Unite For Freemasons - The Fake-Awake Rebellion

12 Oct

The so-called 'freedom movement' is an absolute farce and has been from the moment those very obvious intelligence agency created and controlled groups (KBF, Stand Up X etc) were formed back in June. At the time there had been a real surge of people on Twitter wanting to get active and involved in fighting back against this Agenda 21 rollout disguised (badly) as a 'pandemic'. Looks a little like Corbyn's Communism to me..

The government's response to this was to send out an army of intelligence agency assets and freemasons as part of a psychological operation designed to divide, distract and deceive the fledgling movement and part of this plan was the creation of fake protest groups and activists. Their other purposes are to ensure that the followers are kept in their boxes - attending pre-arranged demonstrations with government consent, hearing what they want you to hear when and where they allow you to hear it. They even police these events with their officers who have freemasonic chessboards on their uniforms just to remind you who they serve. These government agency assets posing as 'dissidents' have their followers writing to their local MPs, signing petitions and crowdfunding for imaginary court cases and fines after their organisers stage fake arrests. This does NOT inspire me... AT ALL!

As well as these groups, there are also literally thousands of disinformation agents, shills, gatekeepers - call them what you want - employed by the state to dumb down the masses and give them the mushroom treatment - keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit. Anyone on MSM in any field is part of 'the club' without exception and are certainly not on our side. These people souled out and are literally owned and controlled by their masters. This blog is focused on the groups that have been created by the state, the individuals chosen to 'lead' them and the sort of people they attract - not very awake ones! I will use the KBF website and it's 'Mission Statement' of sorts, I guess, to illustrate exactly what a government controlled operation looks like and how to spot the signs as this is a bogstandard template which is one of the many reasons they were so easy to spot. Hello? UKIP called. They want their website back!

Is this really what you signed up for? Did you even read it?That was a bogstandard government shill group template right there!

I don't really want to spend a great deal of time on the KBF website as there isn't much on there to talk about really! It pretty much comes from the same place where their laughable name derives from: a mythical Britain where we were so free before this government started taking away our freedoms and shaming our great heroes like... yes, you guessed it, Winston Churchill - ChurchShill. Straight away as a truther reading this I know they are either completely ignorant to truth or just bogstandard shills. It usually turns out to be the latter and KBF are no different. It then lists a few random effects of lockdown that presumably we all knew anyway and then straight on to the fact that lockdown was "devastating the economy" (he means his businesses) and that "Millions of people have already been put out of work" - the same people that this tax exile with a £200m+ fortune conned into paying the costs of his personal £2.4m compensation claim. Yeah that's a sure sign of a shill alright

Then there are just some really awful paragraphs about how politicians 'left to their own devices' are not a good thing - as though they aren't all controlled puppets, just yes men and order followers all - and how the supposed 'independent thinkers' (Ha!) at KBF want to engage with politicians to bring about change. Free independent thinkers can handle being asked questions about their own opinions without banning members from their forum. Again, this tells me that they either haven't even got the most basic clue as to how the system works (rather like their followers) or they are a government operation sent to keep the 'fake awakes' that they target asleep (which they most definitely are if they think this lot are legit). I know what my money is on...

I really do beg to differ

They also claim to be pro-free speech but as I said in my previous blog about KBF, my experiences of trying to get questions answered by Agent Dolan on the KBF forum suggests otherwise. I had several accounts banned and blocked from asking questions by Simon and from their 'Mystery Admin' so that really says it all doesn't it? I don't want to say much more about KBF as there isn't much to say - they don't really do anything and I've already written a blog on them. Just consider the contents of their website and the fact that they appear in the MSM which alone should tell you they are controlled opposition. Simon has also been responsible for the most cringeworthy phrase ever, 'bedwetter', straight outta some poncey boarding school dorm room and so many sheepy followers have copied it that it really does make one despair at their mental states. He also started all that 77 brigade nonsense which is funny as the group of wrong'uns backing the political party they have been planning from the start have military links... and the followers provided them with an electorate, as intended. Why do you think all those questions about it were asked and polls sent out?

Agent 77, Licence to Shill

I used to get called 77 Brigade all the time by the followers of these government groups who just retweet blue tick shills on Twitter and think Donald Trump is not part of the 'cabal' even though he literally ticks every box to be in it. I have been called MI5, MI6, Mossad once too and pretty sure even a freemason even though I talk about things these government puppet shills simply are not allowed to talk about. I also work in a Wetherspoon's kitchen and am from a working class background whereas all these shills are either establishment or from some other plummy background and all seem to work in the media or have dodgy interests in things like Artificial Intelligence or smart housing - things they supposedly oppose, but more on that later. These people literally have no clue about what a 77 Brigade is, how they operate, how to spot them or anything. All they do is parrot the guff that know nothing simpletons like Simon Dolan and Leah Butler-Smith pop off when they are incapable of defending their position on anything. These people have timelines on Twitter that literally only retweet bluetick shills. You wouldn't have a clue about their opinion on anything, just other people's, which sounds about right... These people are not even remotely awake and are not clued up in the slightest and I will show you why.This Jesuit, Zionist, freemason President of the USA seems legit - that bloke in Wetherspoon's is an agent!

These supposedly 'awake' people cannot even grasp these very basic fundamentals:

The system is perfectly designed to protect the haves from the have nots and CANNOT be changed from within.

The so-called 'elite' control every aspect of our lives - including politics and the media - which co-exist as nothing more than a soap opera. Just scripted fairytales to distract us from truth and create the illusion that we have some sort of input into our supposed sovereignty. They use freemasonry and other secret societies to do this.

The police and the justice system only exist to serve those at the very top and protect them from the very people who have every right to be aggrieved at them. The system is not fair, not just and was never intended to be. 

We are all debt slaves and, from birth, we are little more than chattal to these parasites who are practically farming us and using our labour to not only profit from us but also to fund their poisoning of us daily via chemtrails, the 'food' they try and feed us, the fluoride in the water, the aspartame in the 'drinks', the microwaves and radiation constantly inflicted on us in the name of 'progress' and even in the treatment for the diseases they cause us to have in the first place. If the fractional reserve banking system falls then the whole house of cards falls with it.The old normal... sure you wanna go back?The 'old normal' so many want to get back to... but why?

The vast majority of people, if not all, following these very blatant government controlled groups like KBF and Stand Up X clearly do not grasp any of those basic fundamentals. Many even follow Q, the most ridiculous and obvious psyop of all time and actually think Donald Trump is somehow on their side. I don't wanna waste time on this absolute rubbish but I will just ask a few questions...

If you understand how the system works, namely only those 'in the club' and selected ever stand a chance of becoming President, let alone actually President, how is Trump President if he is not in the club?

If Q was real do you honestly think he'd be alive after drop 1, let alone nearly 5k?! The intelligence agencies would have him tracked down and killed with ease. This fairytale is just is not feasible. These people are all agents - Snowden, Assange, 'Q'... David Icke... but that's another blog...

How would a Jesuit, a Zionist and a freemason from a bloodline family (Drumpf a 33 name) NOT be in the club? Why on Earth would anyone even think otherwise? It is all just an act. The media pretend to hate him to stoke up the fans. It is like WWE wrestling only less convincing and their fans at least know what they are watching is fake.All you need to know...

That is how ridiculous it is - nonsense like time travelling Barron Trump, silly talk about actors and actresses being executed at Gitmo - so much more nonsense that I wouldn't waste my time on. Just an absolute embarrassment and anyone into this crap calling themselves a 'truther' is seriously deluded! It is literally all I will have to say on Q ever it is that irrelevant to reality. 

Predictably, many of these fast asleep Qanons - and they are most definitely fast asleep if they think Donald Trump is on their side - also follow these homegrown psyops too and I have seen many Qanon banners at those government controlled 'protests' which just confirms these groups attract the fake awakes they always intended to. The fact that people like Simon Dolan and Piers Corbyn have publicly voiced support for Donald Trump should raise alarm bells and tell you exactly what is going on. Trump and Corbyn's support for HCQ too is very suspect because why are they promoting a cure for a virus that simply does not exist? Because they are controlled agents of the state and part of their wide agenda is to keep the false narrative of the virus being real alive and that is exactly what you do when you parrot them. I smell government...

How many incidences...

These groups all have the very same coordinated narrative that has clearly originated in some government think tank. Getting their followers parroting this narrative keeps the myth - and it is a myth because this 'virus is a 100% hoax - alive and this has incredibly damaging impacts on people's lives. It leads to more worry and stress, more mental illness, more suicides, more relationship breakups, more people getting sick through worry and not eating properly. It also leads to more testing, more tracking and tracing, more social distancing measures, more lockdowns, more enforcement of masks, more job losses, more businesses closing, more people losing their homes and more dependency on the state, as intended. This may sound harsh but this is exactly what they are doing by following this ridiculous narrative. Please find me one piece of evidence that suggests Covid-19 exists and that somebody has been infected... there is none because it does not exist. The burden of proof lies with those saying it exists it is as simple as that and nobody ever has done, for obvious reasons.Before coincidences...

Become a pattern?

I believe that these groups choose certain narratives and avoid certain issues because they wanted to divide the fake awakes from the people who can see through their nonsense. They wanted an unquestioning audience and they have one - literally - and they want people who are incapable of critical thinking and just blindly follow them and parrot their tacky phrases - again, target achieved 100%. The truth is the only difference between the followers of these groups - the overwhelming majority of whom seem to have 'woken up; since March - and a mask wearing covidiot is the fact that the covidiot believes that the virus both believe in is killing lots of people. That is literally the only thing that is different. They are both even being controlled by the same people, the 'government', except one is controlled directly and one via a proxy, the intelligence agency groups like KBF and Stand Up X.Apparently knocked up quickly by their tattoo artist pal...

Wouldn't be this one by any chance, would it?

Their followers do not see that these groups have them right where the government want them - an endless cycle of government staged demos that literally have them all in the one place (easily controlled) the government say they can gather in at the time they say they can gather in and with the information the government want them to hear. They do not see that, by getting them to engage with the state by way of writing to MPs, signing petitions, voting for their (KBF's) proposed political party - even e-mailing the BBC to complain about impartiality. For those who haven't worked it out yet the BBC is the state propaganda wing. It pushes the agenda regardless of which pretend party is 'in power' which is why it succeeds in making left and right wing dronebots think that the BBC is against  them and biased towards the 'other party'. It just puts out what the permanent government behind the scenes want them to put out. Party politics and left wing/right wing are just pretend. Democracy is just an illusion. Prime Ministers and Presidents are selected not elected and this should be common knowledge to people following groups that claim to be about resisting tyranny so why are they still parroting this absolute drivel they get from these groups for?Straight up shillin' - how's Trump got a non-existent virus?

They offer no real solutions at all because, just like the 'elites' profit from endless wars, these parasites are making plenty of money from duping their supporters - including their donations for fake arrests and fraudulent court cases - as well as profiting from, or having vested interests in Artificial Intelligence firms, Smart Housing and importing masks into the UK from their tax haven. They are quite happy to string their supporters along but they take them at face value, they take them at their word. These groups say what their supporters want to hear (and they must be very easily satisfied is all I can say...) and they act like they are on our side but their actions suggest otherwise. Everything they do suggests government agency and nothing suggests legitimacy which is why I do wonder whether their groupies are bewitched, brainwashed or mind controlled? It has to be one of them surely?Six shills a shilling...

As I mentioned earlier, their supporters and followers seem to be people who, on Twitter where I mainly encounter them, just retweet blue ticks and other shills who post half truths and promote the myth that this virus exists in some way. They very rarely offer any of their own opinions and this is very sad. These people seem to think that because someone has a blue tick it means their opinions are somehow superior to theirs because they are still programmed to defer to their 'betters' - it doesn't, it just means 100% that they are shills - including David and Gareth Icke. David Icke is currently claiming to be banned from Twitter for 7 days, just as he claimed a few weeks back. Firstly, he wouldn't get banned as he has a blue tick and why would Twitter verify David Icke for and then be surprised at his views and keep banning him? Secondly, I know for a fact that the Twitter bans, like clockwork, go 12 hour ban, 7 day ban, permanent ban and I know because I have had FOUR accounts permanently banned from Twitter. FOUR. David Icke has had NONE. He is a fraud and a liar. He also claimed to be banned from YouTube yet he still appears on their adverts and has his Channel Five (ie MSM, you getting this yeah?) documentary "Was David Icke Right?" still on there. I will go into more detail in my blog about him being a freemason, a government agent and a gatekeeping disinformation agent.If you were David Icke's son you just wouldn't go there would you? Unless...

These followers need to stop being followers in the literal sense and start thinking for themselves because sadly they do not. Their views are just what these groups tell them to think and that is very sad indeed. They need to learn to think critically because they don't and they need to learn to question these groups and people about what they actually stand for and where they see their actions taking them because they'll very quickly see that these charlatans are far from intimidating and far from able to debate with anyone that is confident and knowledgeable on the issues. They are idiots posing as experts and learned people. I know from experience dealing with the few brave/stupid enough to try - once, anyway - that they are out of their depth and they know it. They are government agency so they are only allowed to talk about certain topics. They could never say, for example, that they oppose all vaccines like I can, I have and I do because that is simply a taboo subject for the government. That is out of bounds. Even though I state almost daily that I oppose ALL vaccines and would like to see them all banned these followers incapable of thinking still call me an agent and are taken in by very obvious agents like Corbyn and icke. I don't take it personally because I know they are still asleep yet think they are awake. I used to be like that once...Why is she trying so hard to distance herself from people who rightfully believe vaccines to be harmful?

Oh yeah, years ago I was into UKIP, totally fell for the Brexit Psyop (as endorsed by David Icke) and most embarrassingly of all, I fell for Trump before his election - even though I thought I was awake and even though I should have know a lot better. I used to follow many of the same bluetick shills that I see people following now and they said the same shit back then as they do now. They are only there to distract you and to keep you from waking up and discovering real truth. The penny dropped when he became President and the first two visits he made were to Saudi Arabia and Israel (where else?). That was that. Funnily enough, it was also a video David Icke made about how Trump and Jeremy Corbyn were just puppets playing roles to seem like 'the other' but were just part of the same control system - and now he backs groups that praise Trump and has palled up with fellow freemason Piers Corbyn, freemason Jeremy's brother. Nothing like consistency, eh?Why would Piers Corbyn's brother be pally with Bill Gates?

I do know what it is like for these people and it isn't easy for them at all. I have been very impatient and curt with many of them many times because it is frustrating to watch them fumbling over what, to me, is very obvious stuff and it is very easy to forget that I was there once. Time is of the essence though and these people simply do not have the time that I had the luxury of having in being able to make mistakes and go down the wrong holes. I am trying to show them things that will enable them to skip all the nonsense I wasted time on like David Icke, Donald Trump, bluetick Twitter shills... just not worth it - although '... And The Truth Shall Set You Free' by David Icke is worth a read. I also find it hard to believe that, with Agenda 21 literally being rolled out at some rate in real time, it isn't somehow a lot easier to grasp that things are not what they have been told so why are they fumbling around over these silly shilly transparent groups and their very blatant self-appointed 'leaders'? When KBF formed and first started crowdfunding for that fake court case, Parler started trending on Twitter and the timing of these things is never coincidental. Why would Twitter let a rival platform trend? Because they wanted the truth taken off Twitter and onto an echo chamber like Parler. Noticing the timing of things and noticing how various news (always fake) items are recycled is crucial to keeping on the ball and being aware of what is going on and these babytruthers need to learn this fast - and that is why I am trying to help them learn. They think I am their enemy because they simply do not have a clue what is going on. They think they are against the government but they are literally supporting them by following these agents and doing exactly what they want them to do. I wish I'd had someone showing me how to avoid the mistakes I made but it is what it is.They don't seem to like my table...

It is all about learning patterns and repetitions and learning to understand the codes, signs and symbolism that the freemasons controlling both the governments and these groups use. I have mentioned this in previous blogs and I can not reiterate enough how important it is to understand this if you want to understand what is going on around you and want to not get duped by people like this. I gave some examples of the hoax events these freemason controlled groups have orchestrated on my Piers Corbyn blog and they've performed a fair few more since then. We've had the supposed arrests in Trafalgar Square on 19th September of a couple of Muslim crisis actors who look like they've previously worked on the ISIS productions, clearly an attempt to portray Muslims as aggressors. There was also some very staged footage of a Muslim female police officer at the front of a group of officers attacking protesters which was no doubt staged for the same reason. In a future blog I will go into the issues of recycled news and the fact that ALL Islamic terrorism in the west is not only carried out by Israeli, American, British and French security services (the Rothschild owned terrorists) but, with the probable exception of 7/7, they are completely faked hoax events.

Just some of the crisis actors your donations pay for

This is true. None of these 'truthers' speaking at these demos mention any of this... why?

I mentioned the role of freemasons in these hoaxes in my Piers Corbyn blog and showed several examples of how freemasonic imagery was used in the videos to 'code' them and make it very clear to those who know what to look for that this was a freemasonic psyop - and that's why these supposed 'truthers' like David Icke never tell you about them and why they never tell you that all of these supposed terror attacks and major events are just completely 100% staged hoaxes where nobody is harmed. They are fearmongers who are paid to keep you in fear just like the MSM do and that is because they work for the same people pushing the same agenda, only in different ways.You got 33 problems and Covid-19 definitely ain't one...

I also mentioned in the blog that Corbyn was using freemasonic coding in his tweets and on his crowdfunding pages, namely the 666 code that seems to be very widely used at the moment, presumably referencing the 'Mark of the Beast' vaccine, and the standard 33 hoax code. In the picture above you can see 25 examples of the 33 code being used in news articles about this fake virus and we know it is 100% fake just by this code. There are literally hundreds of these examples. It has been used many times before this fake pandemic and I would recommend anyone unfamiliar with it to watch the video links I posted at the end of the Corbyn blog. This code is very widely used in the media - newspapers, online news, Twitter, Facebook etc and without fail it means that the story is a complete fabrication created by freemasons working for the intelligence agencies (who also control the media by the way) to create a reaction amongst the public (usually fear) and to get people talking and, ideally, arguing over the stories as a further divide and conquer exercise. 

That number looks familiar...Ditto...

The George Floyd 'murder' was another very clear, very meticulously coded freemasonic psyop where freemasons carried out a little pantomime to stir the unquestioning, ignorant masses into frenzy and set the scene for the next little episode in this Covid-19 production - the staged race riots. These stills are from the original video released and on Twitter several of us clocked it was a freemasonic psyop within 2 minutes because we knew what to look for. I haven't seen the footage in a while but from what I remember the 'passer by' (crisis actor) filming randomly pans from a man supposedly being 'killed' by a 'cop' to film the bin with 666 on it for a few seconds which obviously raises red flags and makes you alert for more. Without even getting into the masonic stuff yet, how would someone be allowed to film a cop assaulting someone without being told to move on, the other cop obscuring the view or the phone being confiscated? It just wouldn't happen. People rarely ever question the most basic things, and the Lee Rigby hoax that I will touch on as part of an Islamic hoax terror blog contains many examples of this.Just like the cop in Corbyn's fake 'arrest' video...

Open Your Eyes...

As you can see from the pictures, the stunt took place on East 33rd Street which gives us our 33 and confirmation that it is a freemasonic hoax. They went for the full Monty here though as we also have our 66 from the fuel price (9s are inverted 6s) and standard mockery with the "This isn't a race" sign and "Open your eyes" on the side of the bus, advertising a credit union. When you visit their website you will see random people doing freemasonic poses as this is clearly a freemasonic business. The police car number plate is "POLICE" and 'police' is 33 in Gematria, the numerology that freemasons use. This is not surprising as the police were founded by a freemason and their black and white chequered symbol of dualism is on their uniform to remind us. The fact that the fake policeman, 'Chauvin' (33 name), is kneeling indicates the freemasonic "widow's son" pose. All of these things make it undeniable that this was a hoax carried out by freemasons but the 33 should be enough. They even use numberplates on cars that are used in these scenes that add up to 33 or they'll have a 33 randomly grafitti'd in the background and there is a video showing many examples of this at the end of the Corbyn blog. There are no coincidences...They sure do

Not only that, during the fake race riots there were even piles of bricks left for the 'rioters' to use - free masonry - they do love to mock. There is also the small matter that someone who can't breathe literally couldn't say "I can't breathe"... because they can't breathe and would be a bit more focused on that than trying to speak. This phrase is, of course, more mockery and relates both to the fact that people were supposedly dying because they couldn't breathe and also to the fact that mask wearing had just been brought in and masks impair breathing. As I showed in the Corbyn blog, these groups employ these same hoax scenarios to deceive and push an agenda and they use the same freemasonic symbolism and coding - because they are orchestrated by freemasons like Piers Corbyn and David Icke.Man tryna help

One of the places they have been performing their conveniently recorded hoaxes have been those pointless demos at Trafalgar Square. These venues are not picked by chance and I will go into this in another blog where I will explain how David Icke led the crowd through a freemasonic ritual gaining consent for the Antichrist, the New World Order and the building of the Third Temple. These demos are organised, controlled and manipulated by agents of the state all working towards the same agenda. They may appear to be on our side but when you critically analyse everything from the formation of these groups, the background and behaviour of these supposed truthers and freedom fighters to the timelines and so-called 'solutions' they offer it becomes very, very clear that these are freemasons and intelligence assets performing the roles of 'dissident activists' in order for the state to control the narrative and control any possible dissent. They are called controlled opposition for a reason and of course they are going to criticise the government and say a few offhand things that may appear to be 'offscript' but you can guarantee when they do the media will be there to call them nutcases and conspiracy theorists - as planned - because that is the role they have been given. I will go into this more when I write my David Icke blog as he is a prime example of this.Just a blatant controlled op, innit?

The demos give these agents the power to have you all in one place and they decide the information you are going to get. They'll throw plenty of truth in for sure, that is what shills do, but they will muddy the waters with disinfo and they will omit important information. It is usually what they don't say that is the biggest tell. For example KBF do not mention anything at all relevant to what is going on and what we are facing. They are beyond a joke and I cannot understand why anyone who genuinely believes themselves to be remotely 'awake' would follow these completely obvious frauds and government agency shills. Stand Up X are pushed as the 'real deal' even though they follow basically the same KBF government mandated bullshit narrative about 'disproportionate response' to a fictional virus. They mention 5g a bit, say a bit about transhumanism but never advertise it on their flyers where the public can see, funnily enough, and they are completely incapable of answering any questions you ask because they are clueless, they have zero care or interest in what they claim to be 'about' and are just opportunists being pimped out by their freemason handlers like Piers Corbyn. I will say more about them in a future blog but they're really not authentic in any way from my experiences in trying to see what they are about. Their logo alone reeks of freemasonry and communism and when you are controlled by Piers Corbyn what do you expect?Don't be trying to tell me how Twitter bans work... bluetick...

These 'protests' are not only organised, set up, controlled and led by freemasons and intel agents, they are also done with the literal permission of the state. The organisers give their consent to the state to oversee what they can say, where and when it can take place etc and the state literally control you via the police. There is nothing even remotely 'anti-establishment' about these 'protests' because it is done with their blessing. If protests against the government were in any way a threat to the government do you think they'd be legal? Of course not. The same applies to voting. If voting genuinely offered the opportunity to change the status quo it wouldn't be allowed. It is only allowed because it is an illusion. Both parties are controlled by the same freemasons working for the same people to push the same agenda yet these shills involved with this laughable movement constantly talk about politicians as though they have any power beyond doing as they are told - and supposedly awake people do not question this because they have been brainwashed. I have noticed that people who have woken up to this hoax in the last month or so have been more receptive to truth and more capable of seeing through these idiot shills than those that have been literally brainwashed for the last four months. This still burns my eyes to this day!

That's reassuring...

The mindset of the followers is staggering. They complain that the demos are not shown in/on MSM but if they are awake like they claim to be why are they even watching MSM or even showing interest in it? I haven't watched any 'news' in years because I woke up to what it is - state propaganda and literally made up, staged hoax stories to keep everyone in a state of fear and thinking they need state protection. That is literally all it is so why are you interested for? The state uses these demos to swing public opinion whatever way they want to swing it and they've given plenty of MSM time to these demos, to Simon Dolan and Leah Butler-Smith of KBF, to Piers Corbyn, to Kate Sherimani, to Stand Up X... and of course, David Icke. NONE of these would be in the MSM if they were not part of the club - no exceptions! It's also interesting that the nation's most 'establishment' 'news'paper, The Daily Mail, regularly features all of these people and that further emphasises the point. These followers do not grasp this and latch onto any vaguely familiar name who says they don't think the plandemic is killing everyone - from snooker players to footballers from soap stars to singers - they just need that celeb touch because they haven't even reached rung one of the ladder. They just cannot switch their tellies off and leave fake 'news' and fake 'celebs' behind. It really is tragic.Yeah...

If you know that the government send out shills, disinfo agents, 77 brigade and that they form groups to take over and control the narrative of any emerging movement - just as they did with UKIP, EDL, Antifa, BLM and now KBF and Stand Up X - which you should do if you claim to awake and if you accuse people of being 77 brigade, then who are these groups if not KBF and Stand Up X? The groups controlling the entire narrative are those two (just one group in reality) so how are they not the government agents? There is basically KBF who are the safe, boring, dull, completely centred towards UKIP and disaffected Tories, completely on the MSM leash and the cover for the other puppet groups including Stand Up X (the allegedly 'edgy' group), Free People Alliance (some kind of political thing???) and Save Our Rights UK (some other political thing???). They do this to divide the movement even more and now you have lots of regional groups and yet another Piers Corbyn group, Stop New Normal, to take this even further. To make things worse there has even been a very obviously staged split within Stand Up X with the Corbyn and Icke lot on one side and the Shemirani and Steele lot on the other side. How could I forget, there is also their group Save Us Now, another group saying the same thing as all the others and dividing the movement further. If he is organising demos for Stand Up X...

Why is he working for an A.I. firm?

I will go into more detail about the shady conflicts of interests that exist within these groups when I write my blog about Stand Up X and I will go into more detail about them and the people speaking at their events too. I will start to wrap this up by saying that, as I said earlier, these demos are designed to keep so-called dissidents in one place where they can be easily controlled and manipulated to react however the state want them to react. If they want a peaceful demo that's what they'll ensure. If they want a riot they will have plenty of agitators in place and plenty of the crisis actors their donors money pays for to ensure the state - and the media - gets what it wants. They are already pushing the narrative of the police treating one of their puppet groups differently to others and they have already staged fake incidents involving the police. These followers are being manipulated and controlled every bit as much as those wearing masks and it is exactly the same dynamic. The government are controlling the mask wearers by giving them false information and a narrative they want them to follow in order to get them to react the way they want. The same applies to these group followers except they do it via proxies such as Piers Corbyn and David Icke. I don't want to be rude but I don't think that is a woman is it?

I am going to sum up exactly why I strongly believe without a shadow of a doubt in my mind - and I would stake everything on it- that these groups are 100% controlled and formed by intelligence agency assets and freemasons working for the government to subvert and subdue any movement that might cause actual  problems for the state.

I am going to directly address any followers of these groups who may be reading this and you need to carefully think about what I say and consider every point. Then you need to think about the likelihood of all these things happening and these people and groups NOT being part of a government psyop to divide, distract and deceive potential dissidents.Pretty please with sugar on top... wake the fuck up!

Firstly, consider the timing of everything. The groups all sprung up at the same time, just as people were starting to make their voices heard on social media and were making noises about starting groups and getting active. How did KBF know about the group we formed at literally the same time as them? We hadn't even started it properly yet they knew about us... how? And why would they even infiltrate other groups if not to harvest the members data and to get them divided and conquered and add to their own non-existent (at the time) following?

Why would someone who was paid to import masks that 'save lives' suddenly do a complete U turn and suddenly become concerned about what is happening to people suffering economically during lockdown from his tax haven in Monaco and get them to fund his own private £2.4m compensation claim costs? Because Agent Dolan is a government asset with an MSM background which is always a giveaway. He wouldn't be involved in MSM if he was on our side and that is just a fact. 

Why would someone who claims to be anti-mask and who constantly berates business owners for enforcing masks on their staff and customers literally make his staff, customers and even their children wear masks? Just a hypocrite who has no interest in KBF or the movement - he is just a government asset performing a role he probably doesn't even really want to do. 

How could Simon Dolan not know what Agenda 21 was if he was sincere about this movement? It just is not possible. So why would he lie about it and why is it never mentioned on their website? And why did he say 5G is no concern for KBF and that vaccines are generally beneficial which is an outright lie? Why no mention of ANY relevant issues on their website at all? They're just a front for a forthcoming political party that was always the intention and they've started talking more and more about it and pushing David Kurten to lead it. Watch this space...

How would KBF, Stand Up X, Piers Corbyn, Kate Shemirani, David Icke etc always be in/on MSM if they were not controlled oposition and part of 'the club'? The simple answer is 'they wouldn't'. Even today Piers Corbyn is in, you guessed it, The Daily Mail and there simply is no such thing as bad publicity.

Why do all the groups have exactly the same 'disproportionate response' narrative as the MSM? Because they all read from the same government script. How else would it be possible. You were quick to notice all the 'Build Back Better' coordinated rubbish, no doubt, so apply the same logic here. Objective thinking is crucial if you want to consider yourselves 'awake'.

Why do they all pretend the virus exists for when it is a complete 100% hoax with zero evidence to suggest it ever existed? Many of you supporters have said to me that you have to keep certain information back as people 'can't handle' the truth... wait, what? Listen to what you are saying... you are literally holding yourselves up as the thought police... deciding who can and can't handle what truths and - some real talk here - with all due respect, you lot are very fucking far from awake if you are talking about Trump being on 'our side', writing to MPs, signing petitions, voting, court cases, retweeting some blue tick soap star with gematria ridden tweets you can't even see... I could say "what is the point of bothering with these lot for, they can't handle the truth if they can't even work out the system is bent" but I don't. Truth is truth, warts and all and I will be telling you the truth - if you can't see it or handle it then that's just the way it is but it'll be here for you to come back to and maybe then the penny will drop because you'll be ready.

How is Piers Corbyn not part of the establishment? He grew up in Yew Tree Manor, his brother is ex-Labour leader and fellow freemason, Jeremy Corbyn, he went to Imperial College London (who are heavily involved in the Covid scam and who count intelligence agent Nick Ross and Evelyn de Rothschild, no less, amongst their patrons) and he is a Marxist who has made a career out of being a professional rabble rouser - no doubt working as a government agent then too. He codes his tweets with gematria as I showed in my Corbyn blog and he is still doing it now which tells me he is a freemason without a doubt.

Why does Corbyn not answer my question "Are you a freemason?". It is a very simple question to answer and I have asked him 20 odd times via tweets, e-mails an texts and all he has done is threaten to take me to the one place where he will legally have to answer me asking him "Are you a freemason?" - and you can bet your life that will be the first question I ask. His threats went a bit quiet after that... why?

What are the chances of the 'missing £3300' and the date of Corbyn's alleged hearing (3/11) both being '33' - the freemasonic hoax code - unless he was faking arrests (which we know he has by that video with the 'hidden hand' copper)? That's a lot of freemasonic 'coincidences', as are the three separate hoax incidents in Sheffield on the same day, all filmed and all containing freemasonic symbolism (see Corbyn blog for the videos). Then we have all the instances of him using the same 33 and 666 codes in tweets, the very specific time he was allegedly held in Sheffield for (just to get the gematria) as well as the time he tweeted about his release (again, for the gematria) and the fact that 'someone' tweeted twice from his phone while he was allegedly in a cell. Even the dates the big events take place on are riddled with gematria and that's no coincidence either. These people are all about the symbolism. The man is a freemason and consequently he has never been arrested in his life. The man is a fraud, a charlatan and an agent of the state, it really is that obvious.

Why do NONE of the groups or speakers - including David Icke, who gets a lot more free reign to go offscript due to the nature of his role, which I will go into more detail in my next blog - EVER mention these codes that I speak about? Do you not think it is strange that these supposedly clued up 'truthers', some of whom speak very vaguely about freemasonry, do not mention something so fundamentally important in understanding the nature of our 'news' and media and also the structure of government and how they are controlled from behind the scenes? I have shown just a few of the many, many hundreds of examples of 33 being used to code the Covid 19 stories as hoaxes so why hasn't David Icke picked up on it if he is so clued up? Of course he knows about them - he is a Grand Master Freemason ffs! He ain't gonna tell you though is he? He works for the state. 

Why do you think I have had two permanent Twitter bans (to go with my previous two for questioning the 'facts' of the 'holocaust' and the origins of the Ashkenazi fake Jews - Synagogue of Satan) since I started outing Corbyn and the Ickes (and others) as freemasons on Twitter? When I was calling these people shills and agents nothing happened to me. As soon as I mentioned freemasonry and, in particular, those codes... all of a sudden I am getting banned left, right and centre. Do you think this is a coincidence? There are no coincidences.

Why are none of these supposed experts and freedom fighters able to answer questions about their ideology and defend their position? None of them ever can. The only one that ever tried was Simon Dolan and we saw how that car crash went... I engaged Fiona for a bit and she seemed quite pleasant for one of them wrong'uns but she kinda ended up blocking me when I showed her that her BFF Kate 'She'mirani is in actual fact a baphomet tranny. Yeah... I will go into that more in the Stand Up X blog but let's just say Piers knows it is true too judging by his hilarious tweet the other night... comedy gold, seriously.He really is too...

Why is it that these groups targeted the newly 'awake' (and I use this term VERY, VERY loosely)? When I look at people I follow on Twitter I don't see ANY of the most clued up, most 'awake', most respected people on Twitter (in my opinion) following these groups AT ALL and they all see through them too. This is not a coincidence and, again, this is not about belittling anyone and it certainly isn't about ego or about thinking I am better than you. I am simply at a different stage in the awake journey purely because I happened to be where you are a good few years ago now. It could easily have been the other way around. These groups and the people behind them know we won't be falling for this nonsense so they divided us from the newbies when they first formed. Remember though, we stayed where we were - it was you lot that scampered over to the flashy millionaire who got you to pay for his fake court case because you believe in fairytales. I grew out of those a long, long time ago. 

Where do you see this ending following these groups? What are their endgames, goals and solutions? Have you even asked them? I have. Loads. Guess what they said? Fuck all. They have no solution because their role is just to keep you distracted, keep you chained to the state by engaging with MPs and the courts, keep you thinking they are on our side - and it is our side, I ain't your enemy - keep you on an endless cycle of pointless government controlled demo after pointless government controlled demo where they can spin it however they want via their friends in the media and put you in danger if they feel that is in their interests and don't think they won't. Don't think because you've spoken to these people at meetings that they are who they pretend to be. Believe me, people can be very different to who they want you to think they are in this fake 'movement'. 

Why does David Icke pretend to be banned from Twitter and YouTube for? If Twitter didn't like his views they wouldn't give him (or his son) a blue tick would they? And he is still on YouTube adverts. See, there is almost always layers upon layers of the onion of truth and the truth here is that the fake 'ban' was supposed to give him credibility (his reputation amongst truthers is piss poor - we all know he is a shill and a gatekeeper, a very obvious one at that) as he is just King of the Babytruthers. It was also a ploy to direct traffic from YouTube towards his own website and that of his freemason shill pal Brian Rose, London Real. Don't just assume what you see, hear or read is true. 

It really is crucial that you understand that the left wing and the right wing both belong to the same bird so let me give you this very, very obvious example of how this is so: Take the US/UK Middle East policy in the last 30 years. We have had CON/REP, CON/DEM, LAB/DEM, LAB/REP, LAB/DEM, CON/DEM, CON/REP (and notice the pattern) and the result has been exactly the same - bomb, bomb, bomb, kill thousands of innocent people for Israel and the banking cartel who, not only fund both sides in all wars, also profit from weapons sales and guess whose companies pick up the construction contracts after their weapons have decimated another nation? Yeah, correct. There is no democracy, there is no choice, you are slaves in prisons without bars but very soon it will be a lot more obvious so you need to wake up now and stop working with the enemy - and that is exactly what you are doing - as that is the worst thing you can do. There is a word for that...

I am not trying to be harsh but ignorance is no excuse and I have told you many times now about these groups and these people and you need to start questioning very thoroughly and you need to start thinking objectively and critically. You cannot consider yourselves a truther unless you do.

Consider who has more to gain - me from you not following these groups when I am very clearly and openly on the side VERY, VERY STRONGLY opposed to the government and the people controlling them - or government controlled groups from keeping you from taking any direct action or doing anything that actually WILL make a difference because, let's face it, if demos were even remotely effective they'd be banned - like voting.

Consider all of these points and come to your own conclusions. See, I don't tell people what to think or do - I might slate you for following these absolute jokers but I've never told anyone what to do. I don't have to because it don't affect me. I saw through these from day one, I never followed them, I never donated to their poncing, I never subscribed to their bullshit narrative and they ain't ever gonna dupe me because they are too obvious for me. I just put this information out because I want you to be aware of what you have got yourselves into and - I make no bones about it - I really do hope all of you (33,000 is it? ha) wake up to these clowns and bin them off. Without you lot they have no groups and have no purpose. They'll slink back and reinvent themselves as some other new movement when that comes into play because they're just mercenaries.

I am not your enemy, I have nothing to gain, I make no profit from this or from the hoax at all and I do this purely because I do not like liars and hypocrites and I don't like seeing decent people taken advantage of. It really is that simple. 

I hope you consider what I have said and come to your own conclusions.

Oh yeah... and they're all EGI trannies

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Skeletons don't lie but EGI Baphomet trannies do

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