We Need To Talk About Vermin...

04 Apr

Before I publish my next blog I'd like to sincerely thank all of the people who have read these blogs and who share this website with their friends and family and on social media. Without you all I would literally be talking to myself! I'd also like to thank the people who have e-mailed me, left comments or engaged on Twitter regarding these subjects. It is really nice to hear that they are resonating with people and that was the hope when starting the website - that it would attract likeminded people who are motivated by learning and sharing truth and to prevent others from falling down baited traps. I am a firm believer that 'birds of a feather flock together' and that has certainly been the case, in my experience, since returning to Twitter as I have met some incredibly likeminded people who have taught me a lot - not just about 'truth', but also through their characters and personal wisdom - and who have, no doubt, helped keep me sane(ish) over the last year. Many of them have also shared a lot of the information/pictures that have been used in the blog and their input has been crucial in putting these blogs together. Without their inspiration and their support the website wouldn't be very slowly growing, as it appears to be, because it would never have got started - so an extra special thanks to them. You all know who you are...

I often get asked by people what my solutions are regarding the situation we currently find ourselves in. I have to say that I found this strange as I am not someone in the public eye and haven't set myself up to be any sort of spokesperson or a leader or anything like that. I am just a 'normal' person that writes blogs about what is really going on as I see it here on my website and on Twitter. I've mentioned a few times that I came back to Twitter a year ago after an 18-month absence after my second perma-ban when I wanted to get information about this hoax. I've also mentioned before that Twitter is a great place to learn about truth in general and, in particular, truth about what is really going on in real time 'events' and that it most certainly is not because Twitter is a great place - it's because of the people.


Unfortunately, it is also full of sleepwalking, fluoride guzzling zombies who, even after an entire year, have learned absolutely nothing beyond 'Covid-19 is not a deadly pandemic'. Well done. In fact, these people have actually been taken backwards by the freemasonic controlled op groups they allowed themselves to be manipulated by. The reason they were taken in by these people to begin with is because they hadn't (and still haven't - which is the problem) learned the very, very basics: That anybody in the public eye is absolutely 100% controlled. This was all explained in the last blog. These are people absolutely controlled by their television sets - even though they claim to be 'awake' and claim that they know the media lie and that politicians aren't to be trusted. These people absolutely consume the MSM and party politics and this is why they are drawn to shills who push this crap - these people are absolutely ignorant to anything remotely regarding truth and this is because they have no interest in truth - this is very evident. If they were remotely curious they would have been asking questions about all of these people, as I have gone over in several blogs and really cannot be bothered to say again. These people actually think that:

A journalist or someone from the telly might see their amazing stats about mortality rates and PCR tests and will alert their editor and blow this whole scam wide open - that is how deeply arrogant and massively ignorant these people are.

A politician is on their side just because he says that 'masks are unnecessary' or something like that because they are incapable of doing more than hearing information and taking what they want to hear as gospel - these people are 'hopers', not 'truthers'.

Writing to MPs, signing petitions and donating to scam after scam after scam is the best course of action they could possibly take. This is what they allow themselves to be manipulated into because they allowed it - no other reason.

They do not consent when they literally do that with every letter to their MP, every petition they sign, every time they vote and every single 'protest' (ritual) they attend. They will also all absolutely 100% be voting for the many scam parties that have sprung up that I will be investigating soon and they are absolutely taken in by baphomet tranny shills like Piers Corbyn, David Kurten, Brian Rose and Laurence Fox who are pretending to run for London Mayoral (s)elections. Slaves on invisible chains that they have the key for but are too scared to use.

I used to sympathise with these people and tried to help them because - even though, on a personal level, I really don't like these people at all (of the many I have encountered) - I don't like seeing people get deceived and taken advantage of, and because I know not everybody following the groups knows what they are. However, the ones who have been told about this repeatedly and, through their own incredibly misplaced arrogance and embarrassing levels of ignorance, and who choose to ignore the truths I tell and show them time and time again, can follow their pied pipers off the cliff like the rats they are as far as I am concerned. These people are not truthers at all - they have absolutely no interest in learning anything other than what they think will get them back to their lives of drudgery, chained to the system that they haven't learned a thing about. These people fear losing their freedom because they are stupid enough to believe that they were ever free. They measure their lives purely on a material level which is why they have no problem following Luciferians who do not hide what they are - to anyone with eyes - and why they are ONLY concerned with issues that directly affect their lives - on a material level.

I know that many of these people are absolute fakers who have filled out track and trace forms to get into pubs - which is 100% compliance - because they are cowards, because they have no principles whatsoever and because, as I said, they are only interested in what affects them. These people cannot boycott pubs, who all complied with tyranny by closing when they were told to, because they are weak willed and have no principles - just like the people that closed their businesses. Birds of a feather flock together. A few of these people have also worn 'comedy masks' to go shopping which, again, is cowardly and 100% compliance and it comes as no great shock. 

I don't really want to waste any more time on these absolute clowns because they are way past the point of waking up (not that any of them want to) and all they want is a little social club and a hobby until their dreams come true and they get their 'old normal' of being a slave drone for the system again. These are people who just want cheap holidays, pubs, restaurants, football, festivals - all the shallow crap that entirely comprise their shallow lives - and they are entirely motivated by self-interest whilst telling anyone stupid enough to listen without putting them straight what an amazing job they are doing with their 'activism' which entails singing songs with shills paid by the government to distract them - these people are lost and my only solution for them would be to carry on following the shills and see where you and your kids end up - and it will ALL be on you. Good luck, you'll need it. Cheerio.

I'd also like to say to the people who either can't get their simple minds around the freemasonry and transpocalypse things - and people who think that speaking the truth is 'making the movement look stupid' - understand this:

I am not part of your 'movement' and never was because your 'movement' isn't 'your' movement - it was started by freemasons that I clocked not even one week after they were formed because I am not some Johnny Come Lately, wet behind the ears, novice who is taken in by the obvious. Don't go thinking that because you know that 'covid' isn't killing everyone that you're some expert on truth because you haven't reached rung one yet, nowhere near. You stumble and stutter over accepting that politicians are all controlled, that the media is just propaganda and that celebrities aren't your heroes. You persistently spread disinformation because you are too lazy to do any research of your own and because you don't scrutinise the information you are given. You are shilling.

Most of you think you live on a spinning ball because you are dense and never question or research anything that some freemasonic androgyne hasn't given you permission to. 'Your movement' is literally setup and controlled by the government and do you know why they targeted you all? They targeted you all because they knew that all of you are fast asleep thinking you are awake, that your arrogance and ignorance would lead you right into the palms of their hands - and it did. I hope you stay there because that's where you ALL belong because like attracts like and these scummy, Luciferian pieces of shit attracted you because that's what you are too.

I was never drawn to them, I never went sniffing around because I am not an idiot with my eyes closed, clueless about the world. I guarantee you that in my next blog I will be making it very, very obvious to anyone with any sort of awareness exactly what all of these people are. If you actually do manage to see the obvious for once, don't even bother coming and speaking to me, because you chose to side with the enemy even though you all have seen what they are. This tells me all I need to know about your 'characters'. Again, I have no affiliation with any of your freemasonic groups or the sleepwalking zombies that follow them like sheep. You belong with the mask clowns and the freemasons - where you already are. One more thing, if you follow me on Twitter and you are just a babytruther banging on about politics and MSM and that is too stupid to grasp why freemasons are transgender when you've been given about 30 links showing you then I'd rather you just unfollowed and stick to your fellow MSM consuming morons because I am sick of seeing this absolute rubbish on my timeline - it's not personal, I just hate this retarded idiocy and if you choose to engage that's not my fault.


I was going to offer solutions for different groups of people but, after the latest nonsense from these idiots, I have no interest in wasting my time providing the solutions for these absolute cretins that are never provided answers by the shills leading them round in circles for NINE MONTHS! - and they are certainly never going to provide solutions for themselves as that would require thinking and they are completely incapable of that. My 'solution' to them is to continue following devil puppets because that is what you all are with your new age Luciferian shite - carry on following them round in circles and waste your time on absolute bullshit like you've done for the last year because you are all absolutely clueless and are not even remotely 'awake'. See where that takes you - and your kids. When your kids ask you what you were doing while they were being enslaved, I hope you are honest enough to admit that you followed the government because you didn't care about your children enough to research anything. That will be the truth. Cheerio to you guys, you can leave now.

I wanted to write this before I publish the next blog, which I am writing currently, to clear up any misunderstandings about my position. I write blogs for people who are open minded and who want to learn about truth. These blogs are not for idiots who believe Vernon Coleman fearporn or David Icke Luciferianism or Alex Jones CIA nonsense or Q pseudo-scientology or Stand Up X whatever they are meant to be beyond an obvious controlled opposition group with a more masonic logo than the freemasons. If you cannot accept truths then maybe find another little hobby to amuse yourselves with.


The Vernon Coleman shenanigans will be well and truly dealt with in the blog after the 'Solutions' one, don't worry about that. But let me just give you a brief synopsis: I made the collage with the picture of Vernon Coleman on it, very clearly making the freemasonic 'M' sign, or 'devil's claw', and if you think it was accidental I would urge you to try and make that shape with your left hand. It's hard isn't it? Especially when you are focusing on your attention-seeking crocodile tears as Ms. Coleman seems to make a habit of. He seems to have made more exits than Simon Dolan. This is the photo that he was feigning shock over. I would also urge you to watch this video that very clearly shows this freemasonic handsign being used by Coleman's fellow freemasons.

Hang on a minute, didn't Vermin say that 'he' wasn't a freemason? Well, yes... and no... you see, this sneaky little rodent released his video on April Fool's Day - you can't say he doesn't know his audience - so you see he had his little loophole. More freemasonic mockery in plain sight. They make it so easy but these people are so dumb - it's really actually annoying and frustrating seeing how difficult they make these very basic observations. He also mentioned the Women's Institute, and we'll get more into that in the blog. Just remember that he writes for MSM, he has a huge list of 'elite' publishers who only publish their own and he is endorsed by the European Medical Journal who were pushing the Covid agenda... but also pushing someone supposedly opposing it... doesn't that seem strange to you? It should do.

He also spreads fear porn such as the video about the vaccines in the drinking water and all the other nonsense he spreads to keep you scared. This man is not a little old man (or any kind of man other than a wo-man) - he is a devious freemason who is part of a co-ordinated attempt to control 'dissidents' and he plays on your heartstrings because you let emotion cloud logic - that's the first step you just cannot get over because you are gullible and too trusting of people you don't even know -because you saw them on your screen.

More on Vermin Conman in aforementioned blog. I can confirm though that she did disable her comments because I was telling the truth on there. Rather than respond and defend his claims, the coward did what all these clowns do and hid because they know they will expose themselves if they even think about trying to test me. Just like Conman's former patient, his fellow transgender freemason, Gareth Icke did when I messaged him asking him to defend his claims that what I said about Conman wasn't true. Just as Gareth is incapable of doing anything without his dad holding his hand, Gareth cannot defend himself when confronted with evidence of him being transgender from a very freaky transgender family and of him very clearly being a freemason. Ask yourself why these people who are supposedly innocent and supposedly professional speakers cannot even defend themselves on a social media platform against supposedly false claims.

Coleman called me 77th Brigade but I don't make fake videos 'crying' like an... old woman... I laugh it off as it's a joke. If Ms. Coleman would like a debate about who is working for the government I will gladly oblige. What do you say, Vern?

I won't dwell on this anymore, these deceivers will be addressed in GREAT DETAIL very, very soon. As for the followers, start baking that humble pie...

From Miles Mathis' 'The Infiltrated Revolution'

Sounds a lovely old...'man'...

If you actually watch the video you'll see how blatant the M sign is and you'll also see another couple of freemasonic handsigns too... as you were... 

Triad Masonic Claw (M) sign at 36:30

Would you like custard or ice cream with your humble pie?

Wake up!

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