the different names for freemasonry/illuminati etc and the different names for their gods - they pretend they are lots of unaffiliated little groups to hide the fact that freemasons are the world's biggest gang and they control everything. Just as the main political parties contain elements of the agenda, so do all political ideologies contain elements of the agenda. They use the same methods and understanding them and how they work is crucial if you want to avoid falling for their propaganda, lies and fearporn. 

Government literally means mind control and this 'Covid' hoax is the perfect example of how they use the media - their 'Ministry of Truth' to use an Orwellian term - to literally control how people think. Last Saturday there was a 'global demo' or something where all the freemasonic shill groups across the world all randomly decided to have a party on the same day - that just so happened to be the Spring Equinox, March 20 (33) - which just so happens to be the day the Iraq War started - not that they are freemasonic sun worshipping pagans or anything, of course. This was interesting because it illustrated perfectly how easily this herd are manipulated and why.

Firstly, we had Gareth Icke tweeting a picture of a herd of sheep (metaphorically) alongside a number 113 (33) bus - this is a freemason mocking all of his uninitiated followers. They didn't notice, of course. They never do. Just like they didn't notice the sign on the side of the bus saying 'Spies in Disguise' in a video of baphotranny (blue tick) shill Laurence Fox at this 'protest'. These people are being mocked openly because they refuse to learn the language and, instead, allow themselves to be led like sheep by the wolves in sheep's clothing that they blindly follow. We then had literally all the police wearing the number 33 on their helmets and 333 on their vans - with a strange purple tint to the footage, the colour of deception. There were also supposedly 33 arrests although, at one point, it was 13 - another freemasonic number - finalised at 36, naturally (3x6=666). These people noticed some of the 33s to their credit but they didn't work out who was behind it because they refuse to see that these groups are freemason controlled. If they knew how the media works then they would know that these demos were staged by the government because the MSM covered it - it was even on the national news and that should tell you because they only ever promote their own. They are also very clever because they kept saying hundreds of protesters, knowing that their paid agitators would stir up the herd to say there were much more there than that which creates a 'media are against us' mentality which is absolutely correct - only they don't know that their heroes are in on it too or why.

The general reaction to this absolute non-event was mass delusion - people seem to think that walking around with freemasons with the permission of the government listening to disinfo from shills is a 'great awakening' - the new age tripe of Q and David Icke. These people aren't even awake to who is leading their group - despite the fact they ALL flash freemasonic handsigns - and they don't even question the fact that they never tell the truth about viruses, vaccines or contagions because they never question anything. These people are seriously misled and literally brainwashed by the most obvious shills that were ever shat out of Satan's backside. This 'worldwide' movement is something to be very, very wary of and, considering we have had 'globalism' shoved down our throats for as long as I can remember and considering we are under threat of a one world government/Luciferian religion you'd think it would be obvious why - but I'll save that for the next blog where it will make more sense. What I will say though is, how is a 'global' supposed 'freedom' movement not controlled opposition? These people are very wet behind the ears and incredibly naive.


People are reacting the same way they react to every demo - massively misplaced optimism, a deluded sense of their own self importance and an inability to join dots together - so allow me to do it for them. Firstly, the organisers were being exposed by myself and a fair few others a few months back and started their little pretence that they were being banned from platforms even though they say 'covid' exists and they say that they only oppose the 'covid' vaccine. They also started their connections overseas which should be raising red flags and then suddenly we have this 'global' (red flag) 'freedom movement' organising a demo for the Spring Equinox (red flag) - another ritual like this one in August. This was supposedly organised on Telegram because they were pretending that they are not freemasons and undercover police and now, after this demo that was all over the MSM on every channel and in every paper (RED FLAG), it was reported that the groups were using Telegram to communicate and mentioned 'encrypted software'. How would they know if Telegram isn't bugged and if Stand Up X are not police?


We've seen the aftermath of the Everard psyop and the staged demos, Katie Price's campaign for verification for social media, silly stories about hate against Asians and the fake story about the Asian prostitute 'killer' and it's clear where this is going. These psyops are being used to manipulate these people and they are too ignorant and arrogant to see it - even though it could not be anymore obvious. People were getting upset that the MSM were supposedly lying about the numbers and about the different reactions from the police between two opposing demos - this literally happens every single time and the reason it does is because people who laughably consider themselves to be awake are reacting exactly as they are expected to - every time without fail. Fish in a barrel. If the media didn't want the demo known about it wouldn't have been on MSM at all. The followers seem to think that if they can just get information to the right 'journalist' or the right media outlet or the right politician then they will be ever so grateful for their research because they don't have access to literally everything - how arrogant an naive can you get? These people all know far better than you or I what is going on because they are part of it.


Why would someone who is 'awake' be concerned about what the MSM are saying about their protest? Why are they even watching and engaging with it? This is THE fundamental reason why these people have not only not woken up at all during the last year, but have seriously gone backwards in their supposed 'journey'. They are still talking about masks a year into the psyop which - supposedly - none of them wear anyway so why are they so preoccupied with masks for? Because they allow the government to control the narrative - just like I warned they would back in June - and this is why none of the groups or speakers will tell the truth about viruses and contagions not existing at all and that vaccines are all toxic poison that is the cause of sickness, not the 'cure'. These are vital facts that simply have to be spread and I will explain why.

These groups keep the narrative alive that viruses exist, contagions exist, 'flu' exists and that only this new 'untested, experimental gene therapy' (yes I noticed this script too) is harmful when, in fact all vaccines are experimental due to only being tested on those in optimum health and without a genuine placebo - ergo, untested. They do this because they are controlled opposition (hence all the obvious freemasonic symbolism) and have to follow government script. They can say covid is a hoax (and sometimes they do - they're not very consistent with their narrative) and they can say it's a bad flu relabelled but what they can't do is tell the truth about viruses not existing because that would mean the end for Big Pharma, a huge money maker and money laundering enterprise for the Committee of 300, and also the end for their ability to use pandemics as a reason for social control. If viruses and contagions don't exist - and they don't - why would anyone be vaccinated, why would anyone believe in pandemics and why would anyone agree to any health passports? The only reason these people aren't telling the truth is because they are all in the club and I will get onto this and why telling the truth about viruses and vaccines is crucial - it should be your hill to die on in my opinion - later on.

These psyops are almost always used to bring in new legislation involving the loss of freedoms and rights in exchange for more 'security' - either that or manufacturing wars - and these recent ones are no different. You have to ask yourself 'who benefits?' and the answer is always 'the state', so you have to think how they benefit from staging the psyop/fake news story that they are presenting to the public as fact in order to gain a reaction. We can see from these recent stories - and by 'stories' I mean fictional stories - that there is clearly an agenda to use supposed 'misogyny' as an excuse to bring in draconian laws such as potential curfews for men and more CCTV, lighting, facial recognition etc. In the States it seems to be a race agenda again, like with the completely fabricated 'murder' of the fictional character, George Floyd, and we've seen the Harry and Meghan made up tittle-tattle and the fake murder of Asian prostitutes - and these things are not all isolated events.


Another example of how psyops are used to influence public opinion in an attempt to implement policy are the school shooting psyops that we see so often in the US. You may recognise these from the poor quality of crisis actor and the sheer number of Hollyweird devil puppets who glamorise gun violence crawling out of the woodwork to tell Americans that don't glorify the gun violence that doesn't inspire genuine school shootings that they shouldn't peacefully and responsibly own firearms for their own protection. We've had similar freemasonic hoaxes in the UK to successfully strip the rights to own firearms from us - the Hungerford and Dunblane 'massacres' - and this is exactly why they do it. Funnily enough - and it is funny - there has been another supposed shooting in Colorado yesterday and the inevitable calls for more 'gun control'. These things, as I keep saying, are cyclical - it is recycled news, just like the recycled soap opera plots.


I think the most ridiculous one of the Covid farce was the Capitol 'riots' where a completely staged event took place that people, somehow, even considered could be real. The police will arrest them for jaywalking and they won't stop them supposedly entering the Capitol? Basic common sense tells you this was entirely staged, like everything else is in the media, because it just doesn't ring true. Then we have the fake shooting there that David Icke claims was real (just like he claims Sarah Everard was murdered because he is an agent, a puppet) and scenes that look they were from Resident Evil. It's just a mess and how people cannot see through the ridiculous pantomime that the whole 'election' farce was I will never know.

To briefly mention Q, it really is beyond a joke. As I said earlier, I was taken in by Trump initially, prior to the (s)election, but when the Q stuff came out in 2017 - and even the pizzagate stuff a year earlier - I just didn't take any notice of it all - it just never smelled right, if you like. Even though I was literally just waking up - to the point where I still read David Icke and had only just sussed Trump out - it just seemed laughable to me and I cannot believe that people are falling for this pseudo-Scientology bullshit after 5,000 'drops'.

 If we start with 'pizzagate' - it's just a psyop to draw in the audience that they want to draw in to Q-anonsense and what better way to pull on the heartstrings than to use children? This is what they do, Stop judging these people by your own moral code - these people have a very, very different 'moral' code to you and I - 'do as thou wilst' is their code and they tell us every day but very few pay any attention to the signs. Instead, they are distracted with fake characters like Epstein and his Island studio set with all the freemasonic symbols to make us believe it - and millions do! In my opinion, pizzagate was a precursor to Q, which is a psyop designed to trick people into believing in false light, silly ideas like 'white hats' and that there are 'good illuminati' - basically the 'duality' bullshit that is part of Luciferian/freemasonic ideology. The kind of thing they promote in Star Wars. It promotes space and aliens which, for a start, tells me that it's an absolute joke and it also peddles the JFK was a hero bullshit that is straight from the CIA meeting room.


It's a pacifier for patriots and, as we've seen, they are easily controlled because they are chained to the system like the Trump fans and Qtards are - they cannot accept that their good ol' American Dream does not exist - they cannot be President one day because they don't come from the right bloodline - simple as that - and they can't get to be a rock star even if they were the best singer/guitarist/songwriter ever - because they're not from the right bloodline. It really is that simple. People have said to me that Q has woken them up to things but it hasn't because there is literally no truth in Q. Pizzagate is bullshit. These 'paedophiles' are transgender, as are many of the accusers in these 'sex scandal' cases that only exist as freemasonic humiliation rituals and to dupe us into thinking they are the gender they claim to be. Q has already had way too much time in this blog for something that is nothing more than an intel agency psyop that dupes people who must, in my opinion, want to be duped if they fall for this cartoon show. If Q was genuine, he'd have been killed after drop one, it is as simple as that.


It's basically for the type of people that follow James Woods because they don't know it's another Devil puppet freemason like these grifters we'll look at now. For those that don't know, I regularly call out these clowns on Twitter for what they are and I have asked all of them to verify their stance on viruses/contagions and vaccines and they never, ever answer because they know they will be exposed as a shill if they do - because they are not allowed to go offscript. This is why people like Piers Corbyn, David Icke and Stand Up X have all been on the MSM - including David's old employees the BBC - who are the government propaganda wing, the Ministry of Misinformation. They wouldn't be allowed on if they weren't because everything on TV is a show, a scripted production - these controllers are control freaks who literally have to be in control of every aspect of our lives - if you hadn't noticed by now, maybe you will when you realise that Agenda 2030 makes you a part of their inventory, and nothing more - and you better hope you are a sustainable item.

I briefly mentioned Ian Brown last time as I got banned from Twitter after one of those false idol-worshipping fake awakes reported me for telling the truth about 'him' - namely that 'he' is a Baphomet tranny, a freemason, a Devil puppet and a liar. A fake, a phoney, a fraud. How are these 'awake' people sleeping on this one? "I am the resurrection and I am the light...", "I don't have to sell my soul, He's already in me...", "The Second Coming", "From Chaos to Harmony"... really? Let me put you in the picture, let me show you what I mean: This scumbag went out of 'his' way to say 'he' isn't anti-vaccine which, if these fake-awakes actually were awake, they'd know this means that 'he' is controlled opposition. Not only that, 'he' claims to have a family member suffer from vaccine injuries - does that not sound odd to you? Someone in your family suffers from vaccine poisoning and you are NOT anti-vax?! Really?! I don't think so. No wonder he doesn't want the identity known - 'he'd get exposed for making it all up! This is just sick mockery and these dippy, starstruck little fangirls are taken in like the rats that were taken in by the pied piper's pipe! This is exactly why I refused to publish some letter 'he' wrote about John Robb on my website when someone claiming to be 'his' agent or publicist or whatever it was asked me if I would. Understand, I was a massive Roses fan from the age of about 12/13 but that's irrelevant - 'he' lies about vaccines, 'he' lies about people in 'his' family dying which is pure lowlife behaviour, 'he' flashes up freemasonic signs on multiple occasions and 'he' is clearly a biological female if you can tell the difference between male and female skeletons (basic anatomy).

After the agent claimed that Ian hadn't said 'he' wasn't anti-vax and claimed that Ian was told to make the poses by photographers when 'he' was young - How would this bloke know this? Was he there? So why say it? - I e-mailed him pictures of Ian's tweet saying exactly that and also of 'him' doing freemasonic handsigns at gigs in 'his' fifties. I suggested to the 'agent' that he should try Stand Up X as they'd definitely have posted it for the attention and because they have absolutely zero standards - just like the people following Tranny Brown - and they never did. Nor did The Light 'Truth' Paper and the same applies to them as we'll see in a moment. So why would 'he' be asking me to post 'his' letter on here for a week or so after I'd written a blog criticising 'him' for this very reason? Because, as we learned last time, these people are agents first and foremost - they were sussing me out to see if I had any principles or not and, sadly for them, I most certainly have and that is why I would never be involved with someone like Ian Brown - because 'he' has no authenticity at all - just a ten a penny Devil Puppet faker with no morals or ethics. If you can't see this then you're not a truther, you're a false idol worshipping sheep and if you claim to be awake, you're seriously deluded. See, I assumed that it was just a chance 'meeting' but the fact that the agent didn't bother getting it published elsewhere - including Stand Up X who would most definitely have posted it (they were up his arse on Twitter the other day) - suggests they can't have been serious about wanting it published. The person who reported me even said that she 'knows' this is a spiritual war - yet actively, consciously chooses to follow a Luciferian Baphotranny just because she likes 'his' music - that's controlled, that's not awake, that's just tragically sad and pathetic.

Look at the oval shaped, narrow female skull. Look at the sloped, very narrow shoulders and the ratio to the hips. Look at the Q angle when 'he' walks - one foot directly in front of the other foot, swinging the leg around, rather than one foot in the space in front like a man. This is because Ian, like all biological women, has a wider pelvis than men - 'he' has female hips. This means that women have to walk at a different angle to men in order to keep their balance. This is scientific fact. Look at 'his' female digit' ratio where the index finger is longer than the ring finger. Ian Brown is a biological female - an Elite Gender Inversion. Look at the picture of 'him' with 'his child' and, presumably the 'woman' with 'him' is playing the 'mother'? There's a male and a female in that picture and the female is Ian. Biology doesn't lie - cognitive dissonance in the brains of silly, starstruck fake awake babytruthers in denial does, though. How are so-called 'truthers' overlooking this and overlooking all the many, many freemasonic handsigns 'he' throws up - you think they're coincidences?

The Light (whose light?), a 'Truth' Paper, is another obvious controlled op that people fell for - a sort of printed UK Column -because they do not have any discernment at all, do not question the motives or content of these shills and do not understand that it is what they don't say that gives the game away more often than not. These are another lot I have contacted on Twitter to find out what their stance is on viruses and vaccines - rhetorically, obviously - and all they did was try to make sarcastic comments instead of answering the simple question: "Do you think viruses exist and do you oppose all vaccines?" - an incredibly simple question to answer, you'd think... unless you were a shill on the payroll spreading disinfo like they have since their first issue - which had Corbyn's fake arrest in Sheffield on the front page as if it was actually genuine. This was literally all I had to read from this rag to know it was just yet another shill outfit deceiving people. And to tell you what I told them, no, I don't have to submit articles to your shitty government scripted paper as I have my own website where I can say what I like and where I don't have to lie and deceive people and where I don't use events like this hoax to line my own pockets and where I don't have to kiss the arses of shills like Piers Corbyn, Mike Yeadon etc as I know what they are and I am not some silly starstruck teenager impressed by television appearances or their reputations - they're just lying, scumbag masons. You'll find no truth in this lightweight paper.

Peter Hitchens... Neil Clark... where to even start? I mentioned last time that people were shocked by the likes of SIR David Attenborough, SIR Desmond Swayne and LORD Sumption and these two ain't far off being that obvious. They are both verified by Twitter which means they share Twitter's agenda - which is THE agenda - and they both write for, and appear on, MSM which, in itself tells you which side they bat for. They've also both been championing vaccines - Hitchens, the Covid one, Clark the flu jab - and both have criticised people who rightly deny that Covid-19 exists. They are just shills, who talk about the government as though they are more than just the actors on a stage that we've seen they are. Hitchens is also a freemason and he lies about the effects of cannabis. How people can believe people like these are on their side is truly mind boggling.

I mentioned Mike Yeadon in a previous blog and people seem to think that someone could ever be Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at a Big Pharma corporation like Pfizer without being a freemason - this is simply not possible. At all. They also don't seem to think it very odd that someone who they naively believe to be on their side doesn't tell the truth about viruses or contagions not even existing or that all vaccines are toxic poison (notice a pattern here?). They actually believed his story of being banned (funny how they all get 'banned' when they get called out) as though Twitter would ban a freemason from their platform - they know who is who and they know who is playing what role - don't be sleeping. This ain't a rehearsal.

Dolores Cahill and Vernon Coleman are another couple of freemasonic tranny deceivers who are spreading fear porn about these covid vaccines. I've seen lots of people concerned about this supposed 'killswitch' vaccine spread by Cahill and Coleman - what is their evidence for this? Why do they not say that viruses and contagions do not exist for if they are on the level? How does Coleman write for MSM and have 'bestselling books' on major, 'elite' owned publishers if he is not controlled? Why is he pictured doing the freemasonic 'M' sign? Why is Cahill part of Fiona's shill doctor's group if she is legit? Why have at least three different people involved with these shill groups all told me that Dolores Cahill tells speakers not to mention the fact that viruses don't exist or that vaccines are all toxic poison? - because it is controlled opposition, why else! Wake up.

Us For Them and PCR Claims are another couple of shill groups that refuse to acknowledge that viruses and contagions do not exist and, instead, further their own paid agendas. The PCR Claims clowns even criticised those that rightfully say that Covid-19 is a complete and utter hoax that never existed and still people sleepwalk to their tune. It really is quite unbelievable. The World Doctors Alliance and World Freedom Alliance are another collection of Baphotranny shill doctors that refuse to tell the truth about their shady profession. All of these groups exist to distract you, deceive you and to make you focus on irrelevant nonsense like masks and PCR tests while they implement the Great Reset and the Luciferian New World Order. Wake up.

I will go into more of these shills in the not-too-distant future when we look at the freemasonry involved in the groups. They've recently just come out of their hibernation period/winter break where they were too cold to 'fight against tyranny' and were instead spending all of your donations that go straight into Kelly's personal paypal account - must have been a very Merry Tammuz-mas in their undercover police household. Now they were back in action with lots of other freemasonic controlled psyops from around the world on 20th March (33), the Equinox (not that they're sun worshipping freemasons or anything...), which is great news because...? These people dissuade their followers from learning about freemasonry and about 'elite' transgenders because that is what they are, as I will show very soon.

These people offer no solutions because their primary objective is to lead you round in circles to keep you divided from the people who know what they are (people like me), distracted from the important issues (that viruses and contagions do not exist, that vaccines are toxic poison) and deceived into believing lies and propaganda (anything they say). This is how it works every single time, as I have shown in this blog. All they do is ask you to write to MPs and sign petitions - and we've seen what government is - and to donate to them because they are conmen and thieves like Piers Corbyn and Simon Dolan and the Ickes and all the others that you refuse to wake up to by simply using common sense and your eyes.

I often get asked what my solutions are when I criticise these paid shills and deceivers by the very people they are paid to deceive. It's pretty tragic that so many supposedly awake people cannot think for themselves and come up with their own solutions to be quite honest but I don't mind offering solutions. I have done it many times and my next blog will be all about summarising this series and looking at various possibilities looking forward to the future - and offering solutions. Before I do though, understand this - unlike every single shill I have called out, I tell the truth and I am not paid to do so - I wouldn't take payment for the truth because the truth belongs to nobody, it is universal. Selling 'truth' makes you a false prophet in my opinion and that is exactly what they are - they are literally profiting from this psyop. A lot of people need to learn about integrity because the lack of integrity of the people they are idolising seems to have rubbed off on them.

I wrote these blogs because I want people to wake up to the truth - not the rubbish that Stand Up X, KBF and David Icke are spreading to deceive people. I didn't do it to make money and I didn't do it to try and become some 'alternative media star' - I could not care less about clicks or likes or traffic and money is most definitely not my god - all I want is for people to wake up to what is going on - including the ones who think they already have who are following deceivers around like lost sheep. I don't do any of this for any personal gain - I know this information, obviously, and I share it because I feel we have a duty to spread our knowledge and to use our voice for good in a very dark world - especially during very dark times. Sadly, a lot of these people have been drawn into a false light by deceivers and they refuse to apply logic and reasoning to their thoughts - and I'll be talking about this 'false light' in my next blog - even the logic and reasoning that has been provided as some of the truths mixed in with lies from agents like David Icke.

Despite multiple warnings from day one, these groups have been allowed to take control of the supposed 'movement', take control the narrative of the unquestioning followers 100% - hence all the disinformation and the refusal to tell the truth about viruses and contagions not existing and that all vaccines are toxic poison. They divided them from people who actually are awake and who spread truths that are a threat to their operation. They distracted them with silly mask infatuations when they supposedly don't wear them anyway and with PCR tests created by a freemasonic agent deceiver when we know viruses don't exist so why would anyone get tested for if they know this information that these shills refuse to acknowledge? They deceive them with the laughable narrative that that Covid-19 exists (it doesn't, no virus does) but it's just a disproportionate response (it's not - it's a long planned Luciferian takeover) to a bad flu (flu doesn't exist - no contagion does) from the government (who are nothing more than the public face of the corporation, actors playing roles, deceiving idiots).

They now have full control of a so-called 'resistance movement' despite not telling the truth about what is going on and despite spreading fear and disinformation. They have absolutely taken advantage of decent peoples' fears, concerns and worries and exploited them to further their own evil agenda and they even con them financially whilst claiming to act on their behalf due to the struggling economy that is happening because the agenda that they are absolutely complicit in is making it struggle. They then have their own little gatekeepers turning them against people like myself and several others who have tried to wake them up to these frauds from the offset and they fall for it hook, line and sinker like they always do.

I will address this point actually as it's an important one - what is really worrying about these people is that they fall for the 'call everyone who calls them out 77th brigade' line that they parrot from actual agents like Dolan (and his cringeworthy 'bedwetter', straight outta boarding school 'patter') yet they follow the literal intelligence agencies around the country being controlled and herded 100% like the compliant herd they are - they just don't see it like the mask wearers can't see they are being shamed. Their entire perception regarding 'truth' and things like 'intel agencies' has been entirely shaped by the shills they listen to and the groups they follow. They think that '77th Brigade' sit on computers arguing about seatbelts and ventilators but they don't seem to realise that the government are very clearly going to send out controlled opposition groups to ensure that they control both narratives - many examples of which we have seen earlier - so who are these groups? Well, obviously, they are KBF, Stand Up X, Save Our Rights UK and all of the little subsidiary groups pushing the same government narratives as the main ones do - as I have already shown in several blogs - and if they weren't, who are they? If these groups aren't the controlled opposition groups that anyone with any savvy KNOWS will be sent out, then who are? There's no other answer is there? Wake up...

The irony is that it is not me that is getting deceived by these clowns. I already know what they are because they don't hide it at all - it is right there in plain sight at every single turn but these people cannot see it at all, even when shown. This is the very epitome of wilful ignorance. I don't tell these people for my benefit - although if the numbers that these groups claim they attract to their freemasonic rituals at Trafalgar Square (33k?) were to actually wake up, stop being controlled by the government, stop attending controlled demos, signing petitions and writing to MPs which are all 100% consenting then they might actually be of use in a genuine resistance. Until then they are a liability, literally aiding and abetting the enemy and, after a year of being warned, ignorance is not really an excuse so it does make you wonder what their real motives are...

The fact is these sleepwalkers vastly outnumber people who understand the basic concepts of the fact that freemasonry controls everything and everyone in the public sphere and until that changes we don't have a great deal of options in terms of a mass fightback, not that this is necessarily the answer. I will be going over the options we have next time but if you are one of those that think they are awake and still follow people and groups in the public eye and still talk about Covid as if it exists and say you're not anti-vaccine then you need to seriously take a look at yourself and what you are doing. Here are some pointers:

You are absolutely, 100% enabling the state to continue to push this narrative and this psyop by spreading disinformation and not telling the truth that viruses and contagions simply do not exist at all. Yes, this applies to flu too. If you missed the memo have a look here. The ONLY way the invisible enemy of the 'pandemic' goes away is when people know that there can be no pandemics because there are no viruses or contagions. If there are no viruses or contagions, then there is no need to be vaccinated. Anything less than this pure truth is simply aiding and abetting the enemy like so many of you have been (some unwittingly, others not so...) since last May/June and will only result in an endless stream of fake viruses, contagions, pandemics, epidemics, strains, mutations and an endless vaccination program to 'cure' (cause) them all. Saying "I am not anti-vaccine, I am just..." or "This isn't a vaccine it's a ..." just shows me you are a coward who is scared to be disliked by the masses in the name of truth. You are no use to anybody at all if you have no backbone.

Consequently, you are also partly responsible for the testing, tracking and tracing, lockdowns, mask guidelines, job losses, home and business losses, suicides, mental health issues, people missing medical appointments and operations, and the culling of the elderly - because your refusal to speak the truth and, instead, cower behind someone else's government disinformation script is the act of a coward and a traitor. This is very simple and basic to understand - in a nutshell, just tell the truth and don't trust people that don't. Aiding and abetting the enemy is aiding and abetting the enemy - your ignorance is down to you. Nobody else is responsible for what you know and don't know. It really is that simple. Take responsibility for who you trust, take responsibility for what you see and take responsibility for the information you pass on - you are responsible for all of this.

My stance is this: I oppose all forms of government, all taxation, all secret societies and anything to do with Luciferianism. Therefore, I oppose this agenda and all working to further it - including the freemasonic agents leading these 'protest groups'. I do not subscribe to any political ideology and nor do I subscribe to any identity politics or divide and conquer psyops. Viruses and contagions do not exist and all big pharma 'medicine' is poison, not least vaccinations. I stand for the truth and I tell the truth. I don't dumb down or sugar coat because why should I? Truth is more important than your feelings. I call out lies and liars when I see them and I do the same with deceivers and those who are exploiting and manipulating others, just like the groups are exploiting and manipulating you - but only because you let them. I don't say any of the harsh things I say about you people following the groups out of malice or spite - I have nothing against any of you. If I did, I wouldn't keep trying to flick a switch inside your heads to wake you up because when I say you are not awake it isn't to be nasty or as an insult it is because it is objectively so and you show this by falling for blue tick shills, not realising that ANYONE in the public eye is controlled opposition (including alternative media), not realising that politics is a soap opera and the news is 100% lies and by allowing your entire narratives and thoughts to be shaped by freemasons literally paid to deceive you.

The whole reason I started this website initially was to try and spread truth because I kept (and keep) getting banned from Twitter for telling the truth about viruses and vaccines and for calling out freemasons, shills and Baphomet trannies. The intention was to put out information that I believe to be the truth about topics I would regard as important out in the public domain in one place so that people have access to this information and are able to read my blogs, read/view the many links that I provide and do further research if required in order to make up their own minds and see what resonates. The people involved in the groups and the 'alternative media' never write or talk about EGIs or hoaxes or about terrorism/school shootings being literally made up - because they are all controlled which is why they all push the 'JFK and Diana were killed, people died on 9/11' crap on the masses. The people that mention the EGI stuff get exposed to a lot of very personal abuse and they and their work are constantly removed from platforms for doing so. This is because this is a huge part of the agenda and I will go into this further next time when we look at solutions.

Understand that this is not about ego - ego will prevent you from discovering the truth and sadly this is the reason why so many do not wake up and they remain in their half-asleep limbo-world at best. I've blatantly admitted to all the stupid psyops I have believed in previously and the obvious shills that I have fallen for because ego is not important. I don't pretend to be something I am not and never have done. I am no superior to any of these people I am trying to wake up - it just so happens that, for whatever reason, I happened to wake up to this stuff before they did and I feel that I have a duty to pass on what I have learned in the intervening years to people who are waking up to this now - especially when they are being targeted and deceived by the enemy - and they are. I know that my approach can be very harsh and I am sure that I probably come across as very rude and unapproachable - and I do apologise for offending the people that I have but let me explain why...

These people simply do not have the time that people like me had to stumble around over silly CIA/David Icke pushed disinfo like JFK was killed for speaking out, the royals killed Diana and terrorist attacks are 'false flags' - they simply don't. I acknowledge that I probably do expect way too much from people because I don't always take into account how much these people have to learn as they are practically starting from scratch but the people running this operation aren't going to wait for them to catch up - they targeted them before they woke up for a reason. I know for a fact that many of the shills running these groups have told their followers to block me or ignore me because they know that I know what they are. Unfortunately, these people listen to them because they haven't worked out that people who do freemasonic handsigns, form groups with freemasonic logos, code their tweets with freemasonic numerology and use freemasonic colours on all their logos and flyers are freemasons. They also spend their time 'researching' the inane, pointless crap they are directed to by their deceivers and leaders instead of learning about freemasonry, which would stop them being fooled every day by psyops and these people leading them.

It makes no difference to me on a personal level whether these people continue to waste their time, energy and money on deceivers or whether they get led over the clifftop by their pied pipers - I just don't like seeing decent people manipulated and deceived is all. I don't take their abuse personally; I just have no patience at all for people who think they are doing me the favour. I am happy to tell you what they are and why - it's up to you to research it as deeply as you need to before you see it and I've given plenty of examples and links throughout these blogs - if you can't be bothered to do yourself a favour and wake up to the deceivers you have somehow decided are trustworthy then I wish you the very best of luck - you'll need it - but don't say you weren't told.


I have no interest in leading anyone or anything and I have no interest in being part of any group as I have seen what a waste of time they are and how quickly and easily infiltrated they get. I have also seen that they'd need thorough vetting as there so many people in the so-called 'truth' movement who cannot be trusted - either because they are devious snides or because they just have no discernment or judgement capabilities at all. I am happy to answer questions or advise anyone if they want any help with anything but really all I do is try to lead by example - by telling the truth, by not being intimidated or silenced, by not being remotely concerned by anyone's reputation or position and that's all I can do. I hope that it inspires others to do the same because that is what we need - a genuine movement of fearless, honest individuals (as opposed to groups) all doing their own things, all speaking their own truthful narratives and supporting each other for the bigger cause. I won't hold my breath though as I see very, very few others out there speaking the truth that aren't controlled and this is what has to change. I have actually started to see people I know from Twitter starting podcasts and making videos and this is very encouraging to see as these are the people that we need to be hearing from - not paid shills with sponsorship, donation boxes and stores.

I hope that this series - and The Great Covid 33 Reset Agenda trilogy - has helped people to either wake up to what is going on with the hoax, to wake them up to the people that have been deceiving them or to open up further rabbit holes for more experienced truthers who may have not researched them yet. I hope that people have realised that they have always been slaves, that they have never had true sovereignty and that a return to the 'old normal' is nothing but a return to a life of debt slavery, having the legal status of a lost suitcase and the monotony of the rat race. The people that have realised this are the ones that have woken up and, sadly, the ones who seem to be still in dreamland following shills around seem to be the ones that just want to go back to being able to go to yoga classes and wine bars without the threat of vaccinations - invisible slavery is fine for these people, it's just visible slavery they fear. One thing I will say to these people is: Your old lives are NEVER, EVER, EVER coming back. I know those shills have spun you a yarn and told you what you want to hear because that is what they are paid to do - Your old lives died last March - accept this, grieve for it if you really think it's worth grieving over, and then move on and face the future because your old life is not part of your future, no matter how much you refuse to accept it.

People should be looking at this as a blessing, not a curse. Over the last year most of you have discovered things you never would have thought possible before - as have I - and I'd wager that many of you have made positive changes to your lives, particularly regarding your health, since this psyop started. On a personal level I have learned so much over the last year that I didn't know previously and have also learned that a few of the 'conspiracy theories' I believed to be true beforehand are exactly that, as I have seen evidence to debunk them and change my views. I think it has been a great year for learning and understanding truth and also for meeting genuinely likeminded individuals - birds of a feather flock together, and all that. It is all about perception. If you think on a material level then yes of course not being able to go to yoga classes or wine bars or Glastonbury without getting vaccinated will seem like a big deal but it's not really that deep is it?

I know that people have been affected - I lost my job myself because I refused to show evidence of exemption that I have no obligation to do - but people need to start taking responsibility for themselves, standing on their own two feet, have some self respect and refuse to give in to bullies - which is what these people are. That's ALL they are. People are losing their businesses because they chose to do what the government told them to and close even though they knew that there was no logical reason to do so - nobody forced anyone to do anything. I am not having a go at people for not opening up and I am not saying anyone should beat themselves up about it but the fact is, you could lose your business, your livelihood (if you haven't already) because of the threat of a fine - that is putting way too much importance on money, materialism. Your families' future is more important and, unfortunately, while we remain tied to this beast system of Babylon we are dependent on money for basic survival - we are the only species on Earth stupid enough to pay rent for the 'privilege' - which means that earning enough money to keep a roof over your kids' heads and putting clothes on their backs and food in their bellies is more important than the threat of some supposed fine. Businesses have lost a lot more than ten grand in the last year...

What I am saying is that having a victim mentality is not good and we've seen from this blog that this is exactly the mentality they try to instil when they start claiming to speak out on others' behalf - there is always an agenda, always an ulterior motive and it is always to steal your material wealth, remove more of your so-called 'rights' and supposed 'freedoms' and, most importantly, to make you lose possession of your soul. It's been an entire year into this and people are still too scared to open their businesses because they fear losing money - and because they believe the videos put out by the Luciferian shills and grifters they follow like Aaron Walton and that mask wearing actor/gym owner from Liverpool. These people are paid to deceive you and you let them because you trust all the wrong people every single time without fail and you need to get smarter and wiser very quickly and I have tried to help, and will continue to try, but you don't do yourselves any favours.

I will be summarising these blogs next time when we look at potential solutions going forward which none of these shills ever offer because their gameplan is to keep you in the pot until it boils. In the meantime I would most definitely suggest having a little think about these shills and groups because they are obvious to anyone with eyes to see and I would recommend binning all your PCR test 'research' for a virus that doesn't even exist and learn about freemasonry, their signs, symbols and codes and about EGI transgenders. There are links to plenty of websites and videos on these topics on my other blogs, have a look and learn something useful instead of allowing yourself to be distracted by disinfo from freemasons.

I would hope that these blogs, as well as the Covid trilogy, would enable anyone reading to gain a pretty decent understanding of what is going on right now and, hopefully, the motivation to carry on researching and telling the truth in a world of lies.

Until next time...

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